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All Theaters within 40 miles of Rancho Cucamonga, CA (91739)

  AMC Victoria Gardens 12  Rancho Cucamonga, CA (~1 miles) E-Ticketing 
  Terra Vista 6 Cinemas  Rancho Cucamonga, CA (~3 miles) E-TicketingPhoto Gallery
  Edwards Terra Vista 6  Rancho Cucamonga, CA (~3 miles)   
  Edwards Rancho Cucamonga 6  Rancho Cucamonga, CA (~3 miles)   
  Edwards Ontario Palace Stadium 22 IMAX & RPX  Ontario, CA (~4 miles) E-Ticketing 
  Edwards Ontario IMAX 3D Theatre  Ontario, CA (~4 miles)   
  AMC Ontario Mills 30  Ontario, CA (~4 miles) E-Ticketing 
  Ultrascreen Theatre  Ontario, CA (~4 miles)   
  Regency Fontana 8  Fontana, CA (~6 miles) E-TicketingPhoto Gallery
  Pacific Ontario 10 Theaters  Ontario, CA (~8 miles)   
  Regency Rialto Stadium 8  Rialto, CA (~8 miles)   
  Edwards Upland 8  Upland, CA (~8 miles)   
  Edwards Mountain Green 4  Upland, CA (~8 miles)   
  Edwards Ontario Mountain Village Stadium 14  Ontario, CA (~9 miles) E-Ticketing 
  Rubidoux Tri-Plex Drive-In  West Riverside, CA (~10 miles)   
  Edwards Eastvale Gateway Stadium 14  Eastvale, CA (~10 miles) E-Ticketing 
  GC Montclair Cinema Plaza  Montclair, CA (~11 miles)   
  Jurupa 14 Cinemas  Riverside, CA (~11 miles) E-TicketingPhoto Gallery
  Cinemark Movies 8 - Chino  Chino, CA (~11 miles) E-Ticketing 
  Laemmle's Claremont 5  Claremont, CA (~12 miles)  Photo Gallery
  Mission Tiki Drive-In  Montclair, CA (~12 miles)   
  AMC Chino 10  Chino, CA (~12 miles)   
  Super Saver Cinema 8  Pomona, CA (~12 miles)   
  Carousel Cinema 4  San Bernardino, CA (~13 miles)   
  Regal San Bernardino Stadium 14 & RPX  San Bernardino, CA (~13 miles) E-TicketingPhoto Gallery
  Pacific Inland Center 5  San Bernardino, CA (~13 miles)   
  GC Rancho Cinemas  Colton, CA (~13 miles)   
  Marketplace Cinema 6  Riverside, CA (~13 miles)   
  Regal Cinemas Riverside Stadium 16  Riverside, CA (~14 miles) E-Ticketing 
  AMC Commercenter 6  San Bernardino, CA (~14 miles)   
  Edwards La Verne Stadium 12  La Verne, CA (~14 miles) E-Ticketing 
  Chino Cinema$aver 12  Chino, CA (~14 miles)   
  Krikorian Chino Spectrum Marketplace 12  Chino, CA (~14 miles)   
  Metropolitan University Village Cinemas  Riverside, CA (~15 miles)   
  Harkins Chino Hills 18  Chino Hills, CA (~15 miles) E-TicketingPhoto Gallery
  UA Galleria at Tyler  Riverside, CA (~15 miles)   
  AMC Tyler Galleria 16  Riverside, CA (~15 miles) E-Ticketing 
  Regal Del Rosa Cinema 8  San Bernardino, CA (~15 miles)   
  Van Buren Cinema 3 Drive-In  Arlington, CA (~15 miles)   
  UA Park Sierra 6  Riverside, CA (~16 miles)   
  Regency Sterling Cinema 6  San Bernardino, CA (~16 miles) E-Ticketing 
  Towne Centre Cinema  Riverside, CA (~16 miles)   
  Edwards Corona 15 Cinemas  Corona, CA (~17 miles)   
