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Opened in Theaters: Wednesday, April 4th, 2012

Directed by James Cameron
Genre: Romance
Running Time: 3:14

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Titanic in 3D
A 3D conversion of the 1997 movie, supervised by director James Cameron. Titanic is an epic, action-packed romance set against the ill-fated maiden voyage of the R.M.S. Titanic, the pride and joy...  View more >

disaster related peril and violence, nudity, sensuality and brief language

Starring Leonardo DiCaprio, Kate Winslet, Billy Zane...  View more >

Sneak Previews on April 3 (US) and April 2 (Canada)
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See Now!  123 74 See Now! Percent
Good  23 14 Good Percent
Wait for Rental  8 5 Wait Percent
Stay Away!  12 7 Stay Away! Percent
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[--- See Now! ---]by   Jan 25, 2000
What Dreams Are Made Of:

When I first saw the preview of James Cameron's "Titanic," I was amazed at the level of detail and attention put forth in presenting such a vivid exploration of man's greatest engineering mishap. I thought that the director was tackling a documentary type story that had little to do with imagination and insight of what might have happened that ill fated night aboard the luxury liner off the coast of Liverpool. By the final segment of the preview in early May, my jaw had dropped to the ground at the sight of the massive vessel plummeting downwards towards the icy sea's breath, as two lovers held tight to each other screaming, "Hold on. Hold on..."

Well with months of eager, yet inpatient waiting, my time had finally come on Friday night to witness the film garnering up so much hype and staggering reviews, I did not know what to expect. I was afraid to get my hopes up high and be let down, as I have done in the past movies that I thought, based solely on the preview, would be incredible. Let me be the first to tell you folks this movie lives up to the hype, passes it, and excels to new levels of movie making us humans have not had the privilege of witnessing before!

The first hour introduces us to the main characters that we will be traveling back in time with, and looking through their eyes as they marvel over the glories of life, and the advancement of technology. The rest of the movie is pure excitement, enjoyment, heartache, suspense, you name it, and it's got.

This film is done so perfectly for the first time we are given the right to witness the weaknesses of society's class system, when power and money can not save you, but sheer will to live, and love can. The scenery is so fascinating; the computer work is also top notch, as the audience is drawn into the wreckage of the Titanic, with its rusted railings, and steelwork. Suddenly as you stare at this red wrecked graveyard of a once iron giant, it synthesizes into the luxury it once had in 1912 as it sailed away to an unknown destiny.

I highly recommend this film to all people, no matter what your taste in film may be. This film is over three hours long, but honestly you will not feel it, you will be so drawn into the films story, and suspense you will wish that it was another three hours long. The acting is at its finest, the screenplay has a little cliché in it, but none that spoil the overall feel of film supremacy that has been captured here by Cameron. I seriously hope that this film is recognized in this year's Oscar race in every major category, except of course in Outstanding Performance by an Actor in a Leading Role, which definitely belongs to Al Pacino for "Donnie Brasco."

***** out of *****

Da' Godfather

[--- See Now! ---]by   Jan 25, 2000
Titanic is the the best movie I've seen since Forrest Gump. The acting was nearly flawless. The historical event as portrayed, is very believable. The movie kept my interest thru the entire 3 hour and 15 minute film, which is no minor task in itself. Use of lighting was absolutely awe-inspiring. Plus the special effects were the best of any I have ever seen. The special effects in this movie set new standards in movie history.

You don't want to miss this one. ****1/2 out of *****.

[--- Good ---]by   Jan 25, 2000
I Feel this is a good romantice movie. There are many good things about this movie such as the actting. The Acts in this movie were very good in playing the parts of people form 1914. I also liked the special effects of this movie and how they basedthe storie on fact on fiction. There are a few things that I really didn't like about thismovie One is the Gun which Roses body guard is careing around the gun is a semi-auto 9mmI don't think they were invented until about 60 years later. Another thing is how Jack never trys very hard to get on the door with her. Over all this was a very good movie andI feel you should go see it in the theather.

[--- See Now! ---]by   Jan 25, 2000
this is rather an obvious review, but this movie was fantastic, its the best of this year, maybe best of all time, i like it so much, because of the beauty of the art and the symbolism and all that. Its a beautiful movie.

But there were so boring scenes with the old woman, i know she is important, but when we showed her back, i felt like the whole cinema was getting angry, i heard a long breath which mean people were looking forward for something boring, but it was good.

This movie is perfect for any ages, well, i'd say kids wont maybe like it as much as adults but i dont know, i am not a kid. Its the most dramatic story i've seen so far, its the first time, i was about to drop some tears, that didn't want to come out, at some scenes where the people were sad.

Great performance by everyone, i like billy zane, but he isn't nominated, and the director really did a good job, i am sure it won't be a flop, like some show says, even if it is, it's worth doing, i am going right away to see it again, dont think it's 3 hours i wont go, it's three hours and thats why i am going, because it is three gold hours.

[--- See Now! ---]by   Jan 25, 2000
"Titanic" is one of the best movies I have ever seen, a three hour epic of a torn love relationship set against the sinking of the "Titanic" in 1912. Director James Cameron has made his best film, a $200 million love story with the most realistic visual effects I have ever seen, along with the most understandable story from a mainstream director. Call it "Gone With The Wind On The High Seas." This is by far the best major studio film of the decade.

The film opens with an expedition crew, led by Brock (Bill Paxton), diving down to the wreck of Titanic off the coast of Newfoundland. Finding a safe on the wreck, believed to contain a priceless diamond, the crew finds not the diamond but a picture of a woman. The picture is broadcast on TV, only to have the survivor, the woman in that picture, Rose (Gloria Stuart), phones the expedition crew and claims that she is the woman in that picture. She visits the crew and begins to tell them the fate of the Titanic.

Then the film swoops right back to 1912, where we meet Rose, as a 17 year old girl (played by Kate Winslet), arriving with her rich as nuts fiancee Cal (Billy Zane) and company to be, among others, on the first class deck of the first ever sailing of the new Titanic ship. On they go, and then we visit Jack (Leonardo DiCaprio) on a hand of poker, with his buddy (Danny Nucci). The prize: two tickets on the "Titanic" for its sail to New York. Jack hits a full house, and the two are off, running to the almost leaving ship. They are heading for third class.

The beautiful, massive boat sets sail, as we learn more about Kate and her relationship to her Cal (her mother has forced her to marry him just for the money), which she desperately wants out of and will even jump off the boat to do it. Here is where she meets Jack, who saves her life and is treated by the upmost respect by Cal and company. So here is Jack, a drifter from the third class, being invited to a boring first class dinner and conversation. Jack kindly accepts, only to blow the engagement halfway and take Rose down to a fun Irish party. I love how these two scenes were set up, and how the action of a blast of an Irish party cut with a quiet first class party. (Not to mention getting a look at the steam room, the heart of the ship, which is so massive I cannon even get into detail)

Jack and Rose eventually fall for each other, and their love is wonderful; finally Cameron (who wrote the script) has gotten a real love relationship down on film. The results are beautiful, from the eroticism of Jack painting that historical picture of Rose naked, to the two having sex in the car she rode in on.

You know the whole "Titanic" legend, the ship sails and sinks. But the latter half of the movie is getting to see how this ship went down. The ship hits an iceberg, the beginning of the end. At first, even the viewer would doubt that this little encounter with ice would harm the ship. But it starts taking on water, faster and faster, until the crew discover that the boat will eventually sink like a stone. Although you have a pretty good idea what happens next, I will go no further, only to tell you that the disaster of the Titanic on film is the most horrifying I have ever seen, and the most amazing.

I would be wrong to say that James Cameron has finally made his masterpiece, because I would be leaving out his other best film, "The Abyss: Special Edition". What a glorious surprise it is to find a major release movie, backed with all the advertising and promotion, to find the next epic, right in our cruel movie going generation. "Gone With The Wind On The High Seas", indeed.

Grade: A+

Tech Review:

Picture: 5+ One amazing picture that gets all the colors, contrast and detail right. Perfect blacks, fine contrast. This is an even better treat on the eyes than "Alien 4"

Sound: 5+ Forget "Contact", this is hands down the best sounding movie of all time. Mixed in all three formats, the SDDS soundtrack is the most powerful of them all. (Surprised? I think not!) The bass and the clarity stands out. The whoosing of the water will shake the theater seats, the engine room seems real, the dialogue is easy to hear instead of all noisy, and the beautiful James Horner soundtrack makes you feel you are right in the recording studio.

Photography: 5+ James Cameron's first Panavision movie (instead of Super 35), and he has lensed the best 2.35:1 scope film of the year, with perfect cinematography and shots.

Length: 195 minutes. Rated PG-13 for language, brief nudity and violence. Feel free to send any comments or questions to

[--- See Now! ---]by   Jan 25, 2000
It was definetly THE best movie of '97!! It is a great love story and a great story about courage.

Leonardo DiCaprio did a great job like he always does. Kate Winslet was great too. They were paired perfectly. It is probably the only movie that will ever keep you interested for all 3 hours and 14 minutes of it. You never lose interest and you never want it to be over.

It's a must - see. Don't miss it!!

[--- See Now! ---]by   Jan 25, 2000
The Tragic story of the sinking of the Titanic was one of the stories I grew up listening about. After numerous investigations, one currently beingrun by the FBI, Paramount's version of what happened, starring Leonardo Dicaprio and Kate Winslet is truely remarkable.

The theater I saw this film in played it in SDDS sound, hence the water, the fire, the screaming and the fun was THERE. I really felt like I was a part of the film.

The story begins as a flashback of one womans memories of the titanic (taken from actual footage) as it was before it sank. This brings back painful memories for her as she lost a loved one on the Titanic hours after it sunk. As the storyprogresses, we continue to get the odd flashback to the future where a group of seaographers are sending submarines down to look at the reckage.

By the way, this film is set in the past, and not a modern version of the tragedy. My advise, go see it now, dont wait for it to be on video, unlessyou have a HUGE TV and superior sound than theaters.

[--- See Now! ---]by   Jan 25, 2000
In my opinion, this movie was just excellent. I would not wait to see it, I would go out and see it today, if you have not seen it yet. It is a true love story that could make anyone's heart melt.

This is a deffinate movie that I would recommend anyone to go out and see. Don't wait, and go see it today!

[--- See Now! ---]by   Jan 25, 2000
Titanic is the best movie of this decade. It will be recognised as one of the best films of all time. If you don't believe me just go and see it.

At over 3 hours in length you might at first think it's too long for a film but every second is precious here, every moment is filled with detail and emotion.

This is a 5 hanky deluxe crying machine that at times will keep you on the edge of your seat. At the end I could actually hear men and womencrying in a theater that was over 75% full. When the lights went up everyone was simply stunned. I know I'll have to see it again.

It is a true masterpiece and a technical miracle.

Di Caprio is perfect, Kate Winslet is impossibly beautiful and the rest of casting is flawless and suprising.

[--- See Now! ---]by   Jan 25, 2000

First off, I really didn't expect much from this movie. I'm not a big fan of huge blockbusters, and I don't just go to movies for the good-looking actors. I thought over three hours of probably hugly-wasted $200 million. However, the money and time was put into good use for a well crafted, thought provoking movie.


**** OUT OF ****

[--- Stay Away! ---]by   Jan 25, 2000
It's a shame that the the makers of the movie put such bad language and nudity in a holiday movie. It made the movie a piece of TRASH!

[--- See Now! ---]by   Jan 25, 2000
5 out of 4 stars!! James, you've out done yourself.

[--- See Now! ---]by   Jan 25, 2000
The fastest 3 hours and 15 minutes you will ever spend in a movie theater. The subtle love story is well told and even though you know the inevitable sinking is coming, you will not be dissappointed by the eye-poping special effects.

[--- See Now! ---]by   Jan 25, 2000
This movie was the best I've ever seen! The special effects were amazing. I'm glad they waited until December to release this rather than release an unfinished one in July. It is definitely, positivly, absolutely the best movie I've ever seen. Just one thing. Stock up on soda, popcorn and/or candy because you go through it fast and the movie is so good, you don't want to leave it to get more. You can tell by its national ranking that I'm right. Those people who hate this movie are nuts. They need a doctor. Don't wait. Go see this now and you'll agree with me. You can bet on it.

[--- See Now! ---]by   Jan 25, 2000
Another water adventure, ho hum . . . but not "Titanic." Though this film is long (3 hrs.), it is very riveting. This love story (Yes, love story!) intertwines the passion between two young people, between a man and his fortune, and a captain and his ship. Though the ending is obvious, the course to that point twists and turns. I rate this a "see now" because of the outstanding script, impressive special effects, and the respect that I personally have for the sea.

I would recommend this film with a box of Milk Duds and nothing to drink (remember it’s 3 hours long!).

[--- See Now! ---]by   Jan 25, 2000
I just went and saw Titanic, this is the best, and saddest movie I have ever seen. It's a sweeping tale of love, greed, tragedy, and disaster, wonderfully portrayed by James Cameron. I was a little squeamish because of the 3 hr. running time, but this was DEFINITELY worth seeing. Of course, me being a girl, I bawled my eyes out towards the ending, as did just about every other female in the theater, but I also noticed quite a few guys who were wiping their eyes. If you go see this(and I recommend you do) bring a box of tissues with you!!! :) Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet were also amazing, might I add. This movie has everything: romance, drama, greed, action, tragedy - It's just an all around amazing movie. If you haven't seen it, go out and see it--you'll be glad you did.

[--- See Now! ---]by   Jan 25, 2000
In my opinion "Titanic" was the best movie I've ever seen. I saw it at the Ridge Theater in Milwaukee. The first time I saw a preview for this movie, back in June, I was fascinated by the story of the Titanic. It had action, romance, fear; all the elements of a good movie. Although it was over 3 hours long it didn't seem like it at all. It almost seemed too short! I was on the edge of my seat the whole time. I bought a book about the Titanic after I saw the movie and I was completely amazed by how much the ship in the movie looked like the actual ship, down to every detail. It was terribly sad when at the same time it was full of action. When you realize that what happened on the Titanic really happened (and it's not just a movie) it can really depress you. So many people died on that ship, and to watch it happen on screen right there in front of you is definitely an experience. All I can say is that I have never seen a better movie. "Titanic" left me hungry for knowledge about that ship and what happened on it. I haven't been able to forget that movie, and I don't think anyone else would be able to either.

[--- See Now! ---]by   Jan 25, 2000
Three hours and fourteen minutes...I told myself I would wait until it came out on video and I could stop it and take a breather. But my family decided they were going, so I joined them. It was a decision well-made. This movie is one of the best I've seen this year. Even if I had wanted to get up and stretch (which I didn't), there wasn't a time that I would have risked missing the movie to do so...I guess the rest of the theater felt the same way, because I only saw three people get up during the whole movie.

