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Theaters (The Marquee)

Theaters and the Movies They Are Playing

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All Theaters within 15 miles of New York, NY (10023)

  Movies Under the Stars  New York, NY (< 1 mile)   
  AMC Lincoln Square 13  New York, NY (< 1 mile) E-Ticketing 
  Loews Cineplex Lincoln Square IMAX  New York, NY (< 1 mile)   
  CO Regency  New York, NY (< 1 mile)   
  Beacon Theatre  New York, NY (< 1 mile)   
  Makor  New York, NY (< 1 mile)   
  Walter Reade Theater  New York, NY (< 1 mile) E-Ticketing 
  Alice Tully Hall  New York, NY (< 1 mile)  Photo Gallery
  Film Society Lincoln Center - Elinor Bunin Munroe Film Cntr  New York, NY (< 1 mile)   
  JCC in Manhattan  New York, NY (< 1 mile)  Photo Gallery
  Society for Ethical Culture  New York, NY (< 1 mile)   
  Lincoln Plaza Cinemas  New York, NY (< 1 mile)   
  Little Theater at the West Side YMCA  New York, NY (< 1 mile)   
  American Museum of Natural History IMAX Theater  New York, NY (< 1 mile)  Photo Gallery
  Clearview's 62nd & Broadway  New York, NY (< 1 mile)   
  New York Historical Society  New York, NY (< 1 mile)   
  American Museum of Natural History  New York, NY (< 1 mile)  Photo Gallery
  Church of St. Paul the Apostle  New York, NY (< 1 mile)   
  The Landmark at 57 West  New York, NY (< 1 mile)  Photo Gallery
  78th Street Theater Lab  New York, NY (< 1 mile)   
  Le Bar Bat  New York, NY (< 1 mile)   
  AMC 84th Street 6  New York, NY (< 1 mile) E-Ticketing 
  Mark Goodson Theater  New York, NY (< 1 mile)   
  Horticultural Society of New York  New York, NY (< 1 mile)   
  Congregation Emanu-El  New York, NY (< 1 mile)   
  Rumsey Playfield in Central Park  New York, NY (< 1 mile)   
  DGA Theater  New York, NY (< 1 mile)   
  Parks Library  New York, NY (< 1 mile)   
  Donnell Library Center  New York, NY (< 1 mile)   
  Leon Lowenstein Auditorium  New York, NY (< 1 mile)   
  Paris Theatre  New York, NY (~1 miles) E-Ticketing 
  Asia Society  New York, NY (~1 miles)   
  Spanish Institute  New York, NY (~1 miles)   
  Istituto Italiano di Cultura - New York  New York, NY (~1 miles)   
  Irish Arts Center  New York, NY (~1 miles)   
  Bow Tie Ziegfeld Theater  New York, NY (~1 miles)  Photo Gallery
  10-50 Lounge  New York, NY (~1 miles)   
  CO Encore Worldwide  New York, NY (~1 miles)   
  Columbia University - Schermerhorn Hall  New York, NY (~1 miles)   
  The Metropolitan Museum of Art  New York, NY (~1 miles)   
  Whitney Museum of American Art  New York, NY (~1 miles)   
  Central Park - Cedar Hill  New York, NY (~1 miles)   
  Florence Gould Hall  New York, NY (~1 miles)   
  Dahesh Museum of Art  New York, NY (~1 miles)   
  Museum Of Modern Art (MOMA)  New York, NY (~1 miles)   
  French Institute Alliance Francaise  New York, NY (~1 miles)  Photo Gallery
  Newseum/NY  New York, NY (~1 miles)   
  New York Public Library  New York, NY (~1 miles)   
  Goethe House  New York, NY (~1 miles)   
  Siberia Bar  New York, NY (~1 miles)   
  Embassy 1, 2, 3 Theatre  New York, NY (~1 miles)   
