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Opened in Theaters: Friday, July 24th, 1998

Directed by Steven Spielberg
Genre: Drama
Running Time: 2:50

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Saving Private Ryan
Academy Award® Winner
After three of four brothers are killed during World War II, a captain (Tom Hanks) leads his men to find the remaining brother (Matt Damon) and send him home safely.  View more >

intense prolonged realistically graphic sequences of war violence, and for language

Starring Tom Hanks, Tom Sizemore, Edward J. Burns....  View more >

Oscar Winner - Best Achievement in Directing (Steven Spielberg)

Nominated for Best Picture, Best Actor (Tom Hanks), Best Screenplay
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[--- See Now! ---]by  Jan 25, 2000
The first thirty minutes of "Saving Private Ryan" are the most realistic, most horrifying and shocking moments ever put down on film. Steven Spielberg, who is once again a great man in my books, stages the World War 2 attack on Omaha Beach in Normandy in 1944.

The first shot is one of the most memorable, which looks at pegs stretched all out along the beach. The US front moves in on boat, ready to attack. We see the leader, Captain John Miller (Tom Hanks) look at the front, and then we look down the boat and see troopers vomiting, scared, hopeless. Then the war begins. Spielberg, wonderfully, throws the camera around at such a dizzying pace we are lifted right from the theater seats and right into this war. Every bomb, every gunshot, every scream, right down to the crimson colored water is real; Spielberg, who has never made a film of this magnitude before, has made the greatest war movie of all time, in the first 30 minutes.

The attack on Omaha beach is just the opening, however, for the rest of the story: Four brothers, Sean, Peter, Daniel and James Ryan all shipped out to war, and all but James have died. To make war look good on the home front, the U.S. Army Chief Of Staff dispatches Miller and his group to locate Ryan and bring him home.

Easier said than done, however, since there are a lot of troopers in France at this point in time, and Ryan, as one person puts it, is like "looking for a needle in a stack of needles". Miller's crew, which includes a translator (Jeremy Davies), is reluctant to find this one particular soldier, because it means they all have to risk their neck to save his. Right in the middle of war, no less.

The film is real both technically and dramatically, as we also care about the characters and the story ("Titanic's" only problem), as well as the amazing and gut wrenching pyrotechnics. I cared a lot about Hanks' character, since he is getting the shakes (hand trembling) from the war. We also care about Miller's Men, including Horvath (Tom Sizemore, an always likeable actor), Reiben (Edward Burns), and Jackson (Barry Pepper).

This is Spielberg's landmark, and I refuse to admit that "Schindler's List" is better. This movie is his best, because not only has Spielberg made one of the greatest films of all time, he has revived himself as a director. Hopefully he can stay away from fluff like the Jurassic Park movies and all of those fantasy movies that do not work. In a bold and audacious move, Mr. Spielberg has made a quality of a movie so high it belongs where Stanley Kubrick, Quentin Tarantino and Martin Scorcese thrive. I know you have been big Spielberg, but now you have something good to show yourself off with.

Grade: A+

Picture: 5+ The picture has gorgeous detail and color; even in the battle scenes, which use a mostly green and grey palette. Other scenes exhibit true, gorgeous colors with wonderful detail. A lot of work and time went into the picture, and it shows.

Sound: 6 (out of 5) Ever had a film where the use of Sound elevated the film to another level? The only other film in memory that has done that is "Contact", now "Saving Private Ryan" outdoes it. The SDDS soundtrack elevates the movie into a completely realistic soundfield. The sound is basically life. Effects come from every single angle elevating the movie even further. The dts soundtrack is alsowelcome to this advantage, but I am guessing the Dolby Digital mix will not resolve this excellent soundtrack.

Photography: 5 This is the first time that a 1.85:1 (wide) picture has actually had scope. Although I wanted Spielberg to shoot Super 35 (transferring to video it would have made no difference than the wide 1.85:1), his flat composition is his best yet for 1.85:1. Every shot is so effectively used by Spielberg, the newsreel style, the jump cuts, the hand held and even the stedicam shots, are all memorable.

Length: 170 minutes. Dreamworks/Paramount. Rated R for graphic violence and language.

[--- See Now! ---]by  Jan 25, 2000
This is one of the best war movies I've seen in quite a while. Kudos to Spielberg for showing some of what really happens in war. The characters, led by Tom Hanks as Capt John Miller, perform brilliantly. Their actions are believable and very scary at the same time. This movie is well worth whatever you pay to see it.

[--- See Now! ---]by  Jan 25, 2000
Let me start off by saying that this is the best movie that Steven Spielberg has made to date. Saving Private Ryan is a chilling, horrific picture about a group of American soldiers going behind enemy lines to find Private Ryan. The opening sequence is the most troubling and disturbing thing I have ever witnessed. I have read that this picture truly depicts how many of the battles of WW2 were. If that is the case, I have a permanent and newfound respect for those men who fought there. The film has a documentary look to it. Spielberg doesn't let you look from the sidelines. Instead, he places you right in the heat of battle. You soon forget that you're looking at a group of actors. The effects and drama is absolutely real and believable. Its not a movie to go for enjoyment. Rather, its a very sad and humbling experience. One thing I noticed in Saving Private Ryan was that there were not your typical zany characters to release the tension. Only a couple of times does Spielberg throw in something to partly take the edge off. The soldiers are all plain American men. I haven't had dreams about a movie since I was a kid....until Saving Private Ryan. My wife and I both had nightmares about what we saw on the screen that night. I read in another review ( that, despite the graphic violence, this should be a must see for teenagers. That this movie will teach them that violence is not all the fluffy stuff you see on tv. And I agree with that. If you want to see the best movie of the year, including one that will certainly win multiple Oscars (including best Actor by Tom Hanks) ,see this one. I saw it in Dolby Digital and THX. I highly recommend it. ***** out of *****.