I figured I would watch it for the special effects, and that for the first two hours, I would be wishing the boat would just start sinking already...but this movie has a plot to back up the effects. We care about both of these characters until the very end. Not to say that effects fall short...just the opposite. At times, I felt I was actually ON the ship. Creaking noises are coming from everywhere and people are screaming all around you. It was absolutely amazing. Don't wait for this one to come out on video. Don't let the length scare you away either...

Oh, and bring a tissue or two. I saw people of all ages and sexes crying at this one. Even a teenage boy next to me. (How's that for stereotypes??)

[--- Stay Away! ---]by   Jan 25, 2000
this was a cheap, very cheap movie, full of crap, dont trust anyone, dont go see it, the storyline seems to be a try of telling me not to class people, but in fact it's an old idea from time machine which was much better devellopped. Also, i hated everysingle actor, billy zane is as always a bad movie chooser, after the phantom, titanic, which is for me, even worse. I used to like bill paxton but, in this movie, he was just a bore and i hated his scene and the old woman, which had no mean, and was boring, this director shouldn't mix with dramas, he is made for movies like pirahna II, his first movie and he is still in there. The love story was the most unbelievable plot ever, a poor poor guy that can get a really snob girl? no, i know they could have done better, i walked out of the theatre, totally disturbed, i told myself, except special effects, what was it. A messed love story, and a story we already know, with some children to make us have pity, but really, i hate children in movies, always screaming, and crying. I wont say the ending, but it is so awkward. All the story lies on a fact, and a corny romance, come on, dont watch this, go see anything but this, go watch the english patient rather than this. bad job cameron. If you have comments about this, send emails at

[--- See Now! ---]by   Jan 25, 2000
Months ago the hype began... a story of the ill-fated Titanic, with star-crossed lovers aboard... the triangle, the action, the romance... What a preview!!

Finally the movie opened, the theater packed (and was even decorated with paper ships in my town), and you see a crew diving down to the 85 year old grave yard at the bottom of the ocean.

It is not the modern day scenes that capture your heart with this movie it is the flashbacks that pull you in, without hope of escaping. Rose, a prime-and-proper girl (screaming on the inside.. but no one notices), and Jack.. the starving artist living day to day (who may actually hear Rose's screaming). Fate brought the two of them together, and loves keeps them that way.

About two of the three hours of this epic motion picture are spent showing off the luxury of this sailing legend, the Titanic, and bringing us closer to the main characters.. Rose, Jack, Cal (Rose's villian of a finace who can deal his way through anything), Rose's mother (whose financial turmoilhas required Rose's marriage to Cal), Molly Brown (the new-money woman who has not yet been caught in the heartless upper class lifestyle), and others.

While watching the escipades unfold you see some of the most awesome detail ever presented on the silver screen. From the gigantic engine room, the luxurious staircases and doorways of the upperclass deck, to the most breath-taking views at the stern. I read they created a nearly life sized model of the Titanic to tape the spectacular effects.

The events of 1912 are inevitable in this movie, although you find yourself hoping that the ship can make it to land to save the 1500 people who will die that night. Is history really that important when the most romantic of loves, two hearts joined by destiny are aboard.. they deserve to live on forever. But history plays out as the ship sinks to its yard miles beneath sea-level. The most perfect of couples find themselves floating in the ocean, clinging to their life.. and that is all I can give away.

While laying in bed after seeing the movie, I found myself wanting to see it again... not able to dismiss the thoughts of the movie from my mind. Only the hardest of souls remained dried-eyed at this movie, and only those cold-hearted will not enjoy it. The best movie of the year, by far! A definite must see. It has everything Romance, Action, Drama.. all the makings of epic film.

[--- See Now! ---]by   Jan 25, 2000
I saw this movie expecting a lot and wasn't disapointed! Leonardo DiCaprio wasn't the reason I went, but I loved him anyway! The love story is beautiful, and gives so much more meaning to the story besides the tragedy of Titanic. I sobbed at the end of this movie, I would bet that you will too. I recommend this movie to everyone, because I think just about anyone would like it.

[--- See Now! ---]by   Jan 25, 2000
First off let me say that Titanic isn't really my kind of movie I don't usually like romance movies and I don't usually like disaster pictures. Titanic is both of these things but much more too. In spite of the romantic element. I still loved the movie, the charchters are extremely well developed and well acted. Cameron has written and directed an excelent movie. This movie gives meaning to the deaths of some 1500 people. For as depressing as it is, it does have it's funny moments. (A lot more if you live in Wisconsin) I usually don't go for epic films but this one stole my heart.

[--- See Now! ---]by   Jan 25, 2000
The beginnig of the movie was kind of boring or at least for 1/2 hr. That was 'til the actual part when the titanic was just built. I saw this with my friend and I guess everyone but us thought it was a real tear dropper cause they were crying an awful lot. Most of the parts the people were crying I was laughing. Nothing sad about it. There were only 2 bad parts to the movie. The people were all blue but the worst part of seeing the dead was there was a poor baby that had died. Still this was a number 1 movie of the year and should get an award.

[--- See Now! ---]by   Jan 25, 2000
I have been interested in the story of the titanic ever since I was little, and when I saw previews of James Cameron 200 million dollar "Titanic" I had already flipped seeing the effects of the ship, as well as parts of the sinking. Going to the theatre I was a little reluctant of the human based love story, but I have no complaints about it. The acting was excellent all around, except it would seem Leonardo Dicaprio plays the same character in all his movies. The movie built up nicely, showing off the ship by whisking the characters to all ends of it. And about the whole sinking, what can I say? Cameron practically recreated history and I actually felt myself watching in horffic delight as the ships 16 decks of sheer metal split into two, plain awesome...Cameron definately outdid himself on this one. The movie had everything, romance, action, sadness, happiness, all done excellently and has to be one of the best of the year.

[--- See Now! ---]by   Jan 25, 2000
Before I saw "Titanic", I immediately thought it would suck and would only see it because my favorite actor and mentor, Leonardo DiCaprio, is in it. Once the movie started, I was completely amazed. Everyting about "Titanic" was perfect, especially the acting. Of course, Leonardo DiCaprio did a perfect job playing Jack Dawson, the poor artist who falls in love with Rose. Kate Winslet was excellent as the upper-class, free-spirited Rose Bukater. Billy Zane played Cal Hockley, Rose's snobby fiancee, wonderfully. Kathy Bates amazingly portrayed the "unsinkable" Molly Brown. Also, let's not forget the extraordinary job done by Gloria Stuart as the old Rose. Filled with remarkable acting, a gripping love story, suspense, laughs, and marvelous special effects, "Titanic" is quite possibly the best movie toever come along, and will remain so for years to come.

[--- See Now! ---]by   Jan 25, 2000
To each decade, its blockbuster. Some succeed both artistically and financially while others fail, sometimes with quite melodramatic off-screen repercussions and rumors of scandal. "Cleopatra" comes to mind, "Waterworld," and others of their ilk. These mega-monster extravaganzas come to us with vast quantities of largesse of hype, budget, ego and hubris.

The Titanic itself, the ship not the movie, was an example of such hubris in my opinion. A floating tower of Babel if you will, it marked the industrial age's attempts in 1912 to defy the gods with the audacious proclamation of unsinkability. Thus, in their elegant simplicity the gods sent an iceberg to put that claim to the test. A few hundred popped rivets later and the Titanic truly became a "ship of dreams," forever shattered.

And now, 85 years and $200 million later, comes another "Titanic." And what of director Jim Cameron's attempt? One man's hubris to challenge the gods with a bloated budget and a singularly egomaniacal obsession? A mediocre curiosity destined to sink like "Heaven's Gate," taking its director down with it? Or an uncompromising masterpiece of filmmaking art and craft?

In a word, "Titanic" floats. It never sinks. To the eye of this beholder, it is one of the most engrossing, exciting and ultimately heart-wrenching three hour spectacles I've ever seen. It is a turn-of-the-century Greek tragedy, played out on a stage consisting of wooden decks and steel bulkheads, as well as visually astounding digital special effects. It is romantically exhilerating and heartachingly poignant, and just plain awesome to watch.

Knowing how much it cost to launch this blockbuster I was fully prepared for disappointment, having had my expectations raised so high. I wonder what seeing the movie must be like for the ticket-toting layman who doesn't give a hoot about the art of cinema just so long as the result is entertaining. This person I must envy.

Cameron may have defied the gods, but he has created a vehicle which succeeds in transporting us back to 1912 to experience the ultimate disaster of disasters. If Cameron's goal was to immerse us in the glory, anguish, horror and passion of this event, then in my opinion he has certainly accomplished his mission. In the future I will be measuring such spectacles by the distance my jaw falls upon first-time viewing. In "Titanic's" case, I think my chin hit the floor.

Having said that, Cameron's greatest achievement in depicting "Titanic's" final agony is that he makes us care. Eight decades is a lot of distance between us and those who actually lived through the experience. History has an anasthetic effect, the farther we are away from events that wound an entire generation. Cameron removes the veneers of time and recaptures the events vividly.

Well rendered in the film's first stanza is the baroque banality of opulence and privilege among the gentlemen of the times, reveling in their lordlike apparel and savoring caviar, brandy and a fine cigar. All of it sketched on an intricately ornate canvass comprised of frosted glass, crystal, jewelry, curved and polished furniture, and china never before used. All of it about to descend into a watery hell, onrushing upward, in the film's second stanza. The image of a shipbuilder, shakily adjusting the hands of a mantlepiece clock on a slanting deck, as though he were adjusting the folds of a quilt on a dying infant, is one of several that haunted my sleep that night.

Cameron engages our interest with a love story resulting in a plot device that has served him well in previous films, that of the "damsel in distress." Only, in Cameron's films the damsel is a "la femme fatal" who proves to be courageous and resourceful by the end of the play. In the character of Rose Dawson, Kate Winslet is esquisitely more femme than fatal, but proves to be every bit as engaging as Ripley in "Aliens," an earlier Cameron extravaganza.

Dawson's love interest is not a super macho hunk like Arnold Schwarzenegger but a disarming street rat named Jack, portrayed by Leonard Di Caprio, who turns out to be pivotal in Dawson's struggle with life's decisions, both in terms of her own survival and destiny. Cameron grows their relationship gradually and builds it to a passionate crescendo before "Titanic" herself melodramatically takes over the plot. But not for long; the story eventually returns to the fate of the young lovers whose resolution is especially poignant.

Cameron could have conceivably had a stronger and more enlightening film had he dwelt on the motivations of those who built the ship seemingly for disaster. Instead, he only establishes their motivations and lets emotion-charged action carry the plot forward. It is typical Cameron and it could be said that the outcome is predictable, even formulaic, in its depiction. It can also be said that Cameron's formula was never more breathtakingly executed on such a massive scale.

The gods, it seems, are content to allow such hubris at least once in a given filmmaker's career. Rare is the director who can do it repeatedly. David Lean graced us with several outstanding blockbusters, including "Lawrence of Arabia" and "Dr. Zhivago," but even he had his moments of unenviable failure as in "Ryan's Daughter." It's way too soon to suggest that "Titanic" could be placed on the same comparable level as any of these proud films except in terms of size and spectacle. Cameron is still regarded as an action-adventure oriented director, more apt to assault the senses than to indulge in subtle nuance. But in "Titanic" he has come a long way since "The Terminator" and the results of this blockbuster are very, very satisfying, for all of its $200 million largesse.

My only advice, if I may deign to give it, is this: The gods are fickle, Jim. Do not test them twice.

[--- See Now! ---]by   Jan 25, 2000
The movie Titanic was a great movie. The movies did not seem like a three hour and fifteen minute movie. Each scene was better than the one before. The ending was so sad. So if you go see it take your tissues along.

[--- See Now! ---]by   Jan 25, 2000
I felt the movie was excellent! The movie is alittle over 3 hours, but you get so engrossed in this movie that time just flies. This movie is by far the best movie I have seen in years. I strongly suggest to see this movie in a cinema to get the best sound and picture!! Don't wait till it comes out on video.

[--- Good ---]by   Jan 25, 2000
I must admit, I was very skeptical of this movie when I heard of it, I mean c'mon now, such an expensive movie shot on water? sound familiar? I mean I really wasn't going to see it, but thats to a lovely companion of mine I did, and I must tell you you won't be disappointed! I must admit it was one of the better films that I have seen this year, I mean visually I was wowed! and lemme tell you something, that doesn't happen very often! Spectuacular sound! The actors were great, given, there was some cornball moments in the film, but nothing compared to the awesome grandeur of what is "Titanic"!

[--- Good ---]by   Jan 25, 2000
TITANIC is a great movie--for adults. I loved every minute of it save for two: Why in the world the producers thought that they just HAD to have nudity and sex is beyond me. It really ruined a fantastic movie. They even could have shown the "sketching" scene without the frontal nudity and had a wonderful scene. My 11 year-old daughter turned to me during the "sketching" scene and asked me "Why is this in here?" The drama, the wonderful special effects, the acting, the music, all put you right on the ship. For three wonderful hours, the TITANIC comes alive again. The subtlties of what caused this mammoth disaster are allowed to exist without the director thinking that we are all idiots and will miss them unless he makes them very obvious. I really loved the Robert Altman like group scenes where you hear all sorts of different conversations happening at once.

The director takes us through the entire gamut of emotions. (Including wonder at the stupidity of having nudity in a PG-13 movie that people will brings their kids to.)

Because of the totally senseless display of nudity and simulated sex, I can only give this masterful movie a rating of 3 out of 4.

[--- Stay Away! ---]by   Jan 25, 2000
I was so looking forward to seeing a movie about the Titanic. It is just a shame that they took this wonderful opportunity to portray a piece of history and filled it with 'Hollywood'trash. The entire plot revolves around an adulterous affair. The sinking of the ship is just an added dilema. Beware . . . the movie is not correctly rated as I soon found out. I was sadly dissappointed with the abuse of the Lord's name as comedy. The flagrant display of nudity was to say the least 'shocking' considering the movie rating. I'm sorry to see they spent so much time, money, and effort making this film only to have it foreshadowed by filth.

[--- See Now! ---]by   Jan 25, 2000
The Titanic was, by far, the best movie I have ever seen! The special effects were superb. Leonardo Dicaprio and Kate Winslet were the perfect pair. This movie was brillianlty designed. Even though there was some nudity, I would give it a 5 out of 4 because it was tasteful. If you haven't seen this movie you have to because it is the best movie made in a long time!

[--- See Now! ---]by   Jan 25, 2000
I just saw Titanic for the second time. Once was simply not enough! I saw it the first time in Dolby sound and the effect was even more stunning.

