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The Day After Tomorrow
A sudden global warming causes total world destruction and the onset of the next Ice Age.

Starring Dennis Quaid, Emmy Rossum, Jake Gyllenhaal...  View more >

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Reviews Summary

Please Note: Reader Reviews are submitted by the readers of The BigScreen Cinema Guide and represent their own personal opinions regarding this movie, and do not represent the views of The BigScreen Cinema Guide, or any of its associated entities.

May 29, 2004
This movie is horrible. I personally would be more likely to believe that the story of Shrek is true. This is so far fetched its actually funny. But, if you want to see a politically charged movie for all the wrong reasons, this is the one to see.
May 30, 2004
It was SO bad!! We left after 2 long hours of waiting for it to get better! Don't even rent it - that's 2 hours of my life I'll never get back!! It was dumb, boring and there was not tension at all! The world is supposed to be ending and it's boring!!
May 30, 2004
The special effects are great and the movie is entertaining to watch. As far as being easy to beleive.....IT"S A MOVIE, not a news story.
May 30, 2004
The BEST Movie I've seen all year!!!
May 30, 2004
I can't believe I wasted money on this. Sure the effects are cool, but what a lame story.
May 30, 2004
Some directors know how to choose great screenplays and pull great performances out of their cast: Spielberg, Soderburgh, Tarantino, etc. Then there's the guys that don't know how to do anything but blow stuff up real good: Sommers, Emmerich. And guess who directed "Day After Tomorrow"? That's right, the illustrious Roland Emmerich, who directed that craptastic spectacles "Stargate" (which inexplicably spawned a hit TV series) and "Godzilla", as well as that resurrection of '50's alien-invasion movies, the thoroughly enjoyable "Independence Day." So when you go into "Day After Tomorrow", please, please don't expect a thoughtful pondering of human nature in light of catastrophe. Don't expect great characters or dialogue. And certainly don't expect believable science.

"Day After Tomorrow" is the equivalent of cinematic fast food: something that goes down easy and leaves no aftertaste, but will rot you away (the difference, of course, is that fast food rots your body and this rots your mind. . .) if enjoyed too often. It's disposable, but fun. It's pointless, but thrilling. It's the very embodiment of the summer movie spectacle. The special effects are spectacular (during the flooding of Manhattan scene, try to play the Beach Boys' "Surf City" in your mind a la "The Conan O'Brien Show". It makes everything a whole lot funnier. . .), the acting is passable, the characters are shallow sketches, and the dialogue is laughable. It all makes for good summer entertainment, but see it on the big screen or don't see it at all. The spectacle would be lost in your living room.

So if you're looking for a great movie, try to find a theater that's still playing "Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind" or "Kill Bill, Vol. 2". But if you are, like the rest of the country (myself included), hooked on easy, fast-food entertainment, check out "The Day After Tomorrow". You'll get plenty of literal bang for your buck. *** out of 4.
May 31, 2004
I rated this movie good, just because of the special effects. The movie line itself is propaganda for greenpeace and the storyline is not quite believable. Travel 600 miles in a pickup truck when there is multifeet of snow, come on we are adults and know snow. Maybe this was a real snow job, hehehe
Jun 1, 2004
Very goood movie....The graphics are excellent
Jun 2, 2004
The summer movie going season starts off with a bang. Great all around movie? Not really. But the excellent special effects are the spectacle that needs to be seen on the "Big Screen".

You'll ask yourself why certain plot elements are included and why there aren't more destruction images from around the world (we get LA and New York) included, but it's best to push those questions to the back of your mind and sit back to enjoy the flooding of New York.

The movie could very well be a "rental" movie, but the effects just won't be the same on that 27" set at home as they are on the 50 foot screen at your local multi-plex. So get out and see this one on the big screen and enjoy.
Jun 2, 2004
Keeps you sitting on the edge of your seat, the whole movie. Great graphics.
Jun 2, 2004
The theme of "The Day After Tommorow" is "Don't Mess with Mother Nature." You rather have Godziia on your tail than Mother Nature. Commenting on the scene when torandoes hitting Los Angeles. I was in LA in 1998 for the Media workshop and I heard on the radio that a torando warning is issued for Los angeles County. I looked in the sky, not a cloud in the sky. Then I realized that Los angeles countgy is a huge county.

Despite a lot of talk, I like the movie based on the special effects that are out of this world. I wouldn't be surprise that get an Oscar in the technical catagory. the film has some human drama surrounding the torandoes and the heavy rains, which is freeze up into a sort of deadly frost. but you rather come for the special effects? Yeah, Me too. That why I like "The Day After Tommorow."
Jun 3, 2004
This movie doesn't rate a See Now! because of its story or the acting. It's completely due to the special effects that are a hallmark of this kind of film and its director. And in that, it delivers.

