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The Passion of the Christ
Academy Award® Nominee
Director Mel Gibson's controversial depiction of the last 12 hours of Jesus of Nazareth's life.

Starring James Caviezel, Monica Bellucci, Maia Morgenstern...  View more >

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Reviews Summary

Please Note: Reader Reviews are submitted by the readers of The BigScreen Cinema Guide and represent their own personal opinions regarding this movie, and do not represent the views of The BigScreen Cinema Guide, or any of its associated entities.

Feb 1, 2004
There are no words to describe the emotion that this film brings to the screen. Christian or non-christian should see this film. Understanding the life story of Mel Gibson brings a little understanding for his making this film.

Watch out "Oscar" you may all go in one cabinet this year.
Feb 3, 2004
This is the most powerful movie I have ever seen. It will change your life.
Feb 4, 2004
Just remember that Jesus died for you for our sins and that he loved you alot to do this... He's at your door.. Wont you let him in?.. This move is great.. Mel Gibson did a great job.. It is a must see.. Worth the money to see it.. The events in the movie are true... They really happened... Thats why it is so incredable.. So go see it... And God Bless ....
Feb 22, 2004
Feb 23, 2004
Feb 24, 2004
This movie is an absolute must for any individual, young or old.

While the movie contains very violent images and is rated as 'R', there is nothing in this movie that even the most protected child will not see in any other violent movie now showing (i.e. Freddy vs. Jason, etc).

I must emphasize that there is no anti-semitism directly portrayed in the movie. Only those wishing to be anti-semetic or who are biased to the movie and are hoping to see anti-Jewish viewing will object to this movie. You will be moved by this movie.
Feb 24, 2004
Feb 24, 2004
Feb 25, 2004
Feb 25, 2004
This film is easily the best movie I have ever seen. Mel Gibson has done an excellent job.

I have taught Bible study and adult education for over 25 years and have a master's in theology. I was very moved and emotionally drained. Take lots of tissues, I broke down crying again when I got to my car. As the mother of a son, the scenes between Jesus and Mary were particularly moving.

Please do not take children under 12 until you see the movie yourself. Many of the scenes are very graphic and violent, and I had a hard time watching some of them. The subtitles did not bother me, if you are familiar with the Gospels, you will know what Jesus is saying anyway. I found it very interesting to hear what Aramaic sounds like.
Feb 25, 2004
It a movie to see very moving and emotional. If you only see one movie this year see this one. And will make you think.
Feb 25, 2004
\"The Passion of Christ\" is Mel Gibson\'s best film in his career as director. the film protrayed the last 12 hours in the life of Jesus. The film is rated R and is there for a reason. It is violent, very violent. The most violent film I saw in years. The film also provoke debate over the life of Jesus and how his death had repersented. \"The Passion of the Christ\" is a powerful about how powerful is the man named Jesus and how his death has touched so many people.
Feb 26, 2004
Everyone knows the story but to actually see what it could've been like was a very emotional and dramatic experience.
Feb 26, 2004
While this movie is technically awsome, toward the end I started feeling anxiety and had to leave the auditorium. I felt I was loosing control of my senses.....People with pre-disposition to anxiety, panic attacks, etc., I advise a home viewing on DVD where you are in familliar surroundings and you can pause the action, walk away from the screen, and contemplate what you are watching.
Feb 26, 2004
Very few movies ever come out that stir up an controversy at all, let alone as much as "Passion." That's why I saw this movie: not because I'm a devoted Christian (I am a Christian, but not necessarily what one would call "devoted"), or because I want to have some background before I level anti-Semitic complaints at it. I saw it because I was curious.

I've read reviews that said this movie changed the reviewer as a person, made them more faithful, but I wasn't affected that way. I found the movie beautifully filmed, well-acted, and generally well-made. I also found it difficult to watch. Even if you normally have a strong stomach for movie violence, be prepared to wince and cringe and look away. I have seen "Kill Bill" and "Saving Private Ryan" and any number of other movies known mostly for being ultraviolent. I consider myself desensitized to movie violence, and yet I still looked away at three seperate times during this movie. It's bloody, gory, and very hard to watch.

But yet it's important. It's important in the way watching a movie like "Schindler's List" is important. You might cringe, you might cry, you might want to get up and walk out of the theater, but it's important to see a movie like this in order to understand the full story. This is really what crucifixtion was like. Those portraits of Jesus on a cross with just a few drops of blood from His crown of thorns are not accurate: this was a more brutal punishment than just nailing hands and feet to a piece of wood (which is brutal, but not the whole story). "Passion" captures that, if nothing else.

One last thing: after seeing this movie, I do not feel like hating Jews. It was not anti-Semitic. Sure, it depicts a crowd of Jewish people shouting for Jesus' death, but that's how the story is told in the Bible, in Church on Easter Sunday, and anywhere else.