  New York Deaf Theatre  New York, NY (~1 miles)   
  Museum of Television and Radio  New York, NY (~1 miles)   
  Ames Auditorium  New York, NY (~1 miles)   
  New York Society for Ethical Culture  New York, NY (~1 miles)   
  Sony Wonder Technology Lab  New York, NY (~1 miles)   
  Radio City Music Hall  New York, NY (~1 miles)  Photo Gallery
  The Lighthouse  New York, NY (~1 miles)   
  Symphony Space  New York, NY (~1 miles)  Photo Gallery
  Czech Center  New York, NY (~1 miles)   
  Magno Screening Room  New York, NY (~1 miles)   
  Taipei Theatre  New York, NY (~1 miles)   
  AMC Loews 72nd St. 1  New York, NY (~1 miles)   
  Zanzibar  New York, NY (~1 miles)   
  Beekman Theatre  New York, NY (~1 miles) E-Ticketing 
  CO Coronet Cinemas  New York, NY (~1 miles)   
  Loews State Theatre  New York, NY (~1 miles)   
  Loews Astor Plaza  New York, NY (~1 miles)   
  Embassy 1  New York, NY (~1 miles)   
  Next Stage Company  New York, NY (~1 miles)   
  Thalia Theater  New York, NY (~1 miles)   
  UA Criterion  New York, NY (~1 miles)   
  City Cinemas Cinemas 1 2 and 3  New York, NY (~1 miles) E-Ticketing 
  Guggenheim Museum  New York, NY (~1 miles)  Photo Gallery
  Town Hall  New York, NY (~1 miles)   
  IndieHouse Cinema  New York, NY (~1 miles)   
  Guild Theater  New York, NY (~1 miles)   
  Emerging Cinemas at Theatre Row  New York, NY (~1 miles)   
  Manhattan Twin  New York, NY (~1 miles)   
  Jewish Museum  New York, NY (~1 miles)   
  CC Sutton 1 & 2  New York, NY (~1 miles)   
  Loews New York Twin  New York, NY (~1 miles)   
  CC Eastside Playhouse  New York, NY (~1 miles)   
  Galaxy Triplex  Guttenberg, NJ (~1 miles)   
  Clearview's Beekman One & Two  New York, NY (~1 miles)   
  Clearview's Park & 86th St. Twin  New York, NY (~1 miles)   
  Yotel - Rooftop Cinema Club  New York, NY (~1 miles)   
  New Victory Theater  New York, NY (~1 miles)   
  UA 64th and 2nd  New York, NY (~1 miles)   
  Regal E-Walk 4DX & RPX  New York, NY (~1 miles) E-TicketingPhoto Gallery
  Czech Center New York  New York, NY (~1 miles)   
  Roger Smith Hotel  New York, NY (~1 miles)   
  Clearview's Beekman  New York, NY (~1 miles)   
  Raw Space - China Century Entertainment  New York, NY (~1 miles)   
  Municipal Arts Society  New York, NY (~1 miles)   
  Big Cinemas Manhattan  New York, NY (~1 miles)   
  Clearview's 59th St. East  New York, NY (~1 miles)   
  Mayfair Triplex  West New York, NJ (~2 miles)   
  City Cinemas East 86th St.  New York, NY (~2 miles)  Photo Gallery
  AMC Loews Orpheum 7  New York, NY (~2 miles) E-Ticketing 
  AMC Empire 25  New York, NY (~2 miles) E-TicketingPhoto Gallery
  Metro Theater  New York, NY (~2 miles)   
  HBO  New York, NY (~2 miles)   
  Film Conditioner  New York, NY (~2 miles)   
  DT UT  New York, NY (~2 miles)   
  Crown Gotham Cinema  New York, NY (~2 miles)   
  Rockefeller University - Caspary Auditorium  New York, NY (~2 miles)   
  Urban Center  New York, NY (~2 miles)   
  92nd Street Y  New York, NY (~2 miles)   
  YWCA Cine-Club  New York, NY (~2 miles)   
