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In 1892, an Army Captain (Christian Bale) reluctantly agrees to escort a dying Cheyenne chief (Wes Studi) and his family back to tribal lands. On the journey, they meet a widow (Rosamund Pike) whose...  View more >

Starring Christian Bale, Rosamund Pike, Wes Studi...  View more >

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Feb 7, 2018
It’s just ok. Long pauses, little action. By no means a great western if that’s what you’re looking for.
Feb 8, 2018
When I entered the theater to see "Hostiles," I didn't expect much to come out of this movie. After seeing this movie, I had an OMG moment. this is a well made movie, the best western than I ever saw. the last great western, you had to go back 61 years to the last one and that is "The Searchers." The film tell the story of a man who life has changed and that comes from least likely places. The film takes place in 1892, and in the two years since the defeat of Sitting Bull, the Indians were treated brutally by American soldiers, either by throwing them in cells or killing them. Captain Blocker is one soldier who had a dislike for the indians. Then he get an order to escort a dying Indian chef and his family to their homeland. Although he dislike his duty because he has a blind hate for the Indians, he had to obey, despite his personal opinion of that matter. On the way, they came upon a woman played by Rosmund Pike who was the only survivor of a indian massacre that killed her family. As the journey continue, his view towards the Indians began to change with help from Pike. By the end of the movie, he became a new man. "Hostiles" is a brilliant written drama with excellent performances and probably the best looking scenes in the movie. And that movie didn't get one Oscar nomination, What a shock. so the movie didn't get one Oscar nomination, big deal! I suggest that you see it anyway. Then you be shock by how well the movie was made and how sad that Oscar completely ignore the movie. their lost is your gain.
Feb 12, 2018
Yes this was a great western movie. Used to love them.
Nov 4, 2018
I'm a fan of Westerns, so this movie would have to work pretty hard to not warrant at least a Good rating from me. It would also have to work pretty hard to get a See Now! rating, as it has strong competition, especially in the Westerns genre.

Fortunately, this story about a soldier in New Mexico tasked with escorting a Native American rival to his homeland in Montana, does a decent job, but not a stellar one. Christian Bale does a great job of portraying the soldier, but unfortunately for Wes Studi, he doesn't have much to work with in his role as the Cheyenne chief looking to go home to spend his last days.

Confusing the issue is the addition of Rosamund Pike's character as a woman who has lost her entire family in a Comanche raid. She has a big role (fitting her status as a leading actress) but her presence doesn't serve a solid purpose in the primary arc of Bale's character.

This movie is brutal. The body count is high and you see people get killed, but it does restrain itself in not showing gore. Instead, the director chooses to make it plainly obvious what has happened, without having to show every detail. This is much appreciated, as it's not necessary and doing so would have changed the tone considerably.

In most "road trip" movies, the most interesting part is the journey and not the destination, and this movie is no different. Reaching the destination is almost anti-climactic, but the ending is acceptable even if it is slightly more upbeat than the rest of the entire movie. The reason that it is acceptable is that it is somewhat cathartic given everything else that happened, while also avoiding a cliched upbeat ending that could have been chosen.

This movie is not "The Searchers" even though it probably was inspired by it. It doesn't need to be, however. It is an enjoyable Western movie that tells a story, but it could have been so much more. For that reason, I'll give it a Good rating. It's definitely worth seeing.

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