So yes, the movie is violent, sometimes gratuitously so. No, I did not find it anti-Semitic. Yes, it's very much worth seeing. And did I like it? I honestly don't know. I didn't enjoy it in the same way I enjoy a normal film, but it kept my rapt attention for two hours, and I know that I will be thinking about it for a long, long time.
Feb 27, 2004
Feb 27, 2004
I have seen the movie twice now and I'm going again on Sunday to see it with my church. This movie should be seen by all adults and especially the Jewish community because Jesus Christ, the one true Messiah, came for them first and they rejected him and the new covenant was open to the Gentiles. I pray the Jewish leaders don't keep their people from seeing this movie because they will see that Jesus Christ is truly the Messiah of prophecy that God promised them.

The violence is justified because after all a crucifixtion isn't exactly a walk in the park and you will notice that the "hate" is fueled by Satan. Go see this movie! The soundtrack is excellent as well and I want to get it in addition to the dvd when it comes out.
Feb 28, 2004
Feb 28, 2004
A strong reinforcement of our beliefs for Christians. An opportunity to see and understand the person of Jesus Christ for those who do not know Him.
Feb 28, 2004
Feb 28, 2004
if this movie does not move you, or stir your soul, you are made of stone . Hats off to Mel Gibson for having the guts for making this movie, and getting our Country to start talking about Jesus Christ.
Feb 29, 2004
I saw this movie on the first weekend after it opened. The theater was packed. I would estimate that at least 60% of the people in the theater are not movie go-ers. This is probably the first movie they've seen in years at a theater. The publicity really drew in large crowds that wouldn't see movies without the press coverage.

I am not a religious person for many reasons. I went to this movie to get a better understanding of Jesus and how religions formed. I was disappointed. This was an hour and a half of a person being tortured. There was very limited background on his teachings, and only a few seconds of his resurrection.

Most of the people that have written reviews on this site would probably disagree with me. This is one of the reasons that I am not religious. Many people have a viewpoint of God and Jesus being "theirs", and anyone not expressing the same view is wrong. That said, I'll stick to the movie itself.

What I came out of the movie with is that the Romans didn't want to have anything to do with Jesus. The Jews forced the Romans to kill Jesus for them since it was against their religion to do so. From other readings and research, this doesn't quite fit with historical records. The movie made it seem that hanging on the cross was a "break" for Jesus. He had just gone through endless hours of beating and had to drag himself and the cross to the hilltop. From what I understand from history is that it took several days for someone to die on the cross. The movie made it seem like an hour or so.

The demon thing popping in and out of the movie didn't make sense to me. What was the point of including this? Was it supposed to make it more popular, kind of an Exorcist thing or what? The beating that they gave Jesus would have been over a lot quicker than on the screen. When they started to use the cat of nine tails with the balls attached, it would have ripped his flesh off his bones. After about 10 minutes there wouldn't be anything left of his body. Jesus did not do any interim healing to put flesh back.

The movie was technically excellent. The subtitles worked surprisingly well. I'm not fond of having to read an entire movie, but it did make it seem more authentic. I find movies stupid that use a heavy English accent to represent German and Russian dialects. This movie was better off with the subtitles.

The reason I would list the movie as better to rent is due to the extreme violence. It would probably be better to handle on the smaller screen. Another reason is that I believe the movie is over-hyped. Under the current Bush regime, I feel that people are begging to expand anything to do with religion and this movie fits the bill. From what I've read elsewhere the movie Jesus of Nazareth would be a good rental also.
Mar 1, 2004
Definitely one of THE best movies I've ever seen! It hasn't even been out for a full week yet and I've gone to see it twice. I was moved to tears each time! This is a very powerful movie and will touch anyone's heart. You have to be made of stone to not get emotional over this movie in some way. The studios were foolish to not support Mel Gibson's idea for this movie. More power to you Mel! I pray that God will work miracles in people's lives through this movie. Maybe people will realize what they have been missing in their lives. I know He makes me eternally happy! Praise God!
Mar 1, 2004
Mar 1, 2004
This was a very overwelhming powerful movie...It surely does make you stop and reflect on the severity of what Jesus went through for us...I must admit I had to leave the film during the flogging...but I thoroughly enjoyed this film, and kudos to Mel for making this for us........

Mar 1, 2004
This has got to be one of the best and most talked about movies in many years, I believe it has truely shown the pain and agony our Lord and Savoir Suffered so long ago. The world needs to remember what saved us long ago.

