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All Theaters within 50 miles of Toronto, ON (M6K 3B9)

  Cinesphere Ontario Place IMAX  Toronto, ON (< 1 mile)  Photo Gallery
  99 Sudbury  Toronto, ON (< 1 mile)   
  Drake Hotel - Sky Yard  Toronto, ON (< 1 mile)   
  Gladstone Hotel Art Bar  Toronto, ON (~1 miles)   
  Museum of Contemporary Canadian Art / MOCCA  Toronto, ON (~1 miles)   
  Camera Bar  Toronto, ON (~1 miles)   
  Amsterdam Brewery  Toronto, ON (~1 miles)   
  Trash Palace - Eyesore Cinema  Toronto, ON (~1 miles)   
  Toronto Underground Cinema  Toronto, ON (~2 miles)   
  Festival Cinemas - Royal Theatre  Toronto, ON (~2 miles)   
  Royal Cinema  Toronto, ON (~2 miles)  Photo Gallery
  TIFF Bell Lightbox  Toronto, ON (~2 miles)   
  Glenn Gould Studio at CBC  Toronto, ON (~2 miles)   
  Cineforum  Toronto, ON (~2 miles)   
  NFB Mediatheque  Toronto, ON (~2 miles)   
  Harbourfront Centre Studio Theatre  Toronto, ON (~2 miles)   
  London Tap House  Toronto, ON (~2 miles)   
  Princess of Wales Theatre  Toronto, ON (~2 miles)   
  Scotiabank Theatre Toronto  Toronto, ON (~2 miles)   
  Roy Thomson Hall  Toronto, ON (~2 miles)   
  Gallery TPW  Toronto, ON (~2 miles)   
  Jackman Hall - Art Gallery of Ontario  Toronto, ON (~2 miles)   
  Cinematheque Ontario - Jackman Hall AGO  Toronto, ON (~2 miles)   
  Festival Cinemas - Paradise Theatre  Toronto, ON (~2 miles)   
  Revue Cinema  Toronto, ON (~2 miles)   
  Projection Booth Metro  Toronto, ON (~2 miles)   
  Big Picture Cinemas - Metro  Toronto, ON (~2 miles)   
  Brunswick Theatre Toronto  Toronto, ON (~3 miles)   
  Winter Garden Theatre  Toronto, ON (~3 miles)   
  VISA Screening Room  Toronto, ON (~3 miles)   
  Bloor Hot Docs Cinema  Toronto, ON (~3 miles)   
  Innis Town Hall  Toronto, ON (~3 miles)   
  CO Eaton Centre Cinemas  Toronto, ON (~3 miles)   
  Rainbow Cinemas - Market Square  Toronto, ON (~3 miles)   
  Cineplex Odeon - Yonge & Dundas Cinemas  Toronto, ON (~3 miles)   
  CO Market Square Cinemas  Toronto, ON (~3 miles)   
  CO Carlton Cinemas  Toronto, ON (~3 miles)   
  Ryerson Theatre  Toronto, ON (~3 miles)   
  Magic Lantern - Carlton Cinema  Toronto, ON (~3 miles)   
  Isabel Bader Theatre  Toronto, ON (~3 miles)   
  ROM Theatre  Toronto, ON (~3 miles)   
  Alliance Atlantis Cumberland 4  Toronto, ON (~3 miles)   
  Famous Players Backstage  Toronto, ON (~3 miles)   
  CO Varsity VIP Cinemas  Toronto, ON (~3 miles)   
  Cineplex Odeon - Varsity and VIP Cinemas  Toronto, ON (~3 miles)   
  Famous Players Plaza Cinemas  Toronto, ON (~3 miles)   
  Famous Players Uptown  Toronto, ON (~3 miles)   
  Polson Pier Drive-In  Toronto, ON (~3 miles)   
  Humber Cinemas  Toronto, ON (~4 miles)   
  CO Hyland Cinemas  Toronto, ON (~4 miles)   
  Festival Cinemas - Music Hall  Toronto, ON (~4 miles)   
  Kingsway Theatre  Toronto, ON (~5 miles)  Photo Gallery
  Cineplex Odeon - Queensway  Etobicoke, ON (~5 miles)   
  Projection Booth East  Toronto, ON (~5 miles)   
  Famous Players Eglinton  Toronto, ON (~5 miles)   
  Famous Players Canada Square  Toronto, ON (~5 miles)   
  Regent Theatre  Toronto, ON (~5 miles)   
  OTG - Regent Theatre  Toronto, ON (~5 miles)   
  Mt. Pleasant Theatre  Toronto, ON (~5 miles)   
  Cineplex Entertainment SilverCity - Yonge-Eglinton  Toronto, ON (~5 miles)   
  CO York Cinemas  Toronto, ON (~6 miles)   
  Alliance Atlantis Beach Cinemas  Toronto, ON (~6 miles)   
  Cineplex Entertainment SilverCity - Yorkdale  Toronto, ON (~7 miles)   
  Famous Players Yorkdale  Toronto, ON (~7 miles)   