[--- Good ---]by  Jan 25, 2000
This is an action yet sad movie. It's a great movie to go and see with a close one of yours so you can hold on to them tight in those frightening scenes. Also Matt Damon is very cute. Its a great movie and you got to see it, but you kinda get a headache from all of the shooting.

[--- See Now! ---]by  Jan 25, 2000
Very powerful. Graphic.

[--- See Now! ---]by  Jan 25, 2000
Whoa! The best battle scenes ever! I usually look forward to battle scenes in a war movie but in SPR, I dreaded the inevitable battle scenes to come in the rest of the movie after watching the invasion. This is the closest anyone younger than 45 or so will ever come to real battle conditions. It ain't pretty, but it definitely is a rush. I won't say it was honest because I wasn't there, but the veterans say it is. It's like eagerly watching the battle scene, then suddenly the bullets start hurting and the fake blood feels sticky and the concussions rattle your head. . .until you realize it's your own sweat and the rapid pace of your heart shaking your body, and you're hand shaking just like John Miller's did in the Landing craft.

[--- See Now! ---]by  Jan 25, 2000
This was a fantastic movie. From the opening credits, the movie was far more intense than I had anticipated and it also made the viewer a part of the action. The performance by Tom Hanks was great, but the performances by the supporting cast was excellent. The only flaw in the movie was Matt Damon's character. He didn't have enough emotion needed to play his part.

Overall, if you don't see this movie, you are really missing out on not only a great time, but an experience that will give you a taste of what our country was built on.

[--- See Now! ---]by  Jan 25, 2000
An astounding work of art.

The events of the World War era have always fascinated me, and until now, I could never imagine what it must have been like to be there, in the middle of all the murderous and destructive chaos. Now that I've seen "Saving Private Ryan," I can imagine it clearly.

Finally, Hollywood is using all of its hi-tech magic to perfection, to reproduce history in a way which had never been possible until recently. Within the past seven months, we have been given an accurate glimpse of two horrific historical events. I thought "Titanic" was the most brilliantly constructed technical acheivement ever produced on film. But now, I would have to say it takes a back seat to "Private Ryan." Several obvious reasons come to mind immediately. Foremost is the sheer scope of each event -- a lost luxury liner versus the events surrounding the Normandy invasion. Secondly, the vehicle used to tell the story -- a silly, melodramatic fling versus a noble military mission. And while "Titanic" left me awed, "Ryan" left me utterly shaken. The movie is amazingly compelling, ESPECIALLY the sound. It is a SONIC MARVEL!

There is really no question that this is the greatest war movie ever made, and probably one of the ten greatest, period. However, as a word of warning for any one who doesn't like "real" movies -- it is definitely not "entertainment." If you're looking merely to be entertained, you'd better see something else (i.e. "Armageddon"). For everyone else, you will greatly appreciate this film.

[--- See Now! ---]by  Jan 25, 2000
Great Movie, Great Acting, Powerful, moving. . .the list of superlative words can go on and on...

<!-- To Kellie:

If you could spell school properly, I might be willing to argue your position about the movie. But obviously, your disdain for any educational or real moment in your life has made you into a shallow, worthless individual who should've been in row 1 of the first landing craft to hit the beach. Instead, we get to witness how thousands of brave men died so the likes of you could criticize how stupid their deaths were 50 years down the line.

So, is it worth 8 lives to save 1? Private Ryan, yes. . .Kellie, no I'd let you rot.

Just my Opinion.

[--- See Now! ---]by  Jan 25, 2000
With out a doubt, the best War Movie I've ever seen and I'm 48 years old. So you can bet I've see more than a few.

This movie comes as close to showing REAL WAR as you can get without actually being there. Don't take anyone younger than 15 to see the movie.

[--- See Now! ---]by  Jan 25, 2000
So now, fifty four years later, we actually get a taste of the hell that is war. Gone are the days of the true enemy, the Nazi party that the world rallied against to stop the advance of the Hitler led occupation of Europe. Our current enemy seems to be other Americans, as we get caught up with this week's trial of the century. This film reminds us of the sacrifice that was WWII. Steven Spielberg captures these sacrifices in horrific detail in his latest masterpiece.The film centers around eight men, led by Captain John Miller(Tom Hanks), who are sent deep into France to find a paratrooper named James Ryan(Matt Damon). Ryan's three other brothers have already died in battle, and the Army decides to send the last Ryan boy home. Miller's troops, led by Seargent Mike Horvath(Tom Sizemore), resent this mission, and ultimately resent Private Ryan. The film asks us, "Why is one man more important than anyone else, and how does he warrant us risking eight lives for the safety of one?"

The acting is incredible. Tom Hanks is once again magnificent, Tom Sizemore puts forth a breakthrough performance, along with Giovanni Ribisi(Medic Wade), Adam Goldberg(Private Mellish), Vin Diesel(Private Carpazzo), Barry Pepper(Private Jackson), and Jeremy Davies(Colonel Upham). The performeance that stands out to me is that of Indie writer, director Edward Burns(PFC Reiben). Burns' role as the smart mouthed Brooklyn native is very real, very compeling, and very well done. Director of photography Januz Kaminski puts forth the best work of his career, and his vision of hand heled, documentary like war footage is absolutley brilliant.

In my opinion, this film should be seen by everyone, young and old. The film brought me to tears, along with the rest of the audience. As I left the theater, I saw five or six scatterd old men just staring at the screen. Not crying, not applauding, just staring.

Jones Kirkendall

[--- See Now! ---]by  Jan 25, 2000
Oscar locks - Best Picture, Best Director, Best Actor, Best Supporting Actor

[--- See Now! ---]by  Jan 25, 2000
This movie will humble those who thought Titanic was a good movie.

