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Men in Black II
Tommy Lee Jones and Will Smith are back, fighting the bugs that threaten our planet... as the Men in Black.

Starring Tommy Lee Jones, Will Smith, Lara Flynn Boyle...  View more >

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[--- Good ---]by  
Jul 3, 2002
Although the movie was a bit corney, it was a fun movie to see. I'd suggest seeing it at the big screen to get the full effect of the computer generated graphics.

It had quite a few laughs and it wasn't as serious as the first MIB move. It was nice to see Tommy Lee Jones and Will Smith together again. Tommy Lee Jones kept the interest in the movie I think. Enjoy the show.
Jul 3, 2002
Smith & Jones are always great together. Very entertaining, and funny. Good for the whole family.
[--- Wait for Rental ---]by  
Jul 5, 2002
I wish I could say that this movie was a disapointment. But the truth is that I wasn't really all that excited about the movie. This despite liking the first movie quite a bit.

This movie seemed very disjointed and rushed. Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones both seemed bored with the material they were working with. The acting wasn't all that good. That and the special effects were not very special whatsoever.

There were funny moments in the movie and some parts that were delightful. But those moments were not as often as needed. For the need for those moments was great.
[--- Good ---]by  
Jul 6, 2002
This movie offers just about everything the original MIB did except for one thing: freshness. If you've seen the original, you've pretty much seen this one. There are a few bigger laughs in MIB2 and there's no shortage of action, but the plot is almost an exact replicant of the original.

Big mean alien comes to Earth to look for something small but very important, Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones mop said alien up with big guns, the end. MIB2 adds a few sidekicks on both sides. The MIB get hilarious worm guys and a rather obnoxious talking dog, and the slimy thing gets a two headed Johnny Knoxville and an incredibly creepy tall guy with a bunch of flying saucer clones.

The biggest laughs don't come from the pop culture references, which are somewhat dated, but from the weird stuff you could only see in a Barry Sonnenfeld movie. The various weird aliens get most of the laughs, but Tommy Lee Jones and and Will Smith do get pretty much constant chuckles while they exchange quips, just like in the original.

All in all, if you enjoyed the first one, you'll like this one, just not quite as much because it all seems familiar.
Jul 7, 2002
In "Men In Black 2," Kay and Jay reunite to provide our best, last and only line of defense against a sinister seductress who levels the toughest challenge yet to the MIBs untarnished mission statement: protecting the earth from the scum of the universe. While investigating a seemingly routine crime, Jay uncovers a diabolical plot masterminded by Serleena, an evil Kylothian monster who disguises herself as a sexy lingerie model. When Serleena takes the entire MIB building hostage, there is only one person left Jay can turn to-his former MIB partner who is now a drone in another large government office, the U.S. postal service, and prefers simple pleasures like his wife's cookies over standoffs with mammoth alien insects.

It's a race against the clock as Jay must convince Kay-who not only has absolutely no memory of his time spent with the Men In Black, but is also the only living person left with the expertise to save the galaxy-to reunite with the MIB before the earth submits to ultimate destruction.

For the first since 1997, Tom Lee Jones and Will Smith team together with director Barry Sonnenfeld after a string of carrer failures. For Will Smith, Wild, Wild West was a huge bomb even if it did gross 3 million and both Enemy of the State and Ali came up short of covering their budget. For Barry Sonnenfeld, Big Trouble was another victim of the curse of films delayed after 9/11. Will Men In Black II bring everything back together?

The story goes that several years ago an alien by the name of Serleena was looking for the light that held the key to a planet. But the MIB prevented this by sending the light out into space. Or so it was thought. The light is actually still on Earth and Serlenna has taken over MIB headquarters till she find Kay who knows the location of the light. Unfortunately Agent Jay wiped out his memory five years back. Now they must team up again to save the planet and destroy the scum of the universe.

The plot amazingly flows pretty well despite the limited 87 minute length. The story, though, does seem very familiar to the original along with the weird sort of ending much like the first Men In Black. The film doesn't really explore into very new territories which is both good and bad for fans of the original.

Let me be the first to say that there is no better team up then Tommy Lee Jones and Will Smith. The story itself doesn't really pick up into they're back together. The way they play off each other's reactions is fabulous. Will Smith is not as funny as he was in the original but he still has his moments. Tommy Lee Jones does a much better job here then in the original especially when his character is regaining his memory. Frank the pug basically steals the show. There are a lot of dog humor spilled by him, which spoken by anybody else would feel dumb and annoying but Frank makes it funny. As good of an actress as Lara Flynn Boyle is, she was way too skinny to be considered seductive. How much support did she need to get her breasts that high up.

Overall, Men In Black II is not anywhere near the perfection of the original but is still an entertaining film.

There were several things that annoyed me about the film. First, the seen involving Zed do karate on Serlenna was stupid and just embarassing. Second, the Ballchinnian was just disguisting. Third, why is Johnny Knoxville in this film? He is just stupid and I hope to God that Jackass the Movie bombs in theaters. Fourth, the very end of the film felt too much like the original and should have been thought out better.

There were good things though. The best was the discussion between Jay, Zed, Frank and Zed at the very end. Also the cameo by Michael Jackson was much funnier that I had ever thought possible. Though it was similar to the original, that bothered less then I let on. Here's hoping that if a Men In Black III hits theaters, that they try some new territory.

