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Opened in Theaters: Tuesday, July 1st, 1997

Directed by Barry Sonnenfeld
Genre: Comedy
Running Time: 1:40

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Men in Black
Academy Award® Winner
MEN IN BLACK follows the exploits of Agents K (Jones) and J (Smith), members of a top-secret organization established to monitor alien activity on Earth. The two MIB find themselves in the middle of...  View more >

language and sci-fi violence

Starring Tommy Lee Jones, Will Smith, Linda Fiorentino...  View more >

Won an Academy Award for Best Makeup
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Reviews Summary

Rating # %  
See Now!  15 43 See Now! Percent
Good  10 29 Good Percent
Wait for Rental  6 17 Wait Percent
Stay Away!  4 11 Stay Away! Percent
35 Total Reviews

Please Note: Reader Reviews are submitted by the readers of The BigScreen Cinema Guide and represent their own personal opinions regarding this movie, and do not represent the views of The BigScreen Cinema Guide, or any of its associated entities.

[--- Good ---]by  Jan 25, 2000
Our favorite part was when Kay went back for his gun to the giant beetle's mouth.

Our other favorite part was when the baby monster squirted milk!

by ZF, ES, BK

[--- See Now! ---]by  Jan 25, 2000
Dissapointed with a summer season filled with sequels, and bad movies? Looking for something fun, new, and original for a movie? Your prayers have been answered with "Men In Black".

Will Smith, (TV's "Fresh Prince") and Tommy Lee Jones ("The Fugitive") star as a pair of earth-bound border guards, protecting the Earth against illegal aliens of an interstellar kind.

After a speedy credits scene, the movie kicks in, and doesn't let up till it's over. The storyline moves very quickly from Smith's introduction to the secretive MiB organization, to a very messy finale at the scene of the World's Fair in New York.

Smith and Jones work well together, with Jones providing some of the best lines in the movie. His deadpan humor and portrayal of the stoic operative compliments Smith's character very nicely.

Linda Fiorentino, while great in other roles, ("The Last Seduction", and "Unforgettable") is sadly underused here as a medical examiner who is investigating the strange alien corpses that
are showing up in her morgue. (Thankfully, the movie ends with a possibility of seeing her again in a similar role.)

The makeup effects done by Rick Baker are top notch, and look very cool. The way that the physical effects and the computer graphic effects meld together to show a character or a deformity are very convincing, and are a true sign of his talent in the effects field.

This movie works because it employs a number of proven entertainment strategies. Elements of "Dragnet", "Beetlejuice", "Ghostbusters" and a dash of TV's "X-Files" are all mixed together to produce one very fun movie to see, that doesn't take itself too seriously.
Some terrific slams on popular culture, and fellow movie stars are seen in the background, and Tommy Lee Jones pulls off one of the funniest interregation scenes I've ever seen all add up to one fantastic movie.

My only complaint? The movie is painfully short at 90 minutes. Maybe it works for the hectic pace of the movie, but I would have been happy to see more aliens, and MiB kickin' alien tail for a little while longer.

Get out of the humidity, and into an air conditioned theater to see the ultra-cool "Men in Black".

[--- See Now! ---]by  Jan 25, 2000
Going to a movie coming out around Independence Day starring Will Smith about aliens might bring back some memories of Roland Emmerich's Independence Day, but don't be fooled. This movie is a comedy, and is, almost flawlessly executed. It's funny, hip, has good special effects, and is very entertaining.

It won't affect the way you think or really teach you anything. It will entertain, though. The premise of Men in Black is that aliens are actually common visitors to our planet, and that we don't know about it because there is a top secret organization called MIB (Men in Black) who makes sure that humans don't find out about it. In fact, most of the aliens are decent folk, but there are plenty of unpleasant ones.

Will Smith is recruited by Tommy Lee Jones to work at MIB. They have to stop a race of cockroaches from destroying the planet, which, according to Jones, happens all the time, its just that no one finds out. The acting is very good, and Smith does a better job than he did in Independence Day and Tommy Lee Jones does well, too.

The movie is more like Ghostbusters with aliens than a parody of Independence Day. It's still well executed and is fun to watch. So what are you waiting for? Go and see it!

[--- Wait for Rental ---]by  Jan 25, 2000
So much potential the best thing to say about this movie.