I've read the reviews from some of the other people who saw the movie and agreed with 99 percent of them. A couple of the reviewers were so far off base they weren't even in the Stadium! How could anybody see this movie and not be stunned? The actors, the story, the staging, the cinematography, ALL the elements were there to make this almost the best movie ever made. Cameron deserves every cent he earned for this. It was worth every one of the $200 million.

A few of the reviewers were chagrined because of the teensy bit of nudity and a few rough words. Every bit of what was said and what was shown in the movie contributed to its spectacle.

If you don't see this in the theater you will miss SO much. The sheer size of the ship requires the big screen. Don't lose much of its majesty by waiting for the video. If the $7.50 is too much, go see the matinee. Just don't miss it!

[--- See Now! ---]by   Jan 25, 2000
Like many others, I went to "Titanic" because it happened to be the lesser of what I believed to be many evils out there. I had no interest in the new Bond film and was interested in whiling away some time. Thus, I popped into "Titanic" hoping to see a decent picture.

I walked out of the theatre blown away by the tragedy of it all and the excellent portrayal thereof. To see the pride of the White Star Line sink to her grave in such a graphic manner was breathtaking. The characters were engaging, especially Kate Winslet as Rose. However, I was a little disappointed by the dialogue. It could have been stronger. Is it me or does mass doses of vulgarity seem to be taking the place of good dialogue these days? Also, how many people on the verge of plunging into the depths of the Atlantic would pause to gaze into there loved one's eyes to say "XXXX, this is where we first met!" C'mon!!

Furthermore, I would agree that it was truly unnecessary to put in the nudity and the gratuitous sex scene. This movie stands on its own without it.

Nonetheless, I was truly intrigued by this movie and it has made me very interested in the history of RMS Titanic and her passengers. I heartily recommend this movie, despite unnecessary nudity and language.

[--- See Now! ---]by VIP Member Jan 25, 2000
This movie runs about 3.25 hours in length with no intermissions. For some people this is a problem, but with the proper planning it doesn't need to be.
1) Hit the restrooms just before the movie starts.
2) Do not drink a soda during the movie.

This way, you'll be able to fully enjoy the film, and the people around you won't be bothered by your getting up to hit the restroom during the show.

Now, with that out of the way, let me say that you will *not* notice the 3.25 hour length of this film. I was so totally wrapped up in the movie that the time flew by without notice. I enjoyed the movie so much that I wanted to turn right around and see it again. In fact, I did see it again, but a week later. Did I notice the length the second time around? Nope, it seemed to go by even quicker. So don't let the long running time hold you back. GO SEE THIS FILM!!!

Wonderfully acted by the two main characters Jack (<A HREF="">Leonardo DiCaprio</A>) and Rose (<A HREF="">Kate Winslet</A>) this is a movie you don't want to miss.

Told in a series of flashbacks, we are presented with the story of an upper-class woman, Rose, that is engaged to be married to Cal Hockley (<A HREF="">Billy Zane</A>) when they return to the States. It is through the older Rose's eyes that we experience Titanic.

The story is simple, and the ending is foretold (the ship sinks), but it's the splendor and beauty of the ship that takes your breath away. You don't sit there and watch this film like the so many others out there, but instead you are drawn into the events unfolding on the screen. You fall in love with the characters, you become a part of the movie by feeling their excitement, anger, love and pain.

Titanic is a masterpiece that will be long remembered, not only as one of the most expensive movies ever made, but as one of the best movies made this decade!

GO SEE THIS FILM, you'll regret missing it on the Big Screen if you don't.

Copyright 1998 - Ron Higgins <I>No unauthorized publication or distribution withoutthe consent of Ron Higgins.</I>

[--- See Now! ---]by   Jan 25, 2000
Titanic was one of the best movies I've ever seen. I loved it and Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet are incredible in it. It's a love story w/ a little bit of action and an incredible storyline to it. It may seem like it'll last forever (3 hrs. and 14 min.) but the minute you walk into the theater you won't want to walk out again. See this movie as soon as you can, you'll love it!!

[--- See Now! ---]by   Jan 25, 2000
A must see movie. I have seen it 3 times, my wife has seen it 5 times in three weeks. Defenitly will buy this movie when it comes out on video. Even though you now about the Titanic it frees you mind and you forget what you know is going to happen.

[--- See Now! ---]by   Jan 25, 2000
Great story with lots of S.E. Well worth the money spent in making this motion picture. How DID they do that anyway? If you're a romantic and want adventure for the mind, see this movie... Well worth it!!

[--- See Now! ---]by   Jan 25, 2000
"Titanic" was an absolute masterpiece. It is the most extraordinary movie I have ever viwed in my life. I highly doubt that any future movies I see will rate higher than this movie for me. This movie portrayed the true <i>Titanic</i> disaster so well that it was like a window to the past. Something I really enjoyed about this movie was that it had a bit of everything; humor, romance, action, drama, sadness, and more. It's long time span definitely enriched it as well. I saw "Titanic" twice and would not hesitate to see it a third time. On a scale of 1 to 10, I rate "Titanic" with an 11.

[--- See Now! ---]by   Jan 25, 2000
this movie is sooo good you can't wait for it to come out on video. go see it now! it is the best movie i have ever seen. stop reading the reviews and go see it right now for yourself. bring tissues.

[--- See Now! ---]by   Jan 25, 2000
I loved the movie and I know you will too. It was very well written, and that made it exciting at times and then sad at times too. You should go see it soon, the time isn't too bad at all when your wraped in the movie you never know.

[--- See Now! ---]by   Jan 25, 2000
The best movie I ever saw! Don't listen to anyone who says this movie suchs! Great acting (My fav: Leonardo DiCaprio) by all of the actors! You will be sorry if you miss this movie! (I have seen it six times since it came out!) See this one right now! CAT311@HOTMAIL.COM

[--- See Now! ---]by   Jan 25, 2000
This movie is one of the best movies I have seen in my lifetime, and I've many of them. I'm a guy and I'm not afraid to say that this movie made me cry. This movie involves all of the emotions, happiness, sadness, love, etc. It draws you in and makes you want to jump into the movie. The SFX are excellent and the acting is too. If you are even remotely thinking about seeing this movie. Go See It!

[--- See Now! ---]by   Jan 25, 2000
Hands down the best movie of 1997. James Cameron's 3 and 1/4 hour epic will be remembered forever. The film is about two lovers who meet, and fall in love before the sink of the unsinkible ship. The acting, and directing was flawless the effects are so real you won't recognize them as special effects but asreal life objects. It is perfectly produced and crafted. The whole movie is incredible but the final hour is awesome, and breathtaking.

[--- See Now! ---]by   Jan 25, 2000
I thought this movie was the best I have seen in a long time. I love Leonardo he was so great in this movie and he was so cute to his lover. It was really neat how they focused on one storyline from all the passengers on the tittanic. I learned from that movie not to judge people on certain things like rich or poor and that one day you might just fall in love with that person. I thought the end was fabulous, I won't tell you what happens but I will say that there is a hidden message in it and it took me the second time to relize what happened. I recomend all to go and see it you will absolutly love it.

[--- See Now! ---]by   Jan 25, 2000
Titanic (1997) dir. James Cameron reviewed: 11 JAN 1998 2100 review site: widescreen multiplex, Dolby SR/dts rating: 9/10

Finally, I get a chance to see this movie. By and large, I am not disappointed - James Cameron may be one of the masters at spending egregious amounts of money (e.g. "T2") and making a film that's worth every penny. It's a movie that evokes *emotion* from the audience - sadly, a cinema rarity these days. It's also a movie that would be good to acquire on LD/DVD when available - perhaps in a "Director's Cut" version. For you see, several rather interesting scenes have been edited out - review the script at to see the differences.

Minor quibbles abound - as they would in any epic this length. 1) Nudity and profanity - doubtless occurred on the original Titanic (especially when sinking), so I am not perturbed by their presence here.2) Cal Hockley - evil laid on a bit thick. The original script gave him at least *some* character. 3) Classes - the distinction drawn with the subtlety of an axe. 4) "He exists only in my memories" - lifted directly from The Road Warrior.

But, all in all, enjoyable.

[--- See Now! ---]by   Jan 25, 2000
This is possible the first time I ever wrote a comment about a movie that would leave the most lasting impression in my mind. TITANIC--as the name goes, I couldn't ever imagine such a better name than it. The plot filled with what every movie possible needed.Its a story of faith,courage,sacrifice and above everything else--LOVE.For just more than 3 hours...I really hope that time would not pass so quickly for me....every minute , every second, i could feel like I am part of somebody in the film.The pictures,the sound , the characters,its just too good to be true. I shouldn't include the plot since most people should have know it from reading the previews by other titanic lovers.But I should include some personal feelings of mine in here.Really hard to believe but the moment I find my seat in the cinema ....I found myself glue to the seat.From the giantic scence of the ship "titanic" to the introduction of the characters in the movie...I knew that this movie is going to be the greatest movie for 1997/98. I was really angry when I saw the difference in treatment between the first class passenger and the third class passengers.From the point where third class passengers had to be locked behind those miserable gates,just to leave sufficient time and room for first class passengers to board those safety boats. I could feel the injustice done to those lowly class during the Early 1800s in england.Its so inhuman and cruel. Apart from this,its really a story of love and sacrific.Jack(Leonardo DiCaprio) and Rose (Kate Winslet) , this two ill-fated young lovers show to me what true love is all about.From the moment when Jack saved Rose from commiting sucide to Jack teaching Rose how to spit like a real man,the whole process is so funny yet romantic.Both are willing to give up what they own to begin a new love life. But sadly , Jack died while he sacrifice himself to save Rose.To me thats is how great the power of love can be. I may had seen the movie only once but the movie is just vivid in my mind , like i had only seen it recently.Its a movie suitable for all ages,all races.I am now waiting for its VCD to come out and hopefully it will be real fast cause I really can't wait anymore!!! This movie is worth what u pay for it.****** out of ***** Finally all the credit to James Cameron ,actors , actress and crew for making TITANIC the best movie I ever saw.

[--- See Now! ---]by   Jan 25, 2000
Thanks to a $200,000,000 budget, computer technology, and the inspired performance by the gorgeous female lead, Titanic is a must see. The visuals and the surrround sound are a feast to behold. Yet, when compared to the clasic Titanic film, Walter Lord's "A Night to Remember," (which I first saw when I was thirteen and have never forgotten the impression it made upon me) falls far short of that 1958 film. Oddly, in the 1997 remake the tragedy of the Titanic's sinking and the loss of its fifteen hundred other passengers takes a back seat to the romance of two teenagers. The rest of the characters, including the cuckolded fiancee, the first mate, Lightoller, Captain Edward Smith, the mother-no-better-than-a-pimp, to mention a few, are mere stock characters--either not fully fleshed out or portraying a crude stereotype. Even "the Unsinkable Molly Brown" is sunk when a surly crew member in the lifeboat to tells her to "shut your hole!"

Indeed, the sets are splendid, and important new historical information is presented. We see the ship break in two during the descent and see it now as a derelilct hulk on the ocean floor as the mini sub passes through its the bowels. However, lightoller is presented as a somewhat simpering, indecisive fellow, whereas the 1958 version shows him as a hero. His character was demonstrated, according to the Titanic Historical Quarterly (membership available at Indian Orchard, Massachusetts.) "Lights," some twenty-eight years after the Titanic's sinking, took his yacht from southern England and sailed to France to participate in the rescue operations at Dunkirk at the beginning of WW II. Other omissions and inaccuracies are numerous. Pacasso's "Les Demoiselles d'Avignon could not have been among the heroines art possessions, as it wasn't created until years later. Captain Smith did not spend his last moments beside the steering cabin but swimming off to sea after having saved some passengers. The greatest flaw is that we learn relatively little of the facts of the boat, its varied passengers, and the sinking, rescue, subsequent inquiry, and the improvement of sailing regulations that followed. Indeed, nothing is mentioned about the Calilfornian, a nearby ship that ignored Titanic distress rockets and shut off its wireless, thus unable to heed its Morse code SOS signals.

There are also some confusing absurities, such as the tossing away of the Louis XVI gem eight decades later. Wouldn't a newly-impoverished young woman have disposed of it in a more remunertive way much earlier? Also, just like Forrest Gump praised simple-mindedness, Titanic praises the beautiful and loveable steerage passengers--who are all dancers and musicians. And, in our democratizing age, wealth is stereotyped as evil, boring, and ignorant. Oral histories of the steerage passage portray dim lights, incredible filthy and crowded circumstances. My own aunt, who came across on the Patrizia--admitidly not the Titanic--recalled that 1906 voyage in 1984. She noted that she was only a very young child at the time, but her most vivid recollections were the great throngs of people and the horrible smell of the toilets.

By all means, however, do see the Titanic. Hollywood is generally big on scope and fantasy and small on history. When one viewer commenting on "My Darlling Clementine," the Henry Fonda vehicle about Wyatt Earp and Doc Holliday in Tombstone, asked the director, "Was this how the story really happened,"John Ford, tersely commented, "Well, you liked the film, didn't you!" Well, viewers, you WILL like Titanic, despite all its shortcomings, And indeed, although the romance detracted from the sinking of the ship, the love story was haunting.

[--- See Now! ---]by   Jan 25, 2000
This was one of the greatest movies I have seen. Like all great and worthwhile things, Titanic has a mass appeal which affects each person individually. It has an aura which talks to the common link of humanity and to the single individual at the same time. Apparently, there are some people who believe that Love and Romance should have nothing to do with Sex and Nudity. The sex and nudity in this film serve the film nicely and is not degrading in any way, so I don't understand why people are afraid of it or think it is vulgar. Wake up people, sex and nudity are a fact of life, it's only dirty if you make it that way. If you want to see a movie which realistically portrays what happened on the morning of August 15th, 1912 and adds all the drama, romance and action that you can handle, go see this movie.


[--- See Now! ---]by   Jan 25, 2000
You must go to the Theater and experience this movie!! It was absolutly wonderful!! The best movie I have seen in a long time!!

[--- Good ---]by   Jan 25, 2000
I can't jump on the bandwagon with those who think TITANIC was a A+ film. Although it has much to recommend it, especially outstanding special effects, the love story was pretty trite and could have been edited by a half an hour with no harm done. Rich girl engaged to bullying bore falls in love with poor yet exciting boy. Ho hum.

There was too much of the love story and too little of what actually happened that fateful night. And it isn't giving anything away to say that anyone slogging around in that freezing water for as long as those two do would have been long gone way before the end of the film! Titanic is worth seeing, but I was far from bowled over. A little too much "Daylight" meets "The Poseiden Adventure" for my taste.

