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Classic Movies Back on the Big Screen


MovieRelease YearMPAA RatingMedia 
Cold Steel 1987R 
Collateral Academy Award® Nominee 2004RTrailers/Videos AvailablePhotos Available
Cowboy Bebop: The Movie 2003RPhotos Available
Dr. No 1963PGTrailers/Videos AvailablePhotos Available
Dolemite 1975R 
Duel 1971Not Rated 
Face/Off Academy Award® Nominee 1997RPhotos Available
Fight Club Academy Award® Nominee 1999RTrailers/Videos AvailablePhotos Available
The French Connection Academy Award® Winner 1971RTrailers/Videos AvailablePhotos Available
Full Metal Jacket Academy Award® Nominee 1987RTrailers/Videos AvailablePhotos Available
Goldfinger Academy Award® Winner 1964Not RatedTrailers/Videos Available
Hulk 2003PG-13Trailers/Videos AvailablePhotos Available
Kung Fu Hustle 2005RTrailers/Videos Available
Ocean's Twelve 2004PG-13Trailers/Videos AvailablePhotos Available
Ong-Bak: Muay Thai Warrior 2005R 
Raiders of the Lost Ark Academy Award® Winner 1981PGTrailers/Videos AvailablePhotos Available
The Seven Samurai Academy Award® Nominee 1956Not RatedPhotos Available
Shaft Academy Award® Winner 1971RPhotos Available
Shaun of the Dead 2004RTrailers/Videos AvailablePhotos Available
Street Fighter 1994PG-13Photos Available
Top Gun Academy Award® Winner 1986PGTrailers/Videos AvailablePhotos Available
Total Recall Academy Award® Nominee 1990RTrailers/Videos AvailablePhotos Available
Westworld 1973PGPhotos Available
The Adventures of Robin Hood Academy Award® Winner 1938Not RatedPhotos Available
The African Queen Academy Award® Winner 1951Not RatedTrailers/Videos AvailablePhotos Available
The Ascent 1996Not Rated 
The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford Academy Award® Nominee 2007RTrailers/Videos AvailablePhotos Available
Badlands 1973PG 
Batman Academy Award® Winner 1989PG-13Trailers/Videos AvailablePhotos Available
Batman Returns Academy Award® Nominee 1992PG-13Trailers/Videos AvailablePhotos Available
Black Dynamite 2009RTrailers/Videos AvailablePhotos Available
Blade 1998RTrailers/Videos AvailablePhotos Available
Bring Me the Head of Alfredo Garcia 1974R 
Bullitt Academy Award® Winner 1968PGTrailers/Videos AvailablePhotos Available
Chopping Mall 1986R 
Clean Slate (Coup de torchon) 1981Not RatedTrailers/Videos Available
Con Air Academy Award® Nominee 1997RPhotos Available
Cutthroat Island 1995PG-13Photos Available
The Dark Knight Academy Award® Winner 2008PG-13Trailers/Videos AvailablePhotos Available
Die Hard 1988RTrailers/Videos AvailablePhotos Available
Die Hard 2 1990RTrailers/Videos AvailablePhotos Available
Diva 2007Not Rated 
The Doom Generation 1995RTrailers/Videos Available
Double Team 1997RPhotos Available
Drive Academy Award® Nominee 2011RTrailers/Videos AvailablePhotos Available
Flash Gordon 1980PGPhotos Available
48 Hours 1982RPhotos Available
The Goonies 1985PGTrailers/Videos AvailablePhotos Available
Heat 1986R 
The Hunger Games 2012PG-13Trailers/Videos AvailablePhotos Available
I Come in Peace 1990Not Rated 
Inception: The IMAX Experience Academy Award® Winner 2010PG-13Trailers/Videos AvailablePhotos Available
Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom Academy Award® Winner 1984PGTrailers/Videos AvailablePhotos Available
Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade Academy Award® Winner 1989PG-13Trailers/Videos AvailablePhotos Available
Inglourious Basterds Academy Award® Winner 2009RTrailers/Videos AvailablePhotos Available
Invasion U.S.A. 1985R 
Ip Man 2010R 
It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World Academy Award® Winner 1963GPhotos Available
King of New York 1990R 
The Land Before Time 1988GPhotos Available
The Last of the Mohicans Academy Award® Winner 1992RPhotos Available
The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring (Special Extended Edition) 2003PG-13 
The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring Academy Award® Winner 2001PG-13Trailers/Videos AvailablePhotos Available
The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers Academy Award® Winner 2002PG-13Trailers/Videos AvailablePhotos Available
The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King Academy Award® Winner 2003PG-13Trailers/Videos AvailablePhotos Available
The Lost Boys 1987RTrailers/Videos AvailablePhotos Available
Mad Max 2: The Road Warrior 1982RTrailers/Videos AvailablePhotos Available
Monsters vs. Aliens 2009PGTrailers/Videos AvailablePhotos Available
Mothra vs. Godzilla (Mosura tai Gojira) 1964Not Rated 
The Mummy 1999PG-13Trailers/Videos AvailablePhotos Available
The New World Academy Award® Nominee 2006PG-13Trailers/Videos AvailablePhotos Available
No Country for Old Men Academy Award® Winner 2007RTrailers/Videos AvailablePhotos Available
On Her Majesty's Secret Service 1969PGTrailers/Videos AvailablePhotos Available
The Powerpuff Girls Movie 2002PGTrailers/Videos Available
Rare Exports: A Christmas Tale 2010RTrailers/Videos AvailablePhotos Available
Reptilicus 1963Not Rated 
Reservoir Dogs 1992RTrailers/Videos AvailablePhotos Available
Road House 1948Not Rated 
Rumble in the Bronx 1996RPhotos Available
Safe 2012RTrailers/Videos AvailablePhotos Available
Skyfall Academy Award® Winner 2012PG-13Trailers/Videos AvailablePhotos Available
Speed Racer 2008PGTrailers/Videos AvailablePhotos Available
Superman Academy Award® Nominee 1978PGPhotos Available
Superman II 1981PGPhotos Available
Surf Nazis Must Die 1987R 
Twilight 2008PG-13Trailers/Videos AvailablePhotos Available
The Twilight Saga: Eclipse 2010PG-13Trailers/Videos AvailablePhotos Available
The Twilight Saga: New Moon 2009PG-13Trailers/Videos AvailablePhotos Available
WarGames 1983PGTrailers/Videos AvailablePhotos Available
The Warriors 1979RTrailers/Videos AvailablePhotos Available
Where the Wild Things Are 2009PGTrailers/Videos AvailablePhotos Available
The Wiz 1978Not Rated 
World War Z 2013PG-13Trailers/Videos AvailablePhotos Available
Zulu 1964Not Rated 
Aladdin Academy Award® Winner 1992GPhotos Available
An American Tail Academy Award® Nominee 1986GTrailers/Videos AvailablePhotos Available