The funniest scenes are seen in the previews shown on television. Not much of a spoiler, unfortunately. The film could have been a lot better if more
aliens were involved. The few that were shown were shown repeatedly and over used.

Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones make a fine pairing and opposite personalities to make the partnership humurous at times, but for the most
part it lacked believability. But's anything is believable.

I expect this to be a Tv comedy series by next year, the place where bland effortless humor is accepted.

[--- Stay Away! ---]by  Jan 25, 2000
I was really disapointed about this film. All of the funny parts are on the previews on the TV.

It's like watching The Cable Guy except it's got aliens. The movie is really short and it must be more longer. Leave this movie alone and rent ID4 on video.


[--- See Now! ---]by  Jan 25, 2000
Men in Black is the best movie I have seen this summer. It is an action-packed
movie but also has lots of comedy. It was very enjoyable to watch and well worth
my money. Will Smith is better than he was in Independence Day. I enjoyed seeing
all futuristic devices they had too.

Don't hesitate to see this movie.

[--- Stay Away! ---]by  Jan 25, 2000
Absolutely terrible. I felt, at about fifteen times in "Men In Black" by turning into a character from "Mystery Science Theatre 3000" and criticizing the film out loud.

This trash, another boring and unfunny attempt at wooing the audience with effects and sound with no story, is about as low as you could expect from
director Barry Sonnenfeld, who was great directing "Get Shorty," an original and thoughtful comedy. But here, with zero-tolerance attitude and lack of imagination,
"Men In Black" sinks to an unbearable level: it never creates, establishes, or even thinks up anything, instead it copies other alien films and turns it into
quote unquote "Comedy". Somewhere, Ed Wood is watching.

Grade: F By Jason

[--- Good ---]by  Jan 25, 2000
I had very high expectations for MIB but I thought it fell just a bit short of that plateau. Don't get me wrong - I did like the movie a lot. But from all the reviews I saw, I expected a little more.

Tommy Lee Jones and Will Smith make a good team and you will laugh at their antics. The special effects are also very cool.

[--- See Now! ---]by  Jan 25, 2000
MIB is so cool! Way cooler than those dino dudes and bats. It's so fast paced that I felt like it was only 30 minutes long. But they could've added more action to it and those scum don't appear very dangerous either. Will and Tommy rules! and that "I hate the living" chick is so sexy!! I'm going to see it again and you guys should too!

[--- See Now! ---]by  Jan 25, 2000
It was one of the best movies I have ever seen......You got to go see it.

[--- Wait for Rental ---]by  Jan 25, 2000
"If you liked the comic book, you'll love the movie!" Now if you don't like comic books.... This film is of the 'comicputer' genre, where a species (Alien) of the Phylum Octopus) battle with Stars--earthly variety--in a paint-ball battle of goo and silly-putty, and the viewer is spared the task of following plot in favor of the ploy of seeing special-effects.
Not, I'm afraid, my cup of slime. And about those stars: Smith is relaxed and as creditable as this type of film permits, but Tommy Lee Jones seemed to be going through the motions and mouthing the words. In 'The Fugitive' his acting, his very being, scorched the screen; here there's style but little substance. The actor delivers the lines; the producer delivers the money. So, for Hollywood's MEN IN BLACK **;for Hollywood's MEN IN SUITS $$$$$.

[--- Wait for Rental ---]by VIP MemberJan 25, 2000
Hmmmm......Will Smith verses the aliens, where have we seen this before?

<A HREF=",+Tommy+Lee">Tommy Lee Jones</A> and <A HREF=",+Will">Will Smith</A> team up in this comic-book adventure to keep the Earth and the aliens living peacefully upon it, from the evil aliens who have come to take the galaxy.

The characters in this movie were poorly developed, and the story line (there was one?) did nothing to provoke the audience goer into doing anything except thinking about what he or she could be doing with the time that's being wasted watching this movie.

Some of the alien effects were ok, but nothing special. There were several jokes that I found humorous, but otherwise, I spent the better part of the movie fidgeting in my seat awaiting the end of the film. My advice would be not to waste your time, nothing special in this movie to entice you to see it on the Big Screen. Wait for it to hit the video stores and see it at your convenience.

Copyright 1997 - Ron Higgins No unauthorized publication or distribution without the consent of Ron Higgins.

