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A normal guy gets bitten by a genetically altered spider and becomes a superhero with the strength and agility of a spider, along with a keen ESP-like "spider-sense." Up against his arch-enemy, the...  View more >

Starring Tobey Maguire, Kirsten Dunst, Willem Dafoe...  View more >

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[--- See Now! ---]by  
May 3, 2002
Great movie!! Its going to be up there with Batman and Superman.

But i have to say one thing. The only people that aren't going to like this movie are the nit pickers that think it should be an exact copy of the comic book.

The thing i have been hearing most is that the green goblin is a creature and not a guy wearing a mask and special armor. Well BOO HOO. if you had bothered to read or watch the making of the movie, you would have known that he said they were changing some the comic/hoaky aspects of the movie so that it would be more realistic. I liked the movie for the that it wasn't a pure comic movie like the last 2 Batman movies.

I say go see it and you'll love it.
May 3, 2002
I left the theatre thinking that this movie was more concentrated on a much younger audience than I had anticipated before going.

There were some top-notch scenes, but I felt somewhat short-changed when it came to the special effects. Some of the action scenes were over-animated and appeared a little artificial. It's almost as if the film was 'rushed' through the editing process and compromised it's integrity and impact in doing so.

It is a solid 'good', but not even a weak 'See Now', in my opinion.
[--- See Now! ---]by  
May 3, 2002
Wow. This movie is a trip. The best comic-based movie since "Batman Returns," and it equals, if not surpasses, that one. No matter how many times you see Spider-man swinging between buildings and battle badguys high up in the air, there's always a sense of awe about the whole thing. It's the most genuinely cool movie I've seen in a long time.

One thing that makes this movie rise above other comic-based movies is that you actually feel for the other characters. In the Batman movies, the biggest problem Bruce Wayne has is going from Batman and back and still making it to his date on time (which he usually doesn't). Peter Parker has his (sometimes creepy) best friend Harry to worry about, keeps certain things from Peter. . . Then there's Peter's love interest, Mary-Jane Watson. The audience learns about her character and cares when she becomes the usually-obligatory damsel in distress.

But in this kind of movie the biggest thing most viewers care about is the action. It's awesome. Explosions, projectile-dodging, civilian-saving, high-kick slamming scenes play out very well, and are added to greatly by Spider-man's simply awesome powers. As I watched Spider-man swinging around, making web-slingshots and cracking jokes ("Just your friendly neighborhood Spider-man, ma'am!"), I found myself wishing I could be Spider-man. And when a movie makes me actually want to be LIVING it, I know it's good.
[--- See Now! ---]by  
May 4, 2002
It's a must see!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
May 5, 2002
Spider-Man started off as shy high school student Peter Parker, until he was bitten by a genetically- altered spider, giving him amazing abilities. Over time, he learns that with great power, comes great responsibility. First, there is his foray into entertainment, taking on wrestler Bone Saw McGraw. A horrible incident involving his Uncle Ben soon changes his perception of his powers, and he becomes a superhero. His abilities are soon challenged, when scientist Norman Osborn is altered himself in an experiment gone wrong, becoming the... Green Goblin, pumpkin bombs, glider, and all.

The incredible Spiderman finally swings onto the big screen after much hype and anticipation. Well all that hype has been well deserved for this incredible film that brings the famous comic hero and his world to life.

The comic book world of Spiderman comes to life in this full-fledge adventure. Sam Raimi, who directs the film, does an exceptional job with such a difficult task. Most people who are true to the comic book character would grumble if the film changed too much but he stuck to his guns and the film proved its worth.

Overall, Spiderman is nothing short of exceptional. Though it is great, there are some things to pick at but these are small complaints to the rest of the film. Spiderman has been declared the movie of the summer. Whether this is true or not, the film is extremly good and should be seen more then once.

My Rating: **** 1/2 out of 5
[--- Wait for Rental ---]by  
May 7, 2002
Disapointing to say the least.
There's some humor there, few really good laugh-out-loud scenes and all of them concerning Peter's confusion with his new state. Movie affects are great, but every movie nowdays has tham, it's story that counts (remember EPISODE 1, ugh!) Those are the good parts. And, yeah - kid, Tobey is knows how to act.

But other that that... There is practically no plot; no characters other than Peter; bad-guy (green goblin) majorly sucs, he's the most boring villian in history; dialogues are incredibly stupid especially between Peter and Mary Jane - not credible one bit. And so on and on....

Trust me, if you don't see it you wan't miss a thing! (maybe that up-side-down kiss (but you can see it on trailler), but other than that nothing.
[--- See Now! ---]by  
May 7, 2002
There you have it. The best movie I have rated on this web site. Very fun and action packed, as well as a good plot and story. Great special effects, great characters, great development. It was nice to see Peter Parker using his new skills for personal satisifaction at first, then turning to the good side.

A great cameo by Randy MachoMan Savage as "Bone Saw". Made me want to bite into a Slim Jim.

The only thing that I walked away wishing it was different was the Green Goblin Costume. I wish we could have seen more of William Dafoe's facial features and acting. Just watching the solid green mask bobbing around as he spoke was weak.

