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The Last Samurai
During the 1870's, an American military officer (Tom Cruise) is hired by the Japanese Emporer to train the country's first army in the art of modern warfare. As the government attempts to eradicate...  View more >

Starring Tom Cruise, Timothy Spall, Billy Connolly...  View more >

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Reviews Summary

Please Note: Reader Reviews are submitted by the readers of The BigScreen Cinema Guide and represent their own personal opinions regarding this movie, and do not represent the views of The BigScreen Cinema Guide, or any of its associated entities.

Dec 9, 2003
Dec 9, 2003
I thought this was an excellent movie. I enjoyed the fight scenes, the story line, the beautiful scenery of Japan and learning a little about the history of Japan. Tom Cruise gave an excellent performance. He and the movie should be nominated for an Oscar.
Dec 9, 2003
I would have rated this a \"see now\", but I didn\'t agree with the film\'s message. Great fight scenes and exceptional acting. Ken Watanabe gives an Oscar-worthy performance as the leader of the Samurai.
Dec 11, 2003
A very good movie, maybe the second best movie so far this year. Second only to "The Missing" Surly a go see now movie though. Enjoy.
Dec 11, 2003
Tom Cruise gave a great performance in \"The Last Samurai,\" in a epic tale about a army man who is reculted to train a group of soldiers in Japan and ends up being trained as a Samurai. This is a movie about a man who must choose between his honor and his heart. The film is about honor, but it\'s also about pride. Cruise\'s character is example of honor and pride in a land which is divided between the present and the past.
Dec 15, 2003
A cross between dances with wolves and Braveheart. It is a long movie but time goes by quickly. Lots of anticipation, emotion, excitement, sadness, and victory.

I highly recommend this movie. I would/will see it again.
Dec 21, 2003
The Last Samurai is one of those films that you have to give time before dismissing it. It has its fair share of problems at the beginning: It starts out tediously, plodding along mediocrely, with somewhat leaden acting (even from Tom Cruise, one of my favorites). However, thirty or forty-some odd minutes into the movie, it erupts into a rousing battle, and that's when The Last Samurai truly starts.

Once at that mark, Cruise and the rest of the cast pick up (the introduction of highly talented Ken Watanabe into the film is a good one), the plot becomes interesting, and it feels as if the screenwriter finally decided, "My movie needs to be good!"

What follows is a memorable historical epic that features some fantastic battle scenes in which Cruise does a remarkable job keeping up with the stuntmen. It's sort of like Braveheart has been transported from Scotland to Japan, but I actually ended up liking The Last Samurai more than that Mel Gibson medieval war film.

Also (and this may just be my over-analytical self), The Last Samurai contains a gentle anti-American message. I say "gentle" because it does not denounce Americans as a whole, instead suggests that America needs to get its act together, as it's becoming harder and harder to be proud to be an American. Think about it: Cruise is breaking away from America and joins with the Japanese, besides Cruise the only other likable character with English-speaking origins is British, and the rest of them are portrayed as growling, despicable, and somewhat barbarian warriors. Whether or not this was the filmmakers' intention, I do not know, but I do know that they succeeded in making an exciting and entertaining samurai epic.

Sure, it's no Seven Samurai, but it's worth a look, maybe even worthy of a purchase once it arrives on DVD.

3/4 - Good
Dec 26, 2003
Dec 29, 2003
Though overshadowed by "Lord of the Rings" final sequence, this is a movie well-worth seeing now. Moving drama.
Jan 25, 2004
See this one before it leaves the big screen.
Feb 14, 2004
Terrific movie. Tom Cruise has really picked up his acting since the abysmal MI-2. He's very good in this, not too over the top or pretentious. Much like the movie in actual fact which is well balanced and very well produced. Go and see it.

9/10 If you have any comments on my comments email me at
Feb 25, 2004
This movie had more than I thought it was going to. I expected all action, but I was presently suprised when there was drama and love as well. The action scenes were great! The drama was superb! The love story was one of the best I've seen! It was very refreshing to see a love story without all of the sex scenes. This movie is definitely for both men and women. It made me cry!
Mar 18, 2004
Mar 23, 2004
Aug 31, 2004
Half-way through this movie, my opinion was that this was going to be a "Good" rating. The ending cinched the "See Now!" rating that I'm giving it.

While this is largely a Tom Cruise vehicle, supporting characters both major and minor have their moments where they shine and add to the story as a whole. Co-star Ken Wantanabe deserves equal billing to Cruise when it comes to their performances.

The ending battle sequence reminded me of "Gettysburg" which served as a fitting ending to the story.

Definitely worth your time, see it with the samurai you love!

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