[--- See Now! ---]by  Jan 25, 2000
This is a very important movie. I believe for the first time a film maker has captured the horrors of battle. I also think that this film will help the present and future generations somewhat understand what our parents went through during those times. It is a powerful film that shook me for some time after seeing it not just because of it's graphic detail but more for the sense of realism in how the soldiers interacted in stressfull situations. By that I mean to say that this film gives you the illusion of stress at all times just at different intensities as I guess would be the case in battle.

I saw this movie alone. My wife thought it would be too intense for her and my pre-teen children. A wise choice on her part. She was affected by Schindler's List and when she asked me to discribe this film all I could say was that it is very similar to Schindler's List without quite as feel good of an ending.

The best war movie ever made? No question about it. This is the first war movie that I can recall that used real German tanks (Tiger and Panther as well as the Chech self propelled gun). [Even Patton, a movie about tank battle used later model tanks]. Also the sets were extraordinary.

If you have an interest in this type of history and like realism see this film. It is too intense for children and people that have a hard time with this sort on topic. Enjoy.

Tom D.

[--- See Now! ---]by  Jan 25, 2000
Well, what can I say that hasn't already been said? This is by far the best movie of the year and most detailed war movie ever. We're talking oscars here. The only war movie that comes close to this one would be "The Longest Day." This was a very detailed movie about D-Day. Even though "Saving Private Ryan" isn't as detailed as "Longest Day," it does have more detail in one area, GORE. Lots and lots of gore, but it just adds to the realism of the movie. People next to me in the theaters were squirming at every scene like they didn't expect it to be gory or something. If you don't like this movie I need some solid reasons or I just wont take you seriously, who would? Everyone likes this movie.
****out of*****

<!-- IMPORTANT NOTE: KELLY SCHNEIDER, STOP WRITING REVIEWS(Editors please don't edit this message, I think it's important). Your reviews are insulting. So far, you've trashed the best movies of the summer, and with little reasoning. I mean, don't you feel a little outnumbered since your reviews go against what everyone else says. You hated this movie because it's what you watch in school? Do they really show heads, arms, and legs getting shot off in your school? Wow. Boring, you say? If gory movies are boring to you I don't know what could hold your interest. DON'T YOU HAVE ANY RESPECT FOR ALL THE BRAVE PEOPLE THAT FOUGHT FOR THERE COUNTRY IN THIS WAR. You hate "Armageddon?" Only critics hate that movie, everyone else loves it. You asked silly questions in "The Truman Show" which could have been answered if you were paying attention, and your other questions nobody cares about. This is supposed to be a fun movie, not a detailed one. You just don't understand the point of movies. If you want to argue my point tell me in your next review so we can e-mail how much we hate each other, what fun! PS- watch your spelling.

[--- Good ---]by  Jan 25, 2000
Okay, I know, I'm probably swimming against the current on this one. Part of me wants to say it's a "Must See" and part of me wants to say "Stay Away." Personally, this is a movie I could have lived without seeing. The graphic horror of the movie left me leaving the theater almost sick to my stomach.

Was it a marvelously made movie? Yes! Was the acting terrific? Yes! Actually though, it was just another war movie; only with the added benefit of '90's technology to make it disturbingly violent and bloody.

Trust me! This movie is great for the person who has had a long spell of happiness that he/she would like to bring to an end.

It does have a valuable message but one that, I fear, may get swept away with the blood red waters of Normandy

I, for one, did not need this movie to convince me that war was hell.

[--- Good ---]by  Jan 25, 2000
In "Saving Private Ryan", Steven Spielberg recreates the reality of battle in agonizing detail and depicts how poorly planned and executed the Normandy invasion was. This is an important film and I recommend it despite its flaws. (Alright, its probably a "SEE NOW", but its not as perfect as the pop culture machine is bleating in unison.)

Personally, I think "Platoon" was every bit as good at depicting the horrors and many times better at addressingthe underlying questions of war. (Not to mention the hauntingly beautiful soundtrack of Samuel Barber as compared to the left-right-left music of John Williams in "Ryan"...)

Saving Private Ryan, in the end, succumbs to Spielberg's inability to make a film solely for its own sake. Profits drive Spielberg's art and it is apparent in the first 5 (Titanic, anyone?) and last 5 minutes of the film. Can anyone tell me why Matt Damon is in this film? Profits. Profits. Profits.

Granted, the battle scenes are tremendous. Between the sap, Spielberg gives us two plus hours of the most riveting, powerful, and honest film-making one could imagine.

Saving Private Ryan is an important film. It depicts the thousand little dramas that occur when men are under duress. It accurately depicts the fine line between heroism and cowardice. And it shows that death, in war, has little to do with anything other than luck. Spielberg has not re-defined the genre. Oliver Stone's "Platoon" is the true trailbreaker. But during the 24 minute battle sequence near the beginning of Ryan, Spielberg comes close to perfecting it.

[--- See Now! ---]by  Jan 25, 2000
I do not believe it is possible to express in words how intense this movie is. I went to the theater prepared and anticipating the "bloodiest, most realistic war film ever made", and this just went beyond all the hype. The second the troop transport doors open YOU ARE THERE. If you only see the first 25 minutes of the film, you will have gotten your money's worth. The battle of Omaha beach could not have been dipicted better unless you had actual footage of it.

The rest of the story was very compelling, and includes many more realistic and highly graphic combat scenes. Spielberg has outdone himself with this one.

I was also glad to see that he treated the German army fairly in this movie. Showing them to be the ruthless dedicated soldiers that they were, instead of portraying them as buffoons as had been done in so many other WWII films.

My hat is off to those brave soldiers on both sides who lived and died in this epic war.

Both my Grandfathers fought in this war, One for America, One for Germany, luckily both survived or I would have not been able to write this review.