  Edwards Corona Westend 8  Corona, CA (~18 miles)   
  Galaxy Mission Grove Luxury+  Riverside, CA (~18 miles)   
  AMC Glendora 12 @ 210/57  Glendora, CA (~18 miles) E-Ticketing 
  Harkins Mountain Grove 16  Redlands, CA (~18 miles) E-Ticketing 
  Naz 8  Moreno Valley, CA (~18 miles)   
  Harkins Moreno Valley 16  Moreno Valley, CA (~19 miles) E-Ticketing 
  Mann Glendora 6-Plex  Glendora, CA (~19 miles)   
  UltraStar Towngate Cinemas 8  Moreno Valley, CA (~20 miles)   
  Regency Towngate 8  Moreno Valley, CA (~20 miles) E-Ticketing 
  Rainbow Theater  Redlands, CA (~20 miles)   
  Studio Movie Grill - Redlands  Redlands, CA (~20 miles) E-Ticketing 
  Blue Jay Cinema  Blue Jay, CA (~20 miles) E-TicketingPhoto Gallery
  Edwards Festival Cinemas 6  Moreno Valley, CA (~20 miles)   
  Edwards Corona Crossings Stadium 18 & RPX  Corona, CA (~21 miles) E-Ticketing 
  NAZ 8 - Diamond Bar  Diamond Bar, CA (~21 miles)   
  Regency Foothill Cinema 10  Azusa, CA (~21 miles) E-Ticketing 
  Starlight Dos Lagos 15  Corona, CA (~21 miles) E-TicketingPhoto Gallery
  Pacific Azusa Drive-In  Azusa, CA (~22 miles)   
  Eastland  West Covina, CA (~22 miles)   
  Moreno 4 Cinemas  Moreno Valley, CA (~22 miles)   
  Edwards Anaheim Hills 14  Anaheim, CA (~22 miles) E-Ticketing 
  AMC Covina 17  Covina, CA (~22 miles) E-Ticketing 
  Fox Theatre - Covina  Covina, CA (~22 miles)   
  Edwards West Covina Stadium 18  West Covina, CA (~23 miles) E-Ticketing 
  Mann Puente Hills  City of Industry, CA (~24 miles)   
  Civic Plaza 12  Hesperia, CA (~24 miles) E-Ticketing 
  Cinema City Theatres  Anaheim, CA (~24 miles) E-TicketingPhoto Gallery
  Wescove  West Covina, CA (~24 miles)   
  AMC Puente Plaza 10  City of Industry, CA (~24 miles)   
  AMC Puente Hills 20  City of Industry, CA (~25 miles) E-Ticketing 
  Brea Plaza 5 Cinemas  Brea, CA (~25 miles) E-TicketingPhoto Gallery
  UA Marketplace - Brea  Brea, CA (~25 miles)   
  UA Brea Movies  Brea, CA (~26 miles)   
  Cinemark 16 Victorville and XD  Victorville, CA (~26 miles) E-Ticketing 
  Edwards Brea Stadium 12 - East  Brea, CA (~26 miles) E-Ticketing 
  Edwards Brea Stadium 10 - West  Brea, CA (~26 miles) E-Ticketing 
  Cinemark Movies 10  Victorville, CA (~26 miles) E-Ticketing 
  Vineland Drive-In  City of Industry, CA (~27 miles)  Photo Gallery
  Mann Huntington Oaks 6  Monrovia, CA (~27 miles)   
  Studio Movie Grill - Monrovia  Monrovia, CA (~28 miles) E-Ticketing 
  Regency Perris 10  Perris, CA (~28 miles) E-Ticketing 
  La Habra 4  La Habra, CA (~28 miles)   
  Captain Blood's Village Twin Theatre  Orange, CA (~28 miles)   
  Cinemark Jess Ranch  Apple Valley, CA (~29 miles) E-Ticketing 
  Cinemark Movies 7 - Victorville  Victorville, CA (~29 miles)   
  Krikorian La Habra Cinema 4  La Habra, CA (~29 miles)   
