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Dunkirk in 70mm
Academy Award® Winner
This is a 70mm film presentation (this movie was created using large format film cameras). The legendary evacuation of a northern French city during WWII. The movie opens as hundreds of thousands...  View more >

Starring Tom Hardy, Mark Rylance, Kenneth Branagh...  View more >

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Reviews Summary

Please Note: Reader Reviews are submitted by the readers of The BigScreen Cinema Guide and represent their own personal opinions regarding this movie, and do not represent the views of The BigScreen Cinema Guide, or any of its associated entities.

Jul 24, 2017
One of director Christopher Nolan's better recent movies, though the bar isn't too high. Visually, the shots of the movie look great, but unfortunately the characters are flat.
Jul 25, 2017
A powerful movie, told as a important World War 2 history lesson about a major evacuation by British Troops to get away from the advancing German troops. "Dunkirk" doesn't have much to say, but it has plenty of action. As the German troops advance many men await their turn to board ship to take them home. While they're doing that Germen planes from the air taking out troops and bomb ships.Not only big ships but small boats willing to help out. I can recall seeing "Mrs. Miniver" where a group of small boats set out for Dunkirk to rescue their troops. I always listen to the morning DJs from that radio station and every time they mention the movie they mention Harry Styles. I didn't recognize him in the movie. The only familiar person is Kenneth Branagh as the British Commander. The movie is directed by Christopher Nolan who directed some of the most brilliant and powerful movies in the last 15 years. "Durkirk" stood out as one of the best movies of the year.
Jul 25, 2017
Where would we be as moviegoers if not for Christopher Nolan? The man has done some great movies, some confusing movies, and some movies that probably won't be appreciated until many years after they were made. He takes chances, does some unconventional things, and the results are usually enjoyable. Dunkirk falls into all those categories for various reasons.

Much like The Dark Knight Rises and Interstellar, the dialogue in this movie is very difficult to understand. I've seen enough English dramas to be comfortable with English accents, but there were many times I wished for a quick rewind with subtitles to catch what I missed in case it was important. Fortunately, the dialog is basically secondary to everything going on, as you are placed as a spectator of three different perspectives of the siege and evacuation of Dunkirk. You know what's happening even without intelligible dialog, but it would have been nice to understand better what was being said.

This particular presentation of the movie was using 70mm film. Nolan used both 70mm and IMAX film to create most of the movie and, being a fan of using film for moviemaking and presentation, he really wanted to be able to provide the full experience. Just under 100 theaters across the United States are showing the movie in 70mm, with an additional 25 film-based IMAX theaters doing the same.

Was the result worth the effort? I'm not so sure. It's been quite some time since I've seen a film-based presentation, and I had forgotten how much visual strobing there is with film, but I got used to that pretty quickly. The sound effects were quite good, but I think that was more to do with the capability of the theater I was in than anything inherent to the medium (70mm film had a distinct advantage over 35mm film in the sound department). It's quite possible that I would have been more impressed if the screen had been larger, but the 42' screen that I viewed this movie didn't show off what I know 70mm film can do. In particular, there is a scene in the beginning where a soldier runs down a narrow alleyway which opens up to the beach where thousands of soldiers are waiting to be evacuated. That's one example where a wide screen needs to fill your field of vision so you feel the expansiveness of that beach along with the soldier seeing it for the first time.

Technical specs aside, this is a movie that should be seen. As far as I know, a movie has never been done about this event in World War II history, and Dunkirk does a really good job of filling that void. I would be interested to see it again in a (better) theater, and I will probably pick it up when it's available on 4K Blu-ray. I look forward to the opportunity to see it again.
Aug 2, 2017
I should give this movie a Stay Away but from a female's point of view this was a boring no nonsense movie. No story line. A bunch of men shooting and hiding from each other, couldn't even keep track of who was who. I kept waiting, thinking at the end there would be something interesting - No....I felt like I got conned.

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