Anastasia 1997GTrailers/Videos AvailablePhotos Available
Barbarella 1968Not Rated 
Castle in the Sky (Tenku no shiro Rapyuta) 1987PGPhotos Available
E.T. The Extra Terrestrial Academy Award® Winner 1982PGTrailers/Videos AvailablePhotos Available
Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas 1998RPhotos Available
Frozen Academy Award® Winner 2013PGTrailers/Videos AvailablePhotos Available
Howl's Moving Castle Academy Award® Nominee 2005PGTrailers/Videos Available
Jumanji 1995PGTrailers/Videos AvailablePhotos Available
The Jungle Book Academy Award® Nominee 1967PGPhotos Available
Kiki's Delivery Service (Majo no takkyubin) 1990GPhotos Available
Kirikou and the Sorceress 2000Not RatedTrailers/Videos Available
Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind (Kaze no tani no Naushika) 1985PGPhotos Available
The NeverEnding Story 1984PGTrailers/Videos AvailablePhotos Available
101 Dalmatians 1961GPhotos Available
The Polar Express Academy Award® Nominee 2004GTrailers/Videos AvailablePhotos Available
The Polar Express: An IMAX 3D Experience Academy Award® Nominee 2004GTrailers/Videos AvailablePhotos Available
The Polar Express: An IMAX Experience 2004GPhotos Available
Princess Mononoke 1999PG-13Trailers/Videos AvailablePhotos Available
Rise of the Guardians 2012PGTrailers/Videos AvailablePhotos Available
Robin Hood 1973GPhotos Available
Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer (TV Special) 1964Not Rated 
Santa Claus Is Comin' to Town! 1970Not Rated 
Santa Claus: The Movie 1985Not RatedPhotos Available
Spirited Away (Sen to Chihiro no Kamikakushi) Academy Award® Winner 2002PGTrailers/Videos Available
Thelma & Louise Academy Award® Winner 1991RTrailers/Videos AvailablePhotos Available
Toy Story Academy Award® Nominee 1995GTrailers/Videos AvailablePhotos Available
Up Academy Award® Winner 2009PGTrailers/Videos AvailablePhotos Available
Arthur Christmas 2011PGTrailers/Videos AvailablePhotos Available
Charlotte's Web 2006GTrailers/Videos AvailablePhotos Available
Gnomeo & Juliet 2011GTrailers/Videos AvailablePhotos Available
Persepolis Academy Award® Nominee 2007PG-13Trailers/Videos AvailablePhotos Available
The Princess and the Frog Academy Award® Nominee 2009GTrailers/Videos AvailablePhotos Available
Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer: The Movie (1998) 1998G 
Amelie Academy Award® Nominee 2001RTrailers/Videos AvailablePhotos Available
Cinema Paradiso (Nuovo Cinema Paradiso) Academy Award® Winner 1990RPhotos Available
Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon Academy Award® Winner 2000PG-13Trailers/Videos AvailablePhotos Available
The Time of the Wolf 2004R 
The Umbrellas of Cherbourg Academy Award® Nominee 1964Not RatedPhotos Available
Song of the South (1947) 1947G 
20,000 Leagues Under the Sea Academy Award® Winner 1954GPhotos Available
Adam Sandler's Eight Crazy Nights 2002PG-13Trailers/Videos Available
The Addams Family Academy Award® Nominee 1991PG-13Photos Available
After Hours 1985RPhotos Available
Animal House 1978RPhotos Available
Annie Academy Award® Nominee 1982GPhotos Available
Archangel 1991Not Rated 
Arsenic and Old Lace 1944Not RatedTrailers/Videos AvailablePhotos Available
Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery 1997PG-13Trailers/Videos AvailablePhotos Available
Babe Academy Award® Winner 1995GTrailers/Videos AvailablePhotos Available
Back to the Future 1985PGTrailers/Videos AvailablePhotos Available
*batteries not included 1987PGPhotos Available
Beetlejuice Academy Award® Winner 1988PGTrailers/Videos AvailablePhotos Available
Being John Malkovich Academy Award® Nominee 1999RTrailers/Videos AvailablePhotos Available
Bell, Book and Candle Academy Award® Nominee 1958Not RatedPhotos Available
Best in Show 2000PG-13Trailers/Videos AvailablePhotos Available
The Best Man Holiday 2013RTrailers/Videos AvailablePhotos Available
Beverly Hills Cop Academy Award® Nominee 1984RTrailers/Videos AvailablePhotos Available
The Big Lebowski 1998RTrailers/Videos AvailablePhotos Available
The Bishop's Wife Academy Award® Winner 1947Not RatedTrailers/Videos AvailablePhotos Available
Blades of Glory 2007PG-13Trailers/Videos AvailablePhotos Available
Blazing Saddles Academy Award® Nominee 1974RTrailers/Videos AvailablePhotos Available
The Blues Brothers 1980RTrailers/Videos AvailablePhotos Available
Brain Damage 1988Not Rated 
Breakfast at Tiffany's Academy Award® Winner 1961Not RatedTrailers/Videos AvailablePhotos Available
Bridget Jones's Diary 2001RTrailers/Videos Available
Bring It On 2000PG-13Trailers/Videos AvailablePhotos Available
Bringing Up Baby 1938Not RatedPhotos Available
Buffalo '66 1998R 
But I'm a Cheerleader 2000RPhotos Available
A Charlie Brown Christmas 1965Not RatedTrailers/Videos AvailablePhotos Available
Christmas in Connecticut 1945Not RatedTrailers/Videos AvailablePhotos Available
A Christmas Story 1983PGTrailers/Videos AvailablePhotos Available
Christmas with the Kranks 2004PGTrailers/Videos AvailablePhotos Available
City Lights 1931Not RatedPhotos Available
Clerks 1994RPhotos Available
Clue 1985PGPhotos Available
Clueless 1995PG-13Photos Available
Coming to America Academy Award® Nominee 1988RPhotos Available
The Cook, The Thief, His Wife and Her Lover 1990NC-17 
Crossing Delancey 1988PG 
Despicable Me 2010PGTrailers/Videos AvailablePhotos Available
Dr. Seuss' How The Grinch Stole Christmas Academy Award® Winner 2000PGTrailers/Videos AvailablePhotos Available
Dr. Strangelove or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb Academy Award® Nominee 1964PGTrailers/Videos AvailablePhotos Available
Drop Dead Fred 1991PG-13 
Drop Dead Gorgeous 1999PG-13Photos Available
Duck Soup 1933Not RatedPhotos Available
Elf 2003PGTrailers/Videos AvailablePhotos Available
Elf - The IMAX Experience 2003PGTrailers/Videos Available
Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind Academy Award® Winner 2004RTrailers/Videos Available
The Family Man 2000PG-13Trailers/Videos AvailablePhotos Available
Family Plot 1976Not Rated 
