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Opened in Theaters: Friday, January 29th, 1999

Directed by Robert Iscove
Genre: Comedy
Running Time: 1:35

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She's All That
Can the school's biggest geek become Prom Queen material?  View more >

profanity, sexual innuendo

Starring Freddie Prinze Jr., Rachael Leigh Cook, Matthew Lillard...  View more >

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Please Note: Reader Reviews are submitted by the readers of The BigScreen Cinema Guide and represent their own personal opinions regarding this movie, and do not represent the views of The BigScreen Cinema Guide, or any of its associated entities.

[--- Good ---]by  Jan 25, 2000
This movie I think is a very awesome movie!! And would wish it would happen to to me! Kind of wish the prom queen would be differet because the lady was a wish!!

[--- See Now! ---]by  Jan 25, 2000
This is a great movie. It isn't really realistic but it's great. It's a love story that's not really sappy beacause it definitely has some funny parts. It's also about growing up and making your own choices in life.


[--- See Now! ---]by  Jan 25, 2000
On a scale of one to ten I would rate this movie a 9.5. It was very funny, but it was a lot like a couple of other movies I have seen. It is definitely a "must see" movie.

[--- Good ---]by  Jan 25, 2000
This is a great movie to watch with your girlfriend. It has a good storyline with some very interesting characters. It has a great mix of comedy too. One thing that I found very annoying was that the recording microphone was in several of the shots. Glance at the top of the screen every now and then and you most probably will catch it.

[--- See Now! ---]by  Jan 25, 2000
Rachael Leigh Cook is definately "all that". Not only does she deliver a great performance, but she delivers am impact on society's view on Love, Sex and Romance. This movie, is in part, to do with society...The high school prom king is taken into a bet to date and make the artist non-sociable student played by Cook to be the prom queen. You will have to watch this great movie to find out what happens in the end. **** out of **** stars for this great film.

[--- Good ---]by  Jan 25, 2000
First of all....I actually liked it. Okay, so what if I was the oldest person in the audience and felt like I was transported back to junior high school...I still enjoyed the film. This movie was funny, happy, at times sad, but overall quite entertaining. Rachel Leigh Cook plays a quiet loner artist-type person at school and unbeknown to her, she also ends up being the main source of a bet. Two friends make a bet that one of them can turn Rachel from her lonely and homely existence into a popular prom queen. What follows are a series of betrayals among friends and the rising up of students to a new level of excitement. This is a typical teen movie with one totally-outrageous cafeteria scene that definitely has not ever appeared in a movie before. Bottom line...."She's All that" lives up to her name.

[--- See Now! ---]by  Jan 25, 2000
She's All That

This movie is the best movie I have seen! (Well, almost!) It's rated PG-13 because there is a lot of profane language and some sexual content.

In this movie, there is a bet on if Zack can change one nerdy girl into prom queen. Well, his best friend picks Lany, one of the most unpopular girls in school, who also happens to be a wonderful artist. Zack becomes friends with Lany, but can he turn her into the prom queen?

[--- See Now! ---]by  Jan 25, 2000
This movie rocks! It's a great date movie, and it'll make you laugh, no matter who you're with. I'd recommend it to anybody. Even my mom saw it, and she loved it. That's saying a lot. She's pretty hard to please when it comes to movies. Well, like I said, it's a great movie, go see it!

[--- Good ---]by  Jan 25, 2000
She's all that is an usually teeneger history, beacuse it's about a boy who bet with a friend, he could go out with a girl very stange and unpopular. So he change this girl from ugly to pretty and his friend , told her that it was a bet, and he didn't love her. But his ex-girlfriend want to be the queen of this year un the high school and everybody wants the unpopular girl to participe in the competion. thats why these girls begin to fight beacuse both of them want to win. This is a funny and romantic movie, but some people wouldn't like it.

[--- Good ---]by  Jan 25, 2000
It's a good movie, that tells us about two completely different teenagers, who live a total different world. One is the tipical great looking guy, inteligent, charming, and the other one is a nerd that no guy like. I recommend it.

[--- See Now! ---]by  Jan 25, 2000
This was the second movie that my sweetie boyfriend took me to over Valintines weekend. I liked it even more then "Simply Irristable" with Sara Michele Geller. It's about this really popular guy who gets dumped by his girlfriend who ditches him for a guy who's on The Real World (played very well by Matt Lilliard from "Scream"). So anyway, this guy decides to show off how popular he is by going out with a dorky girl and he says that she will soon become popular. Of course, he ends up falling in love with her when he finds out how pretty she is. This movie has really good acting from Rachel Leigh Cook (who was also good on Dawson's Creek) and Freddie Prinz (from "I Know What You Did Last Summer- hey, is everyone from a horror movie now starring in romantic comedies?). It is a really great date movie.

[--- Good ---]by  Jan 25, 2000
Is there really any mystery whatís going to happen in this movie? Of course not. But as Iíve said before, the bottom line is not that you get from point A to point B, but HOW you get there. "Sheís All That" offers a very fun ride. Itís a throwback to the fun John Hughes type films of the early 80ís in which a bunch of 20-somethings portray rich high school students who drive SLKís, CLKís, and Z3ís (okay, none of those cars existed in the eighties, but you get the point). Well-written material is put in the hands of a more than capable cast, especially the leads. Rachael Leigh Cook has this Winona Rider thing going with the added bonus of being able to act. Freddie Prinze Jr. is more than just a pretty face and I predict a successful career ahead for this talented actor. One extra bonus I wasnít expecting was some fast, smart one-liners. Itís a very funny movie in places and my favorite scene with Kevin Pollack playing along with Jeopardy had me in stitches. "Sheís All That" certainly isnít a perfect movie (Zackís just a bit too perfect, things are a bit too black-and-white, and the pizza scene was completely unnecessary), but itís miles above the swill that is par for the course in this genre.