[--- See Now! ---]by   Jan 25, 2000
Titanic by James Cameron

Movie rating... 10/10 Best movie of the decade possibly century
Story.......... 10/10 Lots of lessons to learn so pay attention
Actors......... 10/10 Except Bill Paxton who is very dry but doesn't have a large role in the actual tale of Jack and Rose.
Music.......... 10/10 James Horner is an excellent composer. Buy the soundtrack!
Effects........ 10/10 Masterfully done

I have just spent the past few minutes reading other peoples review of this amazing movie and I agree that it is a great movie. It is the perfect movie for a couple because of the special effects and the amazing love story of Jack and Rose. You will find yourself wanting the movie to change the enevitable outcome so that Titanic can live on. The nudity is kept to one tasteful scene and the language is only moderate. GO WATCH THIS MOVIE NOW SO YOU WONT MISS THE GREAT SOUND IN THE CINEMAS.

I didn't want to do this because everyone has an opinion; however, I had to say something. First of all this is not a holiday movie. It just came out in December which was pushed back from its original summer release. There are no presents and trees in this movie. Futhermore, its set in April. You seemed to miss the story. Your review may cause someone to miss the best movie in a long time There is one very elegant nude scene where a nude portrait is being made of Rose. The sex scene is two people in love, making love. No nudity, just some sweat, shoulders and faces and some very compelling music. The language is expected. They are going to die pal! Would you be calm? No nasty words are used like (F). I think bastard is used once. There's your language. You won't feel uncomfortable taking your kids to this movie because it is very tastefully done.

TITANIC 10 out of 10* * refer to top for ratings

[--- See Now! ---]by   Jan 25, 2000
"Titanic" should be evaluated more as a technological wonder and artistic masterpiece than merely as a movie. In the years to come, when the United States declines into obscurity, this may well be the symbol of its crowning achievement. Just as the ancient Egyptians left us their pyramids, and as the Chinese dynasties left us The Great Wall, and as the Romans left us with roads and aquaducts, the great American civilization will leave -- "Titanic."

I don't think I'm too far off the mark here. I have seen most of the "Greatest Films Ever Made," at least in a technical sense, and I have trouble thinking of another film to compare with "Titanic." In a theatrical sense, perhaps there have been better films, but theatrical brilliance is no match for the sort of technical wizardry displayed by the likes of "Titanic."

This movie showcases itself so well -- I don't really know where to begin. I left the theater feeling as though I had literally been teleported back in time, given the grand tour of the greatest Luxury Liner ever built, and then given the excrutiating "pleasure" of actually witnessing history's most infamous disaster, moment by moment, as it actually occurred. It was, as best as I can describe it, an out-of-body experience.

Few movies are so viscerally gripping. From the moment the Titanic begins to sink, you'd swear you were going down with it. It's like one of those big-time roller coaster rides, which are designed to make you scream as your breath is squeezed out of you. Your emotional disposition is being manipulated by the ride and there's not a thing you can do about it. I left the movie with the most amazing sense of awe and wonder, and with the feeling that I'm fortunate to still be alive.

"Titanic" is an incredible experience, far beyond any movie I have ever seen. I'm not one of those "cinematic experts" that can dissect a movie like this and compare all the "little" elements to some grand absolute scale -- yes, other movies have had better stories and better acting and all the rest. But I am yet to see a movie put it all together on such an epic scale as "Titanic."

[--- Wait for Rental ---]by   Jan 25, 2000
I was shocked at how bad the movie is, all in all. I am especially shocked at all the favorable reviews. (Of course, the special effects of the last hour were very entertaining (but we are used to greatspecial effects these days). Eventhough the characters were not well developed (save the two leads), I found most of the end very touching.) Yet even those who give the movie 4 out of 4 stars find fault with the trite/mediocre screenplay. The screenplay is perhaps the most important part of a movie. It is beyond me how they can call it the best movie of the year or all time and still lament the screenplay.

I thought the first two hours were excruciating -- a small, boring two hours. During these two hours the cast was very small. Notice how few passengers appeared on the deck. Notice ther small dining room scenes. Almost no attention was paid to the famous passengers, the crew and the facts of the ship. The romance was common and the dialogue trite. The leads had no charisma -- he with his squeaky voice, looking like a kid; and she with her bulky figure and ugly grimaces/smiles (note how her mouth curls), looking 30-ish.

[--- See Now! ---]by   Jan 25, 2000
Titanic is the best movie I have ever seen. It took my breath away. The love story was one of the best parts of the movie. You get so wrapped up in it that when the scene switches you want to go back. The costumes, music, special effects, and actors were fantastic. Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet were Phenomenal. The theater was in tears.......anyone who says this movie is garbage is just crazy because the movie really does take your breath away. Leo was hot hot hot! Both Leo and Kate did such a great job portraying their characters it felt as though the love story was real. THis is a movie you can't miss.Words can't describe how good this movie was. *****

[--- See Now! ---]by   Jan 25, 2000
One of the top ten movies I've ever seen. 3 hours and 15 minutes of non-stop entertainment! Go see this one now. It was excellent!

[--- See Now! ---]by VIP Member Jan 25, 2000
In the words of the character Molly as the titanic is beginning to sink, "Now there's something that you don't see everyday!" This is definitely a movie that you don't see everyday. The size of the ship and the features of it make the movie amazing while the love story of Jack and Rose make the move great. Titanic is a movie that takes you on a rollercoaster ride of emotions. You start in awe of the size of the ship and how massive and magnificent it is. Then there is anger at how snobbish and naive the first class passengers are and how they only care about makeing headlines. There is also joy as we see the love story between Jack and Rose develop. Finally, there is also anger, fear, and sympathy as we see the Titanic sink as we knew it was going to all along.

The length of this movie is unnoticeable and the soundtrack adds to the moods and emotions of the movie. I suggest that you see it now on the bigscreen and be awed by the size of the ship and amazed by the love story!
[--- See Now! ---]by   Jan 25, 2000
This movie is DA BOMB. Starring:Leonardo DiCaprio, Kate Winslet, Billy Zane, Kathy Bates.

You like the Titnic? You like movies? You like Leonardo DiCaprio? Go see Titanic. Don't Wait! See it Now, Today, In the hour.

Time:3 hours and 37 minuets.

[--- See Now! ---]by   Jan 25, 2000
A blockbuster of a movie! Everything is excellent about this one. For the first time in a long time, we have both superb special effects, engrossing characters, and a plot we care about. The story keeps you in high suspense; it doesn't matter that you know the ending, which is truly horrific. As for the special effects, if I hadn't read that the ship was a scale model, I would have sworn that this was computer animation, since computer animation is now the stanrard of excellence. When that huge ship starts to sink into the icy water, you really wonder how that was done, and can only shake your head that all this really happened. The lead actress is a very believable repressed poor-little-soon-to-be-rich girl, and the lead actor is truly likeable as a young man out for his fortune. You'll be rooting for them the whole way.The 3+ hours sped by, both for me and my teenage son. All ages will like this one, and I'll bet it wins all the Oscars for which it's nominated!

[--- Good ---]by   Jan 25, 2000
Great special effects. Great story. Will haunt you.

[--- See Now! ---]by   Jan 25, 2000
Titanic is by far the best movie that i have seen in a long time. DiCaprio and Winslet are wonderful. The special effects in themselves are worth seeing. It is an absolutely amazing movie.

[--- See Now! ---]by   Jan 25, 2000
Titanic is the best movie ever made, and ever will be made! No movie will ever be better than Titanic!

[--- See Now! ---]by   Jan 25, 2000
First of all...I truly loved it. For those of you who normally get that real "sinking" feeling in your stomachs when you think about seeing a disaster film...well, get your movie mind set out of the 70s and welcome to the 90s. Director James Cameron has been able to take a historical event, add a love story to it, and keep the entire thing "afloat." Cameron made the whole thing work! The acting and character development, the visuals, and the mixture of real with fiction. You will be astounded by the pictures of the actual Titanic (Cameron said that the only scenes of the actual Titanic that were not real are those with both mini-subs pictured...all others are the actual ship) and in awe of the recreated Titanic for filming the scenes prior to the sinking. With regard to the sinking of the Titanic film sequence, can you say... "IMAX...move over!" The movie is perfect. You can see this film numerous times and be amazed at what you missed the first time through. A bit of advice that might not make sense right now...stay through to the end...let the film have its final curtain call prior to you leaving your seat. Bottom line....Cameron hasn't just created a film that is entertainment, he has created a film that is a tribute, however final, to the passengers of the Titanic that April morning in 1912. This film should be "unsinkable" at the Academy Awards this year.

[--- See Now! ---]by   Jan 25, 2000
Titanic, the great ship we have all heard about. The ship that was supposed to be unsinkable but it sunk. Everytime I heard about the Titanic this is all I knew about it, also that many people died but thats it. I never tried to imagine how it really happened. This movie did the imagining to me and now I see Titanic as even more of a disaster. I mean, a ship with over 2000 people and not enough boats for everyone. People knew they were gonna die, specially the 3rd class people. Imagine just knowing that in 2 or less hours you are gonna die drowned by the cold water. Trust me, I've been drowning in warm water and it isn't funny, imagine cold water. Mothers not being able to save their kids and fathers having to let go of their families. People trying to go to sleep to see if the death would be less painfull. Having to wait and see if you could get a chance to go on one of the boats, and while doing that having to deal with all the people that were out of control. Then once the boat sank you had to wait in the cold water for one of the other boats to come back and then die waiting because of the cold water. I really dont know what was worst, dying drowned in the cold water in about 10 or less minutes or die frozen waiting for a boat to come in many more minutes. I do know that I wouldn't want any of them.

About the love story part. It's got to be fiction unlike everything else I described but, hey you never know what kind of similar love story happened, I mean, in what cruise ship doesn't happen some kind of love story? Well this is preatty much all I have to say. I don't look at this as a movie, more like a window into reality. It's like the theater is the time machine and you go to explore what really happened. About the acting all I have to say is that it was great. The director did a great job. And I never thought that the two companies that paid for the movie were Fox and Paramount. I thought it would have been something like fox and some other cheap company but nope. Again this is all I have to say, just go, enjoy the movie and try to not cry at the end. If you would like to contact me send email to

[--- See Now! ---]by   Jan 25, 2000
best movie ever!

[--- See Now! ---]by   Jan 25, 2000
This movie deserves four stars, it has many stories in it at the same time, and displays romance, action, and some adventure. It is certainly worth the money. As a matter of fact, I will probably spend the money to see it again.

[--- See Now! ---]by   Jan 25, 2000
Don't let the length of this movie scare you. It is so well done that there are no slow or boring spots throughout the entire movie. It's almost like two separate movies shown back to back. The love story that develops between Jack and Rose is the first half and the disaster part of the story is like the back end of the double feature.

The special effects are incredible. The story is even better. This movie deserves many awards and I'm sure it will get them!

[--- See Now! ---]by   Jan 25, 2000
You MUST SEE THIS MOVIE! NOW! I went to see it thinking, "I know how this is going to end" - but was I suprised! Great story, great acting, great effects! The movie was just the right length, I was glued to my seat. I've seen it twice. See it in a theater with full digital sound, it makes all the difference.

[--- See Now! ---]by   Jan 25, 2000
Bring lots of Kleenex -- it's a tear jerker. But, it's not just a 'sad' movie. The storyline is fantastic. It's 3 1/2 hours long, but the time flies by. A MUST-SEE!

[--- See Now! ---]by   Jan 25, 2000
Remember the hype surrounding "Waterworld" before it's release. Problems during shooting, actors falling out with the director, and it was the biggest film of all time. Well, the same happened with Titanic. The head-lines had already been written : Titanic Sinks Again! However, the comparisons stop here. Whereas Waterworld was disappointing, Titanic can be hailed as one of the best films ever made.

The fact that Cameron spent upwards of $200, is not the reason why Titanic is such a good film. Sure the special effects are of the highest quality, but these rank way down on the film's order of merits. First and foremost it is superbly handled by Jim Cameron. One thing which struck me was how well lit the film was. However, more importantly, Cameron never let the special effects get in the way of the story, some-thing which many Directors are often guilty of.

Along with the quality direction, came the impressive performances. Kate Winslet was great as the upper-crust socialite, who longed to escape from the trap which was her "upper -class World". Leo di Caprio was as equally impressive as Jack, whose spirit and ideals we could all identify with and aspire to share with him. Best of all though, was Billy Zane as Cal. One of the best screen baddies of all time. You know he played the role to perfection, because he did the job of making us hate him, with consumate ease. And let's not forget, the glorius Kathy Bates who offered much light relief.

Add to the above, a fine script and some wonderfully stirring music, and you have what can only be described as an epic. To sum it up, it is a simple story, expertly told. It ranks along-side "Gone With the Wind" as the best love story ever told. If you've not seen it, catch it whilst it's on the big screen. If you have seen it, like me, you'll probably want to go and see it again! Film of the year, if not the decade.

[--- See Now! ---]by   Jan 25, 2000
I'm sure most of you have seen Titanic and know the basic plot (the ship sinks, BTW) so I will just give you my first impression. Overall, the movie was excellent. I never befroe appreciated Leo DiCaprio the way I did in this movie. Kate Winslet will be a future star. The special effects were fantastic and this was the first romantic story I actually enjoyed. This was the best movie released since Forest Gump!

John Capser

(P.S. I cried)

[--- See Now! ---]by   Jan 25, 2000
James Cameron's “Titanic” portrayed the devastating Titanic disaster very, very well. It now holds the record as Hollywood’s most expensive movie ever made and has already earned hundreds of millions of dollars. Nearly $300 million was the cost of the film, but it has long been paid for with an abundance of profit. Everything in the movie appeared amazingly realistic, as if it was filmed directly from the past. In my entire life, I’ve never viewed anything like this movie. “Titanic” is truly amazing.

This movie was the most extraordinary film I have ever viewed. It was an absolute masterpiece and I highly doubt that any future movies I see will rate much higher than “Titanic” for me. Watching “Titanic” really was like looking through a window to the past. Something I really enjoyed about this movie was that it had a bit of everything; humor, romance, action, drama, sadness, special effects, an outstanding story line, and more. Its long time span definitely enriched it as well.

If you missed “Titanic” on the big screen, I really feel sorry for you. It is an experience that was truly worth participating in and will not be the same on a television, even if it has an exceptionally large screen and is equipped with surround sound. Also, note that “Titanic” will not be available on video cassette until December of 1998, so, if you missed it, you’ll be waiting a while.

The music of "Titanic" also played a major role in its quality. I own the sound track of "Titanic" and love it. Had it not been for such quality music, "Titanic" may not have been as enjoyable. Music is always one of the primary additions to a movie. Congratulations to James Horner on a job well done.

