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AMC Fitchburg 18
6091 McKee Road
Hwy 18 & PD

Fitchburg, WI 53719

Message: 608-270-9036 more »

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Opened in December 1999 as the Star Cinema - Fitchburg (Star Cinema). It added an IMAX screen in 2005 and was renamed to the Star Cinema 18 & IMAX. It was purchased by Kerasotes ShowPlace Theatres, LLC. in 2008. AMC purchased Kerasotes, and the theater was renamed to AMC Star Fitchburg 18 & IMAX. That name was shortened to AMC Fitchburg 18 in 2017. It was transferred to New Vision Theatres in 2017 and renamed to the New Vision Fitchburg 18 + IMAX. New Vision shut down in 2020. It reopened as the AMC Fitchburg 18 in Jun 2021.
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Jan 9, 2015 (> 1 year ago) - BigScreen Reader  

HI, I just wanted to know if you are going to screen the Game of Thrones final episodes, season 4 from January 23-29 as we will travel down to Madison to see it.

Would you recommend this theater to others? Yes

Jul 31, 2012 (> 1 year ago) - VIP Member


Picture Quality:Good
Sound Quality:Good
Building Condition:Good

Saw The Dark Knight Rises: The IMAX Experience on 7/26/2012 at 3:20pm

No trailers, no policy trailers, no ads. Movie started promptly at 3:21pm. It was almost jarring, as the intro stuff is so common these days that it's almost like a "get settled in" transition time. I would have appreciated a "This is IMAX" promo or something to warm up the crowd and show off the screen and sound system.

Sometime before MI4 in December, a reflective screen must have been installed, as I noticed the sheen again as I did during that showing. It's distracting, but the hotspots weren't very noticeable during the show.

The picture quality was pretty good, but every once in a while, a dust speck would dance across the screen. Since the image is so large, this speck of dust was quite noticeable, even though I'm sure it was quite small. No scratches were evident, which was appreciated.

Unlike the Prologue sequence that appeared before MI4, Bane's dialog in the first scene was much more understandable. There were still times when I couldn't understand him, but whatever was missed didn't seem important.

I thought the sound quality was decent, but there were only a few times when I felt that it was impressive. Maybe this means that the sound mix was conservative (or restrained because of the reported dialog issues from the Prologue), but given the subject material and past experience with The Dark Knight, I expected to be more impressed than I was. When an explosion happens, or the helicopter lifts off in close proximity, I want to feel the thuds in my chest, like a bass drum in a parade.

It's quite possible that multiple viewings would provide a better perspective. However, given that this movie theater is a two-hour drive one-way, that's not likely to happen.

Would you recommend this theater to others? Yes

Jul 18, 2012 (> 1 year ago) -  


Picture Quality:Excellent
Sound Quality:Excellent
Building Condition:Unacceptable

I remember goint to see Sucker Punch in IMAX here the first night it came out and it was a cool movie experience but this theater rarely ever puts imax movies on the IMAX!!! They had harry potter the last one on for like whole summer and didnt let any other imax movies make it to the big screen!!!!!!

They had John Carter on so long instead of the avengers and the theater people who are in charge of the movie choices dont know what they are doing with the IMAX choices!

They is slow. Although the theater is pretty cool but mayfair is better and it aint slow like this one!

May 4, 2012 (> 1 year ago) - BigScreen Reader  

I can't believe John Carter is on the IMAX over The Avengers. GET REAL

Feb 24, 2012 (> 1 year ago) -  


Picture Quality:Good
Sound Quality:Good
Building Condition:Unacceptable

I agree with some of the comments already posted. The employees at the concession stand were more interested in talking to each other then waiting on customers.

The popcorn was too salty to eat...and I love movie popcorn!

And the restroom was disgustingly dirty.

They had tons of employees standing around doing nothing. Maybe they can someone to work cleaning!

Would you recommend this theater to others? No

Dec 29, 2011 (> 1 year ago) - VIP Member


Picture Quality:OK
Sound Quality:Good
Building Condition:Excellent

Attended the 4:15pm show of Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol: The IMAX Experience on 12/17/2011.

The screen is large, probably around 70' wide. It was shinier than I remember it being, so I don't know if they installed a more reflective screen in order to show 3D movie or what, but the sheen was a little distracting at times.

Worse, however, was the dirt that appeared on the print. This is still a film-based IMAX theater, which should be preferable, given that IMAX film has the potential for incredible picture quality. Throughout the Dark Knight Prologue that was shown before the movie, and during the first several minutes of the movie itself, there was repetitive dirt on the print that almost looked like track marks on paper when your inket printer rollers are dirty. Considering the movie and the prologue just opened the day before, there shouldn't be this amount of dirt on the film.