  CMX - New York East 62nd Street  New York, NY (~2 miles) E-TicketingPhoto Gallery
  UA East 85th Street  New York, NY (~2 miles)   
  Salon  New York, NY (~2 miles)   
  Hunter College  New York, NY (~2 miles)   
  Dag Hammarskjold Plaza  New York, NY (~2 miles)   
  UA Kaufman Astoria Stadium 14 & RPX  Long Island City, NY (~2 miles) E-Ticketing 
  Gowanus Arts Exchange  Brooklyn, NY (~2 miles)   
  Japan Society  New York, NY (~2 miles)   
  Instituto Cervantes  New York, NY (~2 miles)   
  AMC Loews 34th Street 14  New York, NY (~2 miles) E-TicketingPhoto Gallery
  Pierpont Morgan Library  New York, NY (~2 miles)   
  Museum of the City of New York  New York, NY (~2 miles)   
  Clearview's Olympia Twin  New York, NY (~2 miles)   
  Scandinavia House  New York, NY (~2 miles)   
  City University of New York  New York, NY (~2 miles)   
  Clearview's 34th St. Showplace  New York, NY (~2 miles)   
  CC Murray Hill  New York, NY (~2 miles)   
  Edgewater Multiplex Cinemas  Edgewater, NJ (~2 miles)   
  SVA Theatre  New York, NY (~2 miles)   
  Columbia University - Miller Theater  New York, NY (~2 miles)   
  Clearview's Chelsea West  New York, NY (~2 miles)   
  DOC NYC at Bow Tie Chelsea Cinemas  New York, NY (~2 miles)   
  Cinepolis Chelsea  New York, NY (~2 miles) E-Ticketing 
  MIST Harlem Cinema  New York, NY (~2 miles)   
  AMC Kips Bay 15  New York, NY (~2 miles) E-Ticketing 
  Maritime Pier 63  New York, NY (~2 miles)   
  Baruch College  New York, NY (~2 miles)   
  Barnard College  New York, NY (~2 miles)   
  Italian Academy at Columbia University  New York, NY (~2 miles)   
  Bryant Park  New York, NY (~2 miles)   
  Altman Building  New York, NY (~3 miles)   
  Axis  New York, NY (~3 miles)   
  Stuyvesant Cove Park  New York, NY (~3 miles)   
  Different Light  New York, NY (~3 miles)   
  Le Madri  New York, NY (~3 miles)   
  Gramercy Theater  New York, NY (~3 miles)   
  Kitchen  New York, NY (~3 miles)   
  Regal Bergen Plaza 13  North Bergen, NJ (~3 miles)   
  Rubin Museum of Art  New York, NY (~3 miles)   
  Gavin Brown's Enterprise  New York, NY (~3 miles)   
  AMC Magic Johnson Harlem 9  New York, NY (~3 miles) E-Ticketing 
  AMC Loews 19th St. East 6  New York, NY (~3 miles) E-Ticketing 
  Columbia Park 12  North Bergen, NJ (~3 miles) E-TicketingPhoto Gallery
  Columbia University - Lehman Auditorium  New York, NY (~3 miles)   
  Starplex Cinemas - Columbia Park Cinema 12  North Bergen, NJ (~3 miles)   
  Trans Hudson Gallery  New York, NY (~3 miles)   
  Victoria 5 Theatre  New York, NY (~3 miles)   
  Adam Clayton Powell Jr. State Office Building  New York, NY (~3 miles)   
  Socrates Sculpture Park  Long Island City, NY (~3 miles)   
  New York Film Academy  New York, NY (~3 miles)   
  Nell's  New York, NY (~3 miles)   
  Apollo Theatre  New York, NY (~3 miles)  Photo Gallery
  Center for Jewish History  New York, NY (~3 miles)   
  Barnes & Noble Union Square  New York, NY (~3 miles)   
  Quad Cinema  New York, NY (~3 miles) E-Ticketing 
  Teachers & Writers Collaborative  New York, NY (~3 miles)   