[--- See Now! ---]by  Jan 25, 2000
"Saving Private Ryan" is without a doubt, the hands on winner of movie of the year as far as I am concerned. If you love good war movies like I do, you will enjoy each and every scene presented to you. The battle scenes are so realistic that the viewer will truely realize what it must have felt like actually being there. This movie really made me appreciate the sacrifices that our forefathers gave to ensure world peace and prosperity. Go see this movie now and give all of those soldiers who died and served in war the respect that they truely deserve.

[--- See Now! ---]by  Jan 25, 2000
Saving Private Ryan, the latest film from Steven Speilberg definately tries and maybe even surpasses Negotiator for my opinion of best picture of 1998 thus far. The film begins with a very intense battle as American troops try to invade Omaha Beach in the midst of German gunfire.We are thrown right into the battle and are not just viewers anymore.Speilberg uses a few very effective directing methods such as:shaky camera(intentional),blood on camera(extra realism)and as always,stylish camera angles. The performances are flawless:from Tom Hanks leading role as John Miller,to some of the less popular actors such as the guy who played the US sniper and the scared translator. If you go to the movies this week or any week that it's playing.See SPR.If you already saw Negotiator.

(Rated R for intense battle scenes,and language)PS this film is very graphic.

[--- Good ---]by  Jan 25, 2000
Saving Private Ryan was an excellent movie, for some people, but probably too gory for other people, my mother being a prime example. I would also recommend not seeing the 10:00 show at the Marcus in Menomonee Falls. The air conditioning was turned off at about 11:30. I was soaked with sweat by 1:00 when it let out. My friends thought the movie was too depressing. A tip: Don't see this movie when your already depressed, it might push you over the edge.

[--- See Now! ---]by  Jan 25, 2000
The thing that most suprised me about this movie was how Spielberg presented it (often times as seen through the eyes of a soilder). I can honestly say that I had absolutely no idea what so ever how violent and vicious war can be. It helped me to put into perspective what many of our Veterans have been through and let me say this - anyone who has been through something as violent as the first 30 minutes of this movie has by far earned all of my respect and sorrow. How terrible war must be.

[--- See Now! ---]by  Jan 25, 2000
Saving Private Ryan is by far the best movie I've seen so far in my movie viewing life. Filled with touching moments, and people getting hit by rounds of bullets, Saving Private Ryan delivers a definate impact on your heart and will make you sit on the edge of your seat. The story line for this 3 hour film is relatively simple. A group of United States army guys during the World War 2 period are ordered by the US Army General to locate and bring back Private James Ryan, whose 3 brothers were all killed during the first hour of the film. Throughout the film, members of the US Army rescue team bonded, struggled and faught their way to the end. You'll have to see the movie to find out what happens to Matt Damon, who plays Private James Ryan. If you intend to see this movie as a Date with a gal, I'm not sure she'll enjoy the war scenes where men are being blown up, stomach's exploding andmultiple bullets stricking men in the head. Hey, I had to close my eyes for a few of those scenes. Overall, great War film has yet to surpass this, and may never will.

[--- See Now! ---]by  Jan 25, 2000
This movie was riveting! It's gotta be oscar-bound! I want to see it again. I can't begin to describe what you feel when you are in that theater,..when the movie is over and you are just kind of sitting there,'s like you are in awe, know that stuff like this actually happened,..that this is the most true to life image of this war to date and you can't believe that it actually happened this way in such graphic detail. throughout the movie you sit there and you watch the soldiers get killed one after another in many different ways and you want to look away,..but you don't,.. because you know that this is a part of your history, have to watch because if you don't it's like hiding from the truth. this movie really shows us that war is hell. the intricate camera angles and speilburgs genius in this film make you feel like you are in the crossfire. and in the 28 or so minutes that you sit through the omaha beach invasion all you want is for it to be over already. you begin to get to know the soldiers and you feel their bond as they set out to find the only remaining Ryan brother out of four. You accompany them on this journey into the depths of the war and at some points all you want to do is cry. If you haven't seen it i've done my best here to not ruin it for you so you can go see it yourself. And please do,.. you will not be dissappointed. Not in the least. Ciao KC

P.S. If you'd like to talk about it e-mail me at this review can also be seen at MY homepage

[--- See Now! ---]by  Jan 25, 2000
There are things we never learn. There are things we forget. But all of us should suffer from survivers' guilt, whether we are aware of it or not. There is that line delivered by Clint Eastwood in Unforgiven: "It's a hell of a thing, killin' a take away everything he has, and everything he's ever gonna have."

And so it goes with "Saving Private Ryan". Our Brothers, our Fathers, our Uncles, our Grandfathers risked all that they had, and sometimes lost it all, to win for us, their loving descendants, a chance to grow up free of the nightmare of Nazism--if you ever wondered what it was that they were confronted with, the kinds of choices they had to make, and the random luck of the survivor--this film will give you a clue.

Our society is becoming "Orphans of the sky"--to use a metaphor coined by Robert Heinlein in the Novel of the same name--lost the the solar system with no knowledge of where we come from and how we got here and where we are going... this film is important because it can fill in a few of the pieces of the story from the last generation before you. Do yourself a favor and go and see it-- then be grateful for what they all did for you and for me. And please do not ever forget it. When Miller whispers "Earn it" he means us all--we are ALL "Private Ryan".

[--- See Now! ---]by  Jan 25, 2000
As you know this movie stars Tom Hanks as Capt. John Miller who after storming Omaha beach on D-day is assigned by the War Department. to find Pvt. James Ryan and escort him safely home because all of his brothers, 3 in total, have been killed in action. Capt. Miller and his men do not see the rational of risking 8 lives to save 1 man. And this is the key question of the movie.