If you haven't see "Titanic," see it now! If you have, see it again! If you've seen it again, see it yet again! "Titanic" isn't just a great movie that almost everyone loves. It's an experience, an event, and a memorial to those who sacrificed their families, lives, and more. Is it possible for any movie in the future to actually outdo "Titanic"? My answer would be 'no.' If you have a comment or response to this review or any others written by me, e-mail me at

[--- See Now! ---]by   Jan 25, 2000
Titanic was the best movie that I have ever seen! It is incredible! I cried, I laughed, and I swooned. I advise anyone who hasn't seen it yet to definitely see it! In my opinion, as well as many others, it is the best movie since Gone With The Wind. A+++++

[--- See Now! ---]by   Jan 25, 2000
Best movie of the year! I will give one thing away: The ship sinks. Other than that you simply have to see it to imagine the impact of this movie. You'll laugh, cry, and might even wet your pants to avoid having to leave to go to the bathroom ( missing even a second of this is not recomended!) DiCaprio has elevated his resume to star status in his best role since "Gilberts Grape". Winslet is an up and comer who will do the least epected at the most opportune time. The attention to detail is amazing and the actual footage is a great touch. Special effects are unmatched in any movie today. If you see it once you won't be able to help but see it agian. Believe me it is even better the second and third time!

[--- See Now! ---]by   Jan 25, 2000
My comments about this movie are in only 3 simple words they are best movie ever I had saw it 2 times I would see it again if I could thank you for reading this.

[--- See Now! ---]by   Jan 25, 2000
This has to be the best movie of the year bar none. James Cameron really knew what he was doing when writing and directing this masterpiece. I now know where that $250,000,000 went to. This is James Cameron's best movie since T2.

[--- See Now! ---]by   Jan 25, 2000
This is the best movie of the year. I was reluctant to see it at first for fear of having to sit through a love story. Now, I want to go see it again. A wonderful piece of work.

[--- See Now! ---]by   Jan 25, 2000
At first, I wasn't planning on seeing this movie. Just another chick flick, right? But after I heard what everyone was saying, I went to see it, not expecting much. I was blown away! This is the best movie I have ever seen, and I usually don't go for love stories. The special efects and sounds are great,but it is the incredible story that makes this a great movie. Titanic is about people, not a ship. This is a must see movie. I have seen it twice and plan to go again. I have never cried at a movie before, but I was fighting back tears both times I saw it. Don't let the length keep you away. I wished it would never end, and this movie stays with you. Be warned, you will be depressed for a few days after seeing this movie. Go see it now, video won't do it justice.

[--- See Now! ---]by   Jan 25, 2000
This movie is a phenomenon. I predict that it could definitely increase sales of large screen TVs when it goes to video. For good reason too, I might add. It's a wonderful experience. I know there are some people who didn't like it. Remember, there's no accounting for taste. My recommendation would be to go with the majority opinion on this one.

One caution. If you believe the human body is the source of all deprivation and shame and that our sexuality was a mistake on God's part then you might have a problem with the minor nudity and implied sex. However, if you are filled with wonder at the beauty of love and the emotion involved in human relationships and you're a sucker like I am for a story of love that survives even in the face of tragedy then, by all means, get sucked in to this movie. Oh heck, even if you can't stand to look at another body, lighten up and just put your hands over your eyes during those few parts and enjoy.

I might add that I find it hard to believe that anything in this movie is going to send kids into a moral tailspin. If you don't send your kids out of the room when the 6:00 news starts reporting about what might be going on in the White House then I wouldn't be too concerned about the moral impact of the minor use of nudity and implied sex in this film.

[--- See Now! ---]by   Jan 25, 2000
This was the best movie that has ever been made during this century! You have to absolutly see it, all ages between 13-99 you will be just as touched and heart broken by the happening or if you want to call it tragedy... Beware all young teens like me who think that Caprio is Mr.lushous because you will probably end up like me totally obsessed about the masterpeice! The soundtrack is also something to cry about! even if you think that the story is quite unreal, just grabb your boyfriend or girlfriend and make them understand how good the movie is because. Boy or girl you will probably get at least tears in your eyes when it ends, but the saviour is that the movie has a happy ending!!! TITANIC- I give it the best and highest ranking! You will probably cry your eyes out so don´t forget the tissues! (warning this is a movie only for either love crazy or single lonely people -GIRLS EXPECIALLY BUT GUYS TOO!)don´t forget to listen to the soundtrack.

[--- See Now! ---]by   Jan 25, 2000
Titanic was a very good movie! I think Leonardo is so cute. My name is Michelle I am 19.

[--- See Now! ---]by   Jan 25, 2000
I really like the movie Titanic. I think Kate and Learnodo were really good together. I saw the movie 2 times. My ratting would be *****. I am 18.

[--- See Now! ---]by   Jan 25, 2000
I think Titanic kicked butt!!! I think jack is so cute. I think the 2 were excellent. The story was wonderful and well acted. There were some parts that were not suitable for the rating of the movie. I would give it a ****.

[--- See Now! ---]by   Jan 25, 2000
TITANIC was the best movie ever! It made me cry, laugh, and even think a little bit (I don't do that often). Leonardo DiCaprio was just the best in it! I feel he should have been nominated for an Oscar. Kate Winslet was also terrific! She should win the Oscar she was nominated for. And I'm sure that Titanic will win every award it was nominated for-it was the best! You absolutly have to see it- if you don't, you'll miss out on a lot. My friend actually saw it 5 times, because she thought it was so good. And of course, James Cameron (is that how you spell his last name?) deserves all the credit they're giving him- it was the best movie I've ever seen. But of course, everybody in it should get credit for it. Even the people who just walked past the camera once were the best. One of the stupidest things you could ever do is not see Titanic- it ruled!

[--- See Now! ---]by   Jan 25, 2000
I have seen this movie 5 times and will keep seeing it until I'm sick of it. I LOVE this movie! I have never in my life been more interested in the Titanic and this movie told me of a love story, which I know isn't true, but it really added to the movie. I WILL buy this movie when it comes out on tape, which probably won't be until the year 2000 because it's been sold out every nite since it came to my city and probably a lot of other places. All I have to say about this movie is SEE IT! It is worth it! And the soundtrack is as great as the movie. I just bought it today and am listening to it right now. I'm not going to tell you anything about the movie except go see it! I think anyone who says that this movie isn't worth it is crazy. It's all that and then some. I see it at least once a weekend. This is a movie that you HAVE to see more than once. The first time I saw it, I was in awe. I had to see it a second time. Director James Cameron is an awesome director, Leonardo DiCaprio is beyond hot. I never thought he was fine until I saw this movie. He's a great actor. Kate Winslet is a great actress too. She really brings Rose to life and does her best to be Rose. And Leonardo does his best to be Jack. My last words on this review are GO SEE TITANIC!

[--- Wait for Rental ---]by   Jan 25, 2000
Unlike the million people that loved Titanic I didn't like it that much. I don't see why people have such an obsession over the movie. It was pretty good, but it didn't strike me as great. I didn't fall head over feet for it. It wasn't a waste of 3 hours, but the time all the Americans spent watching it, 5 times, is just plain stupied. Americans spent way too much money on it. I give it a **.

[--- See Now! ---]by   Jan 25, 2000
As everyone else says, Titantic is the best movie i have ever seen. It kept me captiviated for the entire three hours and 14 minutes, sent me home with swollen eyes and left me thinking about the movie. I even went back to see it again less than a week later. The "Titanic" has taken every thematic aspect a movie can have and intertwined them all together to make the most fantastic story you will ever see. First and foremost, it is a love story--the romance between Jack and Rose (Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet) is sweet, touching, intense and heartbreaking. It is a historical movie, portraying the events of the sinking of the Titanic in 1914. It has social aspects, drama, mystery, and of course, sorrow. The acting in this movie is superb. Leonardo DiCaprio blows you away with his portrayal of Jack, the heroic third class patron. The character of Jack is strong, honest, and extemely likeable. The light humor in this movie, usually one liner's from Jack, keeps eveyone in the audience chuckling. Kate Winslet does an excellent job portraying Rose, the high-society girl who is really disturbed by the injustices she see's around her. Inevitably, Jack and Rose fall in love. The movie takes time to build up this love, from their first meeting as Jack convinces her not to jump off the boat, to the funny scene where he teaches her how to "spit like a man" to the wildly entertaining party scene to the infamous drawing scene. These two characters make you fall in love with their love. The second half of the movie, after Jack and Rose's love has been established, deals with the sinking of the ship. It is inevitable, yet the special effects make it so real you can actually feel the people's terror. The second half of the movie leaves you captivated until the very end, the climax...which i can't give away. This movie is definitly worth seeing. Any movie that can turn a full theatre into a blubbering sea of sadness, that can keep people coming back for more, that can manage to touch people in the way it has me is definitly worth seeing!

[--- Stay Away! ---]by   Jan 25, 2000
I knew this would catch you're eyes because nobody much has disliked the film Titanic. Thats because the couple goofy ones who disliked it were only trying to hate it when they saw it. These rebels deny a great movie of the merit it should have deserved. You do yourself a terrible injustice if you miss this while it is in the theatres. The great filmmaking and special effects won't be the same if you wait for the video. Yes I agree in alot of ways the film has a weak love story but then again how can such a short lived love affair be much more than weak. The cast fit the movie very well and I was amazed at the actors/actresses who felt obliged to do a small cameo appearance. John Lithgow for one was not even advertised to appear. I want to keep this short so you'll read it. So in conclusion Titanic is a great film you should see now while its in the theatres(especially in dolby digital if you can get it), and don't ruin your visit by trying to hate it.

[--- Stay Away! ---]by   Jan 25, 2000
Titanic was just so dumb. The special affects were so bad. Jack is so ugly. He knows nothing. The movie was so bad I said right in the middle of it "It sucks"

[--- See Now! ---]by   Jan 25, 2000
This movie is very good, all though it is long it only seems like an half an hour. It is funny too, it's not all romance. The movie is an original. And is very educational. I've seen it 3 times and I still want too see it again. Both of the actors{Kate Winset and Leonardo Decaprio}are very talented, if you didn'tnow it was a movie you would think it was really happening. I would give this movie a 10. Go to the movie theater now!

[--- Wait for Rental ---]by   Jan 25, 2000
I thought the movie was long and some what dragged out. Take away the first hour and the last half an hour and the movie is worth seeing. I would suggest waiting until you can rent the movie.

[--- See Now! ---]by   Jan 25, 2000
I think Titanic is the best movie I've ever seen! It's so incredible, all the effects and actors! WOW! I've already seen the movie 3 times, and 4th is comin soon. Leonardo is the best, but also the other crew is wonderful! Cameron made such a good movie! The Titanic soundtrack is also worth listening to! I'm 15 years old girl from Finland. And all the things..... YOU MUST SEE IT by yourself....if you haven't yet. Anything on Earth couldn't be better than Titanic (1997)! Watch and Enjoy!

[--- Good ---]by   Jan 25, 2000
This definitely should be seen in the theater. The special effects were well done and the detail to the period was excellent. And even though it was a movie about a historical tragedy, it also had humorous moments.

[--- Stay Away! ---]by   Jan 25, 2000
i was not entertained by this movie. i left the moviehouse depressed. seeing how those people died is not fascinating at all. NO TO TITANIC!

[--- See Now! ---]by   Jan 25, 2000
Of all the movies that i have seen in my lifetime, there was not one that captured my heart as much as this movie did. When i first heard this movie was 3 hours long, I really was hesitant to go see it for fear of being bored out of my mind. On the contrary, I was wide awake throughout the entire movie and was amazed at how fast the 3 hours went by. I not only felt the impact of the ship's sinking, but the love that was truely felt between Jack and Rose. We look all our lives to find that kind of love, and very few of us do. This proved to me that love like that is possible and not only a dream. I felt many emotions during this movie. From sorrow to laughter, from anger to joy. I am sure that when you see this movie, if you haven't already, that you will feel the same compelling feeling that i did all 3 times i have seen it so far. Take the time to see it. It is well worth the 3 hours. For all you ladies out there, make sure you bring your tissues along. You will definitly need them.

[--- Good ---]by   Jan 25, 2000
No going to go into a lot of detail regarding Titanic. If you made it this far in the reviews, you'll know most of the reasons why the movie is good and why it's not good.

Point #1. Titanic is NOT a documentary. Important, important, distinction. People expecting a documentary will be sorrily (see above reviews) disappointed.

Point #2. Storyline was not as bad as people seem to think. Love story was well developed. The use of the Titanic as the background was excellent. Special effects were excellent. I cried. No small feat.

Point #3. Billy Zane again plays an excellent bad guy. Billy Zane again gets no credit for doing so. Someday I'll understand why.

You're going to want to see it on the big screen. (Watching a ship that big sink - oops, sorry, ruined the ending - on a 19" screen is just not going to work.) And your reaction to Celine Dion's love song My Heart Will Go On will never be the same again.

Copyright, 1998, Paul Sheehan. Feel free to reprint without permission.

[--- See Now! ---]by   Jan 25, 2000
This was the BEST movie ever ... Leo is so hot and Kate is a really good actress

[--- See Now! ---]by   Jan 25, 2000
I LOVE LEO! He's the best actor

[--- See Now! ---]by   Jan 25, 2000
I have seen this movie six times now and I loved it and cried to it every single time. I have had an obsession with the Titanic since I was in the third grade and it has been my dream to go down and see it first hand. I have seen every movie and documentary on the titanic, but nothing touched my heart as much as this movie. This is the first movie made on this that has followed every fact about how it sank down to the last detail. It is also the first one that has made me feel as if I were on the ship myself witnessing the deaths and even for a brief moment making me think that the water was rushing up towards me. The love story made it even better, it made people realize the loss that people felt when it sank. I think that Leonardo and Kate did brilliantly in portraying what it must have been like to be on the Titanic as it was sinking as did the other people in the cast. I think James Cameron did an outstanding job on this film and deserves every award imaginable for the work that he did on this film. I think that those who bash this film and everything about it are being disrespectful to those who died on that night. I loved this movie and I would recommend it to anyone who has the opportunity to see it. I am definately going to buy it when it comes out on video.Anyone who would like to comment on my review or who would like to talk about the movie somemore is welcome to write me at Thanx for reading this. Nicki Reed- Laramie, wyoming.

[--- Good ---]by   Jan 25, 2000
I have only one criticism: THE END WAS TOO FAR FROM THE BEGINNING!!

[--- See Now! ---]by   Jan 25, 2000

See Now!!

The movie Titanic was excellent!! Anyone who hasn't seen it, over the age of 13, better have a good reason for not going. This is no "chick flick". We're talkin' SERIOUS action here. You might be thinkin' " But it's 3 whole hours long!" How long did you EXPECT a boat to sink? (You can't even tell that you've been sittin' in the theatre for 3 hours & 15 minutes.) See it soon. It's much better when you watch it on the big screen.