But, it really was a great movie - worth full price - worth seeing in the theature - worth owning on DVD. When is the sequel?? I can't wait. Best superhero/comic book movie ever. Better than Xmen, Batman AND Superman.

5 Stars out of 5! See it Now!!
[--- See Now! ---]by  
May 7, 2002
Are you ready for the Amazing Spider Man!! I tried to contain myself, but even during the awesome trailors, I felt anxious knowing I was moments away from seeing Spidey, Green Goblin and Aunt May all right there in Dolby Digital.

And, let me of course mention the lovely Mary Jane. Of course the graphics were just incredible, fast paced and right on the money! What I did not expect was to believe Toby Macguire as Peter Parker/Spiderman. But I did. His performance was that of a slightly delusional, misunderstood guy next door genius.

Speaking of genius, are you familiar with Willem Dafoe/Norman Osborn/Green Goblin. Dafoe nailed the very essence of the character, which is classic comic book villain, delivered with disturbing accuracy by the actor.

The part of Mary Jane was portayed sweetly in a naive sort of way by Kirsten Dunst. And the fine job of everyone's Uncle Ben/Cliff Robertson. The costumes were fun to take in and the set designs were pretty much perfect.

A wonderful use of "New Yorkers" throughout the film. If you are any bit of a kid at heart, and can open your imagination, you wil enjoy this movie for what it is, Amazing!!
May 7, 2002
Uneven film. Slow in developing. Even the action was flat. Dunst was surprisingly bad. But if you're going to see it, see it on the big screen.
May 8, 2002
One of the hottest movies of the summer made it's presence know. I grew up in the 1970's reading Marvel Comics despite my parents calling them junk and other kids tried to take them away from me, I though it was the Marvel universe was the whole world to me, and now with the new Spider-Man movie, the film took me back to my childhood.

Stan Lee not only created Spider-Man, but so many characters. It was a comic age being reborn in the termoil of the 1960's. The film is the cloest thing to Lee's vision. Toby Maguire is Peter Parker, who we know was bitten by a spider and gain the powers of a spider.

There's plenty of special effects and characters that you admired. Aunt May, Uncle Ben, Mary Jane Watson, the list goes on and on. Personally, I didn't think it was the best film of the year, but it had enough moments to recommend. I'm looking forward to the second Spider-Man movie in 2004.
[--- See Now! ---]by  
May 18, 2002
I grew up reading Marvel comics and have always liked Spiderman. I found myself laughing at many parts in the movie.

I thought the editor of the Daily Bugle was hilarious. Tobey Maguire is awesome, the perfect Peter Parker. Who ever cast him in the role did an excellecnt job. Kirsten Dunst was a great MJ, I even enjoyed Flash Thompson.

Anyway, I hope everyone who sees it enjoys it as much as I did. 5 ***** in my book.
[--- Good ---]by  
May 19, 2002
If you dont knick pick over everything and take the movie apart trying to analyze it in everyway and try to remember its only a movie and meant for entertainment purposes, then you will enjoy this one.

If your going to spend eight fifty for a movie, this would be one of them that would be worth it. Its mostly light hearted and fun to watch.
[--- Good ---]by  
May 24, 2002
Not smart but not dumb either.

The special effects are not great, but they're not horrible.

Fairly good movie.
[--- See Now! ---]by  
Jun 26, 2002
WOW! That's all I have to say! Tobey is great in that movie, and so is Kirsten Dunst! I didn't think I was going to like the movie because I thought it was for comic book junkies. I was soooo wrong! It was far from it!

I loved the movie so much I saw it twice! I'm sure you'll love it as much as I did!
[--- Good ---]by  
Aug 21, 2002
In this day and age of "re-makes" (even more-so than the traditional minor script adjustments on the same old stories), this is a very surprising POSITIVE outcome to taking a comic to the big screen.

This film is very worth seeing. KEY: Consequences of inaction!
Aug 21, 2002
WooHoo! Spider Man, Spider Man. Does whatever a spider can..........!!!

What a great start to, what is surely to become, a fantastic franchise.

For once the 'Proffessional' critics and Mr Joe Public agreed "This movie is a true Blockbuster......" and won't dissapoint you if you're not too overly pedantic about certain 'realistic' characters such as the Green Goblin.

Watching it on the big screen is the way to go. But if you have children of about 7 or under you might want to wait for it to come out on DVD as there are some fairly jumpy scenes that have a lot bigger impact at the cinema than on your TV.


Any comments on any of my comments are welcome at fdperth@wiredcity.com.au
Aug 26, 2002
While this film contains more of the Spiderman "back-story" than I would normally prefer, I found the scenes where he's swinging through the city to be awesome.

Soundtrack seemed sitting and I thought Toby was well cast in the role.
Oct 31, 2002
The first half of this movie is pure genius. The way the handled the orgins of Spider-Man was supurb. The movie was really flowing. I felt that the movie began to drag halfway through and slouched towards the end. Despite that, it was still a good movie. I look forward to the sequel.
Aug 6, 2003
Well worth seeing, probably one of the better comic book based films in recent history.
Sep 25, 2012

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