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Opened in Theaters: Thursday, September 25th, 1975

Directed by Jim Sharman
Genre: Comedy
Running Time: 1:40

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The Rocky Horror Picture Show
A loving couple, a few lost monsters and a sweet transvestite from transsexual Transylvania sing and dance through a campy, sloppy salute to horror movies and sexual liberation. Bring your sense of...  View more >


Starring Tim Curry, Susan Sarandon, Barry Bostwick...  View more >

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Rating # %  
See Now!  20 74 See Now! Percent
Good  2 7 Good Percent
Wait for Rental  0 0 Wait Percent
Stay Away!  5 19 Stay Away! Percent
27 Total Reviews

Please Note: Reader Reviews are submitted by the readers of The BigScreen Cinema Guide and represent their own personal opinions regarding this movie, and do not represent the views of The BigScreen Cinema Guide, or any of its associated entities.

[--- Stay Away! ---]by   Jan 25, 2000
It sucks! It is the most horribe movie I have ever seen! It may be a halloween tradition, but it still sucks!

[--- See Now! ---]by   Jan 25, 2000
What can you say, except that it is an "event" that you can't miss!!

[--- See Now! ---]by   Jan 25, 2000
Ultimate experience. It is the greatest movie, and the master of audience participation! Make sure to bring your props and have a great time!


[--- See Now! ---]by   Jan 25, 2000
I've seen RHPS at least 100 times on video and intend to go to a theater production. It's the best musical I've ever seen, and undoubtedly Tim Curry's best performance as Dr. Frank N Furter. All the relevant puns and jokes are included, like suggestive glances, homages to old science fiction and horror flicks and the world-renowned Time Warp out at the very beginning ofr the 20th Century Fox credits put on a VERY camp version of their tune. You either love it or hate it, but you can't question Rocky Horror's undoubtable charm - it's appealed to teenagers ever since its rise in popularity, some 16 years ago!

[--- See Now! ---]by   Jan 25, 2000
'The Rocky Horror Picture Show' has 3 subjects most families wouldn't dare to talk about at dinnertime: sex, transvestitism and homosexuality. If you don't like any of these topics, then stop, I repeat, stop reading here, because this movie is loaded full of it. 'RHPS' is the midnight phenomenon that a genius whom I know as Richard O'Brien, wrote. He was either drunk when he wrote the script or has a very active imagination. Or maybe both. Anyway, the plot revolves Brad Majors and Janet Weiss, played by Barry Bostwick and Susan Sarandon. Sarandon's and Bostwick's vocals are excellent and they play the squeaky-cleanroles wonderfully. When they finally get engaged, they drive off to visit their friend, Dr. Scott. But their car gets a flat so they go to a castle back down the road and find themselves amidst Transylvanians. They meet Dr. Frankl-n-Furter, a bisexual, cross-dressing mad-scientist. (See what I mean?) He's built the perfect specimen of manhood whom he names Rocky. Rocky is to be born that night and Frank's absolutely ecstatic about the whole shibang. Frank-n-Furter is portrayed beautifully by Tim Curry, and he has both the sarcasm and sensualism that are both very much in demand if you want to pull off this character well. His vocals are stunning and the whole way he moves is awesome. To join him on this adventure is Richard O'Brien, himself, who seems right at home with his character. His singing is beautiful and his whole persona can give you the creeps or leave you turned on, depending on what type of person you are. His character (aptly named Riff-Raff) is joined by his dark and mysterious sister, Magenta, perfectly played by Patricia Quinn, whose doesn't sing too much, but when she does, it sounds outstanding. Her body moves fluidly with the rhythym of the music. Her acting is fantastic and she carries off a lovely Eastern European accent very well. You can tell that Riff-Raff and Magenta are more than just siblings, but after a while you just don't care because theyseem much deeper than that. With them is the most sentimental of the crop - Columbia, played by Little Nell. Her acting is very good and her singing is very good. She moves well to the music, also. Her sweetheart is Eddie, an Elvis Presley-type guy, who is acted out flawlessly by Meatloaf. His voice suits the numbers that he sings but he doesn't dance and doesn't sing. An off-to-the-side character, but not to be forgotten is Rocky, the whole reason the movie is in the theatres in the first place. His body is one solid block of perfect manliness, but he's so gentle that you just want to reach out and hug him. His acting is done well and his vocals are also very good. Dr. Scott joins the crowd, later and his voice is nice and his acting isexcellent. His German accent sounds genuine and his facial expressions are wonderful, since he's in a wheelchair. (I forgot who plays him, though.) I also forgot who plays the Criminologist, but he is a very good actor, even if he doesn't sing. Now - the songs. This is why I love the movie so much. The dances, such as `Time Warp' are not to be put down in anyway when you're around me. Neither are the songs. `Time Warp', `Sweet Transvestite' and `Hot PatootieBless My Soul' are the songs that make you want to jump up and dance, they're that good. Another one is `Eddie' and that's awesome. Even if you don't listen to 1950s' style rock n' roll, you can't help but get hooked onto these songs, because all of them are done with excellent bases, guitars and drums. Nothing is bad. Every single song is excellent. The movie in its entire self is excellent. Go see it when the next midnight on a Friday or Saturday rolls around. I can guarantee you that it'll change how you look at the world. It did it for me.

