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Marvel's comic hero comes to the big screen. By day, he's a downtrodden attorney. By night, he's Daredevil, a masked vigilante who is blind, but whose other senses function with superhuman sharpness.

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Please Note: Reader Reviews are submitted by the readers of The BigScreen Cinema Guide and represent their own personal opinions regarding this movie, and do not represent the views of The BigScreen Cinema Guide, or any of its associated entities.

Feb 15, 2003
i dont get it......... why in the world did they pick ben affleck for a movie that could have been top ten for this year...... but ben affleck ruined it. the movie was plain and boring.

daredevil beats this guy up beats this guy up its exactly like spiderman except spiderman was 9999999999 times better . this movie is really boring and i wouldnt suggest it at all
Feb 15, 2003
This is definitely not Spiderman, it far more violent, and Affleck is not a superhero. Garner is great, and she actually does most of her stunts, especially since she learned how to use the swords, she is very realistic, especially when you compare her to Ben.
Feb 15, 2003
Feb 16, 2003
Affleck schmafleck.


He sucketh, he sucketh, he sucketh. How in the world did this guy become Hollywoods Most Wanted? He couldn\'t act his way out of a paper bag. Well, we are talking about \'Hollywood\', so........whatever I guess......???
Feb 17, 2003
So what do you get when you try to cross the mystery of Batman, the tortured characterizations of Darkman, and the sheer awe of Spider-man? Not much, apparently. Daredevil tries to do just that, and the results are very disappointing.

Sure, there are some really cool action scenes, but they have no point and half of the moves are stolen straight from The Matrix. There\'s even one laughably over-the-top scene in which two main characters, who have just met and don\'t even know each other, fight on see-saws at a playground just to learn each other\'s names).

\"Daredevil\" can\'t decide whether it wants to be dark and gritty (like Darkman) or whimsical and dazzling (like Spider-man). It ends up being neither.

Of the two main villains, Bullseye (Colin Farrell) is supposed to be creepy and hardcore, but is just laughable and cheesy, and The Kingpin (Michael Clarke Duncan) should be doing a lot more azz-whooping given how ridiculously huge and scary he is.

As for the plot, it\'s basically about Daredevil trying to get revenge to for his father\'s murder. But a good revenge plot needs a good payoff, and Daredevil cops out for a moral stand at the last second. All the little subplots are fairly pointless and serve only to pad the already short running-length.

Don\'t get me wrong, there are some nifty scenes here, such as when Daredevil leaps off a huge building and rides window-washing platforms to the ground, and the special effects are great (Daredevil\'s \"radar\" thingie is especially cool, but it gets old after awhile).

But this movie had a problem: it tries to be too much; thrilling, funny, thought-provoking, sad. In the end, it winds up achieving only two of those things: it\'s funny and sad, but not on the level it\'s meant to be.
Feb 19, 2003
Another Marvel superhero makes his way to the big screen in \"Daredevil.\" He made his comic book debut in 1964, two years after Spider-Man. Ben Affleck plays the superhero, who like Spider-Man, has he gain his superpowers by a radioactive accident. But he was blinded as a child while his other senses improved. The Hero alter ego is a lawyer named Matt Murdock who dedicated his life to defend the homeless. Then he falls for Electra, played by Jennifer Garner, who\'s is big screen material, if she can get away from the TV show \"Alias,\" in which I\'m not much of a fan but will tune in because of her. Colan Farrell plays \"Bullseye.\" A crediable villian. Michael Carke Duncan plays the Kingpin and he is also a crediable villian.

Crediable performance has lifted the film from a lukewarm script and direction. A uneven recomedition.
Feb 19, 2003
Unlike spiderman, he isnt walking around town during daylight wearing tights. Unlike other superhero movies noone has beams shooting out their eyes, etc. Everyone has flaws, there are funny parts, there\'s romance without it being overdone. It is more violent than other hero type movies though.
Feb 20, 2003
I thoroughly enjoyed Daredevil from beginning to end.
Feb 20, 2003
Don't think about the storyline too hard, since it doesn't hold up to scrutiny. Don't go in thinking that you'll get deep character development, there isn't any.

Every character in Daredevil is two dimensional, even though they tried to make the lead character a troubled anti-hero. Even the Batman movies did a better job of making us believe in the tortured soul inside the superhero personna.

On the other hand, Jennifer Garner steals every scene she's in; she's very watchable!

Going to see a movie like Daredevil is liking drinking a sweet carbonated beverage. It's good while you're drinking it, but a few minutes later, its affects are completely gone already.

Go for the thrill of an action film, good surround sound effects, but don't expect to be talking too much about the movie afterwards. I was about to give this movie a "Good" on the first two merits alone, but after reading my comments, it's obvious that waiting for rental is a much better idea.
Mar 1, 2003
Good movie. Ben Affleck brings all the women to see, and the action brings the men. Comparitively it wasn\'t quite as good as some other made from comic movies, but I was suprised it was as good as it was.
Mar 3, 2003
I can\'t stand these critics that say Ben Affleck isn\'t an action star. Was he not in Armageddon and A Sum of all Fears. I thought he did a great job as a blind man. The movie stays kind of close to the comic book, with some minor differences.

The action was much better than Spiderman. The love story had spark, and so did the villians. The movie was dark, but the commic book was much darker. I was hoping for this movie to be R, and be more violent. The action scenes were good, the plot was good, the romance was good, the actors were good.

This movie wasn\'t spectacular, but it was enjoyable, and well put together. I enjoyed it more than Spiderman.
Mar 11, 2003
I walked out after seeing this, thinking that I just watched something that made me feel good about this kind of genre. It did feel a little like the first batman movie; but brought up to date as far as what we expect nowadays.

The casting is better than I expected, with good action sequences. This movie has excellent production values as far as it looks good from scene to scene. It\'s not as good as spiderman, but I think that spiderman has set a new level of expectations for this kind of movie. It\'s a little like this is a movie for the older crowd that is a fan of this kind of genre.

I liked it, and recommend it.
Mar 14, 2003
This movie was a lot of fun! I recomend it, very highly.
Apr 4, 2003
Apr 19, 2003

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