  Regal La Habra 16  La Habra, CA (~29 miles) E-Ticketing 
  AMC Fullerton 20 with Dine-in Theatres  Fullerton, CA (~29 miles) E-Ticketing 
  Metropolitan El Monte Theatre  El Monte, CA (~30 miles)   
  Century Stadium 25 and XD  Orange, CA (~30 miles) E-Ticketing 
  Edwards El Monte 8  El Monte, CA (~30 miles)   
  Folino Theater - Chapman University  Orange, CA (~30 miles)  Photo Gallery
  Regal Whittwood 10  Whittier, CA (~30 miles)   
  AMC Santa Anita 16  Arcadia, CA (~30 miles) E-Ticketing 
  GC Santa Anita  Arcadia, CA (~30 miles)   
  AMC Classic Apple Valley 14  Apple Valley, CA (~31 miles) E-TicketingPhoto Gallery
  Century Cinedome Orange  Orange, CA (~31 miles)   
  Picture Show @ Main Place  Santa Ana, CA (~31 miles) E-TicketingPhoto Gallery
  AMC Mainplace 6  Santa Ana, CA (~31 miles)   
  Whittier Village Cinemas  Whittier, CA (~31 miles) E-TicketingPhoto Gallery
  IMAX - Soarin' Over California - Disneyland  Anaheim, CA (~31 miles)   
  UltraStar GardenWalk Cinemas  Anaheim, CA (~32 miles)   
  Edwards Temple 4  Temple City, CA (~32 miles)   
  AMC Downtown Disney 12 (Los Angeles)  Anaheim, CA (~32 miles) E-Ticketing 
  Edwards Tustin Marketplace 6  Tustin, CA (~32 miles)   
  Edwards Marketplace Stadium 10  Irvine, CA (~32 miles) E-Ticketing 
  Pacific Hastings  Pasadena, CA (~32 miles)   
  AMC Classic La Mirada 7  La Mirada, CA (~32 miles) E-TicketingPhoto Gallery
  Krikorian La Mirada Cinema 7  La Mirada, CA (~32 miles)   
  Pacific Hastings Ranch  Pasadena, CA (~32 miles)   
  AMC Orange 30 (AMC 30 At The Block)  Orange, CA (~32 miles) E-Ticketing 
  Regal Foothill Towne Center 22  Foothill Ranch, CA (~32 miles) E-Ticketing 
  Eagle Rock Plaza 4  Eagle Rock, CA (~33 miles)   
  Vintage Cinemas Santa Fe Springs Plaza 3  Whittier, CA (~33 miles)   
  The Frida Cinema  Santa Ana, CA (~33 miles) E-Ticketing 
  Mann Santa Fe Springs 8  Santa Fe Springs, CA (~33 miles)   
  Kuo-Hwa Cinemas  San Gabriel, CA (~33 miles)   
  Laemmle's Esquire  Pasadena, CA (~33 miles)   
  Krikorian Buena Park Metroplex 18  Buena Park, CA (~33 miles) E-Ticketing 
  CGV Buena Park 8  Buena Park, CA (~33 miles) E-Ticketing 
  Interstate Theatres - Brookhurst Movies 4  Anaheim, CA (~33 miles)   
  Brookhurst Discount Cinemas  Anaheim, CA (~33 miles)   
  Laemmle's Colorado  Pasadena, CA (~33 miles)   
  Brookhurst Cinema 4  Anaheim, CA (~33 miles)   
  Edwards Trabuco Hills 5  Mission Viejo, CA (~33 miles)   
  Edwards Gateway 5  La Mirada, CA (~33 miles)   
  AMC Montebello 10  Montebello, CA (~33 miles) E-Ticketing 
  Cinepolis Luxury Cinemas - Rancho Santa Margarita  Rancho Santa Margarita, CA (~33 miles) E-Ticketing 
  Pacific Fiesta Drive-In  Pico Rivera, CA (~34 miles)   
  Cinepolis Pico Rivera  Pico Rivera, CA (~34 miles) E-TicketingPhoto Gallery
  Edwards El Toro 5  Lake Forest, CA (~34 miles)   