The style of this movie is reminiscent of "Titanic" in the sense that it is told as a flashback. Except this movie doesn't cut to the present until the end. The present scenes take place at Arlington National Cemetary. The sight of the countless markers is very sobering. The story is essentially about a WWII vet coming to grips with what he saw and felt during the war. I have personally seen men in their 80's become tearful when they think of the war even now. So I know this to be an honest depiction of the truth.

The big thing that is mentioned about this movie by the media including critics is the graphic nature of the killing that occurs. Personally, I think this is hype. This movie does start out with an extended scene of D-day. And make no mistake it is graphic. Blood, death, evisceration, and dismemberment are the least of what you witness while watching this movie. But I've seen that in lots of movies. What get you is the knowlege that these things aren't made up or exaggerated for this film. While the plot of the movie is fictional. No actual mission to save Pvt. Ryan occurred. Everything else is pretty close to reality. That is what is so chilling and this movie is excellent at illustrating what it must have been like. This movie is deserving of multiple Oscars.

One small criticism, at one point Ted Danson has a small cameo. This, for a moment, breaks the flow of the movie. One can't help saying, "Hey that's Ted Danson." It just snaps you back into reality. But it only takes a moment to recover from that distraction and get drawn back into the film. In short, I think this movie is great.

[--- See Now! ---]by  Jan 25, 2000
Astounding. "Saving Private Ryan" is an incredible movie. Its frighteningly realistic scenes will daze you and you'll never look at war the same way ever again. As Tom Hanks has said, "You'll never want to see anyone get shot again." The sound is great, the special effects are amazing, of course, the performance is outstanding, and the bits of humor in the movie were a nice addition. If this isn't the best movie I've seen, it's definitely one of the top three. Allow me to put it this way: if you haven't eaten in eight days and you've only got about six bucks...make it nine days and see this movie <i>now</i>! The only problem I have with "Saving Private Ryan" is a very minor one: I wish theywould have displayed the Nazi swastika more often as I'm certain it would have added more effect to the film. Whenever I see that symbol, I am harshly reminded of one of the most horrible events in the history of mankind and a sense of terror seems to engulf me. But that hardly matters because of what an awesome movie this was. Oh, and if you don't see it in the theater, don't even bother seeing it. This movie is too good to be seen on some cheap VCR. If you have any comments about my review, please e-mail me at <a></a>.

[--- See Now! ---]by  Jan 25, 2000
Never has a movie affected me like this. It has been a couple of weeks since I have seen it. I am still numb. I must see it again. I left the theater not knowing what to feel. I was in the military for 12 years. Even with all my training I could never be prepared for what war would present me with. I am convinced of that after seeing this movie. I have heard a man speak about Omaha Beach. He was there 5 days after the battle. Three time on the way to the beach they stopped to untangle bodies from the propellers. I am profoundly proud of those who sacrificed. Mr. Spielberg was a master this time.

[--- See Now! ---]by  Jan 25, 2000
this is the best movie i have ever seen. im not even going to go into the details of the first 24 mintues or the rest of the film just go see it

[--- See Now! ---]by  Jan 25, 2000
This is, without a doubt, the finest World War II movie ever made. Saving Private Ryan is not a "Sugar Coated Pill" for movie-goer's to swallow (like WWII movies of old, freckle-faced boys fighting for Mom & apple pie, and so on). War is brutal, savage, and unfair, and Saving Private Ryan tells it like it was. Saving Private Ryan is a blood and guts in your face movie about combat and the ordinary men who are placed in an intollerable situation, and asked to perform seemingly impossible tasks. Steven Spielberg is an absolute master when it comes to telling a story. Yes it is bloody--the first 30 minutes are gut wrenching to say the least--but this movie makes the viewer feel like they are on the beach with Hanks and company. This movie assaults the senses--you see, hear & feel the explosions, you feel the ground rumble from an approaching tank, and you feel the pain of the wounded and dying. But most importantly, Mr. Spielberg has done justice to the men who fought and died at Normandy. I would recommend this movie to anyone over the age of 15. As Americans we need reminded of the heavy price that was paid by our own countrymen a half century ago. I feel Oscar nominations will be forthcoming for Spielberg and Hanks, if not there's something terribly wrong in Hollywood.

[--- See Now! ---]by  Jan 25, 2000
This was an intense movie. My husband and I were physically drained after seeing it. However, it was worth it! I was really scared when I wondered if the experiences for real American service personnel might have been like the scenes in the movie.

Many, many scenes were quite shocking, and I would recommend leaving children at home.

People clapped at the end. I wiped my eyes before the lights came on. It was a good movie choice!

[--- Good ---]by  Jan 25, 2000
I enjoyed this, movie, it was very good, the acting was incredible, it portrayed war well, it did not glorify nor did it vilify, but at the same time it is not as good as everyone is saying it is. It was good, that's it!

[--- See Now! ---]by  Jan 25, 2000
I would first like to say that this movie was the most realistic movie probably ever made, spielberg takes such a brave approach at telling the true story of what happened to the thousands of men (over 4,000) who died june 6, 1944, the first half hour are emotionaly and visualy disturbing as litteraly thousands of our men were mowed down by the guns of the german armys,if the violence in this movie doesn't get to you-you're probably dead,and i have heard a lot of people say " i had to see it twice to remind me it was just a movie" HELLO! it WASN'T just a movie!!! this REALLY did happen to thousands of americans, and this movie was made to remind you that this isn't just a movie, it is as real as real gets, and thank God someone finaly did make this movie, and the cast was great putting such every day men in the war, that half the time are arguing with themselves trying to take their anger out on somebody, esp. medic wade(givionni ribisi) and Uphman(Jeremy davis) one of these two men deserve the oscar for best supporting actor, along with verything else in this movie that deserves, the directing which throse you into the war by occasionaly splattering blood on the screen, the editing , and the amazing sound, i really can't say anything else about this movie without giving stuff away,but see it to pay long over due gratitude to the men who lived this hell, and to educate yourself of what really happened, when this movie comes out on tape i will buy simply to watch every june 6th to remember those who died a century ago in the last "great" war this world had. as is said in the movie "maybe Saving Private Ryan was the one descent thing we could pull out of the whole God- awfull s***y mess." DON'T MISS!