The destructions scenes are very good, and left you wanting more. I wanted to see the effects of weather-gone-bad on more cities, but they could probably only afford two locations.

All this is not to say that the story or the acting was bad; there were acceptable and not annoying. But both definitely take a back seat to the geniuses at ILM who continue to generate the most amazing special effects work anywhere.

See it and enjoy it on the big screen. Your computer monitor or your living room 27-incher just isn't going to cut it.
Jun 3, 2004
I agree with Sinamax....it's only a movie and one worth seeing. No complex plot, just very good special affects. There is enough story to keep your interest.
Jun 6, 2004
The special effects were worth going to see it in the theatre. If you want this movie to be a really good experience, go in with the attitude that it makes fun of environmentalists and their lack of grip on simple physics. Then, during just about any part that looks like plot, yell out, \"PLOT, I\'ll be back!\"; get up and go to the bathroom. The movie is hillarious at times and the entire theatre laughed, but the writers didn\'t intend it to be funny at those times, which makes it even more precious. A line from the movie stated something like, \"This would actually be cool if they meant to do it\" -- the movie would actually be cool if they /meant/ to make fun of environmentalists. If you can go in with that attitude, you\'ll see what I mean!
Jun 10, 2004
This movie was hard to rate. "Wait for Rental" is not appropriate because the special effects can only be appreciated on the big screen. My "Good" rating only takes in consideration the special effects.

Dennis Quaid and the entire acting cast was a disappointment, but I don't think they had quality dialogue to work with in DAY AFTER TOMORROW. The weak plot and supporting (lack there of) science made it difficult to suspend reality and get into the movie. Since there wasn't much character development, I felt little empathy for the main characters and their plight.

BTW: The wolves looked fake!

This movie is a "sugar high" for the special effects but "where's the meat?"
Jun 11, 2004
I saw this movie on opening weekend and was forced by visiting relatives to view it again the following weekend. The special effects were great but the action ended in the first 40 minutes and the story lacked pizazz. This reminded me more of a episode of Lassie than a box office hit. The movie was clean and could be viewed by all ages.

I was dissapointed after seeing previews I thought it would have had more on the edge attention grabbing scenes than it accually did. I give it 2.5 stars: better to rent not worth 7.50.
Jun 13, 2004
I love disaster movies and I liked this one a lot. But check your disbelief at the door if you see this.
Jun 22, 2004
Cool, another disaster movie!! I loved films like Earthquake and Towering Inferno in the early seventies with their subplots and much vaunted special effects. The formula for The Day After Tomorrow is not very different really, except it has less developed subplots and bigger/better effects.

There are more loopholes than in a box of Fruit Loops and I suppose they could have shown more cities around the world copping the big one from Mother Nature, otherwise when it does happen for real, and it will, I’m sure everyone will blame the Americans because, as with alien invasions, it only occurs in America doesn’t it? They could have also developed more detailed storylines for the rest of the characters, but probably just didn’t have anymore screen time left.

Still, it’s a very entertaining movie and well worth your hard earned cash to see it on the silver screen. Just don’t expect a classic like Earthquake or Towering Inferno *wink*

Oh! And you’ll laugh your socks off at the reversal of America/Mexico border policies and the inaccuracies of GPS navigation.

Jul 5, 2004
Good movie with excellent graphics, especially the scenes of destruction (don't want to be specific in case anybody has not seen the movie...).

The only thing that was disappointing was that Jack Hall (Dennis Quaid) wanted to go 600 miles from Washington D.C. to New York in a truck when it was WAY below freezing outside and the snow was piled up. It was nearly impossible to get 5 miles (if that many), so that driving 600 miles in that weather condition was not in the question. Also, when the truck crashed, he had to drag his friend probably 300 miles and then he said he got there in 1 or 2 hours. I know it was a movie and this would probably never happen but, that is just plain rediculous.

The special effects are amazing though, so I would see it in theaters to get the true experience. I give this movie an 8/10 stars for its EXCELLENT graphics/special effects.
Aug 13, 2004
Sep 6, 2004
Oh my...this film is a dilemma. I can't say it's good and I can't say it's bad. Overall it's nothing but a heaping helping of junk science and little more. However, the special effects do play better on a big screen and they really are all this movie has to offer. So, can't say wait for rental. So please, don't go expecting anything but some visual eye candy.
Jun 2, 2006
Good action flick. Good visuals. I think Jake Gyllenhaal, coming from a primarily dramatic backgroud, makes the movie with his heartfelt and sincere portrayal of a son emotionally separated from his father.
Jun 24, 2013

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