  International ANSWER  New York, NY (~3 miles)   
  Maxwell's  Hoboken, NJ (~3 miles)   
  Loews Showboat Quad  Edgewater, NJ (~3 miles)   
  Casa Italiana Zerilli-Marimo  New York, NY (~3 miles)   
  Maysles Cinema  New York, NY (~3 miles)  Photo Gallery
  New School for Social Research  New York, NY (~3 miles)   
  Regal Union Square ScreenX & 4DX  New York, NY (~3 miles) E-Ticketing 
  Art Greenwich  New York, NY (~3 miles)   
  Cinema Village  New York, NY (~3 miles)   
  The New School  New York, NY (~3 miles)   
  NYU - Lillian Vernon Center for International Affairs  New York, NY (~3 miles)   
  Bow Tie Hoboken Cinemas  Hoboken, NJ (~3 miles) E-TicketingPhoto Gallery
  Ireland House  New York, NY (~3 miles)   
  New York University  New York, NY (~3 miles)   
  NYU Cantor Film Center  New York, NY (~3 miles)   
  City Cinemas Village East Cinema  New York, NY (~3 miles) E-Ticketing 
  Deutsches Haus  New York, NY (~3 miles)   
  AMC Village 7  New York, NY (~3 miles) E-Ticketing 
  Brecht Forum  New York, NY (~3 miles)   
  NYU King Juan Carlos 1 Auditorium  New York, NY (~3 miles)   
  Telephone Bar & Grill  New York, NY (~3 miles)   
  Washington Square Park  New York, NY (~3 miles)   
  IFC Center  New York, NY (~3 miles)  Photo Gallery
  Cinema Classics  New York, NY (~3 miles)   
  Tisch School of Arts  New York, NY (~3 miles)   
  Museum of the Moving Image  Astoria, NY (~3 miles)  Photo Gallery
  Cooper Union  New York, NY (~3 miles)   
  Clearview's Waverly Twin  New York, NY (~3 miles)   
  NYU's Kimmel Center  New York, NY (~3 miles)  Photo Gallery
  Kerasotes Showplace 14  Secaucus, NJ (~3 miles) E-Ticketing 
  Tompkins Square Park  New York, NY (~3 miles)   
  Loews Plaza 8 Theatre  Secaucus, NJ (~3 miles)   
  AMC Loews Meadow 6  Secaucus, NJ (~3 miles)   
  Theater 80  New York, NY (~3 miles)   
  Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture  New York, NY (~3 miles)   
  Public Theater  New York, NY (~3 miles)   
  Aaron Davis Hall  New York, NY (~3 miles)   
  Joseph Papp Public Theater  New York, NY (~3 miles)   
  Millennium Film Workshop  New York, NY (~4 miles)   
  Fez  New York, NY (~4 miles)   
  Acme Underground  New York, NY (~4 miles)   
  Film Charas  New York, NY (~4 miles)   
  Black Star Bar  New York, NY (~4 miles)   
  Le Poisson Rouge  New York, NY (~4 miles)   
  Bowery Bar  New York, NY (~4 miles)   
  Stuart Cinema & Cafe  Brooklyn, NY (~4 miles) E-Ticketing 
  KGB Bar  New York, NY (~4 miles)   
  Summit Quadplex  Union City, NJ (~4 miles)   
  Casa La Femme  New York, NY (~4 miles)   
  Garden of Light  New York, NY (~4 miles)   
  Angelika Film Center New York  New York, NY (~4 miles) E-TicketingPhoto Gallery
  Film Forum  New York, NY (~4 miles) E-TicketingPhoto Gallery
  La Vista  New York, NY (~4 miles)   
  Astoria Theatre  Astoria, NY (~4 miles)   
  Jeolloda  New York, NY (~4 miles)   
  Reel Diner - Dinner Theatre  New York, NY (~4 miles)   
  Segue Performance Space  New York, NY (~4 miles)   
  Anthology Film Archives  New York, NY (~4 miles)   
