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Opened in Theaters: Friday, July 16th, 1999

Directed by Stanley Kubrick
Genre: Drama
Running Time: 2:45

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Eyes Wide Shut
Legendary filmmaker Stanley Kubrick directs Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman in a psychological thriller of jealousy and sexual obsession.  View more >

strong sexual content, nudity, language and some drug-related material

Starring Tom Cruise, Nicole Kidman, Sydney Pollack...  View more >

Reviews Summary

Rating # %  
See Now!  8 33 See Now! Percent
Good  4 17 Good Percent
Wait for Rental  4 17 Wait Percent
Stay Away!  8 33 Stay Away! Percent
24 Total Reviews

Please Note: Reader Reviews are submitted by the readers of The BigScreen Cinema Guide and represent their own personal opinions regarding this movie, and do not represent the views of The BigScreen Cinema Guide, or any of its associated entities.

[--- Wait for Rental ---]by  Jan 25, 2000
The acting was amateurish and flat.....there were times I just wanted to speed up the show, it moved sooooo sloooow. Move over porno....passionless, faceless, raw nudity....very plot. I was waiting for HAL to end it all for all of us.

[--- Good ---]by  Jan 25, 2000
Forget the rumors about Tom Cruise having sex with a dead person; it's doesn't happen. Yes, there is nudity and scenes of people engaged in sexual intercourse, but then, no more nudity than what we've seen in other graphic movies. Conan the Barbarian showed just as much nudity and depravity, along with severed heads bubbling in stew pots! Eyes Wide Shut is an adult,psychological thriller that will keep you guessing, and thinking. It is for the mature audience who appreciates cinamatic nuances, has the patience to let the tension build, and is able to be drawn in by dialogue. This film put me on the edge of my seat from the moment it started. Characters are introduced which leave you guessing what part they are playing in the picture. It's a deep, dark, thought-provoking film that questions the double-standard men have had over time: that men can entertain their sexual fantasies through real escapades, while their women remain chaste and loyal.Kubrik throws a verbal wrench into that myth through a searing argument Kidman givesCruise after they attend a swank ball. This is an all around creepy and tense film. I recommend it highly but it definitely is not for the easily offended or children.

[--- Stay Away! ---]by  Jan 25, 2000
This was a very long and tedious movie that alternated between boring and absurd. Perhaps the most telling comment on this movie was the fact that out of the audience of about 50 people (all couples) that saw this movie with us, the usher polled everyone as they exited and couldn't find anyone who liked the movie. As the 30-something man behind us said at the conclusion, "That was the worst movie I've ever seen, and it wasn't worth my butt hurting this much from sitting here so long." Two couples talking outside the theater were overheard complaining, "They should have paid us to sit through that." Don't believe the critics--real people say stay away from this one.

[--- Good ---]by  Jan 25, 2000
After all the pre-release info for this movie, it was hard to know what to expect. Except for the fact that the movie was well crafted and visually interesting in the manner of Kubrik, I found myself wandering during the somewhat longish sequences. What the movie lacked was plausability. I had the same problem with Tom Cruise's character in The Firm, since the course of events in both movies should have lead the character to wonder what he was getting into. With Eyes, the chance meeting of an old friend leading to the discovery of an orgy party, complete with costumes and remote location, any normal individual would have skipped it and went home an repaired the relationship with his wife. Add to that the encounter with the hooker, the costumery and it's bizarre patrons, and the late hour, and it just doesn't add up. Cruise's Dr. Bill was presented as a sane character with family difficulties, pretty much like the rest of us. I don't see the rest of us sublimely walking into an orgy like any other social gathering.

Aside from what I've said, the movie was engrossing. The scenes were interesting, and the play of events involving. I believe this movie will fair well with Kubriks other movies and have a long life, if only for it's discussion value.

[--- Wait for Rental ---]by  Jan 25, 2000
I had been looking forward to this movie for weeks, but unfortunately the movie was too S-L-O-W to hold my attention! I was bored instead of intrigued.

I feel the first hour of the movie could have easily been accomplished in 1/2 the time. The movie is almost 3 hours long and Nicole Kidman's delivery is so slow and halting, you'll find yourself wanting to shout out, "Just spit out the words and let's get on with the show"!

My advice: don't pay full price to see it...

[--- Stay Away! ---]by  Jan 25, 2000
from the previews i was expecting some nudity but this movie, eyes wide shut, is absolutly ridiculous. This movie is practicly a porn movie. It has satanism and everything else that is wrong with america. To tell you the truth I am suprised a great actor like tom cruise would be invovled in such a trashy movie. on a scale of 1-10 i rate this a big fat ZERO!!