  CO Sherway Cinemas  Mississauga, ON (~7 miles)   
  Ontario Science Centre IMAX  Toronto, ON (~7 miles)   
  The Fox  Toronto, ON (~7 miles)   
  Famous Players North York Sheridan  Downsview, ON (~8 miles)   
  Aga Khan Museum  Toronto, ON (~8 miles)   
  Cineplex VIP Cinemas Don Mills  Toronto, ON (~8 miles)   
  Movies Under the Stars - Downsview Park  Toronto, ON (~9 miles)   
  CO Warden Woods  Scarborough, ON (~9 miles)   
  Cineplex Odeon - Sheppard Cinemas  Toronto, ON (~9 miles)   
  Cineplex Odeon - Eglinton Town Centre Cinemas  Scarborough, ON (~9 miles)   
  Famous Players Victoria Terrace  Toronto, ON (~9 miles)   
  Cineplex Cinemas Empress Walk  Toronto, ON (~10 miles)   
  Famous Players SilverCity - North York EmpressWalk  Toronto, ON (~10 miles)   
  Alliance Atlantis Bayview Village  Toronto, ON (~10 miles)   
  Cine-Starz - Mississauga  Mississauga, ON (~11 miles)   
  SilverCity Fairview Mall  Toronto, ON (~11 miles)   
  Rainbow Cinemas - Woodbine Centre  Toronto, ON (~11 miles)   
  Famous Players Sussex Centre  Mississauga, ON (~11 miles)   
  Albion Cinemas  Etobicoke, ON (~11 miles)   
  Landmark Cinemas 10 Mississauga  Mississauga, ON (~12 miles)   
  IMAX - Sega City @ Playdium  Mississauga, ON (~12 miles)   
  Cineplex Entertainment Coliseum - Mississauga  Mississauga, ON (~12 miles)   
  AMC Kennedy Commons 20  Scarborough, ON (~12 miles)   
  AMC Interchange 30  Concord, ON (~12 miles)   
  Rainbow Cinemas - Promenade Mall  Thornhill, ON (~13 miles)   
  CO Promenade Cinemas  Thornhill, ON (~13 miles)   
  Coliseum Scarborough Cinemas  Scarborough, ON (~13 miles)   
  Cineplex Entertainment Colossus Vaughan Cinemas  Vaughan, ON (~13 miles)   
  CO Scarborough Town Centre Cinemas  Scarborough, ON (~13 miles)   
  Famous Players Cedarbrae  Toronto, ON (~13 miles)   
  Cineplex Odeon - Courtney Park Cinemas  Mississauga, ON (~14 miles)   
  WWK Drive-In  Brampton, ON (~14 miles)   
  Woodside Cinemas  Scarborough, ON (~14 miles)   
  Famous Players SilverCity - Richmond Hill  Richmond Hill, ON (~15 miles)   
  CO South Common Mall Cinemas  Mississauga, ON (~15 miles)   
  Cineplex Odeon - Winston Churchill Cinemas  Oakville, ON (~15 miles)   
  York Cinemas  Richmond Hill, ON (~15 miles)   
  Cineplex Odeon - Orion Gate Cinemas  Brampton, ON (~15 miles)   
  CO Erin Mills Town Centre Cinemas  Mississauga, ON (~15 miles)   
  Famous Players SilverCity - Mississauga  Mississauga, ON (~16 miles)   
  Cineplex Odeon - First Markham Place  Markham, ON (~16 miles) E-Ticketing 
  Cineplex Cinemas Downtown Markham VIP & IMAX  Markham, ON (~16 miles)   
  Famous Players Gateway 6  Brampton, ON (~16 miles)   
  Cineplex Odeon - Morningside Cinemas  Scarborough, ON (~16 miles)   
  5 Drive-In  Oakville, ON (~16 miles)   
  CO Centennial Cinemas  Brampton, ON (~18 miles)   
  Famous Players Markville  Markham, ON (~18 miles)   
  Rainbow Cinemas - Elgin Mills  Richmond Hill, ON (~18 miles)   
  Encore Plaza Cinemas  Oakville, ON (~19 miles)   
  Encore Oakville Mews Cinemas  Oakville, ON (~19 miles)   
  Famous Players SilverCity - Brampton  Brampton, ON (~19 miles)   
  Famous Players Oakville Towne Centre  Oakville, ON (~19 miles)   
  Landmark Cinemas 7 Bolton  Caledon, ON (~22 miles)   
  Famous Players Pickering 8  Pickering, ON (~22 miles)   
  Famous Players SilverCity - Oakville  Oakville, ON (~23 miles)   
  Galaxy Cinemas @ Milton  Milton, ON (~23 miles)   
  St. Francis Centre  Ajax, ON (~24 miles)   
  OTG - Georgetown Cinemas  Georgetown, ON (~24 miles)   