  Prada Store Soho  New York, NY (~4 miles)   
  Two Boots Pioneer Theater  New York, NY (~4 miles)   
  Swiss Institute  New York, NY (~4 miles)   
  Context Studios  New York, NY (~4 miles)   
  Locus Media  New York, NY (~4 miles)   
  New Museum of Contemporary Art  New York, NY (~4 miles)   
  Film Crash  New York, NY (~4 miles)   
  Den of Cin  New York, NY (~4 miles)   
  Shannon Lounge  Hoboken, NJ (~4 miles)  Photo Gallery
  Prada 575 Broadway  New York, NY (~4 miles)   
  Filmmaker Series  New York, NY (~4 miles)   
  Movies Under the Stars  Hoboken, NJ (~4 miles)   
  Museum for African Art  New York, NY (~4 miles)   
  Hudson Street Cinemas  Hoboken, NJ (~4 miles)   
  Landmark Sunshine Cinema  New York, NY (~4 miles)  Photo Gallery
  Cine-Noir Film Society  New York, NY (~4 miles)   
  Exit Art  New York, NY (~4 miles)   
  Film Noir Cinema  Brooklyn, NY (~4 miles)   
  Scholastic Auditorium  New York, NY (~4 miles)   
  Nuyorican Poets Cafe  New York, NY (~4 miles)   
  Nova Cinema  New York, NY (~4 miles)   
  Angel Orensanz Foundation For the Arts  New York, NY (~4 miles)   
  Center Cinema 5  Sunnyside, NY (~4 miles)   
  Baby Jupiter  New York, NY (~4 miles)   
  New York Open Cine  New York, NY (~4 miles)   
  DRV-IN  New York, NY (~4 miles)   
  Tribeca Cinemas  New York, NY (~4 miles)   
  Regal Essex Crossing & RPX  New York, NY (~4 miles) E-TicketingPhoto Gallery
  Void  New York, NY (~4 miles)   
  Tonic  New York, NY (~4 miles)   
  Tribeca Rooftop  New York, NY (~4 miles)   
  Location One  New York, NY (~4 miles)   
  Artist Space Gallery  New York, NY (~4 miles)   
  White Box  New York, NY (~4 miles)   
  92YTribeca  New York, NY (~4 miles)   
  ABC No Rio  New York, NY (~4 miles)   
  Integrated Studios (INT)  New York, NY (~4 miles)   
  Threadwaxing Space  New York, NY (~4 miles)   
  Music Hall of Williamsburg  Brooklyn, NY (~4 miles)   
  Spring Studios  New York, NY (~4 miles)   
  Dumba  New York, NY (~4 miles)   
  Open Road Rooftop  New York, NY (~4 miles)   
  Ocularis  Brooklyn, NY (~4 miles)   
  Tribeca Film Center  New York, NY (~4 miles)   
  Hudson River Park Conservancy  New York, NY (~4 miles)   
  SummerScreen  Brooklyn, NY (~4 miles)   
  Downtown Community TV Center  New York, NY (~4 miles)   
  Civic Center Synagogue  New York, NY (~4 miles)   
  Roxy Cinema Tribeca  New York, NY (~4 miles) E-Ticketing 
  Art in General  New York, NY (~4 miles)   
  Cinema Warsaw  Brooklyn, NY (~4 miles)   
  Access Theatre  New York, NY (~4 miles)   
  Metrograph  New York, NY (~4 miles)   
  Nitehawk Cinema - Williamsburg  Brooklyn, NY (~4 miles)   
  Knitting Factory  New York, NY (~4 miles)   
  Tribeca Performing Arts Center  New York, NY (~4 miles)   
  IndieScreen Cinema  Brooklyn, NY (~4 miles)   
  Mazer Theatre - Education Alliance  New York, NY (~4 miles)   
  Stuyvesant High School  New York, NY (~4 miles)   
  AMC Newport Centre 11  Jersey City, NJ (~5 miles) E-Ticketing 
  Videology Bar & Cinema  Brooklyn, NY (~5 miles)   
  Williamsburg Cinemas  Brooklyn, NY (~5 miles) E-TicketingPhoto Gallery