The Family Stone 2005PG-13Trailers/Videos Available
Fantastic Mr. Fox Academy Award® Nominee 2009PGTrailers/Videos AvailablePhotos Available
Female Trouble 1974NC-17 
The 40 Year Old Virgin 2005RTrailers/Videos Available
Four Christmases 2008PG-13Trailers/Videos AvailablePhotos Available
Four Rooms 1996RPhotos Available
Fred Claus 2007PGTrailers/Videos AvailablePhotos Available
Freddy Got Fingered 2001R 
Friday 1995RPhotos Available
Friday After Next 2002RTrailers/Videos AvailablePhotos Available
Fritz the Cat 1972Not Rated 
Frownland 2007Not Rated 
Galaxy Quest 1999PGPhotos Available
Georgy Girl Academy Award® Nominee 1966Not RatedPhotos Available
Girl Shy 1924Not Rated 
Girlfriends 1978PG 
Go 1999RTrailers/Videos Available
Gremlins 1984PGTrailers/Videos AvailablePhotos Available
Gremlins 2: The New Batch 1990PG-13Photos Available
Groundhog Day 1993PGTrailers/Videos AvailablePhotos Available
Hairspray 1988PGPhotos Available
Happy Feet Academy Award® Winner 2006PGTrailers/Videos AvailablePhotos Available
Harold and Maude 1971PGPhotos Available
His Girl Friday 1940Not RatedTrailers/Videos AvailablePhotos Available
Holiday Affair 1949Not Rated 
Home Alone Academy Award® Nominee 1990PGTrailers/Videos AvailablePhotos Available
Home Alone 2: Lost in New York 1992PGTrailers/Videos AvailablePhotos Available
Home for the Holidays 1995PG-13Photos Available
The Hudsucker Proxy 1994PGPhotos Available
Ice Age Academy Award® Nominee 2002PGTrailers/Videos AvailablePhotos Available
In Bruges Academy Award® Nominee 2008RTrailers/Videos AvailablePhotos Available
It Happened on 5th Avenue Academy Award® Nominee 1947Not Rated 
Jingle All the Way 1996PGTrailers/Videos AvailablePhotos Available
Joysticks 1983R 
Julie & Julia Academy Award® Nominee 2009PG-13Trailers/Videos AvailablePhotos Available
Just Friends 2005PG-13Trailers/Videos AvailablePhotos Available
The Kid 1921Not RatedPhotos Available
The King of Comedy 1983PG 
Kiss Kiss (Bang Bang) 2001Not Rated 
The Last American Virgin 1982R 
Legally Blonde 2001PG-13Trailers/Videos AvailablePhotos Available
The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou 2004RTrailers/Videos Available
Little Shop of Horrors Academy Award® Nominee 1986PG-13Trailers/Videos AvailablePhotos Available
Love Actually 2003RTrailers/Videos AvailablePhotos Available
Love Jones 1997R 
Magic Mike 2012RTrailers/Videos AvailablePhotos Available
Mamma Mia! 2008PG-13Trailers/Videos AvailablePhotos Available
Married to the Mob Academy Award® Nominee 1988RPhotos Available
Matilda 1996PGPhotos Available
Mean Girls 2004PG-13Trailers/Videos AvailablePhotos Available
Miracle on 34th Street Academy Award® Winner 1947Not RatedTrailers/Videos AvailablePhotos Available
Modern Times 1936Not RatedPhotos Available
Monty Python and the Holy Grail 1975PGTrailers/Videos AvailablePhotos Available
Moonstruck Academy Award® Winner 1987PGTrailers/Videos AvailablePhotos Available
Multiple Maniacs 1970X 
The Muppet Christmas Carol 1992GTrailers/Videos AvailablePhotos Available
The Muppets Take Manhattan Academy Award® Nominee 1984GPhotos Available
The Naked Gun: From the Files of Police Squad! 1988PG-13Photos Available
National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation 1989PG-13Trailers/Videos AvailablePhotos Available
A New Leaf 1971G 
New Year's Eve 2011PG-13Trailers/Videos AvailablePhotos Available
A Night at the Opera 1935Not RatedPhotos Available
Night on Earth 1991R 
The Nightmare Before Christmas Academy Award® Nominee 1993PGTrailers/Videos AvailablePhotos Available
The Ninth Configuration 1980R 
O.C. and Stiggs 1985Not Rated 
Oliver! Academy Award® Winner 1968Not RatedTrailers/Videos AvailablePhotos Available
On a Clear Day You Can See Forever 1970GPhotos Available
Pee-wee's Big Adventure 1985PGPhotos Available
The Pink Panther Academy Award® Nominee 1963Not RatedTrailers/Videos AvailablePhotos Available
Planes, Trains & Automobiles 1987RTrailers/Videos AvailablePhotos Available
The Plot Against Harry 1969Not Rated 
The Preacher's Wife Academy Award® Nominee 1996PGPhotos Available
The Princess Bride Academy Award® Nominee 1987PGTrailers/Videos AvailablePhotos Available
Private Benjamin Academy Award® Nominee 1980Not RatedPhotos Available
Psycho Beach Party 2000Not Rated 
Remember the Night 1940Not Rated 
The Ringer 2005PG-13 
Risky Business 1983RTrailers/Videos AvailablePhotos Available
Rock 'n' Roll High School 1979PG 
The Rocky Horror Picture Show 1975RTrailers/Videos AvailablePhotos Available
The Royal Tenenbaums Academy Award® Nominee 2001RTrailers/Videos Available
Rushmore 1999RTrailers/Videos Available
The Russians are Coming, The Russians are Coming Academy Award® Nominee 1966Not RatedPhotos Available
Safety Last! 1923Not Rated 
Santa Claus Conquers the Martians 1964Not RatedTrailers/Videos AvailablePhotos Available
The Santa Clause 1994PGTrailers/Videos AvailablePhotos Available
Shakespeare in Love Academy Award® Winner 1998RTrailers/Videos AvailablePhotos Available
The Shop Around the Corner 1940Not RatedPhotos Available
Shrek Academy Award® Winner 2001PGTrailers/Videos AvailablePhotos Available
Shrek the Third 2007PGTrailers/Videos AvailablePhotos Available
Sixteen Candles 1984PGTrailers/Videos AvailablePhotos Available
Slap Shot 1977RTrailers/Videos AvailablePhotos Available
Smoke Signals 1998PG-13Photos Available
Some Like it Hot Academy Award® Winner 1959Not RatedTrailers/Videos AvailablePhotos Available
Spaceballs 1987PGTrailers/Videos AvailablePhotos Available
Starship Troopers 1997RTrailers/Videos AvailablePhotos Available
State and Main 2000RTrailers/Videos Available
Step Brothers 2008RTrailers/Videos AvailablePhotos Available
Stripes 1981RTrailers/Videos AvailablePhotos Available
Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby 2006PG-13Trailers/Videos AvailablePhotos Available
Tampopo 1986Not Rated 
10 Things I Hate About You 1999PG-13Trailers/Videos AvailablePhotos Available
The Thin Man Academy Award® Nominee 1934Not Rated 
This is Spinal Tap 1984RPhotos Available
This Is The End 2013RTrailers/Videos AvailablePhotos Available
