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Exodus: Gods and Kings
The story of the defiant leader Moses (Christian Bale) as he rises up against the Egyptian Pharoah Ramses (Joel Edgerton), setting 600,000 slaves on a monumental journey of escape from Egypt and its...  View more >

Starring Christian Bale, Joel Edgerton, Aaron Paul...  View more >

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Reviews Summary

Please Note: Reader Reviews are submitted by the readers of The BigScreen Cinema Guide and represent their own personal opinions regarding this movie, and do not represent the views of The BigScreen Cinema Guide, or any of its associated entities.

Dec 12, 2014
Excellent movie. The acting was great, the scenery was outstanding as well as the visual affects and great camera angles. The 2.5 hours went by very fast. Defiantly a must see.
Dec 13, 2014
I believe the movie sucks out most of the life of the biblical account. It alludes to some verses in Exodus, but the creative license used to add life to the biblical text largely failed. Many scenes seemed to plod along.

You would still, in my opinion, do better to watch the DeMille/Heston blockbuster of the 1950s, The Ten Commandments (even though that movie too deviated several times from the biblical record though it generally respected the message of the Exodus text and the nature of God). Or perhaps if you see both you might want to compare how each of them deviated from the biblical account. Better yet, in a few weeks, a documentary on the historicity of the Exodus, Patterns of Evidence, is scheduled to be released. A preview of a final cut of the film looked very promising.

Will some non-Christians want to read the book of Exodus for themselves after watching this film and thus be exposed to GodÂ’s true Word? I could hope so, but I fear that trying to remove the memory of this clunky film might sadly override any inclination for a moviegoer to see what the Bible really teaches about the Exodus.
Dec 16, 2014
The only reason why I like "Exodus: Gods and Kingd" is the special effects and the production design. If you must see the movie in any formant, i would suggest the 3D formant, if it avaible to you. This is the fourth retelling of the Moses leading a free people out of Egypt. The first one came out in 1923 and then the 1956 remake.(for the record, I saw both the 1923 and the 1956 version) Both of those movie are done by Cecil B. DeMille. Not to mention the 1998 animated version of the tale. Although I like the fourth version of the tale, it's not the best of the four, despite the direction by Ridley Scott. But I like Chjristian Bale's take on Moses. If you saw the previous three Ten Commandments movies,then you won't have any problem following the tale which takes place in Egypt in 1300 BC. Moses lead the Jews out of Egypt and you know the rest. . The best thing about the movie is the special effects which wasn't avaible in the 1956 version. It's a good looking movie and because of it, I gave it a mild recommedition.
Dec 18, 2014
You could sleep through the first half and miss nothing. The second half is a little less boring, but not by much. The acting was not that great and at times lacked any emotion.

I won't critisizze the departure from the biblical account, it's not a documentary and we all believe or not in our own way.

Special effects were not all that great to tell someone to spend $30 on tickets and snacks to see it for that reason

Save you money for Christmas presents.
Dec 30, 2014
The cinematography was enough to watch this from beginning and end. An "epic" film and not totally biblically based, it captures the essence of the message and mission set upon Moses.

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