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The Butterfly Effect
A young man struggling to access sublimated childhood memories finds a technique that allows him to travel back into the past, to occupy his childhood body and change history. However, he soon finds...  View more >

Starring Ashton Kutcher, Amy Smart, Elden Henson...  View more >

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Reviews Summary

Please Note: Reader Reviews are submitted by the readers of The BigScreen Cinema Guide and represent their own personal opinions regarding this movie, and do not represent the views of The BigScreen Cinema Guide, or any of its associated entities.

Jan 31, 2004
It was a good movie though the ending was a little weak.
Feb 1, 2004
An excellent movie. Ashton Kutcher gave a performance I wouldn't have expected from him. It will keep you watching and guessing from start to finish.
Feb 2, 2004
\"The Butterfly Effect\" ask this question,\"How Low Can you Go!\" and the answer is pretty low indeed. This is suspose to be Ashton Kutcher\'s first dramatic role and here he\'s been grabbing scripts from the top (or bottom). If he get any more bad movies, he might as well return to \"Punk\'d\" for his cigeratte money. Ashton plays a man who have the power to change the past. He block out traumatic events and though his diary, he return to them to straight them out. Only to cause more pain. There\'s nothing good about this film. A Dog is sat on fire, a baby along with her mother get blown up, One kid beats up an adult, Want me to go on? so, the violence is off-screen. doesn\'t change my opinion. A depressing movie that have scene after scene of violance. Give my \"Back to the Future?\" I take my chances with Marty Mcfly thank you.
Feb 2, 2004
Somewhere between growing up in the ‘70s, searching for his car (dude!), and making celebrities cry, Ashton Kutcher became Hollywood’s new “It” guy. But it seems Ashton realizes that not-so-prestigious title tends to only last for a short time. Sooner then later the allotted fifteen minutes of fame graced upon the “It” guy run out. The public finds a new “It” to obsess over. What happens to the old “It” guy? Well that depends. Some “It” guys, like Tom Cruise, step up a level and become bona fide stars. Others, like Judd Nelson, fade away into oblivion. The ones who stick around seem to branch out, try new things instead of sticking simply to what’s gained them “It” status. With The Butterfly Effect, Kutcher proves his intent to be a Hollywood mainstay for years to come. The film is far different from Ashton’s past projects. Question is, does Kutcher really have the talent to stay a star or is fifteen minutes all he deserves?

Ashton stars here as Evan Treborn, a college student who stumbles across the unique ability to move back in time. After the girl Evan always wanted to be with commits suicide, he decides to go back to their childhood and set things right. Thing is, while Evan’s intentions are good, the results are anything but. For every should-save-the-day change he makes to the past, a whole new event occurs that leads to nothing but distress for Evan’s friends and family.

The plot is pretty captivating. Definitely something we haven’t seen before. But the movie suffers some serious problems that almost seems to hold the story back. First, a few of the “back in time” moments just don’t work. This may be a fantasy, and thus playing by different rules then reality allows, but you still can’t help to apply a little common sense and see right through the set ups. The second serious problem here is, not too surprisingly, Mr. Kutcher. Don’t get me wrong, Ashton seems to have potential as an actor. He could be molded quite nicely into a viable leading man. It’ll just take a great director to pull that type of performance out of him. Eric Bress and J. Mackye Gruber couldn’t do it. There are far too many times here where it seems like Ashton is ready to break out laughing. In a film dealing with topics like pedophilia and psychosis, seeing the star combating a case of the chuckles can’t help but distract from the story.

Kutcher deserves credit, he was willing to go outside of his established comedic skills and try something completely different. Ashton may even have the talent to pull serious roles like this off. He’s not there yet though. With a little more work, and a director who can wring the talent out of even the driest sponge, Kutcher’s fifteen minutes could last for a long time. Hey Ashton, if you’re reading this (and I know you are), give Paul Thomas Anderson a call. He made Adam Sandler seem worthy of an Oscar. Who knows, Anderson could do the same for you.

-Joe Lopez
Feb 8, 2004
Feb 11, 2004
I think most people would either enjoy this film, or really hate it. It all depends upon whether you accept the basic premise or not. If you are a Sci-Fi fan who can suspend disbelief, as I am, I think you\'ll like it.
Feb 11, 2004
First of all, its not for kids- but noone said it was. Other than that, it is original.

I've heard a few complaints including one scene in which ashton didnt seem upset enough about something that happened... well he can change the past! the other complaint some had was the ending. there are only so many ways it could end... either things are changed until it turns out perfectly, it all goes down the tubes, it turns out to be a dream and so on... the ending was fine.

If you want a movie thatll make you think (or not), just watch it. for people who complained that underworld was too dark (as if you can have a bright vampire movie in the sewers) or cities in daredevil looked fake (it was a real city, just not new york), well you might find problems. if you want to just watch a movie and arent squeemish... it was good!
Feb 23, 2004
An incredible concept and an amazing movie. How do the choices you make effect your life? This movie tells you. From choices that you KNOW will have a huge impact on your life to the way just a few choice words can effect your entire future, this movie is the epitome of all the times you've ever worndered "what could've been."
Mar 18, 2004
Apr 28, 2004
A new twist on time travel and surprisingly well done.

I say surprisingly because I went along not expecting very much from Ashton or much of a story and I was quite amazed both at Kutcher\'s accomplished performance and the story itself.

It is a bit violent in places, but that\'s what the movie certifications are there for.

May 16, 2004
Alright. I confess. I only lasted about 20 minutes into the movie. First a female character gets beaten with a bat. Then the little dog is placed in a potatosack doused with lighterfluid followed by a lit match- Enough for me. I walked out right then and there.

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