All though this is only a movie and some say the violent nature of the film was harsh, it is only showing, some of what Jesus actually went through. The truth needs to be told. It is time some one finially got it out there. He gave his life for us. He did suffer really bad. Read your Bible, the movie is right with it. He didn't miss a thing. It was probably worse than we would ever know. But this is as close as I've seen yet. If you haven't seen it Go You will never regret it..........

I think the film is GREAT!!!

Mar 2, 2004
You do not need to be a Christian to go see this movie, however, it would help to be familiar with the Gospels and the teachings of Christ to help you understand the movie better. I can imagine that if you don't know anything going into the movie, you would be disappointed. Thank you Mr. Gibson for making such a wonderful movie!
Mar 2, 2004
Not many movies are actual cultural events - this one is. Many of the scenes were agonizing to watch. On the other hand, the symbolism and the cinematography was sweet.
Mar 4, 2004
It was good, it was powerful, but it didn't effect me the same way it seems to others.
Mar 5, 2004
this has got to be one of the worst movies ever! the only reason to make such a film is to cause a riot....overly violent, and skims over any redeeming aspect to the story of Jesus.

I could not recommend this to anyone....
Mar 7, 2004
I just saw the passions of the christ, and i don't know what to think...
I didn't know a lot about religion, i went into the movie with out really knowing what i was in for, but i am glad i saw it. it was a very moving and emotional experience for me. i brought tissues because i knew i would shed a tear, but i wasn't expecting to pretty much be crying through the entire movie ( i wasn't alone, about 6 people behind me were sniffleing, and when it was over i saw a lot of tear stained faces in the audience) also i am prone to anxiety attacks, and fought off two of them just watching this movie. when he was being nailed, i couldn't watch it, and i literally had to think of something fluffy because i was trembling so much.

i didn't have any problems with this movie, it was gruesome & hard to watch at times, i think i am going to have nightmares because of the demon scenes, but i'd still recommend seeing this to anyone but children, and teens.
Mar 7, 2004
This movie is a work of art, you will see...
Mar 7, 2004
Mar 7, 2004
It was a good move but not the best I have seen on the Passion. The Greatest Story Ever Told did a much better job.

You have to remember IT IS A MOVIE one persons interpitation of how they feel the event happened. You don't have to come out of the movie seeing a vision to be faithful.
Mar 11, 2004
I went to this movie twice. It was just as powerful the second time as the first. I did find, the first time I focused more on the violence, the second time I focused on the Love Jesus Christ has for everyone of us. I'd recommend this movie for everyone, believers and non-believers alike!!
Mar 11, 2004
This movie makes you think of how much God loves us.
Mar 11, 2004
This is a picture that we will all be talking about for some time to come...as we indeed should. I feel it is a movie for ALL. Believers and non believers alike. It really gets you thinking. We find at times our lives are so terrible and we tend to feel sorry for ourselves. I walked away feeling there is nothing I could not handle in life. Afterall, look at Jesus sacrificed/suffered for us.
Mar 17, 2004
Mar 17, 2004
this is a great movie and some people think this is just a movie but this is true and he did this for you and me
Mar 18, 2004
Mar 19, 2004
Mar 30, 2004
I went to see the Passion on it's opening night in California and the response was unbelievable. We purchased our tickets 2 days in advance and when we arrived (an hour in advance as advised), we noticed all the screens playing the show were sold out for the week. This is a movie that should be a "Mandatory" see for all Christians. It is a humbeling, powerful drama of the sacrifice our Savior made for each of us.

Don't expect to come out of the movie whisteling Dixie but be prepared to be moved beyond belief. I am going back with all my friends and family that want an escort!
Apr 2, 2004
Apr 4, 2004
I just got done watching The Passion. I have heard all of the bad things about how bloody it was, and I am fine with blood in movies, but this was probably the most gratuitous beating, flogging, and whipping ever filmed. Why on earth would you want to watch it? It's the most mean spirited movie I have seen ever, that is for sure.

The blood wasn't the problem; yes it was bloody and overly done. But the whole movie was based around Jesus' crucifixion. I was hoping it would be more involved in the ideas and philosophies of the people around Jesus.

There was minimal story, minimal hope, and maximum flogging. This movie has a small heart, and a big ego. I encourage you to go to this movie if you enjoy watching a man being tortured for over an hour of a two hour movie. But if you don't enjoy masochistic maniacal fools over-running Jesus, then definitely STAY AWAY. I'll stick with Starcky and Hutch, Kill Bill, and The Last Samurai.
Apr 4, 2004
This a must see movie. I believe in God. I had no idea the pain Jesus went through for our sin's. I'm sad to see how we take life for granted. As the movie said love your enemy too!
Apr 23, 2004
Jun 10, 2004
it's inspiring, it shows what Christ went through for us. his love for us [aswell as God's]. when the rental comes out [if ti does] see it for the life-changeing of a lifetime.

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