  World Financial Center Plaza  New York, NY (~5 miles)   
  Regal Battery Park Stadium 11  New York, NY (~5 miles) E-Ticketing 
  Concourse Plaza Multiplex Cinemas  Bronx, NY (~5 miles) E-Ticketing 
  Pace University - Michael Schimmel Center for the Arts  New York, NY (~5 miles)   
  Commodore Theatre - Brooklyn  Brooklyn, NY (~5 miles)   
  South Street Seaport  New York, NY (~5 miles)   
  Alamo Drafthouse Cinema - Lower Manhattan  New York, NY (~5 miles)   
  iPic Theaters at Fulton Market - South Street Seaport  New York, NY (~5 miles)   
  Brooklyn Babylon Cinema  Brooklyn, NY (~5 miles)   
  Pier 15  New York, NY (~5 miles)  Photo Gallery
  iPic Theaters Hudson Lights  Fort Lee, NJ (~5 miles)   
  Brooklyn Bridge Anchorage  New York, NY (~5 miles)   
  Thundergulch  New York, NY (~5 miles)   
  reRun Gastropub Theater  Brooklyn, NY (~5 miles)   
  Elevated Acre  New York, NY (~5 miles)   
  Loew's Jersey Theatre  Jersey City, NJ (~5 miles)  Photo Gallery
  Smithsonian - National Museum of the American Indian  New York, NY (~5 miles)   
  Museum of Jewish Heritage  New York, NY (~5 miles)   
  AMC Starplex Ridgefield Park 12  Ridgefield Park, NJ (~5 miles) E-Ticketing 
  Plymouth Church of the Pilgrims  Brooklyn Heights, NY (~5 miles)   
  The Intrepid Sea, Air & Space Museum Complex  New York, NY (~5 miles)   
  Brooklyn Heights Cinema  Brooklyn, NY (~5 miles)   
  Point CDC  Bronx, NY (~6 miles)   
  Fair Theater  Jackson Heights, NY (~6 miles)   
  Syndicated Theater  Brooklyn, NY (~6 miles)   
  Coliseum Cinemas  New York, NY (~6 miles)   
  Jackson Heights Cinema  Jackson Heights, NY (~6 miles)   
  St. Ann Center  Brooklyn Heights, NY (~6 miles)   
  Metrotech Commons  Brooklyn, NY (~6 miles)   
  Alamo Drafthouse Cinema - Downtown Brooklyn  Brooklyn, NY (~6 miles) E-Ticketing 
  Fort Greene Park  Brooklyn, NY (~6 miles)   
  St. Francis College  Brooklyn, NY (~6 miles)   
  Brooklyn Bridge Park  Brooklyn, NY (~6 miles)   
  Polk Theatre  Jackson Heights, NY (~6 miles)   
  Rialto Theatre  Ridgefield Park, NJ (~6 miles)   
  UA Court Street Stadium 12 & RPX  Brooklyn, NY (~6 miles) E-Ticketing 
  BAM Harvey Theater  Brooklyn, NY (~6 miles)   
  Liberty Science Center - IMAX Dome Theater  Jersey City, NJ (~6 miles)  Photo Gallery
  Liberty Science Center - Digital 3D Theater  Jersey City, NJ (~6 miles)  Photo Gallery
  BAM Cinematek Outdoors  Brooklyn, NY (~6 miles)   
  BAM Rose Cinemas  Brooklyn, NY (~6 miles)   
  Habana Outpost  Brooklyn, NY (~6 miles)   
  Cobble Hill Cinemas  Brooklyn, NY (~6 miles) E-TicketingPhoto Gallery
  Loews Elmwood  Elmhurst, NY (~6 miles)   
  Plaza I & II Corona  Corona, NY (~7 miles)   
  Brooklyn Public Library  Brooklyn, NY (~7 miles)   
  Ridgewood Theatre  Ridgewood, NY (~7 miles)   
  Plaza Twin Cinema  Park Slope, NY (~7 miles)   
  Brooklyn Lyceum  Brooklyn, NY (~7 miles)   
  Flikker Pot Cafe  Brooklyn, NY (~7 miles)   
  Hudson Mall Cinemas 7  Jersey City, NJ (~7 miles)   
  Feral Art/Cafe Fuerte  Brooklyn, NY (~7 miles)   
  Prospect Park Bandshell  Brooklyn, NY (~7 miles)   