My Rating: ***1/2 out of 5
Jul 7, 2002
Too short at under 1hr 25 minutes. (I know, I know, it says 1:34 at the top of the page here, but I've just got back from watching it and the trailers started at 9.25 We were out by 10.55 )

This really did seem rushed and all the best parts, as usual, had been shown in the trailers weeks earlier. At first I couldn't figure out why I felt somewhat cheated out of my ticket money............

Then, on the way home, I figured out why this sequel was nowhere near as good as the first. It's the American 'Sitcom Syndrome'

You see in America, when they have a successful sitcom or drama series, it's usually picked up again by the networks for a second season. When this happens the producers want the second season to be ten times better and more popular than the first. Therefore they demand that the things that made the series so brilliant the first time around have to be repeated, again and again and again.

Also, the more popular characters, especially the minor, cutesy little ones, have to have more screen time, no matter how tedious it gets hearing the same lines and seeing the same stunts. The laughs have to be more frequent. The explosions bigger and louder. The bad guys badder. etc. etc. etc.

This has happened with MIB II. There's more aliens. Characters from MIB I get more screen time and do the same things, but more often. The guns are bigger. The car is flashier. The bad guy is bigger. And the Earth is once again in even graver peril.

If it was longer it could have been as good as, or maybe even better than the first installment. As it was, I'm left with the feeling that I've just seen season two of an American Sitcom. Shame :(


If you have any comments about my comments, feel free to email me at fdperth@wiredcity.com.au
Jul 8, 2002
The movie seemed rushed. The villain was flat and unimpressive, nothing in comparison to the giant roach possessed hillbilly of the first MIB movie.

I thought it lacked character and spontaneity, but this is probably because it was simply a re-hashing of its predecessor. The creators were seeing dollar signs and forgot that they were supposed to make a real movie.

Go ahead and shake your money maker, baby.....oh yeah.....Your shakin it......
Jul 10, 2002
One of the most disapointing sequels in years. You waited five years for the sequel and sadly, it came up short.

Just like "Ghostbusters" which came out in 1984 to excellent reviews including mine (you can find my review in the Big Screen Cinema Guide) and five years later there is the disapointing "Ghostbusters II," inwhich I didn't like.

The idea of "Men in Black" is find out what would happen if aliens live along us. Or to put it in another way, what if the aliens acted like immigrants who came from other worlds just like the people that came from other countries. That movie contain many surprises, but in "Men in Black II," those surprises are far inbetween.

Agent K, again played by Will Smith, who must bring back Agent J to stop a uncrediable villian, played by Laura Flynn Boyle (who doesn't look like a Victorian Secret Model). Tommy Lee Jones is back as Agent J and Rip Torn is again as the boss. Agent F (Frank the Plug) has an expanded role and I like Agent F very much.

But the movie had a few moments and that's it. That's the movie. There are no bright ideas in the film except in that locker room scene inwhich there are very small aliens that can fit in one locker. But like I said, it's a disapointment. I just nod my head, not to the new song by Will Smith "Nod Your Head (Black Suits Coming)," I had to put up with that song every morning on VH-1. (Well it least it's better than some loud top 40 station which that played that song every three hours) I'm nodding at that movie in disapointment.

The first film had made 600 million dollars. If they can repeat that feat, I say go for it. But if they don't make at least half of the 600 million they made in the first film, I'll be nodding my head again.
[--- Wait for Rental ---]by  
Jul 24, 2002
This film is a mere shadow of its predecessor. Many parts of the film would prompt a "Stay Away" rating... its few redeeming qualities are, essentially, the special effects and a few quirky inside jokes that reference the first "Men in Black" film.

Everything about the film was rushed. The story, the character development (in some cases, it was missing entirely), the dialogue, the directing... given the pre-production problems that plagued the set, it's not surprising that just about every facet of the film is disjointed. Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones manage to hold things together, barely, with their screen presence.

Not worth a full price show... see a matinee, or wait for it to reach the discount theaters. Better yet, just wait another 6 months and rent the DVD. There are far better films to spend your time and money on this summer.
[--- Good ---]by  
Jul 24, 2002
Men In Black two was a very good movie. Although there are some minor changes that could've been amazing!

First of all, I think there should've been a little more graphics to this film. Some of them were kind of bad. Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones did a very good job at their posistions, but Will could've had a little more heart at his character.

After seeing both of these movies, I thought the first one was better.
[--- Stay Away! ---]by  
Jul 26, 2002
I feel asleep... Just like when I saw Men in Black (the original), I fell asleep. (granted it was the second show at the drive in, so the movie didnt start until 11pm). I was not interested, It wasnt that funny, and the Black Burger meal at Burger King Sucks too!

Sorry to say it, but this movie was over hyped and not funny.

1 star out of 5.

Aug 26, 2002
If you liked the first one, you'll like this one. Plenty of laughs. I think I actually liked this one better than the 1st. Storyline is probably a bit weaker than the first, but when you're seeing this kind of movie, who cares about the story. :)
Dec 5, 2003
A sequel like this is all about having fun with the theme and its characters. Don't expect a fuller story, don't expect to be fulfilled with more details about the universe in which MIB exists, just go and have fun with it.

It's a surprisingly effective follow-up to the original, and if you liked the first, you'll like this one.
Jun 24, 2013

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