[--- See Now! ---]by  Jan 25, 2000
Well first let me start off saying that if you have not seen "Saving Private Ryan" yet, shut off your computer this second and run to the movies. The reason that i am saying this is because that this is the most audacious, stunning, grotesque, virtuosic, dramatical, experience of hard hitting realism that you will ever see. The oscars are already made for Tom Hanks and Mr. Steven Speilberg, which i think has never slowed down since E.T, he has such vivid imagination on creating a fake or unreal matter such as "Jurrasic Park", and make it seem logical, his only flaw is that he is always so technical.

Many of you are familiar with the Mortal Kombat slogan "Nothing In This World Has Prepared You For This", I am refering it to the first 30 minutes of Saving Private Ryan.

It starts off with the American Flag waving in our faces and moves slowely back, we see a family walking down a memorial graveyard for World War II heroes, the grandfather of the family isolates himself and goes to take a look at a certain tomb, he collapses and begins to cry, the family comes rushing towards to him, tus he begins to reminisce to June 1944 Omaha Beach. We are introduced to a group of sailors on a boat, all scared out of their mind, puking, chewing tabaco, one lifts his head and we see his blue eyes, it is captain Joh Miller (Tom Hanks). The events that follow in this battlescene is pure anarchy, the soldiars are not even given a chance to get off the boat as thay drop into the sea one by one, RAT-TAT-TAT! They are just butchered, bullets are ripping through them while they are in the water, and it is one unexpected sabotage. Speilberg works the camera beautifally and puts us right into the war scenes, the camerawork rminds me a bit of Oliver Stone. This is Normandy in the nearing of the end of WWII.

Then a plot seems to develop, as the women in the general's office are writing up condolence letters for the parents of those whom died in the war, a women finds three dead brothers named Ryan, and the mother will be getting all three letters today. They also find out that there is another Ryan, James Ryan (Matt Damon) he is behind enemy lines, so the top general sends out an expedition of 8 men to risk their lives, go through all of Normandy just to look for this one man and bring him home.

There are so many scenes that made me break, for instance when Tom Hanks and his crew were in the middle of the expedition and were taking a rest, Hanks goes aside, sits on a rock and just begins to cry. Only one of the hundreds of parts that were extremely moving, even Matt Damon got me tearing just like he did in "Good Will Hunting" and just like "Good Will Hunting" was the best film of 1997, "Saving Private Ryan" was the best film of 1998.


[--- See Now! ---]by  Jan 25, 2000
Saving Private Ryan was the most moving theater experience I have ever had in my 45 years of life. It is a must see for any and all generations. It was impossible not to place yourself right in the middle of the action and actually feel the intensity and pain of what was happening. Please go see this movie - you will never look at war or our American vets the same way.

[--- See Now! ---]by  Jan 25, 2000
As somewhat of a history and war movie buff, I was concerned that some critics stated that there had been many better war flicks before "Saving Private Ryan". I admit to having seen just about everyone and enjoying some immensly. However, none has, or will, for a long time surpass this movie. A tribute to all of the men that fought to keep our country free. Cinematography was awesome, especially the hand-held camera shots. See it now!

[--- Good ---]by  Jan 25, 2000
Iím about to commit blasphemy. Get ready for this sentence: Steven Spielberg is full of himself. Thatís not necessarily a bad thing, but it does keep Saving Private Ryan from being the godsend that many folks would have you believe that anything Spielberg breathes upon becomes. Donít get me wrong: SPR is a solid movie. The battle scenes at the beginning and end ARE simply incredible with attention given to each minute detail and even more marvelous camera work. Criticisms of the violence level are unfounded: this is war, not a trip to the circus. Unfortunately in between the main war scenes, thereís about, oh, two hours of movie that could be condensed into an hour. Things get a bit cliched and pretentious, unfortunately reminding me of parts of last year wretched Amistad. Matt Damon was disappointingly boring. There are enough good parts, such as the decision over what to do with a P.O.W. (and of course, the battle scenes), to recommend this film. But itís no Platoon.

10-point scale rating: 7

[--- See Now! ---]by  Jan 25, 2000
I think that the movie is very graffic. But yet is a good lesson about W.W.2

[--- Stay Away! ---]by  Jan 25, 2000
So now it seems that Mr. Spielberg can survive on his reputation alone, producing any kind of movie he wants and instantly having it become a "classic" merely because his name is on it. Such is the case with "Ryan".

The reviews I've read praise Spielberg for his direction and realism. They say that his shots are "symbolic" and "meaningful". I'm sorry, but they would NOT say that if they were talking about a different director. It seems that people automatically assume that everything in a Spielberg movie is profound and poignant. Not true.

You probably know the story by now. However, no one ever mentions the LACK of dialogue. It probably took about two minutes to write the screenplay. The acting is pretty bland too. None of the actors gave their characters real personality at all. Instead, each character is just as flat and boring as the next.

I just hope that maybe someone out there realizes that all this movie really is is gore, explosions, violence, and shouting.

[--- See Now! ---]by  Jan 25, 2000
A wonderful, moving experience. There were graphic scenes, yes, but they only served to accent how it must have really felt to be there at Normandy on D Day. The movie would not have been the same without those scenes. And the camera work was superb. I felt as if I was living the movie with the actors. If you haven't seen it, go today, and if you have seen it, see it again!