[--- Good ---]by  Jan 25, 2000
I was debating whether or not to give this one a rating of "see now" or "good", but I went with good, because only a certain audience would enjoy this movie. For example, people who normally go to every Tom Cruise movie there is, may want to think twice about going to this one because this is definitely not your typical "Tom Cruise" film. I also do not recommend this movie for people who just go to the movies, this movie is definitely a thought provoking movie and really goes for what is going on in relationships between men and women.

The bottom line is that men and women are different. Movies made for a typical woman would be "Sleepless in Seattle" and movies made for a typical man would either be an action movie "The Terminator" or a movie that shows nudity of women "Wild Things". The problem here is that men start believing that women only have eyes for "their" man and lose complete interest in other men. This movie shows that this is not the case and I believe it brings men back to reality.

Another thing it brings to the surface is the difference between fantasies and reality. Fantasies may cause jealousy, but in reality there is no betrayal. It is when it is reality that betrayal occurs and people can really get hurt. I thought this was portrayed quite well and I hope people can watch this movie with an open mind and do not shut it out of their heads once it is over because they do not want to deal with the fact that their "girlfriend" or "wife" may actually be attracted to other men.

[--- Stay Away! ---]by  Jan 25, 2000
What is there to even say? The plot was uneven and impossible to follow - as a matter of fact, you leave the theater wondering if you missed something - like the whole point. The sexual content was less artistic than some XXX movies - and added nothing at all to the value of the movie. As for the famous orgy scene - that was more like someone's sick, sad, gothic sexual fantasy than the suspenseful dramatic ploy it seemed it was supposed to be. I am a fan of Tom Cruise, and think that Nicole Kidman has done some fine acting, but I have to wonder what made them both give up two years of their lives to be in this movie- one of the worst I have ever seen. I only hope that they are able to redeem themselves before too long; I feel sure this will be a difficult mistake to live down.

[--- Wait for Rental ---]by  Jan 25, 2000
Okay, I was curious so I went. After I bought the ticket, I saw a synopsis at the theater box office that said something along the lines of two psychiatrists-married to each other- have an affair with a couple they are counseling together. Well, I wanted my money back.

Almost three hours later, I did not want my money back as I think there were some interesting issues that came up in the movie, and I feel people will be discussing this film for a while to come. The plot was interesting; the sex plentiful and could have been less (they didn't leave us imagining much); there was more nudity than a person needs to see in a lifetime; Nicole Kidman's character was very annoying (spit it out already) and was a little hag to her man; Tom spent much of the movie travelling in a taxi. It had that Stanley Kubrick music and coloring. I found it hard to become interested in the characters as they were not very well-seen in movies. I was able to pick out Lee Lee Sobieski and one of the antagonists from The Saint. The rest of the actors and the characters they portrayed were basically uninteresting.

I just hope no one I know saw me coming out of that theater!

[--- See Now! ---]by  Jan 25, 2000
I'm sorry to say, especially reading all of the previous reviews, that I loved this movie. This is an adult moive with adult themes, and requires your full attention throughout the 2 hours and forty minutes. The acting is superb, I've never seen Cruise or Kidman in a role so convincing, daring, and historical. This movie is about the human psyche. It's about what jealousy does to a person, and what it almost makes them do. This film is meticulously planned, there is never an accidentle scene in it, and every scene leads to something. I loved every scene, because you could see that everything was planned, and it was done so well, I applaud Kubrick on his last and great film.

This is worth the full price of admission, and take advantage of seeing a Kubrick film on the big screen. If you do go, give it your full attention, and think about it, that's what all good movies do, they spark discussion, controversy, and opinions. I loved this film and cannot wait to see it again. Way to go Stan, you went out with a bang.

My Rating *****(5) out of **** (4)

If you'd like to email me about my review, the address is

[--- Stay Away! ---]by  Jan 25, 2000
Strange, SLOW, and plotless. About halfway through the movie large groups of people started leaving the theater. If I hadnt been comfortable in my seat I would have left as well. Although its 2 hours and 40 minutes long it felt more like 3 1/2 hours. Not that there is something wrong with nudity, but this went a little too far. And coming from a young man that has some credibility behind it. Some scenes were continuous drawn out raw nudity for like 20 minutes. It reminded me of a bad porno flick. Tom Cruise may take some heat for this one. He is an excellent actor, but he picked a horrible movie to work with. Some people hated this movie and some people tolerated it. But if you want to see a movie you'll actually enjoy, see something else.