[--- Stay Away! ---]by   Jan 25, 2000
This movie is the worst movie I have ever seen! It is so nasty! Don't ever see this movie! It is reall wierd!

[--- Stay Away! ---]by   Jan 25, 2000
all the weird kids at my school love this movie. i hated it so much. maybe thats cuz im normal. this movie's about all these messed up guys who dress up like girls and have sex. THIS IS THE GROSSEST MOVIE EVER! DONT SEE IT YOU'LL THROWUP!

[--- See Now! ---]by   Jan 25, 2000
I gave this movie a "See now" only if you see it in the theatres. THe most fun you will ever have in a movie theatre is at this movie. If you see it on video it will be midly amusing but it won't capture it's true spirit. Anyways the story is very strange. Two wholesome young people (Brad and Janet) are going to see their old teacher. On the way the weather gets rough and they blow a tire. They see a light in this old mansion and decided to go ask if they have a phone. This house happens to belong to a transvestite doctor Frank-N-Furter from the planet transexual in the galaxy of transelvania. Well Dr Frank is unveiling his latest creation. "Rocky" This movie has excellent preformances (especially by Tim Curry as Dr. Frank) and some of the best musical numbers. See this movie.

[--- See Now! ---]by   Jan 25, 2000
It has got to be one of the worst movies, but it is hilarious. Don't miss it! Horribly written story, but fun with fun music. If you can find the slap-stick of today's movies funny, then try for this. It may not be that great in your VCR but with others sitting around you dressed as the characters and yelling strange comments at the screen, you'll have a riot!

[--- See Now! ---]by   Jan 25, 2000
this was the best movie ever! see it i dont know how else to get you to see it but its great! this movie is such a classic its better than wizard of oz and its even better than psycho!

[--- See Now! ---]by   Jan 25, 2000
You guys this movie is so great! It's cool and it's very funny! You can get into it and there are props you can throw the actors are right there doing the same thing as the movie. It's very interactive and there are all the lines that you can yell out, so don't be surprised when people yell fake lines or throw rice at you. It's a lot of fun and you'll have a great time. I can't wait to see it again! It's at the Oriental every Saturday at midnight so go see it soon!

[--- See Now! ---]by   Jan 25, 2000
I really think that this movie is the best movie of all time. The actors do a great job playing there roles in the movie.The music is great. The best way to see a movie to interact with it. Dress up and have a blast. Scream whore everytime Janet intrudeses herself and yell a**hole whenever Brad says his name. It's a roit. If you really want to have a blast, I say you see this movie.