To Die For 1995RPhotos Available
Tommy Boy 1995PG-13Photos Available
Trading Places Academy Award® Nominee 1983RPhotos Available
Trainspotting Academy Award® Nominee 1996RPhotos Available
The Trouble With Angels 1966PG 
200 Cigarettes 1999RPhotos Available
Unfaithfully Yours 1948Not Rated 
Viva Las Vegas 1964Not RatedPhotos Available
The Wedding Banquet (Xi yan) Academy Award® Nominee 1993Not Rated 
We're No Angels 1955Not Rated 
When Harry Met Sally... Academy Award® Nominee 1989RTrailers/Videos AvailablePhotos Available
White Chicks 2004PG-13Trailers/Videos AvailablePhotos Available
White Christmas Academy Award® Nominee 1954Not RatedTrailers/Videos AvailablePhotos Available
The White Sheik 1952Not Rated 
Who Framed Roger Rabbit? 1988PG 
Women on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown 1988Not Rated 
Yellow Submarine 1968GTrailers/Videos Available
Zero Charisma 2013Not Rated 
Blue Velvet Academy Award® Nominee 1986RPhotos Available
The Maltese Falcon Academy Award® Nominee 1941Not RatedTrailers/Videos AvailablePhotos Available
Murder, My Sweet 1944Not Rated 
Snake Eyes 1998RPhotos Available
About Elly (Darbareye Elly) 2009Not Rated 
Animalopolis 2008Not RatedPhotos Available
Beyond the Mat 2000R 
Blue Planet (Il pianeta azzurro) 1981Not Rated 
Born into Brothels Academy Award® Winner 2004R 
Born To Be Wild 3D 2011GTrailers/Videos Available
The Decline of Western Civilization Part III 2000Not Rated 
Deep Sea 3D 2006GTrailers/Videos Available
The Dream is Alive 1985Not Rated 
Flight of the Butterflies 2012Not RatedTrailers/Videos AvailablePhotos Available
Flight of the Butterflies in 3D 2012Not RatedTrailers/Videos AvailablePhotos Available
Grand Canyon Adventure: River at Risk 2008Not RatedPhotos Available
Great White Shark 2013Not RatedTrailers/Videos AvailablePhotos Available
Great White Shark in 3D 2013Not RatedPhotos Available
Heartworn Highways 1976Not Rated 
I Went to the Dance (J'ai ete au bal) 1989Not Rated 
In Search of Beethoven 2009Not Rated 
In Search of Haydn 2012Not Rated 
In Search of Mozart 2007Not Rated 
Jerusalem 2013Not RatedTrailers/Videos AvailablePhotos Available
Jerusalem in 3D 2013Not RatedPhotos Available
The Last Waltz 1978PGPhotos Available
Mama Africa 2011Not RatedTrailers/Videos Available
March of the Penguins Academy Award® Winner 2005GTrailers/Videos AvailablePhotos Available
Mummies: Secrets of the Pharaohs in 3D 2007Not Rated 
Mystery of the Maya 1995Not Rated 
The Nomi Song 2005Not RatedTrailers/Videos Available
Ocean Oasis 2000Not Rated 
One Way or Another 1978Not Rated 
Ozarks: Legacy & Legend IMAX 1995Not Rated 
Paris Was a Woman 1996Not Rated 
Private Shows 1996Not Rated 
Quill: The Life of a Guide Dog 2012Not RatedTrailers/Videos AvailablePhotos Available
Rocky Mountain Express 2011Not RatedTrailers/Videos AvailablePhotos Available
Sharks in 3D 2004Not Rated 
Still/Here 2000Not Rated 
Stop Making Sense 1984Not RatedTrailers/Videos AvailablePhotos Available
Titans of the Ice Age in 3D 2013Not RatedTrailers/Videos AvailablePhotos Available
To Fly! 1976Not RatedPhotos Available
Under the Sea in 3D 2009GPhotos Available
Warrendale 1967Not Rated 
Wild Parrots of Telegraph Hill 2005G 
Witchcraft Through the Ages (Haxan) 1929Not Rated 
The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert Academy Award® Winner 1994RTrailers/Videos AvailablePhotos Available
A.I.: Artificial Intelligence Academy Award® Nominee 2001PG-13Trailers/Videos Available
The Aimless Bullet (Obaltan) 1961Not Rated 
All That Jazz Academy Award® Winner 1979RPhotos Available
All the President's Men Academy Award® Winner 1976PGPhotos Available
American Graffiti Academy Award® Nominee 1973PGTrailers/Videos AvailablePhotos Available
American Psycho 2000RTrailers/Videos Available
Apocalypse Now Academy Award® Winner 1979RTrailers/Videos AvailablePhotos Available
The Apostle Academy Award® Nominee 1998PG-13 
Audition (Odishon) 1999Not Rated 
Auntie Mame Academy Award® Nominee 1958Not RatedPhotos Available
An Autumn Afternoon (Sanma no aji) 1964Not Rated 
Bad Day at Black Rock Academy Award® Nominee 1955Not RatedPhotos Available
Bad Santa 2003RTrailers/Videos AvailablePhotos Available
The Bad Sleep Well (Warui yatsu hodo yoku nemuru) 1960Not Rated 
Barry Lyndon Academy Award® Winner 1975PGPhotos Available
Battle Royale (Batoru rowaiaru) 2000Not Rated 
Beat Street 1984PGTrailers/Videos AvailablePhotos Available
Before Sunrise 1995R 
Being There Academy Award® Winner 1979PGPhotos Available
The Bells of St. Mary's Academy Award® Winner 1945Not RatedTrailers/Videos AvailablePhotos Available
The Big Heat 1953Not RatedPhotos Available
Big Night 1996RPhotos Available
Birdy 1984R 
Black Swan Academy Award® Winner 2010RTrailers/Videos AvailablePhotos Available
The Blackout (1997) 2001R 
Blood Simple 1985RPhotos Available
Blow Up Academy Award® Nominee 1966Not Rated 
Boat People 1982Not Rated 
Le Bonheur 1965Not Rated 
Bonnie and Clyde Academy Award® Winner 1967RPhotos Available
Brand Upon the Brain! 2007Not Rated 
Bringing Out the Dead 1999RTrailers/Videos Available
The Broken Circle Breakdown Academy Award® Nominee 2013Not RatedTrailers/Videos AvailablePhotos Available
The Bronte Sisters (Les soeurs Bronte) 1979Not Rated 
Buddies 1985Not Rated 
Bug 2007RTrailers/Videos AvailablePhotos Available
Caché 2005RTrailers/Videos Available
Casablanca Academy Award® Winner 1942Not RatedTrailers/Videos AvailablePhotos Available
Cash on Demand 1961Not Rated 
Catch Me if You Can Academy Award® Nominee 2002PG-13Trailers/Videos Available
Chariots of Fire Academy Award® Winner 1981PGPhotos Available
Chicago Academy Award® Winner 2002PG-13Trailers/Videos Available
Chinatown Academy Award® Winner 1974RPhotos Available
A Christmas Carol 1984Not RatedPhotos Available
A Christmas Tale 2008Not RatedTrailers/Videos Available
The Cincinnati Kid 1965Not Rated 
Citizen Kane Academy Award® Winner 1941PGTrailers/Videos AvailablePhotos Available
The City of Lost Children 1995RPhotos Available
A Clockwork Orange Academy Award® Nominee 1971RTrailers/Videos AvailablePhotos Available