[--- Stay Away! ---]by  Jan 25, 2000
So slow and boring! If your looking for an $8 nap youve found it. The sexuality is perverse and twisted and the suspense is brought on completely by the horribly annoying piano. I just wanted to plug my poor ears. This movie was hardly entertaining. I go to comedies to laugh, romantic movies to cry, thrillers to be scared. I left this movie irritated and bored. Dont waste 2hours and 40 minutes of your life. Go see something fun.

[--- See Now! ---]by  Jan 25, 2000
"Eyes Wide Shut" explores territory that people involved in a relationship most likely think about, but rarely (if ever) discuss for fear of learning something they'd rather not know or believe about their mate. A film surrounded with as much hype as "Eyes Wide Shut" rarely delivers the goods, but hearing a statement from Tom Cruise in a recent Larry King interview intrigued me enough to see the film. He was relieved that he had not been approached to do the film during the first year of his marriage to Nicole Kidman due to the issues the film dares to explore. I have to admit I was a little hesitant about the film's 2 hour and 40 minute running time, however, when the movie concluded I found myself hungry more dialogue. This film challenges viewers to evaluate their concepts of a committed relationship and leaves them wondering about their partner's thoughts on the suject as well. "Eyes Wide Shut" is an excellent example of the power of film. It encourages thought and dialogue long after the film has concluded.

[--- See Now! ---]by  Jan 25, 2000
Unfortunately, no matter how Eyes Wide Shut ended up, I knew I would be left wondering what movie it might have been. What tweaks would director Stanley Kubrick have made had he not died a mere five days after the final cut of this movie was completed? Weíll never know. That bites. So what we are left with? Quite simply, one of 1999ís best movies and a swan song worthy of one of Americaís most beloved directors. A solid screenplay was a given. Kubrick failed to give into convention (no surprise there) and made this movie just as he always has: The way HE wants to. Whatever he wants to do. However long it takes. To blazes with twenty second attention spans and the MTV/Michael Bey mentality our society is stuck in. If two characters want to take fifteen minutes to have a conversation with NO CUTS, than so be it. The photography, the lingering over words and characters reactions to them, the camera angles, the lighting. Itís all Kubrick. Itís all there. As it always was and as it always would be in a Kubrick film. Performances by Cruise and Kidman (in extremely difficult roles) are both Oscar worthy. But the key is the multiple layers that exist in Eyes Wide Shut. Nothing is spelled out, leaving the viewer to ponder the meaning of events that transpire throughout "1999: A Sex Odyssey." And thereís plenty to ponder. I have no idea what Kubrick intended me to get out of EWS. I only know what I got out of it personally. I think thatís the way he wanted it. So what did I get out if it? What do I feel was his message? Iím not going to tell you. You have to see this non-mainstream, unpredictable movie to find out for yourself. I will tell you that itís a message worthy of sitting in a theatre for almost three hours for. And knowing that this is Kubrickís final film, that message becomes eerily surreal. The final word uttered in Eyes Wide Shut will go down in history as the final word uttered in a Stanely Kubrick film. Think about how appropriate that is when we now add Eyes Wide Shut to Kubrick classics such as 2001, A Clockwork Orange, and Dr. Strangelove. Rest in peace, Mr. Kubrick. You gave us more than anyone could ever ask for and the Sprite "Slug Movie" folk that will make millions of dollars on their mindless movies created solely to take dollars out of the publicís wallets are not worthy of your genius. And the people that those movies are made for wonít understand any of this.

10-point scale rating: 9

[--- See Now! ---]by  Jan 25, 2000
Phenomenal cinematography, script, symbolism, acting, theme... This film is PERFECT.For all of you who saw it and didn't like it, this review's for you; for those who haven't seen it, I'm about to reveal the genius behind one of the best films ever made. I'm not spoiling it, but do see it first, then read the rest of this review, because you won't understand what I'm talking about. IOW, DON'T READ THIS BEFORE SEEING THE FILM. When you do see it, keep in mind that everything about the film is deliberate, including sometimes flat acting! The film introduces a number of characters at the first party in the film. They influence everything that happens afterwards. Kidman seems almost seduced by a fake sounding and acting Hungarian while Cruise is almost taken for what could be a threesome by two models. The crazy stuff that happens afterwards follows from this scene... if you think about it. Things to note when you see the film a second time: Similarities in masks and actual characters in the film will tell you a lot about what's going on; and most importantly, the film is shot from Tom's point of view which is supremely ignorant of what is actually going on - note Kidman's stare into the mirror after the party. Give this film a good brain storm with some intelligent and observant friends and everything will fall into place to give you the coolest plot to have made the screens in decades! A MASTERPIECE!