Fortunately, the dirt problems went away after some time. I don't know if someone dragged the front part of the film on the ground or if there was a dirty roller that finally cleaned itself off, but things like this are why people enjoy digitally-shown movies more than film-based presentations.

The sound quality was good, but not as spectacular as I've experienced in this and other IMAX theaters. It's possible that the mix wasn't as good, so without experiencing other movies here, or seeing the same movie elsewhere, it's difficult to know if it was the movie or the theater's sound equipment.

Right before the movie began, I decided to get some snacks. Skipping the popcorn, I chose a soft pretzel and a medium drink. Unless you are very thirsty, or are sharing your drink with someone, do not order the medium or larger drink! The cup I received was so large, I actually told the worker that he made a mistake, as I ordered a medium. When he showed me the size of the large, I understood that I was the one who made the mistake. There must have been 32 oz or more in my cup, and I only finished half of it. How could anyone polish off that much without having to miss the movie due to a bathroom visit? That size of drink was excessive and unnecessary.

The good part about the concessions is that the pretzel was pretty good, and the total cost for that and the "medium" drink was only $9.50, which is less than some other theaters charge for similar items.

Would you recommend this theater to others? Yes

Dec 27, 2011 (> 1 year ago) -  


Picture Quality:Excellent
Sound Quality:Excellent
Building Condition:Good

I thought I was going to pay $5 per ticket, since it is a Tuesday afternoon. Unfortunately, I had to pay $7.50 per ticket, since there is "holiday" pricing from Dec. 26-January 1. I asked why and was told that they get a lot of customers this week...basically saying we want to make extra money. So rude!

Also, every time I go to this theatre, the garbage cans are overflowing and I have no where to throw my garbage out after the movie.

Aug 27, 2011 (> 1 year ago) -  


Picture Quality:Excellent
Sound Quality:Excellent
Building Condition:OK

I love this theatre very much. The staff is very nice, they have a lot of different food options and are always looking for ways to make the theatre better.

BTW guy who for some reason needs cherry coke to survive, I also saw that AMC no longer provided this drink so I asked a manager about it. He said that due to an end of the quarter mix up, cherry coke was no longer avalible on their order list unitl the next quarter starts so it is in no way their fault. So do ur homework instead of talking about other theatres that you clearly know nothing about.

Love ya AMC :)

Would you recommend this theater to others? Yes

Aug 25, 2011 (> 1 year ago) -  


Building Condition:Poor

They no longer serve CHERRY COKE............W T F is up with that?!.........Are they angry at Cherry Coke....does Cherry Coke no longer call them at home?!

It was part of our theater experience, popcorn, pretzel bites and a Cherry Coke.

Man...I feel violated and not in a good way!

Shame on You!

Jul 29, 2011 (> 1 year ago) -  


Picture Quality:OK
Sound Quality:OK
Building Condition:Unacceptable

I was at this theater not to long ago it use to be my favorite one in Madison when it was Star since AMC took over the place is a mess the popcorn area was filthy the workers were rude and the theaters were dirty and in need of some work.

It use to be the counter help put your popcorn in the bucket or bag then you could salt in between half of it but now they fill the bag charge you $6.00 and send you over the butter and salt counter

If this was suppose to cut down on the expenses of running the place it doesn't show in the ticket price or the concessions I won't be going back there again

Jul 21, 2011 (> 1 year ago) -  


Picture Quality:Unacceptable
Sound Quality:Good
Building Condition:OK

I live an hour from the IMAX in Madison WI. I went there today to see the last Harry Potter in 3D on the IMAX. The 3D part was broken, so I got half what I paid for and now, if I want to see it, I have to drive for another hour each way! My nickname should tell you all that you need to know about how I feel about the whole experience.

Would you recommend this theater to others? No

Mar 29, 2011 (> 1 year ago) -  


Picture Quality:Good
Sound Quality:Good
Building Condition:OK

I spent probably 10 minutes trying to call the theatre, trying to get direct personnel not a recorded message, and I did not get anyone. I find this rude and inadequate in terms of customer service.

Dec 12, 2010 (> 1 year ago) - BigScreen Reader  

We've seen 3 movies at the Fitchburg location in the last month and the popcorn has been extremely salty. Beyond what even a person with a real salt craving would want. Is there any way to fix this???

Nov 30, 2010 (> 1 year ago) - Chris  

Weekdays are 5 bucks! enough said, go see a movie. Even at night!

Nov 24, 2010 (> 1 year ago) - BigScreen Reader  

Why don't you post how much your ticket prices are? Is it some national secret? Are you so paranoid you might lose customers if they know ahead of time how much they'll pay?
It's inconsiderate and irresponsible for you not to provide such basic information. Because of that, my family and I will not visit your theaters.

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