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V for Vendetta
Set against the futuristic landscape of totalitarian Britain, the story of a mild-mannered young woman named Evey who is rescued from a life-and-death situation by a masked vigilante known only as V....  View more >

Starring Natalie Portman, Hugo Weaving, John Hurt...  View more >

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Reviews Summary

Please Note: Reader Reviews are submitted by the readers of The BigScreen Cinema Guide and represent their own personal opinions regarding this movie, and do not represent the views of The BigScreen Cinema Guide, or any of its associated entities.

Mar 20, 2006
I thought this movie was going to suck. Big time. It was delayed for about 4 months (originally scheduled to be released on the the 5th of November for reasons that will be obvious if you see the movie), which is usually not a good sign. In this case, it was because the subway bombings in London bear a little too much resemblence to events in the movie. Second, the writer of the graphic novel upon which the movie is based, Alan Moore, requested to have his name taken off the film. He also did this with "The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen", and we all know how that one turned out.

Surprisingly enough, the movie version of "V For Vendetta" is good. As in, really, really good. In the new wave of comic book films, going all the way back to X-men, I rank this one below only Batman Begins and Sin City. I can, however, see why Moore would want his name removed from this film. For one thing, the last third of the film bears pretty much no resemblence to the graphic novel. Natalie Portman's character in the book is a 16-year-old prostitute with no reason to ever rebel against the government in fascist future England. In the movie, she is . . . well, she's certainly nothing like the character in the comic. And the movie does away with any of the humanizing of the government officials. This serves to eliminate some unnecessary subplots, but coupled with making V (the masked man) more human and less completely bonkers, it also makes the film's message more than a little bit one-sided. The "Leader" in the comic was a sad, pathetic creature, while V was pretty much omnipotent. We only get to see that pathetic-ness in one scene in the movie, otherwise he's a Hitler-esque spittle-spewing villain played by John Hurt.

Despite all these differences, the film stands incredibly well on its own. Well-acted, with a lot of very beautiful images, and a few things that will make fans of the comic smile and laugh with joy (Tchaikovsky playing with the explosion of the Old Bailey? Nice touch). This is not the action film the trailers make it out to be, though. It's a mystery that unfolds slowly and on several different fronts, it's a message movie, and it's a science fiction film with a couple of decent action setpieces. There's at least one action scene that seems to be placed in just to have an action scene because it's expected, and I certainly didn't need that. But it's a good action scene at least, so it didn't detract from my enjoyment of the movie.

Disclaimer, Don't See This Movie If You Are: Conservative, Republican, Pro-Bush, For the War In Iraq. It WILL piss you off and you probably won't like it. Also if you're easily upset by violence or disturbing images. While very tame compared to something like "The Hills Have Eyes", "V" earns its R-rating with a very bloody action scenes, characters shot (one in the head), and threatened rape. It's not run-of-the-mill Hollywood fare.

Still, easily the best major studio release this year, one of the best comic book films ever made, and well worth checking out on the big screen. Just be ready to have your political cage rattled a little. ***1/2 out of 4.
Mar 20, 2006
My kids ages 11,12 and 14 LOVED this movie, thought it was great, argued that it was awesome. I, 40 something, didn't like it at all. It was very political, not a bad thing, but it was boring. Some parts were good and I thought it would get more interesting but it didn't. From the same people who did the Matrix, which I loved, this one just didn't compare.
Mar 20, 2006
\"V for Vendetta\" is movie about England in the future under a facist regime. the is a good movie, not a great mlovie as Natalie Portman is saved by a hero who battle the totaliterian thugs. This is a smart movie about the rulers and people who are victim to their power. This movie will make you think about the future. I like this movie.
Mar 21, 2006
There are some plot holes and the characters are pretty flat, but enough of the film interested me that I can rate it a \"good\".
Mar 26, 2006
Apr 2, 2006
This movie would have been better hadn\'t it become yet another Hollywood mouthpiece for why conservative Republican Christians are the root of all evil. It had a compelling story until a certain part of the movie just didn\'t seem to fit for any other reason other than to promote a social agenda. All this being said, it was a fairly good movie if you can get past the social engineering part.
Apr 11, 2006
Just Awsome great acting great effects great sound the story the characters everything kept me in my seat and my eyes and ears glued the the screen MUST SEE MOVIE of 2006.
May 30, 2006
Good suspense thriller, makes you think.
Jun 19, 2006
I thought this movie was one of the best of this year. I saw it twice in the theater and I hardly ever watch the same movie at the theaters. That's how much I like it. I'm glad it did well in the box office. I thought it was going to be all action, but I was in for a surprise.

I thought the directors did a excellent job and how they made this movie. I like the message though it some were exaggerated, but it's a movie and some of the message can happen and it's happening as we speak or going to if we dont stand up for ourselves. But I recommend for people to check this movie out.
Aug 21, 2006
Jul 24, 2018
This was one of those movies that was the right movie at the right time, and if you're in the mood for a movie that breaks some conventions, I think you'll enjoy it.

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