[--- See Now! ---]by  Jan 25, 2000
First of all...I really liked it. I am sure you have heard quite a bit about this movie already and I need not reiterate that, but I will share a few thoughts. The battle scenes were extremely realistic and quite elaborate in detail. While there are many warnings about how graphic this picture is, it almost seems that there should be no age restriction on the movie, so that everyone (of all ages) can see the horrid side of war. The story line is a good one, though not true, it does remind you of the true story of the Sullivan brothers (five brothers who were killed while serving on the same navy ship in WWII). I feel the movie could have been a bit more emotional, or played to the audience's emotions better, instead it was oriented more toward the details of war, and less to the personalities of the persons portrayed serving in that war. Bottom was a great movie and definitely worth seeing.

[--- Stay Away! ---]by  Jan 25, 2000
It really surprises me that so many people like this film, since I had a dull pulsating headache when it was all over. Perhaps it is because I like the fake fantastic violence of Blade over the realistic nauseating violence of this movie. Personally, I rejoice in the fact that my parent's generation was wise enough to hold off war for a while, because I can say I'm very glad to not have experienced what is shown on the screen.

Which makes most people's case here: it was very realistic. Like nothing you've seen on the screen before. Take that singular fact away, and you have a really boring movie. Nothing about the actors compelled me to even care if they were shot. The "strobe" effect gave me a headache (amazing -- what great movie making -- we took out the motion blur in some scenes! Mr. Spielberg, are you just mean, or what?). The story lacked depth making me yawn far too much. I actually found "The Postman" more exciting!

Hey, I'm sure this is how it really was in war. And maybe I shouldn't have paid my 6.75 without expecting what I got. I had misgivings about going before I went, and truly regret going after all.

[--- See Now! ---]by  Jan 25, 2000
After I saw this movie, about half the MEN in the theater were crying. That's how good it is. Still, "Schindler's List" remains Spielberg's greatest movie.

[--- See Now! ---]by  Jan 25, 2000
This movie recreates ground combat accurately. Omaha Beach was a very difficult objective, and was taken only after thousands of brave Americans lost their lives. The German soldiers were depicted accurately as well, showing that both sides were skilled, determined, and deadly. See the movie.

[--- Stay Away! ---]by  Jan 25, 2000
Sorry folks, but I really wouldn't recomend seeing this film. Granted that technically it IS a masterpiece from top to bottom, it is a terrifying exagerated nightmare. We have all seen countless documentaries of the Normandy invasion, and we've all seen the Sweeping panoramas of the beaches. Yet in this film Mr. Spielberg chose to make it look like the soldiers were only about 30 feet from the German positions! Theres not a General officer in the world who would send his troops into a situation like that! I found the Film exagerated to the point of rediculousness. Mr. Spielberg wants us to 'Experience' the battles firsthand. Did he forget that the men who were there did what they did, and made such incredible sacrifices, so that WE would not have to? Save the messages and the propoganda for the newspapers and C.N.N. A movie is supposed to be ENTERTAINMENT, not REVOLUTION. If you want to see a more accurate, less stomach wrentching view of D-day, rent a copy of "The Longest Day" by darryl Zanuck. Not only was it shot on the ACTUAL locations, Mr. Zanuck was THERE in 1944. My advice - Forget Private Ryan.

[--- Stay Away! ---]by  Jan 25, 2000
Too loud, too gory, too boring, too lame. This movie sucked, i dont care what anyone says. If you want a good movie go see Ever after. i hated this stupid movie.

[--- See Now! ---]by  Jan 25, 2000
This is absolutely the best movie I've ever seen in my life, and I have seen more than 500 movies. I never like "Titanic", and I was wondering why it got so many OSCARs. However, saving private Ryan is a movie that more than 10 times better than our magic love story "Titanic". Well, OSCAR or not doesn't really matter, as long as I love it. That is enough.

Forgive me the scale I am giving, I am not very good at Math. 6 stars out of 5 stars ****** out of *****

A must see!!

[--- See Now! ---]by  Jan 25, 2000
Anyone who says that this film is NOT superb film making in every aspect, has no taste and no clue as to what makes a great film.

[--- See Now! ---]by  Jan 25, 2000
This is one of my all-time favorite movies. It moved me to tears. It begs you to ask a very hard question. "Am I worthy of what those men faught for?" This movie is very realistic in nature. I think anyone who is an American should see this movie just to appreciate what we have. Definitely see it on the big screen! Don't wait for video, but if you do, BUY IT!!!

[--- See Now! ---]by  Jan 25, 2000
Great movie, when you leave the movie it makes you thankful for all the vets in the usa and around the world. I had the fortune of sitting next to vet from that day and all i heard was crying and sobbing. I felt so bad for him. When i left movie i thanked him and told him i was was proud of him. If a movie can do this to a person how could anyone say this is a bad movie. Not only did the man have wet eyes but 75% of the people their had them. I think in many different ways everyone their was also thanking him and all other vets who had died or are living with the nightmares of that horrible day.

[--- See Now! ---]by  Jan 25, 2000
In my opinion this is an excellent movie. I really liked it beacause I never imagined how war really was. I think most people didn't know it either, so this is a great reason to see this movie. It is not a movie to enjoy or to have a good time, it is a movie to learn about. Some scenes are way to real, that's why I think chlidren shouln't see the movie. Besides, Tom Hank's performance and Steven Spielberg's direction are excellent.

[--- See Now! ---]by  Jan 25, 2000
If you have a loved one who served in WWII, you should see this movie. It will give fresh appreciation for the sacrifices of those who fought. It will finally explain why so many who served simply don't talk about the experience. The movie accurately portrays all the horror, fear and dispair that war brings on. This is a must see.

[--- See Now! ---]by  Jan 25, 2000
Simply the greatest war movie ever made. The characters are extremely well developed and story is well told. Hanks is simply awesome in his own understated way. The final battle scene is very gripping, but it's the opening battle scene that is simply the amazing and gut-wrenching 30 minutes ever put on film.