[--- See Now! ---]by  Jan 25, 2000
Eyes Wide Shut is an absolute masterpiece. I couldn't believe some of these reader reviews that said this movie was like a porn or slow or impossible to follow. First of all, comparing this movie to a porn isn't right. Yes, there is some nudity, but nothing too excessive. All the scenes with nudity are critical to the plot of the movie or to character development. Also, I did not find this movie to be slow at all. In fact, I thought it moved along quite well. Not once did I look at my watch. There are a few things in the movie that may remain unanswered, but that only adds to the quality and mystique of this film. I thought all the acting in the movie was terrific, not only Cruise and Kidman, but all of the supporting actors also. I can hardly describe all the things I liked about this movie, because I thought the movie was fantastic from beginning to end. So, if you have an open mind and are willing to think a little bit, then this movie is for you. Go see Eyes Wide Shut and prepare to be amazed at what is probably the best movie of the year.

My rating: ***** out of *****

[--- See Now! ---]by  Jan 25, 2000
It's nice to finally see some intelligent reviews of this wonderful film. Unfortunately, the public likes their movies to be spoon fed pablum (otherwise who can explain the popularity of Wild Wild West and The Haunting) and don't want to think and draw conclusions for themselves. Eyes Wide Shut is 1999's best movie to date. Technically superior to any of the summer's "blockbuster" films that have most of their budgets wasted on eye candy special effects or $ 20 million to pay Julia Roberts to play herself, Eyes Wide Shut is a fitting send off to perhaps the greatest director of all time. Bravo!

[--- Wait for Rental ---]by  Jan 25, 2000
There was no plot, no story, no acting and no enjoyment in watching this film. If you are totally bored, have 2 and a half hours of your life to nothing with and extra money that you just don't know what to do with, then this film is for you. Enjoy.

My Rating: 1.5/5

[--- Stay Away! ---]by  Jan 25, 2000
After having just watched the movie, Eyes Wide Shut, I can honestly say I know what killed Stanley Kubrick ----- Embarrassment.

[--- Stay Away! ---]by  Jan 25, 2000
The movie starts out slow and then slows down from there. Absolutely the worst movie ever made. How directors can be called "Genius" when they create garbage like this is beyond me. If you feel you must see this movie please wait for the rental. I only wish I had read the reviews before I went to see the movie.

[--- See Now! ---]by  Jan 25, 2000
i wont waste my time analyzing the movie in anyway, everyone else has already done that.. i liked the movie, a lot. and in all those that i kno that have seen it, i noticed a trend (and no offense to anyone). those who seem to like this movie a lot tend to be those who are very intelligent.. i think the movie tends to be more intellectual, more subtle, and more dialogue intensive then the average movie-goer appreciates. but hey, thats just what i have concluded from my limited resources, id go see for myself if your at all curious...

[--- Stay Away! ---]by  Jan 25, 2000
Boring. Nothing happens. Passionless. Pointless.

[--- See Now! ---]by  Jan 25, 2000
There hasn't been a more haunting, more bizarre film in 1999 then the late Stanley Kubrick's "Eyes Wide Shut", a tale of desperation, obsession and lonliness that has more strength than any other film made this year, and certainly one of the largerstandouts on the decade.

The movie is pure Kubrick, left and right. Part of seeing his movies is to carefully analyze every shot, every occurance and ask yourself what it means. Kubrick certainly isn't going to tell you. His wonderful trademarks are here: the wide angle shots, the bright and caressing lights that make everything look surrealistic (you may notice lots of grain here, but its there to preserve the film's timelessness), and the long, quiet scenes of dialogue. There no standards in Stanley's world, to which I praise him as the most important and influental director of the 20th century.

In "Eyes Wide Shut", he tells the tale of Bill and Alice Hartford, a married couple who have a break in their relationship, which causes Bill to go amok and he sets on the streets for what is the most unpredictable and audacious adventure I have ever seen since "Pulp Fiction". The quest that Mr. Hartford goes through is one that I don't feel like describing, because part of the thrill of this film is not knowing what is going to happen next.

It's hard, putting your thoughts down about a movie you love, and what it meant to you while viewing it. My love for the film comes from knowing that my favorite director has done this film, and I know his style and attitude that he takes with creating every one of his films. He's only made 13 of them, but I have loved each and every one.

Rating: **** out of ****

Sound: SDDS/DTS/DD encoded Dolby Surround Theatrical Aspect Ratio: 1.85:1

Written by Jason Whyte

[--- Good ---]by VIP MemberSep 28, 2003
Stanley Kurbrick's last film "Eyes Wide Shut" is about sexually in all forms. Tom Cruise stars as a man who is witness to a wild night at a mansion. Nicole Kidman gave a sexy performance as well. I also like the music score.

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