  Cineplex Odeon - Ajax Cinemas  Ajax, ON (~26 miles)   
  Cineplex Odeon - Aurora Cinemas  Aurora, ON (~26 miles)   
  CO Showcase Cinemas  Burlington, ON (~27 miles)   
  Cine Starz - Burlington  Burlington, ON (~28 miles)   
  Famous Players SilverCity - Burlington  Burlington, ON (~28 miles)   
  Famous Players Glenway  Newmarket, ON (~29 miles)   
  Landmark Cinemas 24 Whitby  Whitby, ON (~30 miles)   
  CO Champlain Centre  Whitby, ON (~31 miles)   
  Famous Players SilverCity - Newmarket  East Gwillimbury, ON (~31 miles)   
  CO Fairview Mall St. Catherines  St. Catharines, ON (~32 miles)   
  Famous Players Oshawa Centre 8  Oshawa, ON (~33 miles)   
  CO Centre Mall Cinemas  Hamilton, ON (~33 miles)   
  Famous Players Lincoln Mall  St. Catharines, ON (~33 miles)   
  Stardust Drive-In Theatre  Sharon, ON (~33 miles)  Photo Gallery
  Playhouse Cinema  Hamilton, ON (~33 miles)   
  Famous Players Fiesta Mall  Stoney Creek, ON (~33 miles)   
  The Film House  St. Catharines, ON (~34 miles)   
  Town Discount Cinemas  St. Catharines, ON (~34 miles)   
  Erin Cinema  Erin, ON (~34 miles)   
  Landmark Cinemas 6 Jackson Square  Hamilton, ON (~34 miles)   
  Famous Players Jackson Square  Hamilton, ON (~34 miles)   
  Starlite Drive-In Theatre  Stoney Creek, ON (~34 miles)   
  Staircase Cafe Theatre  Hamilton, ON (~35 miles)   
  Zoetic Theatre  Hamilton, ON (~35 miles)   
  Westdale Theatre  Hamilton, ON (~35 miles)   
  Oshawa Centre 8  Oshawa, ON (~35 miles)   
  Landmark Cinemas 10 Pen Centre  St. Catharines, ON (~36 miles)   
  Famous Players SilverCity - St. Catharines  St. Catharines, ON (~36 miles)   
  SilverCity Hamilton Mountain  Stoney Creek, ON (~36 miles)   
  Roxy Theatre  Uxbridge, ON (~36 miles)   
  Famous Players Limeridge Mall  Hamilton, ON (~36 miles)   
  CO Upper James Cinemas  Hamilton, ON (~38 miles)   
  Mustang Drive-In  Guelph, ON (~38 miles)   
  Famous Players SilverCity - Ancaster  Ancaster, ON (~39 miles)   
  Uptown Theatre  Orangeville, ON (~39 miles)  Photo Gallery
  Galaxy Cinemas Pergola Commons  Guelph, ON (~40 miles)   
  Galaxy Cinemas - Orangeville  Orangeville, ON (~40 miles)   
  Can View Drive In  Fonthill, ON (~40 miles)   
  Cineplex Odeon - Clarington Place  Bowmanville, ON (~40 miles)   
  Niagara Falls IMAX   Niagara Falls, ON (~41 miles)   
  CO Niagara Square Cinemas  Niagara Falls, ON (~42 miles)   
  Cineplex Odeon - Niagara Square  Niagara Falls, ON (~42 miles)   
  CO Stone Road Mall Cinemas  Guelph, ON (~42 miles)   
  Circle Theatre  Alliston, ON (~43 miles)   
  Four Seasons Cinema  Niagara Falls, NY (~43 miles)  Photo Gallery
  Bookshelf  Guelph, ON (~43 miles)   
  Imagine Cinemas - Alliston  West Alliston, ON (~43 miles)   
  Gem Theatre  Keswick, ON (~43 miles)   
  Regal Niagara Falls Stadium 12  Niagara Falls, NY (~43 miles) E-Ticketing 
  Cineplex Odeon - Seaway Mall  Welland, ON (~43 miles)   
  GC Summit Park 6  Niagara Falls, NY (~44 miles)   
  Woodlawn Cinema 9  Guelph, ON (~44 miles)   
  Galaxy Cinemas @ Guelph  Guelph, ON (~45 miles)   
  CO Cambridge Cinemas  Cambridge, ON (~48 miles)   
  Galaxy Cinemas @ Cambridge Centre  Cambridge, ON (~48 miles)   
  Palace Theatre  Lockport, NY (~48 miles)  Photo Gallery
  Lockport Mall Cinema 8  Lockport, NY (~49 miles)   
  Galaxy Cinemas @ Barrie  Barrie, ON (~50 miles)   
  Riviera Theatre  North Tonawanda, NY (~50 miles)   
  Port Bolster Drive-in  Port Bolster, ON (~50 miles)   
  Borden Community - Terra Theatre  Borden, ON (~50 miles)   
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