[--- See Now! ---]by  Jan 25, 2000
SAVING PRIVATE RYAN is a masterpiece. There is great acting, lots of action and drama, and intense battle scenes. In my opinion, I don't see how SHAKESPEARE IN LOVE could be better, though I have not seen it. I also believe it is better than any other war movie I have seen (PLATOON, FULL METAL JACKET, APOCALYPSE NOW). My rating: ****

[--- See Now! ---]by  Jan 25, 2000
When I walked into the theater the day I saw this movie, I had no idea of how powerful and stunning this movie was going to be. The movie brought tears to my eyes before the first 15 minutes were up. This movie will be remember forever. An instant classic by Steven Spielberg. An A+

[--- Good ---]by  Jan 25, 2000
Okay, I was in the 99 percentile that thought the first 20 minutes of the film was awesome, but by no means do I share the opinions of my peers. I was very disappointed in "Saving Private Ryan". Spielberg has now escalated himself into the directors world of "nirvana" with this one. We seem to lose ourselves into believing that his work is golden that we don't take notice of the flaws. He's great; don't get me wrong, but I'm a bit tired of the Spielberg "cheese". Steven Spielberg has a way of "cheesifying" all of his films save one, but I'll get to that later. It wasn't as if I didn't buy into his film "Saving Private Ryan". I do ask though, why does he take you to this plateau where your emotions are peaked, and he somewhere in his script, probably made an ammendment, and manipulated the emotion you were feeling and tried to take it one step further. In my opinion, the best film Spielberg has done save "Schindler's List" is my personal favorite..."Jaws".

[--- See Now! ---]by  Jan 25, 2000
Being a member of the United States Army, I found this tribute to the men who gave their lives on the beaches the morning of June 6, 1944 to be a truly remarkable masterpiece. Stephen Speilberg has outdone himself with this one. The movie grabs you right away and doesn't let go until the ending.

[--- See Now! ---]by  Jan 25, 2000
"Saving Private Ryan" winner of 5 academy awards is a wonderful movie. It makes you think what trash those teen movies are. I happen to like them but it doesn't mean they're not trash. "Saving Private Ryan" has great acting by Tom Hanks, Matt Damon, Giovanni Ribisi and more.

"Saving Private Ryan" is about Captain John Miller and his team on a mission to save one man's life. Now the reason they're saving one man is because he had two brothers both dead. And they wan't the kids mother to have at least one child.

This is an awesome movie. Go to the theater right now and see it. I would rate this **** out of ****

P.S.I'm that ten year old again. I am a different reviewer from the Matt with two t's that is why I have three t's.

[--- See Now! ---]by  Jan 25, 2000
I think that the intense battle scenes couldin't have been better showed that they did in this movie. It shows love and compassion in a horrible way but yet tom hanks character in light of all of this risked all of his troops lives just so every last one of them could look back on this day and say I actually did something I saved the world.

[--- See Now! ---]by  Jan 25, 2000
I was particularly shocked, or impressed by the following few scenes:
The moment the soldiers were to disembark from the troop carriers. Immediately they were struck by flying bullets. They did not even have a chance to think. I thought this was the cruel nature of warfare. The snipers trying to out-shoot each other. It was in fact quite melodramatic - the German sniper trying to find his target, there was a flash from the American sniper whom I thought must have been waiting for the German to see him; and the shot passed right through the telescope. The American soldier accidentally broke the wall and revealing a group of resting Germans. The tension was really there when they pointed their guns to each other. The lone German who killed the American slowly by pushing his bayonet through his chest- the American did not even scream - it seemed that he accepted his death. The American sniper realizing the tank was aiming at him - again just sitting there waiting for the final blast. All seemed to me to be philosophical.

[--- See Now! ---]by  Jan 25, 2000
i personaly thought the movie was awesome but at the same time very sad. it showed the reaction of the soldiers as they approach the beach. and the way the camera moves makes the war look more realistic. even though i never saw it in the theatre, i would imagine its more intense.the saddest part is when they drop the doors of the boat and young lives are lost as soldiers are getting cut down by german machine guns . the movie made me go through alot of emotions including anger, despair, depression,but entertaining as well sorry to say. overall it was an exellent movie and i really recommend it. oh yeah, there is an actor in this movie who i never even considered for this movie.try to see if you can spot him, its during a battle when its raining and he is talking to tom hanks about getting ryan home because he too has brothers.

[--- See Now! ---]by  Jan 25, 2000
I went to this movie expecting another war flic. I was grossly shocked, to be slammed in the middle of the war. It felt as if i was actually there, and to me that is what a movie is supposed to be about.

[--- See Now! ---]by VIP MemberMay 31, 2003
The war movie gerne may have changed forever. "Saving Privite Ryan" is a powerful drama about a company of rangers lead by Tom Hanks to find the solo Ryan after three of his brothers died in battle. The first half hour of the movie may be the most powerful thrity minutes in film history that you will ever experienced. Soldiers' arms and legs are blown off, the sea is in red. The film is brilliantly done by Steven Spielberg. I was in Los Angeles for the Media Workshop and I can recall seeing the a long line outside of The Brum. As a son of a World War II veteran, I find this movie very powerful and very moving. I saw this movie four times on the big screen. And that is very rare for me indeed.
[--- See Now! ---]by VIP MemberJul 21, 2003
This movie starts with probably the most intense 20 minutes I have ever experienced watching a film. Just in case you were wondering that WWII was a romantic war without all the bloodshed of the televised wars to follow, this sequence will set you straight. Don't get me wrong, it's not offensive, gratuitous, or even gory, just very intense.

This isn't a film that you'll want to watch over and over again, but you'll be glad you saw it at least once.
[--- See Now! ---]by  May 8, 2010
[--- See Now! ---]by  Oct 13, 2012

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