[--- Stay Away! ---]by  Jan 25, 2000
Don't go see this movie... It was one of Tommy Lee Jones' worst movies ever! A pointless plot and not-so-funny jokes make this movie one of the worst of the summer. It was lame.

[--- See Now! ---]by  Jan 25, 2000
Men in Black is a delightful sci-fi comedy about a secret government agency that handles the fictious alien population. Will Smith is a qualified but confused agent-in-the-making and Tommy Lee Jones is his teacher. Smith fills the movie with smart, witty jokes, and the silly special effects make the movie an Independence Day all over again; comedy style. Don't wait to see Men in Black, it's great!!!

[--- See Now! ---]by  Jan 25, 2000
It was the best! that is only because Will Smith is in it and he is only the best! If you liked Independence Day you will like this one a lot!

[--- See Now! ---]by  Jan 25, 2000
I thought Men In Black was a good movie, but it was more science-fiction than anything. If you're looking for a comedy or an action movie then you might want to consider seeing something else. The movie has great effects and a pretty good story, but I felt like something was missing. If you are thinking about seeing Men In Black, its a good movie, but little kids might get scared and I thought Face Off was better. But still, I would suggest M.I.B as a good movie to add to the other good movies this summer.

[--- See Now! ---]by  Jan 25, 2000
WILL SMITH IS FINE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I only saw it becouse Wll Smith is in it. But it was good. see it in thearters now.

[--- Good ---]by  Jan 25, 2000
This movie provides great entertainment for kids of all ages. The special effects and special story concept allows for a fast paced and entertaining movie. The only real criticism I have is that they seemed to rush the endng
and it left me wanting more. Oh well maybe they will do better in the sequel. This movie would be a great one for the shelf to watch over and over on rainy days.

[--- Wait for Rental ---]by  Jan 25, 2000
I was very disappointed when watching this movie. After all the hype and the positive box office numbers, I expected a funny sci-fi movie with great special effects. What I got was a sci-fi movie that was not funny at all (like "ha ha" I guess I was supposed to laugh at that kind of funny), and mediocre special effects. The enjoyable moments of this movie are few and far between. If you're in your early teens or younger, you're gonna like this movie. Everyone else will probably face what I did: waiting and waiting for the first hour for something incredible to happen, and then when you realize you've been taken, waiting and waiting for this movie to end.

** out of *****.

[--- Good ---]by  Jan 25, 2000
Men In Black is a very entertaining film with Will Smith and Thommy Lee Jones combining very well together.

Being a big fan of both of these actors I went into the film with very high expectations, and although the film probably didn't quite reach the level that I had initially anticipated, I was more than happy with the movie.

Jones acts out his character very well while Will Smith plays a very likable if not thouroughly disillusioned nobody who quickly finds himself involved with a top secret organization that exists in order to control a slight alien problem.

The special effects were okay without being sensational, however I think the major highlight of this film was the amount of ironic humour splashed throughout the entire film and at least in my books, made the entire experience well worth seeing.

Don't be put off by the "expert critics" who bag this film, because that in itself is usually a great indication that the film has something to offer!!

[--- See Now! ---]by  Jan 25, 2000
The story of the film is that 'K' (Tommy Lee Jones) and 'J' (Will Smith) are two top secret agents, called "Men In Black" because of their black dressing. They got the job to search aliens, who travelled to the earth illegally, and kill them. To be a "Men In Black" means: No contact to friends or family. You just don't exist!

There is not only a good story, cool-looked "Men In Black" and great actors. There are also good special effects and good-made aliens.

You haven't yet seen the film? Don't wait! The Men In Black wait for you! But don't let them wait too long!

[--- See Now! ---]by  Jan 25, 2000
I love that movie, Will Smith is all that, he is soooo... fine YOU HAVE TO SEE THAT MOVIE. It was kinda stupid but funny, and if it didn't have Will Smith in it it would have been stupid, or thats what I think...

[--- Good ---]by  Jan 25, 2000
Men In Black was one of the best films of the summer, and Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones are great, as Agents J and K, who spend thier days 'Protecting The Earth From The Scum Of The Universe'. The action sequences, special effects, and aliens were really cool, he acting is great, and it was pretty funny, thanks to Will Smith - he was great in Independence Day and is great once again in MiB. My rating: 8,out of 10.