  Regal Garden Grove 16  Garden Grove, CA (~34 miles) E-Ticketing 
  AMC Tustin 14 at The District  Tustin, CA (~34 miles) E-Ticketing 
  Edwards Alhambra Place 5  Alhambra, CA (~35 miles)   
  Garfield Theater  Alhambra, CA (~35 miles)   
  AMC Classic Woodbridge 5  Irvine, CA (~35 miles) E-TicketingPhoto Gallery
  Edwards Alhambra Renaissance Stadium 14 & IMAX  Alhambra, CA (~35 miles) E-TicketingPhoto Gallery
  AMC Norwalk 20  Norwalk, CA (~35 miles) E-Ticketing 
  Regal Lake Elsinore 8  Lake Elsinore, CA (~35 miles)   
  Regency Academy Cinemas 6  Pasadena, CA (~35 miles) E-Ticketing 
  Lake Elsinore Diamond 8  Lake Elsinore, CA (~35 miles) E-Ticketing 
  Edwards Westpark 8  Irvine, CA (~35 miles) E-Ticketing 
  Edwards Irvine Spectrum 21 IMAX & RPX  Irvine, CA (~35 miles) E-Ticketing 
  Edwards Irvine IMAX 3D Theatre  Irvine, CA (~35 miles)   
  State Theater  Pasadena, CA (~35 miles)   
  Edwards Atlantic Palace 10  Alhambra, CA (~35 miles)   
  Laemmle's Playhouse 7  Pasadena, CA (~35 miles)  Photo Gallery
  AMC Atlantic Times Square 14  Monterey Park, CA (~35 miles) E-Ticketing 
  Edwards Monterey Mall 3  Monterey Park, CA (~35 miles)   
  Edwards Hutton Centre 8  Santa Ana, CA (~36 miles)   
  Village Theaters  Big Bear Lake, CA (~36 miles)  Photo Gallery
  Silver Super Saver Cinema 8 - Norwalk  Norwalk, CA (~36 miles)   
  Village Theaters North  Big Bear Lake, CA (~36 miles)  Photo Gallery
  ArcLight Pasadena  Pasadena, CA (~36 miles) E-Ticketing 
  Centennial Square at Pasadena City Hall  Pasadena, CA (~36 miles)   
  Regency Norwalk 8  Norwalk, CA (~36 miles) E-Ticketing 
  Edwards Cerritos Stadium 10  Cerritos, CA (~36 miles) E-Ticketing 
  Rialto Theatre  South Pasadena, CA (~36 miles)   
  Edwards Village Center 6  Stanton, CA (~36 miles)   
  Old Pasadena 8  Pasadena, CA (~36 miles)   
  Laemmle's One Colorado  Old Pasadena, CA (~36 miles)   
  UA Pasadena  Pasadena, CA (~36 miles)   
  iPic Theaters at One Colorado Pasadena  Pasadena, CA (~36 miles)   
  Edwards Bristol Four  Santa Ana, CA (~36 miles)   
  Family Twin Cinema  Cypress, CA (~36 miles)   
  Edwards Town Center 4  Costa Mesa, CA (~36 miles)   
  Edwards South Coast Plaza 3  Costa Mesa, CA (~36 miles)   
  Regency South Coast Village 3  Santa Ana, CA (~36 miles) E-Ticketing 
  Edwards Saddleback 1,2,3  Lake Forest, CA (~36 miles)   
  Edwards Park Place 10  Irvine, CA (~36 miles)   
  Edwards South Coast Village  Santa Ana, CA (~36 miles)   
  Edwards South Coast Village 3  Santa Ana, CA (~36 miles)   
  Edwards Saddleback 4,5,6  Lake Forest, CA (~37 miles)   
  Pacific Highway 39 Drive-In  Westminster, CA (~37 miles)   
  Edwards Metro Pointe Stadium 12  Costa Mesa, CA (~37 miles) E-Ticketing 
  Regency Theatres - Commerce 14  Commerce, CA (~37 miles) E-Ticketing 