Combat Shock 1986R 
Competition (Konkurs) 1968Not Rated 
The Conversation Academy Award® Nominee 1974PGTrailers/Videos AvailablePhotos Available
Cool Hand Luke Academy Award® Winner 1967Not RatedTrailers/Videos AvailablePhotos Available
Cria Cuervos 1977Not Rated 
Crimes of Passion 1984Not Rated 
Cruising 1980RPhotos Available
Cure (Kyua) 2001Not RatedTrailers/Videos Available
The Curse of the Cat People 1944Not Rated 
Days of Heaven Academy Award® Winner 1978PG 
Dead Poets Society Academy Award® Winner 1989PGPhotos Available
The Dead Academy Award® Nominee 1987PG 
Death of a Salesman 1985PG 
Deep Red 1975Not Rated 
Dementia 13 1963Not Rated 
The Departed Academy Award® Winner 2006RTrailers/Videos AvailablePhotos Available
Dirty Harry 1971RTrailers/Videos AvailablePhotos Available
Distant Voices, Still Lives 1988Not RatedTrailers/Videos Available
Do the Right Thing Academy Award® Nominee 1989RTrailers/Videos AvailablePhotos Available
Dog Day Afternoon Academy Award® Winner 1975RPhotos Available
Dogtooth (Kynodontas) Academy Award® Nominee 2010Not RatedTrailers/Videos AvailablePhotos Available
A Double Life Academy Award® Winner 1947Not RatedPhotos Available
Downpour (Ragbar) 1972Not Rated 
Dreamgirls Academy Award® Winner 2006PG-13Trailers/Videos AvailablePhotos Available
Edward Scissorhands Academy Award® Nominee 1990PG-13Photos Available
18 Who Cause a Storm (Arashi o yobu juhachi-nin) 1963Not Rated 
Elisa 1995Not Rated 
Enter the Void 2010Not RatedTrailers/Videos AvailablePhotos Available
Eraserhead 1977Not RatedTrailers/Videos AvailablePhotos Available
Escape From Yesterday (La Bandera) 1935Not Rated 
Eyes Wide Shut 1999RTrailers/Videos AvailablePhotos Available
Fallen Angels (Duoluo Tianshi) 1995R 
Fando and Lis (Fando y Lis) 1970Not Rated 
Fanny and Alexander Academy Award® Winner 1983RPhotos Available
Fantastic Planet 1973PG 
Farewell My Concubine (Ba wang bie ji) Academy Award® Nominee 1993RTrailers/Videos AvailablePhotos Available
Fargo Academy Award® Winner 1996RTrailers/Videos AvailablePhotos Available
Fear and Desire 1953Not Rated 
Field of Dreams Academy Award® Nominee 1989PGPhotos Available
5 Broken Cameras Academy Award® Nominee 2012Not RatedTrailers/Videos Available
Five Easy Pieces Academy Award® Nominee 1970RPhotos Available
Flesh and the Devil 1926Not Rated 
Flowers of Shanghai 1998Not Rated 
Forrest Gump Academy Award® Winner 1994PG-13Trailers/Videos AvailablePhotos Available
The 400 Blows Academy Award® Nominee 1959Not RatedPhotos Available
Fur: An Imaginary Portrait of Diane Arbus 2006RTrailers/Videos Available
Gettysburg 1993PGPhotos Available
The Go-Between Academy Award® Nominee 1971PGPhotos Available
The Godfather: Part III Academy Award® Nominee 1990RTrailers/Videos AvailablePhotos Available
The Godfather Academy Award® Winner 1972RTrailers/Videos AvailablePhotos Available
The Gold Rush Academy Award® Nominee 1925Not Rated 
Good Will Hunting Academy Award® Winner 1997RTrailers/Videos AvailablePhotos Available
Good Work (Beau Travail) 2000Not Rated 
Goodfellas Academy Award® Winner 1990RTrailers/Videos Available
Grave of the Fireflies (Hotaru no haka) 1988Not RatedPhotos Available
The Great Gatsby Academy Award® Winner 2013PG-13Trailers/Videos AvailablePhotos Available
Gummo 1997R 
Half Moon (Niwe Mung) 2007Not Rated 
Hard Eight 1997R 
Hate (La Haine) 1996R 
Hedwig and the Angry Inch 2001R 
Hester Street Academy Award® Nominee 1975PGPhotos Available
High Heels (Tacones lejanos) 1991R 
The Hour-Glass Sanatorium (Sanatorium pod klepsydra) 1973Not Rated 
I, the Jury 1953Not Rated 
I Vitelloni 1953Not Rated 
Ikiru 1952Not Rated 
I'm Not There Academy Award® Nominee 2007RTrailers/Videos AvailablePhotos Available
Imitation of Life Academy Award® Nominee 1958Not RatedPhotos Available
Immediate Family 1989PG-13 
In the Mood for Love (Fa yeung nin wa) 2001PG 
The Insider Academy Award® Nominee 1999RTrailers/Videos AvailablePhotos Available
Irma Vep 1997Not Rated 
It's a Wonderful Life Academy Award® Nominee 1946Not RatedTrailers/Videos AvailablePhotos Available
Jack Frost 1998PGTrailers/Videos Available
The Jack-Knife Man 1920Not Rated 
Jeanne Dielman, 23 Quai du Commerce, 1080 Bruxelle 1975Not Rated 
Jesus Christ Superstar Academy Award® Nominee 1973GPhotos Available
Juice 1992R 
Keep It Quiet (Pas de scandale) 1999Not Rated 
Key Largo Academy Award® Winner 1948Not RatedPhotos Available
Kiss Kiss Bang Bang 2005RTrailers/Videos AvailablePhotos Available
Lady Snowblood (Shurayukihime) 1973Not Rated 
The Last Dragon 1985PG-13 
Last Holiday 2006PG-13Trailers/Videos AvailablePhotos Available
Leaving Las Vegas Academy Award® Winner 1995RTrailers/Videos AvailablePhotos Available
Lethal Weapon Academy Award® Nominee 1987RPhotos Available
The Lion in Winter Academy Award® Winner 1968PGPhotos Available
Le Lit de la vierge 1969Not Rated 
Little Women Academy Award® Nominee 1994PGPhotos Available
Little Women Academy Award® Winner 1933Not RatedPhotos Available
The Lives of Others Academy Award® Winner 2007RTrailers/Videos AvailablePhotos Available
Lola Montes 1955Not Rated 
Lolita Academy Award® Nominee 1962Not RatedPhotos Available
Lost Highway 1997RTrailers/Videos Available
Lost in Translation Academy Award® Winner 2003RTrailers/Videos AvailablePhotos Available
Lust, Caution 2007NC-17Trailers/Videos AvailablePhotos Available
Madadayo 1993Not Rated 
Magnolia Academy Award® Nominee 1999RTrailers/Videos Available
Mamma Roma 1962Not Rated 
The Man Who Wasn't There Academy Award® Nominee 2001RTrailers/Videos Available
Manhunter 1986R 
Maniac Cop 2 1990RPhotos Available
Mapantsula 1988Not Rated 
Matewan Academy Award® Nominee 1987PG-13Photos Available
McCabe and Mrs. Miller Academy Award® Nominee 1971Not RatedPhotos Available
Me and My Gal 1932Not Rated 
Mean Streets 1973RPhotos Available
Medicine for Melancholy 2009Not RatedTrailers/Videos Available
Memories of Underdevelopment (Memorias del subdesarrollo) 1973Not Rated 
Messiah of Evil 1973Not Rated 
Miami Vice 2006RTrailers/Videos Available