[--- See Now! ---]by   Jan 25, 2000
I am now 27 years old and i have seen this moving at least 100 times in the theater and at homethe comments about only wierd people liking it is uncalled for... i am very normal the whole idea of the movie and audience participation is to be something you would not be in real life... hence the reason for the Halloween tradition of it... you don't have to be wierd to enjoy it .... just have a very opened mind... its a must see for any person with an open mind and who likes to do the unusual every once in a while... so i hope to see you all there that want to have fun....

[--- See Now! ---]by   Jan 25, 2000
This is a cult classic that any self respecting freak should attend at least once. I loved this movie when i was in high school! Now if you have "issues" or are "sensitive" then stay away and leave this movie to the people it was made for!! LONG LIVE THE FREAKS!

[--- See Now! ---]by   Jan 25, 2000
You will go see this movie! I command you go see it!

[--- See Now! ---]by   Jan 25, 2000
"The Rocky Horror Picture Show" is a wonderful movie. Every body thinks it's gross, and they're right! It's gross. But you can't miss out on this movie. I own this movie. It's even on the top 100 list's of all time.

This movie has great acting by Susan Sarandon(twilight)and Tim Curry(clue.) If you think about it don't you think it would be hard to act as a transvestite. Susan Sarandon does great.She has a great voice.

I would rate this **** out of ****

P.S.Again I'm that ten year old boy just thought you might like getting my opinion. Oh yeah and Matt with two t's is different reviewer then me the Mattt with three t's. And also do me a favor see this.

[--- See Now! ---]by   Jan 25, 2000
This is one of the best movies ever made. If you wait to see it, your stupit!

[--- Good ---]by VIP Member Feb 15, 2001
25 years after in hit the big screen, "The Rocky Horror Picture Show" still thrills everyone with crazy acting and lots and lots of fun. If you have never experiece the fun of this film, please do so. It's lots of fun and a few memorable songs. Time Wrap Again anybody?
[--- See Now! ---]by   Feb 28, 2001
The Rocky Horror picture show is a classic that still remains to be beaten in its genre.

The original theatre production was a masterpiece and the film which keeps the same cast remains a superb film.

There are brillant songs which have remained classics even to now and that is whats best rembered from this film.
[--- Stay Away! ---]by   Aug 29, 2001
Hate this movie. LOW budget film made by bad actors. No point to the plot and no character backgrounds. If you like watching a ugly guy walking around in fishnet stalkings singing about sex with guys, you'll like this movie. No wonder it was a bomb for 20 years.
[--- See Now! ---]by   Sep 30, 2001
One thing to say:

If you ever get a chance to see this in a theater with full props, GO!

It's a cult classic!!!
[--- See Now! ---]by   Jun 6, 2004
Make sure you know what you're getting into first. This is not your typical movie experience. Leave the kids at home. Bring your props. This is a cult classic..."Damn it, Janet!"
[--- Good ---]by   Oct 31, 2004
[--- See Now! ---]by   Jun 30, 2007
[--- See Now! ---]by   Aug 31, 2007
[--- Stay Away! ---]by   Jun 16, 2008
This movie is boring. It has not aged well. The sexual innuendo and campiness might thrill a modern nine-year old or someone who has not done a more unconventional thing in thier life than dipping thier french fries in a McD's milkshake, but for most people these days, I can't see it being interesting at all. The "plot" is terrible. The music, for the most part, is a waste of time. The conversation is flat. THe only good thing about it is Curry's acting, but even he can't save it. The sad truth is that this movie has nothing to offer.

I see a lot of people saying the show is a great thing to see because of audience participation, but they are missing the obvious point that the audience makes the show great, not the movie itself. With audience participation, almost any movie could be great.
[--- See Now! ---]by VIP Member Dec 30, 2011
Greatest Movie Musical Ever!

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