[--- See Now! ---]by  Jan 25, 2000
OH MY GOD!! Anybody with half a brain has to see this movie. Will Smith is the bomb and Tommy Lee Jones has a sense of humor!! This movie is da bomb!!! Check it out NOW!!!

[--- See Now! ---]by  Jan 25, 2000
The best alien movie for the 20-th centry! Take your kids don't miss it! Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones make a wonderful duo!

[--- Good ---]by  Jan 25, 2000
MIB was a good film, with Will Smith and Tommy Lee working very well together. The story line was a bit funky, but fun. The effects were worth the cost of a ticket. It's a fun movie for kids, or the kid in you.

I would recommend this flick with a box of JuJu Beans and a large Coke with extra ice.

[--- Good ---]by  Jan 25, 2000
I saw Men in Black before the summer, but I never actually got around to writing a review for it. I thought this was an excellent Science Fiction film with great effects. Staring in Men In Black are Will Smith, and Tommy Lee Jones. Both men are members of a secret organization called MiB (Men in Black). Armed with all the latest technological gadgets, they are to insure that humans never find out that among them, aliens walk. During the course of the film, Will Smith continues to develop his character and finally gets initiated into the MiB only to find out that it isn't like the police work he is use to. He has a hard time adjusting to following strick rules and not firing the wrong weapon at aliens or pushing the wrong button. The whole story is based on Smith and Jones preventing an Alien from destroying the plannet. As I recall, a similar alien appeared on an X-Files episode last season which I had the benefit of seeing. Have fun with this movie, you are sure to be blown away from the effects and the creative minds behind it.

[--- Wait for Rental ---]by  Jan 25, 2000
I didn't really enjoy the movie, in fact I found it pretty boring. Don't worry, it isn't bad enough to be rated stay away.

[--- Stay Away! ---]by  Jan 25, 2000
If you even attempt to see this movie during the worst boredom spell then there is brain damage. Rates among
the 5 worst flicks in my entire life. I hope the studios lost multi-millions on this and should not even have the
honor of being called a movie.

[--- Good ---]by  Jan 25, 2000
MiB a secret organization that tracks down aliens but also gets help from the good aliens. Jones and Smith are perfectly cast in this very funny Sci Fi film. Smith just did ID4 last summer but MiB is way more original. Good acting good story and good special effects. A great way to spend a hot summer afternoon.

[--- See Now! ---]by  Jan 25, 2000
Will Smith has done it again! The movie is hilarious and very interesting. Its nothing like Independance Day however except for the fact that aliens are in it. Go see it now!!!

[--- Wait for Rental ---]by  Jan 25, 2000
"Men in Black" is nothing special, but it's still very enjoyable and has great sound and visual effects, and the bad-guy cochroach is one of the best villains you could ever have to root against.

I followed my own advice here and waited to see this one on video. This is the perfect movie for the home-theater format, if you've got your living room equipped for it. The great advantage of seeing this movie on video is that you can pause it during the part when it shows us all of those monitors that are keeping track of the aliens among us (Stallone, Newt, etc.).

[--- Good ---]by VIP MemberSep 4, 2002
"Men in Black" is a surprising fun little movie from 1997 featuring Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones as agents who are out to battle bad aliens who are theatening Earth.

Every scene is a surprise, ever moment of this film is special. There are scenes that surprises us and also made us laugh. Smith humor and style carried the movie. He played a cop who is on arotinue chase when he discovered that the suspect is different. Later he joined a special secret unit that tracks aliens.

Tommy Lee Jones plays J (as in Jay) while Smith played K (as in Kay) Their mission is to track down a crockroach and to stop him from taking over the universe. I love this movie for several reason;1) It has great performance from Smith, Jones, Rip Torn and Linda Fiorentino. 2) memorable supporting characters from Jeebs to a talking Dog. 3) Amazing first class Special Effects. 4)You wanted to see it again.

I saw the film twice and it got better by each showing. "Men in Black" is first class entertainment.
[--- Good ---]by VIP MemberJul 21, 2003
I thought it was a lot of fun. Tommy Lee Jones' deadpan humor works well against Will Smith's over-the-top delivery.
[--- See Now! ---]by  May 8, 2010

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