Martha Harms

[--- See Now! ---]by   Jan 25, 2000
When I first saw titanic I thought it was very awesome! This movie has romance, action, and I bet you will cry I now I did myself and I'm only 12 and I'm a male this would be a good date movie because the women will cry at the end! I warn you though get your tickets at least three hours in advance because they will sell very fast! I would also say if your kids are at least 7 or 8 let them see it there is only one part in the movie that may be to strong for children at least under 8!

[--- See Now! ---]by   Jan 25, 2000
Time never passed so quickly as the three plus hours that "Titanic" runs. The love plot is somewhat gushy and difficult to believe, but stranger starts to love affairs exist, I'm sure. Though I'm far from a Leo DeCaprio fan, his character is such that many young actors could have enjoyed the glory that he's receiving for playing the part. Billy Zane IS a favorite of mine, since he can play a hero AND a villian equally well. Kate doesn't do anything in the film that other young actresses couldn't do; she is adequate.The strength of the film lies mainly in the awesome special effects. Definately they are best enjoyed in the biggest theater one can find. The sights and sounds are incredible. They will come off with much less effect in any home theater. The difficulties of the captain and crew during the evacuation of the ship are intriquing and probably accurate, if not UNDERplayed. It deserves all the awards it apparently is going to win.

Seeing the film inspired me to surf the web for sites pertaining to Titanic history. Wow! There's a bunch of them out there. Even one which allows you to send a "Marconigram" from the Titanic to a friend of yours. Check it out. Until next time, see you at the movies.

[--- Stay Away! ---]by   Jan 25, 2000
No creativity. No creativity here whatsoever. I sat through this movie, all three and one-half hours of it, waiting for a surprise or a little something "off-kilter." Never happened. All we get is a couple of idiot kids running around on a sinking boat.

If only Billy Zane would have started shooting his pistol at Jack a little sooner -- and with a little more accuracy. Zane is cool. He kicked butt in "The Phantom." Jack is such a geek. If Rose had any brains at all, she would tossed Jack over the railing when she had the chance.

But come on. They could have made the thing a little more interesting than having a little wimpy iceburg sink that big boat. Couldn't it have been space aliens or something? I mean, if you're going to spend $200 million on a movie, there should at least be space aliens in it, or -- at the very least, an abyss monster, coming up from the deep, taking a massive bite out of the thing and eating crew members! But an iceburg? Boooooooring!

James Cameron flat out did a lousy job. David Lynch or Tim Burton should have directed this movie. That would have been cool. Dennis Hopper would have made a much better captain.

[--- Good ---]by   Jan 25, 2000
I rated "Titanic" good, although I don't know if it is a must be seen in the theater movie. I was highly disappointed in the sound of the film. I have Dolby Surround at home and find this to be as good or better than most theaters I go to. I like to feel the soundtrack! Nowhere in the movie did this occur. Perhaps it was the theater - I saw the movie at the Hillside theater in Delafield (fairly new theater although small). Only about 10 people in the theater (Sun 2/22 late showing). The theater advertised the theater as DTS although it wasn't in their DTS theater and had a Dolby Digital trailer. Lots of distortion on the nauseating background continual hummed theme. I wonder if they didn't have a defective speaker. I also felt that the movie did a poor job utilizing surround sound. The sinking scenes were overdone with scattered yells for help coming from the side wall. Until we get 360 degree theaters, surround sound is best used for ambiance and motion.

First of all, the movie was long and felt long. I can't imagine anything over 3 hours not feeling long. I thought the first 30 minutes or so of the love story was particularly boring. Anyone with a back problem could easily quantify this.

Special effects today are so good that I didn't see this movie as outstanding in that category. The ship always seemed to look superimposed over the water to me. Something about the waves coming off the ship didn't look right. I'm afraid the expenditure of the movie is responsible for most of its acclaim and notice. I never understood why movies are ranked according to the money spent on them. How about the number of tickets sold? This would be a lot more fair considering the escalating cost of tickets. Why is a newer movie that "makes" twice as much as an older movie that offered tickets at half the price any more impressive??

I think the most striking aspect of the film was the presentation of the ship so realistically. In comparison with today's cruise ships, it was plain ugly! Presenting the film in full color made it hard to feel the like it was taking place in the early 1900's. I think some use of black and white would have workedwell here.

James Cameron used the proven formula that Honda is so good at. Give everyone a little of what they want. Do a good job of everything and excel at nothing. The love story was totally unrelated (and fictional) to the sinking of the Titanic. It was also completely unbelievable!! Typical movie love story I guess, but getting pretty old - I've seen too many times already. The documentation of the Titanic was glanced over for the love story. Anyone interested in either story got short changed. I think this should have been made into two separate movies that were under 2 hours each! That way, moviegoers could have elected to see the plot they wanted to see.

How anyone could go to see this movie a second time, I can't comprehend. You pretty much know the plotline and how it's going to end the first time (yes, the ship sinks!), but the few surprises won't work a second time.

James, stick to purely action movies that you proved you are so good at! Don't let the almighty dollar dilute your work.

Is this the best movie of the year - No. Will this movie be remembered in 10 years - only in its monetary records.

[--- See Now! ---]by   Jan 25, 2000
I just recently took a trip to Canada to visit a few friends, and we dicided to see the movie "Titanic". 1 out of the 4 of us had already seen it. And I must be honest, going into the theatre... I thought "I don't think I'm gonna like this sappy love story, and the ship does sink, yada yada yad..." But I sat back for the three and a half hour "ride" and loved the entire journey. The acting was superb..I have always thought Leonardo Dicaprio has ben a sensational actor...his portrayal of Jack was so convincing...and Kate Winsten who played Rose, was truly a gem...can we say "stardom"? This movie is a must see!! It will move you, and rock your world...just the history alone will bring a tear to your eye. The special affects were great as well. James Cameron(who I believe is Canadian) has done a remarkable job on this film, recreating the events that took place on such an immaculate ship. Believe me, I'm not one for sappy, gushy, "slobber all over your face" love stories...(which this is not) but this story of love, is truly beautiful...even my friend Greg liked it, and would like to see it again...and he is a guy, so that should tell you something...JUST GO SEE IT ALREADY!

[--- See Now! ---]by   Jan 25, 2000
A true cinematic tour-de-force.

Cameron's efforts on this film must be rewarded with an Oscar. He is overbearing and a perfectionist but what results! A film of this length is usually doomed, as the Titanic herself was, to sink. Such were the predictions for Titanic. Now the same critics are lauding the picture.

Titanic works on many levels. A disaster movie, of course. A scathing indictment of the class system of the day and of humanities greed, avarice and disdain for the awesome forces of nature. Many of these still exist in some form even today. But where Titanic *really* works is as a love story. Any one who sees the picture and is not touched by that aspect of the film must be dead. Running the gamat of emotions from light-hearted to gut wrenching, this picture is truly a work of art.

Jack and Rose are, of course, ill-fated lovers. Each rescue the other from their fates in life. Rose is resuced from a narrow-minded and superficial life and given the will and the reason to go on. I know it is *just* a movie but Cameron must be congratulated on the devotion he gave Rose for Jack through 84 long years without him except in spirit. Jack is rescued from a life which would have been filled with great hardships. Jack had the internal fortitude to go on with his life no matter what. But given the class structure of the time, his life would have been, at best, diffucult. He was far too much of a free spirit to be long tolerated. Rose resuced him from this by giving him her love, however physically brief, for a lifetime. Their final scene together is truly the most emotional, sad but uplifting moment I have ever seen in a movie. I cry with great diffuculty but I am not ashamed to admit that I had tears in my eyes.

I think the over whelming emotions I experienced during the movie were sadness and frustration. I knew the Titanic was going to sink from the outset. But the scenes below desks in the steerage classes of unbelievable courage and sacrifice were at once sad but also displaying the best of the human spirit. I felt frustrated because Cameron had transported me back in time and space to a place where I could watch the death of the great ship and some 1500 souls but could do nothing to help them. I wanted desperatly to tell Captain Smith about the danger, *make* him understand but I couldn't. I wanted to unlock the gates from steerage but I couldn't. I wanted to save all the children but I couldn't. I wanted to do so many things to change history, to change the outcome of that fateful trip but I couldn't. I also experienced anger, disgust and admiration.

One of the criticisms that I have heard of the movie is it's exceedingly brief nudity. I also, initially, thought it unnecessary and gratuitous but I soon realized that it was, at once, inconsequential and critical. Given the overall context and length is has no impact on the movie. But had the individual other than Rose been Cal, rather than Jack, the outcome of the scene would have been far different. It showed that Jack was a true gentleman unlike most of the "gentlemen" in first class.

The acting by all concerned was brilliant. Kate Winslet was astonishing. Her transformation from shallow rich girl to a true woman was unforgetable. The pain she brought to her role as Rose Dewitt Bukader was *very* real. The humanity she protrayed as Rose Dawson was touching. Leonardo DiCaprio *was* Jack. His ability to be at home with any one, hold his own against the rich, see Rose's incredible pain and help relieve it and, finally, make the ultimate sacrifice for a love he would never again have was heart touching. David Warner's role was, distrubingly, believable. Billy Zane's Cal was the archtypal snobbish and self-centered rich boy.

This is a movie that does not, somehow, seem to span 3 and 1/4 hours. It grabs you from the very first and never lets go until the final gut-wrenching scene. I have seen many movies in my life and this has to be the Best Movie of *All* Time.

See Titanic now. Right now. And then again and again. We can all learn from the dedication and sacrifice that this movie so brilliantly protrays.

Bruce Bachtell

[--- Good ---]by   Jan 25, 2000
I seriously thought about giving this one a "wait for the rental" rating, but decided that the special effects are just too good to watch on video. You can't argue with the fact that James Cameron is masterful as far as all that goes. But watch him try to weave an interesting story with characters we care about and work with actors other than Schwarzenneger, and suddenly you'll have the sinking feeling that you just wasted eight bucks. "Titanic" isn't so bad in itself, I guess. The hype just wasn't worth it. It's an okay, entertaining film, but I must admit, I was disappointed. Fortunately, the mediocre script and aimless direction were kept from sinking themselves by the pure charisma of the film's two stars, Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet, both of whom give extremely powerful performances and do what would normally seem impossible: make this ludicrous dialogue sound natural. Overall, see it for the effects because you'll feel like you've missed something if you don't. Otherwise, don't waste your money. Go see the incredible "Boogie Nights" instead, which, to me, deserved at least nine of "Titanic's" fourteen Oscar nominations.

[--- See Now! ---]by   Jan 25, 2000
This movie is my favorite movie of all time! It's really sad! It's so good I've seen it twice!

[--- See Now! ---]by   Jan 25, 2000
I thought the movie was good probably the best movie I'v seen in a long time. I saw it with my mom and dad and they said that when or if the movie comes out on tape we are going to buy it. I liked the movie but I think the soundtrack is pretty bad! sorry but it is!

[--- See Now! ---]by   Jan 25, 2000
The movie Titanic was awsome! I have seen it twice and i cant forget it. Some of my friends say it is a chic-flic but although it has romantic scenes, it fits for both genders of the audience. The time factor of the movie Titanic (3 hours and 15 minutes) doesn't matter because you will feel as if you were there for only an hour. If you like action packed, fun, romantic, exciting, and/or tear-pulling movies, you will love Titanic!

[--- See Now! ---]by   Jan 25, 2000
It's GREAT!!!

[--- See Now! ---]by   Jan 25, 2000
This movie was so extremely excellent! I reccommend this movie to anyone. Leo is so hot!

[--- See Now! ---]by   Jan 25, 2000
This movie is a tear jerker and a action movie. Go see it for the heck of it. It really is a nice well laid out movie. The ending is very sad. But other than that the music is good. Overall: **** out of **** 4 stars

[--- See Now! ---]by   Jan 25, 2000
The movie "Titanic" is the best movie ever to be made. It was a thrilling, breath taking, love-drama movie I've seen it twice and am waiting to see it again I have been begging my family to take me to see it again, but they are to busy. I hope to see it soon. Please make every one aware as to how exiting it is and that Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet were duh-bomb in Titanic and EVERY movie they are in.

[--- Good ---]by   Jan 25, 2000
After seeing Kate Winslet in SENSE & SENSIBILITIES and HEAVENLY BODIES, I felt her being cast as Rose, Leonardo's love interest, to be less than ideal. This stood out in my mind because everyone else - from her mother with those icy blue eyes and protruding cheekbones to Billy Zane's money-can-buy-anything "villain" - fit. Everyone. It was well-acted ensemble and definitely an in-the-theatre movie. It is important, however, as many have said, to remember that the FACT that Titanic was sunk by meeting up with an iceberg does not make the love story true. Many will take the whole of it as true. It is expected to sweep the Oscars but I suspect that the competitors will give it a run for its money. Oscar should "add" a category - Ensemble Acting - because instead of singling out Kate Winslet or Gloria Stuart, it was truly the work of the whole INCLUDING the special effects. Go see it while it's on the big screen and if you have a back problem, take along an inconspicuous pillow ...

[--- See Now! ---]by   Jan 25, 2000
Hi! The movie Titantic moved me and made me feel like I was really there. People hear about the tragedy and don't think that much of it. I think Titantic made you feel as if you were aboard that ship and really realize the trgedy that occured. The movie was excellent. I thought Leonardo Dicaprio and Kate Winslet did a wonderful job and made the viewers see what it was like to lose a loved one. I was glued to the screen and the 3 hours and 14 minutes went by very fast. I went to see this movie two times, and both times had the same reaction. James Cameron did a wonderful job directing Titantic and I think this movie should win Best Picture at the Acadamy Awards. If you haven't seen this movie I advise you to GO SEE IT. The movie appeals to both girls and boys with the love story and action of the ship sinking. I would definitely go see this movie again and buy it when it comes out on video. The love between Jack and Rose really captures your heart and brings tears to your eyes. Not to mention that Leo is hot!! The movie was magnificent and if you didn't like the movie I don't see why not!!

[--- Wait for Rental ---]by   Jan 25, 2000
Having now read about a hundred reviews on this site alone saying, "I've never seen a movie this good!", I can see only two possibilities:

1) You've never seen a good movie.2) You have, but you lacked the critical consciousness to recognize it.

Put simply, Titanic is richly decorated but paper-thin. Trite, overwrought, and predictable from (almost) the first minute to the last. Especially the last. I was prepared to give it ** 1/2 out of ****, but the ending knocked it down to a solid *.) Seriously, if you people are interested in a tragedy of human arrogance and cowardice, go rent Fargo!

[Special note: some of you downgraded your opinion of the movie because of a little nudity and sex; others of you said that a little nudity and sex didn't take that much away from the film. Both groups are starting from the premise that nudity and sex are bad.