Michael Collins Academy Award® Nominee 1996RTrailers/Videos AvailablePhotos Available
Millennium Mambo (Qianxi manbo) 2001R 
Miller's Crossing 1990RPhotos Available
Misery Academy Award® Nominee 1990RTrailers/Videos AvailablePhotos Available
Mr. Soft Touch 1949Not Rated 
Mondo New York 1988Not Rated 
Moonrise Kingdom Academy Award® Nominee 2012PG-13Trailers/Videos AvailablePhotos Available
My Neighbor Totoro 1988GPhotos Available
Mystery Train 1989R 
Nebraska Academy Award® Nominee 2013RTrailers/Videos AvailablePhotos Available
Network Academy Award® Winner 1976RPhotos Available
The Night of the Hunter 1955Not Rated 
Nights of Cabiria (Le Notti di Cabiria) Academy Award® Winner 1957Not Rated 
Nobody's Fool Academy Award® Nominee 1995RPhotos Available
October Sky 1999PGTrailers/Videos AvailablePhotos Available
Oldboy 2005RTrailers/Videos AvailablePhotos Available
One, Two, Three Academy Award® Nominee 1961Not Rated 
One Wonderful Sunday (Subarashiki nichiyobi) 1947Not Rated 
Opera 2001Not Rated 
Our Children (Loving Without Reason) (A perdre la raison) 2013Not Rated 
Out of the Blue 1980RTrailers/Videos AvailablePhotos Available
Paprika 2007RTrailers/Videos AvailablePhotos Available
Paprika 1991Not Rated 
Paris Blues 1961Not Rated 
La Passion de Jeanne D'Arc (The Passion of Joan of Arc, 1927-28) 1928Not Rated 
The Passion of the Christ Academy Award® Nominee 2004RTrailers/Videos Available
Pather Panchali 1958Not Rated 
Paths of Glory 1957Not RatedPhotos Available
Pennies From Heaven Academy Award® Nominee 1981R 
Perfect Blue (Pafekuto buru) 1999R 
Personal Problems 1980Not Rated 
Philadelphia Academy Award® Winner 1993PG-13Photos Available
Pi 1998RTrailers/Videos AvailablePhotos Available
Picnic at Hanging Rock 1979PGPhotos Available
Porco Rosso (Kurenai no buta) 1992PG 
Possession Academy Award® Nominee 1981RPhotos Available
Prancer 2001G 
Prince of Darkness 1987RPhotos Available
Property Is No Longer Theft (La proprieta non e piu un furto) 1973Not Rated 
Pulp Fiction Academy Award® Winner 1994RTrailers/Videos AvailablePhotos Available
Purple Rain Academy Award® Winner 1984RTrailers/Videos AvailablePhotos Available
Raging Bull Academy Award® Winner 1980RTrailers/Videos AvailablePhotos Available
The Rapture 1991R 
Real Women Have Curves 2002PG-13Trailers/Videos AvailablePhotos Available
Rebel Without a Cause Academy Award® Nominee 1955Not RatedTrailers/Videos AvailablePhotos Available
The Red Shoes Academy Award® Winner 1948Not Rated 
Riki-Oh: The Story of Ricky (Lik Wong) 1999R 
Rocky 1976PGTrailers/Videos AvailablePhotos Available
Rocky IV 1985PGPhotos Available
The Room 2003RTrailers/Videos AvailablePhotos Available
The Rose Tattoo 1955Not Rated 
Rumble Fish 1983RPhotos Available
Santa 1932Not Rated 
The Savage Eye 1960Not Rated 
Scarecrow 1973R 
The Scarlet Empress 1934Not Rated 
Scrooge Academy Award® Nominee 1970GPhotos Available
The Sea Inside Academy Award® Winner 2004PG-13Trailers/Videos Available
Selena 1997PGTrailers/Videos AvailablePhotos Available
The Seventh Day 1922Not RatedPhotos Available
Sexy Beast Academy Award® Nominee 2001RTrailers/Videos Available
Shampoo 1975RPhotos Available
Shock Corridor 1963Not Rated 
Skateboard 1978PG 
The Spirit of the Beehive 1976Not Rated 
Stalker 1979Not Rated 
Stand and Deliver Academy Award® Nominee 1988PGTrailers/Videos AvailablePhotos Available
Steel Magnolias Academy Award® Nominee 1989PGPhotos Available
La Strada Academy Award® Winner 1956PGPhotos Available
Strange Days 1995R 
The Stranger Academy Award® Nominee 1946Not RatedPhotos Available
Street of Shame 1956Not Rated 
Sunrise Academy Award® Winner 1927Not Rated 
Sunset Boulevard Academy Award® Winner 1950Not Rated 
Sunshine 2007RTrailers/Videos AvailablePhotos Available
Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street Academy Award® Winner 2007RTrailers/Videos AvailablePhotos Available
The Swimming Pool (La Piscine) 1969Not RatedTrailers/Videos Available
Talk to Her (Hable con ella) Academy Award® Winner 2002RTrailers/Videos Available
Taste of Cherry (Ta'm e guilass) 1998Not Rated 
There Will Be Blood Academy Award® Winner 2008RTrailers/Videos AvailablePhotos Available
There's Always Tomorrow 1956Not Rated 
They Live 1988RPhotos Available
Thief 1981RPhotos Available
The Thin Red Line Academy Award® Nominee 1999RTrailers/Videos AvailablePhotos Available
This Christmas 2007PG-13Trailers/Videos AvailablePhotos Available
To Kill a Mockingbird Academy Award® Winner 1962Not RatedTrailers/Videos AvailablePhotos Available
Tokyo Godfathers 2004PG-13Photos Available
Tokyo Story (Tokyo monogatari) 1953Not Rated 
Torch Song Trilogy 1988R 
Training Day Academy Award® Winner 2001RTrailers/Videos AvailablePhotos Available
The Truman Show Academy Award® Nominee 1998PGTrailers/Videos AvailablePhotos Available
12 Monkeys Academy Award® Nominee 1995RPhotos Available
2046 2005R 
Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me 1992R 
Two Girls on the Street (Ket lany az utcan) 1939Not Rated 
Two Lovers 2009RTrailers/Videos AvailablePhotos Available
Under the Cherry Moon 1986PG-13 
Valentine's Day 2010PG-13Trailers/Videos AvailablePhotos Available
Veronica Voss (Die Sehnsucht der Veronika Voss) 1982R 
Victims of Sin 1950Not RatedTrailers/Videos Available
The Virgin Suicides 2000RTrailers/Videos AvailablePhotos Available
The Wages of Fear 1955Not Rated 
Waiting to Exhale 1995R 
The Watermelon Woman 1997Not Rated 
Welcome to the Dollhouse 1996R 
Werckmeister Harmonies 2001Not RatedTrailers/Videos Available
Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf? Academy Award® Winner 1966Not RatedPhotos Available
Wild at Heart 1990RPhotos Available
Winter Kills 1977Not RatedTrailers/Videos Available
Winter Light (Nattvardsgasterna) 1963Not Rated 
The Wrong Move (Falsche Bewegung) 1998Not Rated 
Yi Yi (A One and a Two) 2000Not RatedTrailers/Videos Available
The Aristocats 1970G 
Charlotte's Web 1973GPhotos Available
Frosty the Snowman 1969Not RatedTrailers/Videos Available
James and the Giant Peach Academy Award® Nominee 1996PGPhotos Available
The Light Before Christmas in 3D 2007Not Rated 