  Old American Can Factory  Brooklyn, NY (~7 miles)   
  New York Hall Science  Queens, NY (~7 miles)   
  Williams Center Cinema  Rutherford, NJ (~7 miles) E-Ticketing 
  Congregation Beth Elohim  Brooklyn, NY (~7 miles)   
  Brooklyn Museum of Art  Brooklyn, NY (~7 miles)  Photo Gallery
  Regal Atlas Park Stadium 8  Glendale, NY (~8 miles) E-Ticketing 
  Queens Museum of Art  Corona, NY (~8 miles)   
  Queens Theatre in the Park  Flushing, NY (~8 miles)   
  Bow Tie Cinemas American Theater  Bronx, NY (~8 miles)  Photo Gallery
  College Point Multiplex Cinemas  Whitestone, NY (~8 miles) E-Ticketing 
  Video Revival  Brooklyn, NY (~8 miles)   
  UA Forest Hills Twin  Forest Hills, NY (~8 miles)   
  Regal Cinemas Flushing  Flushing, NY (~8 miles)  Photo Gallery
  Loews Trylon  Forest Hills, NY (~8 miles)   
  Nitehawk Cinema - Prospect Park  Brooklyn, NY (~8 miles)  Photo Gallery
  UA Continental 3  Forest Hills, NY (~8 miles)   
  Teaneck Cinemas  Teaneck, NJ (~8 miles) E-Ticketing 
  UA Brandon Cinemas 2  Forest Hills, NY (~8 miles)   
  Globe Cinema - Bronx  Bronx, NY (~8 miles)   
  The Nethermead  Brooklyn, NY (~8 miles)   
  UA Midway Stadium 9  Forest Hills, NY (~8 miles) E-Ticketing 
  Lincoln Cinemas  Arlington, NJ (~8 miles)   
  Cinemart Cinemas  Forest Hills, NY (~8 miles) E-TicketingPhoto Gallery
  Whitestone Multiplex Cinemas  Bronx, NY (~9 miles)   
  All Jersey Multiplex Cinemas  Newark, NJ (~9 miles)   
  Kenmore Theatre  Flatbush, NY (~9 miles)   
  AMC Loews E-Walk 13  New York, NY (~9 miles)   
  Main Street Cinemas  Flushing, NY (~9 miles)   
  Show World  New York, NY (~9 miles)   
  Kew Gardens Cinemas  Kew Gardens, NY (~9 miles) E-TicketingPhoto Gallery
  AMC Dine-in Shops at Riverside 9  Hackensack, NJ (~9 miles) E-Ticketing 
  AMC Clifton Commons 16  Clifton, NJ (~10 miles) E-Ticketing 
  Franklin Triplex  Nutley, NJ (~10 miles)   
  Linden Boulevard Multiplex Cinemas  Brooklyn, NY (~10 miles) E-Ticketing 
  Flatbush Gardens  Brooklyn, NY (~10 miles)   
  Riverdale Twin Theatre  Bronx, NY (~10 miles)   
  Frank Theatres - South Cove Stadium 12  Bayonne, NJ (~10 miles)  Photo Gallery
  UA Cross Bay II  South Ozone Park, NY (~10 miles)   
  UA Cross Bay I  Ozone Park, NY (~10 miles)   
  AMC Loews Alpine 7  Bay Ridge, NY (~10 miles)   
  Alpine Cinemas  Brooklyn, NY (~10 miles) E-TicketingPhoto Gallery
  Bombay Theatre  Fresh Meadows, NY (~10 miles) E-TicketingPhoto Gallery
  Brooklyn Center Cinema  Brooklyn, NY (~10 miles)   
  Bow Tie Tenafly Cinemas  Tenafly, NJ (~10 miles) E-Ticketing 
  AMC Loews Paramus Route 4 10  Paramus, NJ (~10 miles)   
  Kent Theatre  Coney Island, NY (~10 miles) E-Ticketing 
  AMC Loews Fortway 5  Bay Ridge, NY (~10 miles)   
  AMC Bay Plaza Cinema 13  Bronx, NY (~10 miles) E-Ticketing 
  CO Cinema 5  Fresh Meadows, NY (~10 miles)   
  Bow Tie Bergenfield Cinemas  Bergenfield, NJ (~10 miles) E-Ticketing 
  AMC Loews Fresh Meadows 7  Fresh Meadows, NY (~10 miles) E-Ticketing 
  Allwood Cinemas  Clifton, NJ (~11 miles) E-Ticketing 
  Captain Tilly Park  Jamaica, NY (~11 miles)   
