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Sin City
Sin City is infested with criminals, crooked cops, and sexy dames, some searching for vengeance, some for redemption, and others, both.

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Reviews Summary

Please Note: Reader Reviews are submitted by the readers of The BigScreen Cinema Guide and represent their own personal opinions regarding this movie, and do not represent the views of The BigScreen Cinema Guide, or any of its associated entities.

Apr 2, 2005
This movie was beyond brutal and extremely derrogatory towards women. Women in this movie are either prostitutes, strippers or whores and are victims in each category. This movie sends the wrong message!

My husband and I went to see this movie on the basis of Berardinelli's review. That is the last time we will ever listen to his recommendations. He has been wrong before, but never this wrong. I don't care how "creative" the cinematography process is, no one should spend money on this piece of trash.

Also, to the management of the Ridge, we were appalled to see a woman (around 45-50) with a group of young boys between 7-10 sitting through this movie. Where is your screening process. This movie is way over the top in an R rating. It is somewhere between R and X!

Too bad so many good stars wasted their time and talents on putting this piece of garbage on the Big Screen.
Apr 3, 2005
Okay, "Sin City" isn't for everyone. If you're adverse to style overload, cartoon-violence overload, gratuitous (but not overtly sexual) nudity, or ultra-pulpy dialogue, avoid "Sin City" at all costs. If you read that list and think "Wow, I love those things," there is no excuse for you to not be watching this movie right now.

"Sin City" does for film noir what "Kill Bill" did for kung fu and westerns. It takes everything from the hard-boiled dialogue, tough-guy dialogue, bittersweet resolutions, detestable villains, beautiful dames, EVERYTHING that is associated with film noir is jammed into this film. There are three stories, each with a different tough guy leading man. Far and away the best story featured the magnificent, glorious return of Mickey Rourke as Marv, the seemingly indestructable street fighter, out to avenge the death of prostitute he spent one night with. He uncovers a disgusting conspiracy that . . . well, I'll leave the rest for you to discover. It all leads up to one of the funniest lines of sheer over badassery I have ever seen in a movie. You'll know it when you hear it. This section also features Elijah Wood as one of the creepiest villains you'll see this side of Zed.

The other stories star Clive Owen, as a man trying to restore order between hookers and cops after an ill-advised killing in the red light district, and Bruce Willis in the most emotionally affecting piece in the film as an aging former cop with heart problems (a la Clint Eastwood in "Bloodwork") trying to save the girl of his dreams from "That Yellow Bastard" (Nick Stahl as another great villain).

What else is there to say? Mickey Rourke makes a comeback film that rivals Travolta's turn in "Pulp Fiction", and plenty of folks on the verge of stardom give star-making turns: Elijah Wood, Nick Stahl, Michael Clarke Duncan, Clive Owen, and Jessica Alba, just to name a few. Oh, and Benicio Del Toro is featured in one of the most surreal and fascinating scenes I've ever seen (in a car with a gun stuck in his head: this scene was directed by Quentin Tarantino for $1). I have way too much praise to heap upon this movie, but I must also mention the sheer beauty of it. The backgrounds were created on computer from designs by the brilliant Frank Miller, much like "Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow", but it's integrated even more seamlessly than that pulp masterpiece. It's all in black and white with flashes of brilliant color: watch the eyes, trust me. There's nothing out there to even begin to compare the look of this film to.

Bottom Line: I have been looking forward to this movie since way back when it was first announced, and it delivers even more than I was expecting. All star (literally!) cast, sumptuous visuals, crackling dialogue, awesome actions, sheer badassery. Loved every second. ****, and top early contender for best film of 2005.
Apr 3, 2005
Eeek. I usually don't mind violence, nudity, and fantasy but I'm not exactly attracted to it. I pick out these movies because I know my husband will like them, and I'll be mildly entertained at the very least. This one however fit my category of disturbing. I think the only other movie that gave me that feeling before was the bone collector, and this was far more bothersome to the point I was seriously ready to leave after the first 90 minutes. On top of the gore and constant torture, this is purposely a very dark & pain overtoned movie - which all for me was too much. I wasn't physically sickened or anything like that - just turned off, bored, and disturbed. And I walked in totally prepared for violence, pedafiles, and "DON'T take your kids to this movie"!!!! Not prepared enough I guess.

I'm also NOT a fan of comic books. So the style of choppy comic book phrases and mob type talk was not for me. The whole all women are whores or grow up to be whores got old fast also. And I guess I didn't see the whole "wonderful new technology" used to create the scenery - just looked like a comic book to me (accurate to the purpose, I just didn't find it exciting or stunning).

If you love comic books, especially the superheroes and violence, you will probably enjoy this movie. Don't bring your girlfriend (unless she's a big fan also). For that matter, don't even let her know you watched this. Don't bring your kids, your parents, or anyone who isn't warned first about the content.

My husband gives this movie a 6 of 10. He calls it "mildly - moderately entertaining". Considering the Star Wars & Lord of the Rings are all 10s, I guess that would be a "good"? I give it a 2 of 10. The acting was accurate, the plot was complex and moved right along. But the rest I'll leave to the Quentin Torentino type movie fans to enjoy because I didn't.
Apr 4, 2005
Great movie, the best I've seen so far this year.
Apr 7, 2005
Okay, I'll admit that the filming and cinematography in this movie is pretty impressive...even artistic. It's a shame that it has to be the backdrop for an almost overwhelming degree of gratuitous violence and torture with dialogue that seems like it came from a bad "Whose Line is it Anyway" skit.

It's tough to believe that anyone with a reasonably healthy personality and intellect could actually enjoy this tripe.
Apr 13, 2005
Visually interesting. I thought it was kind of a strange movie but it kept my interest.
Apr 16, 2005
Rate it ½ Star. If you have a choice of cleaning up after the dog or seeing this movie...Clean the yard, because you can see the same stuff and not have to pay anything. The end results will be much more gratifying.

All the other reasons aside. This movie just isn't any good. It is shot (99%) in Black and White, red blood (sometimes white) and an occasional blue or green or red tint. You will see nude women, tough guys and gallons of blood (either red or white) and plenty of gratuitous violence.

It is a junky comic book (today's version) in film format. Mad Magazine has better material and much better writing than this movie. Save your money, or go rent a few movies from the video store. Pop some popcorn and have a soda and don't even give this "movie" a second thought. It isn't worth the powder to blow it to kingdom come.
Apr 18, 2005
"Sin City" is a movie about people getting trapped in a circle of violence and sex. the film doesn't take any prisoners. the film is shot in back and white, but the blood is cold red. "Sin City" is a place where it's always dark and always rains. But below that, it has tales of people who battle out the nighyt only to live another day.

I was hooked by this film. This film is not for everyone, but if you get past the violence, you will like this film. The film is "Sin City."
Apr 22, 2005
I liked the comic book style of the film. I took the violence as \"comic book violence\".
Jul 21, 2005
Dumb movie! I was tempted to just leave half way through. Sin City is a boring movie with bad acting. The only cool part of this movie was the art direction, but it was kind of pointless to have a cool art style when the movie was just stupid. Stay away from this movie, unless you're just watching it for the art direction.

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