Mac and Me 1988PG 
The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh 1977G 
Unaccompanied Minors 2006PGTrailers/Videos AvailablePhotos Available
Beauty and the Beast Academy Award® Winner 1991GTrailers/Videos AvailablePhotos Available
A Christmas Carol 1938PGPhotos Available
A Christmas Carol 1951Not RatedPhotos Available
The Dark Crystal 1982PGTrailers/Videos AvailablePhotos Available
Labyrinth 1986PGTrailers/Videos AvailablePhotos Available
The Lord of the Rings 1978PGPhotos Available
Miracle on 34th Street 1994PGPhotos Available
Sleeping Beauty Academy Award® Nominee 1959GPhotos Available
Out of the Past 1947Not RatedPhotos Available
Sudden Fear Academy Award® Nominee 1952Not RatedPhotos Available
Amityville: The Evil Escapes 1989Not RatedTrailers/Videos Available
Black Christmas 2006RTrailers/Videos AvailablePhotos Available
Black Christmas 1974Not Rated 
Bride of Frankenstein Academy Award® Nominee 1935Not RatedPhotos Available
The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari 1921Not Rated 
The Changeling 1980R 
Child's Play 1988RPhotos Available
Christine 1983RTrailers/Videos AvailablePhotos Available
Christmas Evil (You Better Watch Out) 1980R 
Creature from the Black Lagoon in 3D 1954Not RatedPhotos Available
Dawn of the Dead 1979Not RatedPhotos Available
The Day of the Beast (El día de la bestia) 1999R 
Decoder 1984Not Rated 
Evil Dead II 1987R 
The Evil Dead 1981NC-17Photos Available
Evilspeak 1982R 
The Exorcist Academy Award® Winner 1973RTrailers/Videos AvailablePhotos Available
Fangoria Presents: Silent Night, Deadly Night 1984R 
Ghost Ship 2002RTrailers/Videos Available
Godzilla 1954Not RatedTrailers/Videos AvailablePhotos Available
Grindhouse 2007RTrailers/Videos AvailablePhotos Available
Halloween III: Season of the Witch 1982RPhotos Available
House (Hausu) 1977Not RatedTrailers/Videos Available
Interview with the Vampire: The Vampire Chronicles 1994RTrailers/Videos Available
Invasion of the Body Snatchers 1978PGPhotos Available
The Keep 1983R 
Mute Witness 1995R 
Night of the Living Dead 1968Not RatedPhotos Available
A Nightmare on Elm Street 1984RTrailers/Videos AvailablePhotos Available
The Omen Academy Award® Winner 1976RPhotos Available
Re-Animator 1985RPhotos Available
Rosemary's Baby Academy Award® Winner 1968RPhotos Available
The Shining 1980RTrailers/Videos AvailablePhotos Available
Silent Night 2012RTrailers/Videos AvailablePhotos Available
Silent Night, Deadly Night 1984R 
Silent Night, Deadly Night Part 2 1987R 
Tetsuo: The Iron Man 1922Not Rated 
The Thing 1982RTrailers/Videos AvailablePhotos Available
To All a Goodnight (1980) 1980R 
Troll 2 1990PG-13 
Vampire's Kiss 1989Not RatedPhotos Available
Videodrome 1983Not Rated 
The Wicker Man 1975R 
A Hard Day's Night Academy Award® Nominee 1964Not RatedPhotos Available
Bye Bye Birdie Academy Award® Nominee 1963GTrailers/Videos AvailablePhotos Available
Easter Parade Academy Award® Winner 1948Not RatedPhotos Available
Fiddler on the Roof Academy Award® Winner 1971GPhotos Available
42nd Street Academy Award® Nominee 1933Not RatedPhotos Available
Funny Girl Academy Award® Winner 1968GPhotos Available
Funny Lady Academy Award® Nominee 1975PGPhotos Available
Grease Academy Award® Nominee 1978PGTrailers/Videos AvailablePhotos Available
Holiday Inn Academy Award® Winner 1942Not RatedTrailers/Videos AvailablePhotos Available
Mary Poppins Academy Award® Winner 1964GPhotos Available
Meet Me in St. Louis Academy Award® Nominee 1944Not RatedTrailers/Videos AvailablePhotos Available
My Fair Lady Academy Award® Winner 1964Not RatedTrailers/Videos AvailablePhotos Available
Rent 2005PG-13Trailers/Videos AvailablePhotos Available
Singin' in the Rain 1952Not RatedTrailers/Videos AvailablePhotos Available
The Sound of Music Academy Award® Winner 1965GTrailers/Videos AvailablePhotos Available
True Stories 1986Not Rated 
The Way We Were Academy Award® Winner 1973PGPhotos Available
The Wizard of Oz Academy Award® Winner 1939GTrailers/Videos AvailablePhotos Available
Andrew Lloyd Webber's Phantom of the Opera Academy Award® Nominee 2004PG-13Trailers/Videos Available
De-lovely 2004PG-13Trailers/Videos Available
Vertigo Academy Award® Nominee 1958Not RatedPhotos Available
The Abyss: Special Edition 1993PG-13Trailers/Videos Available
Amadeus: The Director's Cut Academy Award® Winner 2002R 
Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows - Part I & II 2011Not RatedTrailers/Videos Available
The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring - Extended Edition Event 2011Not Rated 
The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers - Extended Edition Event 2011Not Rated 
The Lord of the Rings Trilogy 2003PG-13 
The Metropolitan Opera: Madama Butterfly 2009Not RatedTrailers/Videos Available
Nabucco 2011Not Rated 
Royal Ballet: Giselle Live 2011Not RatedTrailers/Videos Available
Royal Opera House/London: Carmen 2008Not RatedTrailers/Videos Available
The Star Wars Holiday Special 1978Not Rated 
The Apartment Academy Award® Winner 1960Not RatedTrailers/Videos AvailablePhotos Available
Bachelor Mother Academy Award® Nominee 1939G 
Brief Encounter Academy Award® Nominee 1946Not Rated 
Cherry Blossoms (Hanami) 2008Not RatedTrailers/Videos Available
Codependent Lesbian Space Alien Seeks Same 2011Not Rated 
Comrades, Almost a Love Story (Tian mi mi) 1998Not Rated 
The English Patient Academy Award® Winner 1996RTrailers/Videos AvailablePhotos Available
50 First Dates 2004PG-13Trailers/Videos AvailablePhotos Available
Funny Face Academy Award® Nominee 1957Not RatedPhotos Available
Ghosts of Girlfriends Past 2009PG-13Trailers/Videos AvailablePhotos Available
The Holiday 2006PG-13Trailers/Videos AvailablePhotos Available
How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days 2003PG-13Trailers/Videos AvailablePhotos Available
Love & Basketball 2000PG-13Trailers/Videos AvailablePhotos Available
The Notebook 2004PG-13Trailers/Videos AvailablePhotos Available
The Proposal 2009PG-13Trailers/Videos AvailablePhotos Available
Punch-Drunk Love 2002RTrailers/Videos Available