  Canarsie Triplex  Brooklyn, NY (~11 miles)   
  AMC Loews Bay Terrace 6  Bayside, NY (~11 miles) E-Ticketing 
  AMC Garden State 16  Paramus, NJ (~11 miles) E-Ticketing 
  AMC Loews Kings Plaza 6  Flatlands, NY (~11 miles)   
  Clifton Quad  Clifton, NJ (~11 miles)   
  UA Bayside Quad  Bayside, NY (~11 miles)   
  AMC Loews Route 17 3  Paramus, NJ (~11 miles)   
  Paramus Picture Show  Paramus, NJ (~11 miles)   
  Jamaica Multiplex Cinemas  Jamaica, NY (~11 miles) E-Ticketing 
  Snug Harbor Cultural Center  Staten Island, NY (~11 miles)   
  Patane Auditorium  Brooklyn, NY (~11 miles)   
  Roberts Lost Picture Show  Bloomfield, NJ (~11 miles)   
  CO Royal  Bloomfield, NJ (~11 miles)   
  UA Marboro Quad  Bensonhurst, NY (~12 miles)   
  CityPlex 12  Newark, NJ (~12 miles) E-Ticketing 
  CO Kingsway  Brooklyn, NY (~12 miles)   
  Cross County Multiplex Cinemas  Yonkers, NY (~12 miles) E-Ticketing 
  Roberts Wellmont Theatre  Montclair, NJ (~13 miles)   
  Bow Tie Clairidge Theater  Montclair, NJ (~13 miles) E-Ticketing 
  Clearview's Screening Zone  Montclair, NJ (~13 miles)   
  Pelham Picture House  Pelham, NY (~13 miles)   
  Bow Tie Bellevue Cinemas  Montclair, NJ (~13 miles)   
  Hollywood Cinemas  East Orange, NJ (~13 miles)   
  AMC Loews Jersey Gardens 20  Elizabeth, NJ (~13 miles) E-Ticketing 
  Douglaston Movieworld  Douglaston, NY (~13 miles)   
  Rochdale Park  Jamaica, NY (~13 miles)   
  Hyway Theater  Fair Lawn, NJ (~13 miles)   
  Movie World Cinemas  Douglaston, NY (~13 miles)   
  Bow Tie Squire Cinemas  Great Neck, NY (~13 miles) E-Ticketing 
  Washington Township Cinemas  Washington Township, NJ (~13 miles) E-Ticketing 
  CMX - Closter  Closter, NJ (~13 miles) E-Ticketing 
  Bow Tie Closter Cinemas  Closter, NJ (~13 miles)   
  UA Sheepshead Bay Stadium 14 IMAX & RPX  Brooklyn, NY (~13 miles) E-Ticketing 
  Clearview's Cinema 23  Cedar Grove, NJ (~13 miles)   
  Bow Tie Bronxville Cinemas  Bronxville, NY (~14 miles) E-Ticketing 
  Fabian 8  Paterson, NJ (~14 miles)   
  Regal New Roc Stadium 18 IMAX & RPX  New Rochelle, NY (~14 miles) E-Ticketing 
  North Shore Tower Cinemas  Floral Park, NY (~14 miles)   
  Coney Island  Brooklyn, NY (~14 miles)   
  Town Twin  New Rochelle, NY (~14 miles)   
  Regal IMAX at New Roc City  New Rochelle, NY (~14 miles)   
  Clearview's Emerson Quad  Emerson, NJ (~14 miles)   
  AMC Dine-in Theatres Essex Green 9  West Orange, NJ (~14 miles) E-Ticketing 
  UA Staten Island Stadium 16 & RPX  Staten Island, NY (~14 miles) E-Ticketing 
  Showcase Cinema de Lux Ridge Hill  Yonkers, NY (~15 miles) E-Ticketing 
  Bow Tie South Orange Cinemas  South Orange, NJ (~15 miles) E-Ticketing 
  Bow Tie Manhasset Theater  Manhasset, NY (~15 miles)   
  Hawthorne Theaters  Hawthorne, NJ (~15 miles) E-Ticketing 
  Rosebud Theater  Westwood, NJ (~15 miles)  Photo Gallery
  Westwood Cinemas  Westwood, NJ (~15 miles) E-Ticketing 
  Soundview Cinemas  Port Washington, NY (~15 miles)   
  Sunrise Multiplex Cinemas  Valley Stream, NY (~15 miles)   
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