  Edwards Fountain Valley Twin  Fountain Valley, CA (~37 miles)   
  Laguna Hills Mall Cinemas  Laguna Hills, CA (~37 miles)   
  Avenue Theatre  Downey, CA (~37 miles)   
  AMC Alondra 6  Cerritos, CA (~37 miles)   
  4 Star Cinemas  Garden Grove, CA (~37 miles) E-TicketingPhoto Gallery
  Studio Movie Grill - Downey  Downey, CA (~37 miles) E-Ticketing 
  Harkins Cerritos 16  Cerritos, CA (~38 miles) E-TicketingPhoto Gallery
  Edwards University Town Center 6  Irvine, CA (~38 miles) E-Ticketing 
  UA Galaxy Theatre at Los Cerritos Center  Cerritos, CA (~38 miles)   
  Cinemark Downey and XD  Downey, CA (~38 miles) E-Ticketing 
  Regency Westminster 10  Westminster, CA (~38 miles) E-Ticketing 
  Edwards Family Four  Fountain Valley, CA (~38 miles)   
  Edwards Westminster Twin  Westminster, CA (~38 miles)   
  UA Lakewood  Lakewood, CA (~38 miles)   
  Edwards Long Beach Stadium 26 & IMAX  Long Beach, CA (~38 miles) E-Ticketing 
  Century Huntington Beach and XD  Huntington Beach, CA (~38 miles) E-Ticketing 
  Edwards Westminster Mall  Westminster, CA (~38 miles)   
  Highland Theater  Highland Park, CA (~39 miles)   
  Star-Vu Drive-In  Costa Mesa, CA (~39 miles)   
  Edwards Cinema Center 4  Costa Mesa, CA (~39 miles)   
  Edwards South Gate Stadium 20 & IMAX  South Gate, CA (~39 miles) E-Ticketing 
  Edwards Cinema  Costa Mesa, CA (~39 miles)   
  Regency Charter Centre Cinemas 5  Huntington Beach, CA (~39 miles)   
  Fox Cineplex  Banning, CA (~39 miles)   
  Edwards Harbor Twin  Costa Mesa, CA (~40 miles)   
  Edwards Aliso Viejo Stadium 20 & IMAX  Aliso Viejo, CA (~40 miles) E-Ticketing 
  Silver Cinemas - Rossmoor 7  Seal Beach, CA (~40 miles)   
  Eagle Theatre  Los Angeles, CA (~40 miles)   
  Edwards Crown Valley 5  Mission Viejo, CA (~40 miles)   
  Regal Hemet Cinema 12  Hemet, CA (~40 miles) E-Ticketing 
  Edwards Kaleidoscope Stadium 10  Mission Viejo, CA (~40 miles) E-Ticketing 
  Bianchi Theatre  Paramount, CA (~40 miles)   
  Paramount Drive-In Theatres  Paramount, CA (~40 miles)   
  Pacific Theatres Lakewood Center 16  Lakewood, CA (~40 miles) E-Ticketing 
  Holiday Cinemas III  Hemet, CA (~40 miles)   
  Pacific Lakewood Center South  Lakewood, CA (~40 miles)   
  Pacific Regency 8  Lakewood, CA (~40 miles)   
  Edwards Huntington Twin  Huntington Beach, CA (~40 miles)   
  UA LaCanada Flintridge 8  LaCanada Flintridge, CA (~40 miles) E-Ticketing 
  Triangle Square Cinemas  Costa Mesa, CA (~40 miles) E-TicketingPhoto Gallery
  Edwards Mesa Cinema  Costa Mesa, CA (~40 miles)   
  Edwards Rancho Niguel 8  Laguna Niguel, CA (~40 miles)   
  Regency Directors Cut Cinema at Rancho Niguel  Laguna Niguel, CA (~40 miles) E-Ticketing 
  Regal Cinemas San Jacinto Metro 12  San Jacinto, CA (~40 miles) E-Ticketing 
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