10-point scale rating: 7

[--- Stay Away! ---]by  Jan 25, 2000
She's all that is a very typical teen movie. I felt as though I had seen this before. The movie became very predictable very fast. Typical teen stuff here. Even the things that were suppose to be funny barely brought out a chuckle. It was typical turn the frog into a prom queen mentality. First of all you could not beleive that the girl in the movie was that nerdy to begin with or that she had trouble getting guys to go out with her. On a scale of 1 to 10 I rate this a 2. Stay away see somethin else!

[--- Good ---]by  Jan 25, 2000
Hiding behind "She's All That", behind all the unoriginality, the bad teenage acting and pedestrian direction, lies a very cute and very funny movie, and one that quite effictively shows the reducing brain cells of most teenagers in today's high school. It just takes lots of work to see it. "She's All That", while not a classic, has quite a lot going for it: some witty dialogue, good music, and two good performances by upcoming stars.

The first one is Freddie Prinze Jr. who plays Zack, the "most popular guy in high school" (ok, I dont normally believe in this term, but it is said a few times in the film) who is the senior class president and a shoo-in for the Homecoming king. His girlfriend (Jodi Lynn O'Keefe) is a raging b***h who dumps Zack after she finds a more popular guy, Brock Hudson of MTV's "The Real World", played with gusto by Scream's Matthew Lillard.

The second is Rachael Leigh Cook, who plays Laney, the sweet but quiet nerd who is the target of a bet by one of Zack's buddies. The trick is to woo Laney, and turn her into the prom queen in time for the prom, which is six weeks away. Turns out this quiet nerd has the slim yet voluptous body of Rachael Leigh Cook, who wows Zack, but he still discovers its her personality he has fallen in love with.

I liked this film, but it still has a lot wrong with it. Anna Paquin is wasted in a pathetic supporting role as Zack's brother. Kieran Culkin isn't given enough screen time. Elden Henson, as Laney's best friend, also is given weak supporting material. The direction by Robert Iscove suffers from bad framing, sound and no real visual surprises.

I wanted to see more of Kevin Pollak as the silly pool man. In a great scene, he sits at his desk doing paperwork, badly guessing the answers to Jeopardy. I laughed at all his responses, even when it wasn't the focus of the scene. But the director poorly chose to frame the kids cleaning the house, forcing our attention away from him.

Still, there's a lot to love here. Freddie Prinze Jr. is great, a fully capable actor who is like a better version of Keanu Reeves. Rachael Leigh Cook, who I have seen in a few movies, most notably the pitiful "Strike", is at her best here. She displays a full range of depth and beauty, even in her nerdy physique in the beginning. Matthew Lillard, while given a small role, made me laugh almost every second he was on. He's very unique and has good timing in his actions.

True, this isn't Shakespeare, and it would be nice if you saw "A Simple Plan" instead, but "She's All That" is, in the long run, a very sweet and nice movie. It has its rough edges, but the film is entertaining enough to overlook it.

Rating: *** out of ****

Tech Review:

Picture: 4 The picture is strikingly colorful and clear, a rarity for Miramax films.

Sound: 1.5 The sound is awful, almost completely 1 channel mono except for very slightly audible surrounds in the prom scenes towards the end. Dialogue is almost always ADR produced that is not properly staged. There is one scene 20 minutes into the film where Jodi Lynn O'keefe is talking to her friends while walking down the street, and its a perfect sounds like it was shot in a telephone booth. This is a very disappointing sound mix that is very quiet and undefined.

Photography: 1 Once again, matted to 1.85:1, the director has no clue how to frame a shot. I swear, 20 minutes didn't go by where I didn't spot a boom mike or a reflection of a camera ("Twister" anyone?), and all of his shots are in James L. Brook's "As Good As It Gets" category...too high, too low, uncentered.....

Length: 95 minutes. Miramax films.

[--- See Now! ---]by  Jan 25, 2000
This is a great movie to go see with your loved one or just a group of your friends. It's funny yet romantic. I recommend seeing this to anyone who enjoys laughing. It's an all around good movie. On a scale of one to ten I'd give an 8.5. I hope you go see it and ENJOY!

[--- Stay Away! ---]by  Jan 25, 2000
I am sick of idiotic films with typical plotlines. Anyway, if you have one intelligent brain cell left you will not enjoy this film.

[--- See Now! ---]by  Jan 25, 2000
You have got to see this movie right away!!!! It is one of the BEST teen flicks in a while. A great acting job by all of the characters. Rachael Legih Cook plays art freak, school outcast Laney. Freddie Prinze Jr. plays the most popular guy in school who just dumped by Taylor. A popular-because-of-her-boyfriend-ditz. Taylor has just dumped her boyfriend for a stuck-on-himself MTV star (Matthew Lillard) who is said to be gay. When Taylor's ex is dared to make any girl in the school Prom Queen. Laney is the lucky contestant. Actually, Laney turns out to be not so bad, but the popular guy can't always get everything he wants. Be ready to close your eyes at some very disgutsing in a Health-class-sort-of-way things happen, but keep your eyes open for all of the other exciting things, such as DJ Usher at the prom and the awesome dance at the prom that everyone knows. Go see this movie now and don't forget to take a ton of friends!

[--- See Now! ---]by  Jan 25, 2000
This movie was entertaining and fun. With characters who acted like real people and you could easily relate to them. I encourage people to see the movie and I would like to see it again!

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