[--- See Now! ---]by   Jan 25, 2000
I knew this movie would be good -- Cameron's T2 is one of the five best films of the 1990s, and he loves to drown his actors (see Abyss). But it was much better than good. The special effects were sublime and awe-inspiring. The stuntmen deserve 500 Oscars (and a good HMO plan). The acting was good enough, particularly Billy Zane and the British officers. Lovejoy was a nice, sadistic touch (Cameron realizes that when you're rich, you don't have to do your dirty work, you can hire a henchman). Winslet is lovely and has a lot of heart. The Irish kid gets some choice lines. The sets and costumes are phenomenally plush and reflective of their time period. But the best part of the movie was Gloria Stuart and her wraparound story. She struck just the right notes. Her line, "A woman's heart is a deep ocean of secrets," turns on the waterworks for me every time. Her "toss" took me completely by surprise. Final scene was beautiful. A shoo-in for supporting actress. Quibbles: much too heavy on the class angle. DiCaprio should stick to contemporary settings (Iron Mask, etc.) or hire a voice coach. Paxon is underused. Dialogue is corny at times, but usually works. And too many modern tricks are used ("shut ups," middle finger, lots of swearing, etc.) In short: this ain't the best movie of the 1990s (Braveheart, Pulp and T2 are better). But it's the most "Hollywood" movie of the 1990s. And that ain't too shabby. Grade: solid A.

[--- Stay Away! ---]by   Jan 25, 2000
With comments like, "You're going to get married and make lots of babies," how can anybody possibly take this movie seriously? This is the worst, most cliched, most boring, most flagrant waste of money I have ever seen in my life. It's popularity with the American public, and its nomination for Best Picture, makes me shudder at the vapidity of the nation I live in.

No, it did not seem like 3 hours. It seemed like 10 hours!! It dragged on and on. Endless escape scenes and twists and turns which did nothing to further the plot, but simply wasted time.

It resorts to bodily humor to make the audience laugh - teaching a woman to spit is supposed to be funny?

We all know where the damn "couer de la mer" is, for crying out loud. If you didn't figure that out 5 minutes into the movie, then you're a dolt who deserves to be cheated out of the $7 you spent to see this crappy film.

Shame on you America! Woe is me! I have no faith in the intelligence of any Yankeee thus more. I shall flee to a country of greater wisdom, where movies like "Titanic" and books like "The Celestine Prophecy" are shunned and seen for the pathetic attempts at artistry they are.

[--- See Now! ---]by   Jan 25, 2000
The movie Titanic is a movie that you must see. Titanic completely described what happended on the night the Titanic sunk and killed over 3/4's of the people on board the "unsinkable" ship. There is lots of dramatic scenes in the movie and also many times where you are at the top of your seat waiting to see what would happen next. Jack & Rose play the most perfect part for the two lovers. They seem to piece the tragedy all togther in 3 hours time. I'm sure there are many people that have heard about the Titanic and how long it is. Well to tell you the truth the Titanic is 3 hours long, but it doesn't seem like it at all. It keeps you on the edge of your seat the whole time the movie is playing. If you haven't seen the Titanic yet, I strongly encourage you to see it right away! You won't ever regret that you did. The Titanic is a must-see movie. The effects of the movie are really enhanced. With Dolby Surround Sound, the sound effects are totaly awesome. If you haven't seen it see it now!

[--- See Now! ---]by   Jan 25, 2000
I recommend that you go see this film, it is the BEST movie that I've seen in years. Titanic will make you laugh and cry. I'm going to see it again. Please tell your friends to go :)

[--- Good ---]by   Jan 25, 2000
I finally watched "Titanic" and realized why Americans enjoyed it so much: its sensual and individualistic, a very expensive Disney movie. That was disappointing. The characters were two dimensional (especially Billy Zane's character). The romance was far from timeless and believeable or true. The couple goes from complete strangers to sexual intimacy in a day (1 and halfhours in movie time). For all I know, Jack was just out to bring another girl to bed. The nudity and sexuality did not fit except to cater to our '90s individualist ideas and shallowness. If this were a musical, Kate Winslet probably would be singing another version of the Disney stand-by songs. The richpeople AND poor people are stereotyped. Moral of the first half of Titanic: PARTY ON! OK, now I've said why the first half of the movie was bad. The second half is a bit different. I was amazed at the special effects. They were not overly flaunted in my mind. I was really intrigued by everything about the ship Titanic as it was portrayed in the movie. The magnificent furnaces toiled over by workers and the luxuriously beautiful scenery inside the ship. The sinking helped to touch on various real characters and (besides the main characters of Jack, Rose, and Cal) realistically portrayed the characters. The entire second half starting at the iceberg was very well done and made me want to learn a little more about the Titanic. I don't mind having a romance as the vehicle in telling the disaster but make it a REAL romance, and one that does justice to the reality. I give the movie a reluctant *** out of ****. It must be seen in the theater, but not more than once...

[--- See Now! ---]by   Jan 25, 2000
This is the movie to see. Period. It has all the elements of a 'classic'. Intense romance, action, authenticity, outstanding effects and soundtrack.

By now, everyone knows the story and characters. We also know that the ship does sink (imagine that). Even so, it is a gripping spectacle from the opening scene to the rolling of the credits.

Why? It's the way the movie brings out the emotions in us all. We can feel what's going on, as if we're part of the movie. There are charcters to love, others to hate. Put simply: ADVENTURE, DANGER and ROMANCE.

For me, the film really hit home. I've lost people I've loved. I also know exactly what 28 degree seawater feels like. For three odd hours, I became a person within the film. It was beyond intense. Far beyond...

Bottom line. See this film. NOW! In the theater, where it is meant to be seen. Take a special person and lots of tissue.

John Rigby II, USN (ret.)

[--- See Now! ---]by   Jan 25, 2000
This movie was so overwelling that everyone walked out of the theater crying! I didn't hear one bad word about the movie coming from any of the people that saw the movie. I myself have seen the movie twice and am going for the third time soon!

[--- Good ---]by   Jan 25, 2000
Can't wait for the sequel man!

[--- Good ---]by   Jan 25, 2000
Hype. That's all I can say. It's what killed Waterworld, and it's what should've killed this. James Cameron has been lowered on my list of favorite directors. After directing/writing such movies as Terminator 1 & 2, Aliens, The Abyss, True Lies, and Strange Days, he goes and makes an over long 'chic-flick' set in the past based off a true story. How did he stray so far. The worst part is that it was more than a success. Now, he'll likely want to make more like this. If only this movie had failed, Then he might salvage a little dignity and return to the SciFi/Action genre where - I thought - he was best suited.

Now, you might be wondering why, after all that, I gave Titanic a 'GOOD' rating. Well, To be honest, it is a good movie. I'm partial to any movie with computer generated effects, and this one had a lot of that. More than I was expecting. The music was suitably sad (in a good way). The other thing was strong performances from the two leads, not strong enough for Oscars though.

In the end, the good weighed even with the bad. I can't say fairer than that.

[--- See Now! ---]by   Jan 25, 2000
OK, everyone knows the story (because of all the re-mixes on the radio of Celine Dion's song). This movie is great. It's the epic of our generation. So what are you waiting for? If you haven't seen it you must be watching "US Marshals" instead (because that movie rocks too). What can I say, James Cameron is THE BEST!

[--- See Now! ---]by   Jan 25, 2000
For the past 30 years if someone had asked me what my all-time favorite movie was, I would say "Gone With the Wind". This movie, "Titanic" has now taken it's place. The movie is thought-provoking, attention-getting, and easily the most captivating movie I have ever seen.

[--- See Now! ---]by   Jan 25, 2000
Well What can I say if you haven't seen Titanic yet You haven't seen a movie . It was the best Movie I have ever seen. To start off with Leo is in it. And then just the movie. Ladies if you are into Romance you have better bring a whole box of klenex. I have seen the movie 4 times. And at every one I have cried. I would see this movie until it went on tape if my mom would let me. The suspence of it grabed me right away. I practicly know all the words by heart. If you think that the 3 hours are to long to sit through you've got another thing coming. You feel like you're at a regular movie. If you have little babies and children up to 3 I would not suggest you bring them there. It gets long for them. Well I can't say much because I don't want to ruin the surprise, But I will say this: My favorite part of the movie is when they realize they both love each other and they kiss for the first time in the most romantic sunset there could ever be(a tip the SUNSET is real). And like I said don't forget your klenex.


[--- See Now! ---]by   Jan 25, 2000
Titanic is the best movie I've ever seen! The special affects were great, the actors were great! (Why didn't Leonardo get nominated?) the costumes were great. The whole movie was great!

[--- Good ---]by   Jan 25, 2000
Like any other teenage girl, I went with my friend ONLY because Leonardo was in it. Well, it wasn't what I expected at all. It had an awesome plot. It must have been pretty hard to mix a love story with the tragic story. All I know is that about a month and a half after I saw it for the first time, My best friend and I went again on a double date, and I still enjoyed it. Now how many movies can you say that for?

[--- See Now! ---]by   Jan 25, 2000
Yeah, it's good, so go see it. Don't hate it just because everyone else loves it. Just go see it and enjoy yourself. You deserve it. You work hard. The only problem with the movie is that at the 2 3/4 hour point, when the water's swishing all over the ship, running down the stairs, coming through the windows, then, then is when your "medium" (48 oz.) lemonade starts doing a serious tap dance on your bladder. Maybe you should go to the bathroom after the nudity, but before the ship hits the iceberg. Also, spend the bucks and see it at the movies. You'll be glad you did.

[--- Good ---]by   Jan 25, 2000
What else can be said that hasn't already been? As a photographer I'm wowed by the unbelievable and seemless effects.

I'll just log my disgust that the director chose to include a sex scene in an otherwise excellent movie. The semi-nudity doesn't bother me as it's nicely written and forms a very ROMANTIC part of the plot. In fact the old lady mentions that he was a perfect gentleman about it... and then they went and blew it by having sex anyway! My anger focuses on the way-too casual nature of the sex and how they basically thumbed their noses at society, morals and decency. Now parents... what is that teaching your kids?

Of course we're talking about a movie in which 1500 people die. And I'd rather my kids saw sex than death. But we know what we're in for when we pay or $$$ to see Titanic. Sex was not needed nor a necessary part to include.

If I'm going to see a "Basic Instinct" movie, I have no problem with the inclusion of sex. But why, oh why, must we have the required sex and or nudity in movies where it's not called for? if it's just to keep our interest, then put me down for the "good old days" of fireworks or trains going in tunnels in place of it!

Fuzzy Duenkel

[--- See Now! ---]by   Jan 25, 2000
The best movie I have EVER seen! I just got back from seeing it for the 3rd time, and I have loved it each time I've seen it. It is the tale of the tragic voyage of the luxury ship Titanic with a touching love story in the middle. The love of Jack Dawson (Leonardo DiCaprio) and Rose (Kate Winslet) is the kind of love everyone dreams of. They wouldn't let anything keep them apart, and stayed together to the very end. Whoever didn't like this movie must be crazy. I also fell in love with the soundtrack, which takes you on the Titanic with the passengers. James Cameron did a great job, as well as James Horner.

[--- Good ---]by   Jan 25, 2000
Titanic (1997). Dir: James Cameron. Starring Kate Winslet, Leonardo de Caprio, Gloria Stuart. (**1/2 out of ****)

Once I had heard all the fuss about this film, I had to see it for myself. I went, saw, and came out feeling good and bad. The good stuff: excellent special effects, costumes, set design, and sound effects. The bad stuff: the screenplay. If I wanted to see a soap opera, I could have tuned intoDays of Our Lives or The Young and the Restless (hey, there's Victor!!!!!) The affair between Winslet and de Caprio is so cornball, if it weren't for the good stuff, I would have stuffed this film in the vomit bag.

[--- See Now! ---]by   Jan 25, 2000

This is the best movie I have seen in '97. If you go and see this with someone you love it is truly moving (if you don't you will still enjoy it). This movie makes you see thing that you never beleived of. The hole movie was enjoyable. The special effects were the best. Even better if you love that hot Leo, you will love it even more. You should see it while you can and it's still in the theaters, BUT BRING KLEENEX. hope you decide to see it.

[--- Good ---]by   Jan 25, 2000
A good movie, an entertaining one with much to recommend it, but those who said it was 'the best movie I ever saw' probably haven't seen many movies. At least not many truly great ones. The storys' been done to death, everybody walks in knowing how it's going to come out. Scenery, set design, costumes top notch. Effects spectacular -- but unfortunately "effects" have been done to death too, See it now on the big screen -- if you love it, rent it & see it again at home.

Thought DiCaprio WAY overrated & Winslett good more for her realistic American accent than her acting. Some of the "bit parts" were more interesting; at least they weren't predictible.

Something to see, definitely. To declare "the best movie I ever saw": no way!

[--- See Now! ---]by   Jan 25, 2000
The movie 'Titanic' is a thrilling and exciting movie, with great special effects and excellent music. I have seen this movie 3 times, so take it from me!!!!

[--- Stay Away! ---]by   Jan 25, 2000
1/2 an hour of interesting historical information & special effects interspersed with 3 hours of boring, predictable fiction. So many cliches! Leo saves Kate from suicide, then just when you think she's safe, she slips! What a surprise - not. The water's rising, Leo's handcuffed to a pipe! How can we save our hero? Shades of The Perils of Pauline. I know I'm the only person in the country who really hated this movie - well, I do have a couple of relatives who knew they were going to hate it and stayed home - but I just don't get it! DiCaprio's character is OK, but Winslett wears too much makeup and appears much too old for him and the rest of the actors are forgettable.

[--- See Now! ---]by   Jan 25, 2000
i have seen "Titanic" five times and the first time I saw it I told my husband that I thought it was one of the best movies I had ever seen. But as I continued to see it again and again, it went higher on my list. It is probably the number one movie for me, for several reasons. The movie has everything in it that you could want to see; drama, romance, great special effects, realism, along with the best soundtrack I have ever heard. The acting is very good, and the movie doesn't bore you even though it is so long. I highly recommend this movie on the big screen and suggest you don't wait till it comes out on video, as the special effects have a much greater impact on the big screen. Take some kleenex along with you, along with your best friend.

[--- See Now! ---]by   Jan 25, 2000
It was a good movie- see it!!!