Serendipity 2001PG-13Trailers/Videos Available
Sleepless in Seattle Academy Award® Nominee 1993PGTrailers/Videos AvailablePhotos Available
Titanic Academy Award® Winner 1997PG-13Trailers/Videos AvailablePhotos Available
Vanilla Sky Academy Award® Nominee 2001RTrailers/Videos Available
The Young Girls of Rochefort (Les Demoiselles de Rochefort) 1968Not Rated 
You've Got Mail 1998PGPhotos Available
Born in Flames 1983Not Rated 
Dark City 1998RPhotos Available
Deep Impact 1998PG-13Trailers/Videos AvailablePhotos Available
Son of Godzilla (Gojira No Musuko) 1967Not Rated 
Star Trek III: The Search For Spock 1984PG 
Terminator 2: Judgment Day Academy Award® Winner 1991RTrailers/Videos AvailablePhotos Available
The Terminator 1984RTrailers/Videos AvailablePhotos Available
The War of the Worlds Academy Award® Winner 1953Not RatedPhotos Available
Abominable 2006R 
The Abyss Academy Award® Winner 1989PG-13Trailers/Videos AvailablePhotos Available
Attack of the 50-Foot Woman 1958Not RatedPhotos Available
Beyond the Black Rainbow 2012RTrailers/Videos AvailablePhotos Available
Blade Runner Academy Award® Nominee 1982RTrailers/Videos AvailablePhotos Available
Blade Runner: The Final Cut 2007RPhotos Available
Brazil Academy Award® Nominee 1985R 
Children of Men Academy Award® Nominee 2006RTrailers/Videos AvailablePhotos Available
Conan the Barbarian 1982RPhotos Available
eXistenZ 1999RTrailers/Videos Available
The Faculty 1998RTrailers/Videos Available
Godzilla vs Megalon 1976G 
Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets 2002PGTrailers/Videos AvailablePhotos Available
Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows - Part 1 Academy Award® Nominee 2010PG-13Trailers/Videos AvailablePhotos Available
Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire Academy Award® Nominee 2005PG-13Trailers/Videos AvailablePhotos Available
Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince Academy Award® Nominee 2009PGTrailers/Videos AvailablePhotos Available
Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix 2007PG-13Trailers/Videos AvailablePhotos Available
Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban Academy Award® Nominee 2004PGTrailers/Videos AvailablePhotos Available
Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone Academy Award® Nominee 2001PGTrailers/Videos AvailablePhotos Available
Invasion of the Body Snatchers 1956PGPhotos Available
The Matrix Academy Award® Winner 1999RTrailers/Videos AvailablePhotos Available
Normal Love 1963Not Rated 
The Omega Man 1971Not Rated 
Robocop Academy Award® Nominee 1987RTrailers/Videos AvailablePhotos Available
Scrooged 1988PG-13Trailers/Videos AvailablePhotos Available
Slither 2006RTrailers/Videos Available
Star Trek II: The Wrath Of Khan 1982PGTrailers/Videos AvailablePhotos Available
Star Wars: Episode I - The Phantom Menace Academy Award® Nominee 1999PGTrailers/Videos AvailablePhotos Available
Star Wars: Episode II - Attack of the Clones Academy Award® Nominee 2002PGTrailers/Videos AvailablePhotos Available
Star Wars: Episode III - Revenge of the Sith Academy Award® Nominee 2005PG-13Trailers/Videos AvailablePhotos Available
Star Wars Academy Award® Winner 1977PGTrailers/Videos AvailablePhotos Available
Star Wars: Episode V - The Empire Strikes Back Academy Award® Winner 1980PGTrailers/Videos AvailablePhotos Available
Star Wars: Episode VI - Return of the Jedi Academy Award® Nominee 1983PGTrailers/Videos AvailablePhotos Available
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 1990PGPhotos Available
THX 1138 1971PGPhotos Available
2001: A Space Odyssey Academy Award® Winner 1968GTrailers/Videos AvailablePhotos Available
2001: A Space Odyssey in 70mm Format 1968GTrailers/Videos AvailablePhotos Available
The Witches 1990PGPhotos Available
Alien Academy Award® Winner 1979RTrailers/Videos AvailablePhotos Available
Body Double 1984RPhotos Available
Body Heat 1981RTrailers/Videos AvailablePhotos Available
Carnival of Souls 1962Not RatedTrailers/Videos Available
Charade Academy Award® Nominee 1963GPhotos Available
Criss Cross 1949Not Rated 
The Curse (2000) 2000Not Rated 
Fatal Attraction Academy Award® Nominee 1987RPhotos Available
Fay Grim 2007RTrailers/Videos AvailablePhotos Available
Ghost in the Shell (Kokaku kidotai) 1996Not RatedPhotos Available
The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo (Man som hatar kvinnor) 2010RTrailers/Videos AvailablePhotos Available
Heat 1995RPhotos Available
The Hole 2012PG-13Trailers/Videos AvailablePhotos Available
Jaws Academy Award® Winner 1975PGTrailers/Videos AvailablePhotos Available
The Lady From Shanghai 1948Not Rated 
The Lady Vanishes 1938Not Rated 
The Long Kiss Goodnight 1996RTrailers/Videos AvailablePhotos Available
Manos, the Hands of Fate 1966Not Rated 
Maximum Overdrive 1986RPhotos Available
Raising Cain 1992R 
Rear Window Academy Award® Nominee 1954PGTrailers/Videos AvailablePhotos Available
Rope 1948Not RatedPhotos Available
Sorcerer 1977Not Rated 
The Third Man Academy Award® Winner 1950Not RatedTrailers/Videos AvailablePhotos Available
The Thomas Crown Affair 1999RTrailers/Videos AvailablePhotos Available
Touch of Evil 1958Not RatedPhotos Available
Turbulence 1997R 
The Birds Academy Award® Nominee 1963Not RatedTrailers/Videos AvailablePhotos Available
Dial M for Murder 1954Not RatedPhotos Available
The Man Who Knew Too Much 1934Not Rated 
North by Northwest Academy Award® Nominee 1959Not RatedTrailers/Videos AvailablePhotos Available
Peeping Tom 1960Not RatedTrailers/Videos Available
Psycho Academy Award® Nominee 1960Not RatedTrailers/Videos AvailablePhotos Available
The 39 Steps 1935Not Rated 
Wild Things 1998RPhotos Available
When the Wind Blows (1986) 1988Not Rated 
Django Unchained Academy Award® Winner 2012RTrailers/Videos AvailablePhotos Available
Rio Bravo 1959Not RatedPhotos Available
The Three Godfathers 1948Not Rated 
The Wild Bunch Academy Award® Nominee 1969RTrailers/Videos AvailablePhotos Available
One Take 1998Not Rated 
834 Movies Found

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