[--- Good ---]by   Jan 25, 2000
This highly anticipated, acclaimed, and expensive blockbuster of a movie was too big to avoid not seeing in the theatre so I finally went. The movie is very good, but compared to everything I had heard I am a little disapointed. The script of two people who fall in love on the big ship, one rich one poor, pales in comparison to the incredible special effects and the way the ship comes alive on the screen. Kate Winslet (Sense and Sensibility, Hamlet, Heavenly Creatures) is a rich young woman engaged to rich young man Billy Zane (The Phantom, Sniper, Silence of the Hams). They board the ship together he seems happy, she not-so happy. Leonardo DiCaprio (What's Eating Gilbert Grape, Romeo & Juliet, The Basketball Diaries) is a poor young man who won the lower class tickets in a card game he boards it with his best friend. Soon they meet and fall in love which ticks Zane off who has people stalk them and he soon gets a hold of a gun and shoots at them. As you know, the ship hits an iceberg and goes down and a lot of people die. All of this is told in a flashback by the now very old Kate Winslet (now Gloria Stuart, in a strong performance) who is on a ship trying to find the big diamond that Kate Winslet was wearing nude in a drawing they found in the Titanic. DiCaprio and Winslet both give nice perfomances but nowhere near the hype they have been getting. Bill Paxton (Twister, Tombstone, Apollo 13) who plays the leader of the present-day team trying to find the necklace and Billy Zane give poor performances. In a smaller role Kathy Bates (Misery, Dolores Claiborne, Primary Colors) shines as Molly Brown. The movie's main faults were the script's little annoying things and the movie runs about 20 minutes too long.
Grade: B
Rating: PG-13 (nudity, violence, adult themes, language)

[--- See Now! ---]by   Jan 25, 2000
GREAT! Titanic is one of or maybe the best film I have ever seen! It's a great love story between Jack and Rose. A real tear jerker, so have a lot of tissues when you see it. I cried a half an hour after seeing this movie because I kept thinking of all those people and especially Jack. I give it 5 stars :)

[--- See Now! ---]by   Jan 25, 2000
Well, I write this upon having seen TITANIC for the first time. I felt as if I owed it to everyone else and myself to see such a popular film. Unfortunately, I was certain that the reputation would ruin this film. I've heard 14 year old bratty girls go on and on about this movie, which left me not wanting to see it, because I was certain that if it appealed to that group of people, it wouldn't appeal to me. I knew I'd feel guilty and trendy if I liked it. Having said that, I entered the auditorium almost hopeful that I could join the minority of TITANIC haters.

But I can't. TITANIC, I now realize, won the awards and made the money it did because it is undeniably good. I just wonder if the teenage girls can truly appreciate this monument in filmaking, or if they just enjoyed staring a Leo (that's another thing! I was certain that I'd hate Leo during the movie, but I actually loved his character!). The direction is the film's core, its best element. James Cameron made me forget that I was sitting in the same seat for 3 1/2 hours. He sure earned his Oscars. All the performances were great, and the score was PERFECT. Kate Winslet, incidentally, is among the most gorgeous women alive, and certainly several steps above other actresses of her age (i.e. Sarah Michelle Gellar, Jennifer Love Hewitt, Alicia Silverstone, Neve Campbell) in the talent department (I'd like to see any one of them try to play the roles Winslet has played. Alicia as Rose Dawson? AS IF! Jennifer L Hewitt as Ophelia? DREAM ON!). Anyway, it's a great film and deserves its success! (Although you probably know that already).

[--- Good ---]by   Jan 25, 2000
This movie is far too overrated. Eleven oscars? That's ridiculous. Sure, the great special effects designers, art directors and sound mixers deserved their oscars, but Arnon Mulchan and Curtis Hanson, producers of L.A. Confidential deserved the BEST PICTURE oscar much more than this. It's basically, for whoever hasn't seen it and the millions who have, a love story on the Titanic. That's it. The love story's not even that good. You want to see a good love story this year, go see THE WINGS OF THE DOVE. For that matter, you want to see a british chick wearing a big hat, go see THE WINGS OF THE DOVE. Leonardo DiCaprio is also incredibly overrated. I'm betting that, like Marlon Brando, give him ten or twenty years to turn old and ugly and the girls won't claim he's the best actor in history anymore. Sure, he's a good actor, but no one in Titanic really deserved a nomination for acting. Gloria Stuart? Give me a break. Just because she's older than Bob Dole doesn't mean she's oscar-worthy. Kate Winslet? She's a good actress, but when the academy passes up Sense & Sensibility Kate and nominates Titanic Kate... Hmph. Overall, it's good. I wouldn't pay $20 to buy it when it comes out on video, though. It's good only, ONLY in theatres. Unless, of course, you're a female between 12-16.

[--- See Now! ---]by   Jan 25, 2000
Great Movie you gotta see it if you haven't already!!!

[--- See Now! ---]by   Jan 25, 2000
let's call it the big boat that could.

for months before the release of 'titanic', critics were trashing the film because of the enormous budget. they claimed it would be the next 'waterworld', another big-budget, brainless, boring movie that would flop at the box office (actually, i kinda liked 'waterworld'.)

guess what: they were wrong. funny how they actually *saw* the picture, they turned right around and called it a spectacular, mesmerizing masterpiece.

that's exactly what it is. from the beginning, as we are taken beneath the sea to the wreck of the sunken titanic, we find a drawing, and the woman who is in that drawing, still alive 84 years later. we discover her name is rose, and she was on the titanic in 1912, first experiencing confinement, having to live up to great expectations, and being forced to marry someone she doesn't love, and couldn't love. in her words, "it was a slave ship taking me back to america in chains."

the first night on the ship, she tries to end her life - only to be saved by a man who would soon become her first and only true love. jack saved her "in every way that a person can be saved."

we are told this story through flashbacks from old rose, from her confined life to her passionate romance with jack, a penniless artist who has nothing to offer her but love. rose, a high-class socialite, has fallen for jack nonetheless, and they share a love so strong, and so passionate, that they are willing to risk their lives for one another.

in the background of the love story, we are taken on a literal tour of the titanic, seeing her massiveness and grandness, her first and last sail on the atlantic ocean, her passengers and all their hopes and dreams, her crew, and how things worked back in 1912. it's as if we were taken back in time, to experience the most famous, and tragic voyage of all time. we also experience the love story between jack & rose, two people from opposite ends who come together as one. when they feel emotion, we feel it with them.

we are drawn in, captured, and mesmerized. and when the ship sinks, that last hour of the film is the most thrilling piece of cinema you will ever experience. you feel as if you're actually there, and you will be blown away.

james cameron is pure genius. his weaving a historical disaster with a beautiful love story, has turned out perfectly. the effects are amazing, as realistic as you can get. the 90% scale model of the titanic that was built for the film was right on, down to every single little detail. it's as if james cameron built a new titanic, sailed it, and sunk it. the cast is wonderful, especially the two leads, leonardo dicaprio & kate winslet. they play jack & rose so well, no one could have done it better. billy zane, francis fisher, kathy bates, victor garber, bernard hill are perfect supporters. and of course, gloria stuart is glowing as old rose. she certainly was robbed of an oscar.

all around, 'titanic' is an absolutely unforgettable film. you will be romanced, amazed, mesmerized, captured.

i do believe 'titanic' is the best movie i have ever seen.

[--- See Now! ---]by   Jan 25, 2000
I loved this movie SO much. All the actors played their parts awesome!! Even though the movie's like 3 and a half hours long, you get so into it, it doesn't seem like 3 hours have gone by! I would really recommend you to go and see this movie if you haven't seen it yet. The movie's exciting, yet pretty educational at the same time. I've seen this movie 5 times, and will probably see it more. I hope you see it soon and enjoy the movie!! :)

[--- Good ---]by   Jan 25, 2000
Well, only after eight months of trying to see this movie did I finally get it. I found this flick to be quite entertaining. However, I'm at a loss as to why it wound up being the top-grossing film of all time. It was an excellent movie but hardly spectacular. The sfxs were noteworthy and the acting was credible. Worth renting when it releases on home video.

[--- See Now! ---]by   Jan 25, 2000
this is the best movie ever! its SUPER GOOD! Leonardo dicaprio is the greatest actor ever! lots of people say that Jack nikleson is better in that movie as good as it gets, but leo was great. he gave the best acting ive ever seen. he's also the hottest guy in the world! kate winselt was really good as rose, but i don't think she deserved leo. billy Zane made me soooo mad when he played rose's boyfriend. I loved it when she spit in his face. the end is sad of course, and i cried for hours. this movie has the best acting but i wish they didn't have the boat crash then it became an action movie and i don't like action movies. but the rest was so good. if you dont like this movie somthing is wrong with u.

[--- See Now! ---]by   Jan 25, 2000
This movie is a masterpiece. So what if other people think. The special effects were cool. There are many Titanic haters out there and make hate pages about the movie. Now they are just killing their time make hate reviews about the movie.

Rating: ****

[--- Wait for Rental ---]by   Jan 25, 2000
Even though this movie broke all the Hollywood barriers, as in budget, it wasn`t that great! TOTALLY over-rated, I think that people only loved it because of it's special effects, and because of a certain actor *Leo*. But, eye-candy aside, Titanic lacks good movie quality, such as acting, which was mediocre, and script, which was pretty bad. The love story between Jack and Rose was very heart-felt, but not very believable and original. It was like a fairy-tale romance, which belongs in fairy tale movies. Despite, all the RAVE, don't be so eager to watch this movie if you haven't seen it yet.

[--- Stay Away! ---]by   Jan 25, 2000
This is the biggest piece of trash that I've ever seen! Leonardo DiCaprio tries to act tough in this movie. The way Stone Cold sees it, Jim Cameron is better of directing movies like True Lies and T2, and that's the bottom line!

[--- Wait for Rental ---]by   Jan 25, 2000
Way too much hipe. Not a bad movie, but same old love srory. Good guy bad guy trying to win the love of one women. Ship sinks people die end of movie. Its not as good as you are made to believe.

[--- See Now! ---]by   Jan 25, 2000
Titanic was a very exciting and thrilling adventure as it was educational. I enjoyed it very much. It is a fictional love story, but a lot of the things in the movie did really happen. Even some of the real passengers on the real Titanic were portrayed in the movie. There was one scene that had some nudity in it. I do not feel that they needed to show it in the movie and that the scene which it had it in could have been done just as good if they did not SHOW Kate Winslet topless. Afterall, the movie was excellent. I would however discourage the idea of bringing very young children into the movie. They might get scared. So whether if you like dramas, romance, action, thrillers, or even comedys, you will love this movie. And if you're a softy, bring your box of tissue.

[--- See Now! ---]by   Jan 25, 2000
This movie has a dramatic tale. It is a wonderful movie. It is inspiring and is Breath taking. Take my advice if you haven't seen it (The few who haven't seen it) Go see it now.

[--- Stay Away! ---]by   Jan 25, 2000
Come on!!! It was the worst film ever!!! If I had made it I would of made it more spiritual and Godly. I wouldn't have any nudity or cussing in it. I was so embarrased when I saw Kate naked!! No one said anything about nudity in it! It seems like most movies now days have nudity....WELL STOP IT! Anyways when they finally got to where the ship was sinking and all the people were dying I was feeling terrible inside. When we left the theater and were heading home I closed my eyes and I saw all people dying and stuff. Like the women frozen to her baby....and the old couple laying in bed with each other...waiting to die. I felt sooo depressed. I didn't laugh at all. The only reason why Titanic did so well was because dumb teenage girls had a contest on who could see it the most. Some went to see it 15 times!! That is dumb! If you haven't seen it yet....DON'T!

[--- Good ---]by   Jan 25, 2000
It was a good movies, but not the best. It shoudn't have won Academy award best picture.

[--- See Now! ---]by   Jan 25, 2000
James Cameron’s long awaited epic is a brilliant piece of moviemaking. A lesser writer/director might have gone strictly disaster, ignoring the powerful romance angle. A lesser writer/director might have told the story from beginning to end and not utilized the present day sequences that added so much. The attention to detail and development of characters is spectacular in this exhaustive (but not exhausting) movie. I overheard several moviegoers gasping at amazement when looking at their watches upon leaving the theatre. It’s a magical 3:20 and I could have pressed rewind and started again and would have loved every single moment. A second viewing (which was an even more emotional experience) offered time to focus on the secondary characters (such as the well written character played by Kathy Bates). Cameron develops these minor characters (the Captain, Rose’s mother, Jack’s friends) without making the mistake of having them monopolize a great deal of screen time: They make the time they have count. I could go on for days: Out of over 100 movies I saw in 1997 Titanic was far and away my favorite, and only the third movie in the last 2 1/2 years to get my 10 point rating (the other two being Fargo and Sling Blade). Bravo!

10-point scale rating: 10

[--- Wait for Rental ---]by   Jan 25, 2000
Well, well. Somehow, this movie won Best Picture and took home 11 Oscars. I don't know how. James Cameron had an astronomical budget and made the most of it. I agree that the sets, costumes, and special effects are all spectacular. Unfortunately, it seems Cameron had no money left over to buy a decent script, so he had to write it himself. Anyone notice that Titanic's screenplay was not nominated for Best Screenplay? That's because the script STANK! It had a pedestrian story that was made worse by trite and laughable dialogue.

As for the performances, I thought DiCaprio and Winslet did a good job, considering the tripe coming out of their mouths, and Kathy Bates was great as "The Unsinkable" Molly Brown. Billy Zane, however, was irritatingly stiff. How anyone could mistake that for acting was beyond me. His character seemed like someone PLAYING a bad guy, rather than an actual bad guy. Of course, his character was so one-dimensional that it's hard to imagine how he could have saved it.

I like James Cameron as a director, but let's face it, he's a terrible screenwriter. As long as all he has to do is write a few catch-phrases for Ah-nold, he's fine, but as soon as he has to write a script with any INTELLIGENCE, he's sunk. The fact is, this movie is a big scam. Everyone was fooled by the Hollywood machine telling us this was a great movie. It's not. It's painfully mediocre. Even those who raved about it admitted that the screenplay was bad. That should tell you something.

[--- Stay Away! ---]by   Jan 25, 2000
pure and utter tripe. I have not seen a larger pile of gold encrusted excretia in my life.

[--- See Now! ---]by VIP Member Aug 29, 2006
"Titanic" is a romantic drama set against the backdrop of the Titanic. A ship that went down in 1912. Director James Cameron who usual does Science Fiction work, turns to drama and in order to do that he may have brorrow a page from Director David Lean, who done more than a few epics. He turned "Titanic" into a memorable epic with a credible love story. Leonardo DiCaprio from down bellow the Titanic falls for a upper crust social girl played by Kate Winslet. If you have a knowledge of history, you know where the Titanic ended up and the that's where the real drama begins. James Horner did a great job at the music score to follow the mood of the movie. I love the music score as well as the cast. I saw the movie on the big screen four times. Four times! Twice is rare, three times is rare, but four times is rarier still. If you seen the movie,by all means see it again.
[--- See Now! ---]by   Apr 3, 2009
best movie ever!
[--- Good ---]by   Apr 13, 2012
The movie was great as it was when it first came out. What was not great was the 3-d effect. Several times it was blurry and the picture quality in general was dark.

You could bring out Titanic again next year and I would go see it , but not in 3-d, it just isn't worth the extra money you pay.
[--- Wait for Rental ---]by   Jul 19, 2012

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