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Set in an alternate 1985 America in which costumed superheroes are part of the fabric of everyday society, and the "Doomsday Clock"--which charts the tension between the United States and the Soviet...  View more >

Starring Malin Akerman, Billy Crudup, Matthew Goode...  View more >

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Mar 8, 2009
Mar 11, 2009
Comic Books had come of age in the mid 1980's with the rise of the graphic novel. One of the best graphic novel, a 12-part series which came out in 1986 is "the Watchmen." This is the story of the fall of the Watchmen after the murder of one of their own. The film is sat in Alternative America where the Vietnam war is won with help of a superhero named Dr. Manhatten and the assassination of JFK was done by another superhero. One movie critic had complain that there wasn't much action in this movie, but I disagree. It's more of a character study of those in the Watchmen who are hated by the public. and at the same time the world is coming close to a nuclear war according to the atomic clock. People who expect a lot will be disappinted, but I expect what the graphic novel shows and I walk away with plenty to think about.
Mar 17, 2009
This film has a lot going for it. While it is very close to the comic, it is exactly that...a comic book movie. We are left with very little character develoement. And with cheesy acting, misplaced music scores and an ackward sex scene the film still carries its gritty graphic novel violence weight.

With that being said, the film was everything that it needed to be in reference to the comic. If you're looking for an entertaining anti-hero supergroup comic, look no further. Watchmen delivers an action-packed eye candy with controversial character choices and great visual adaptions of the original comic. So go see the film with this in mind--It's an unrealistic, and often cheesy, comic book movie.
Mar 21, 2009
I can sum this movie up into one word...BORING!

At least one character was cool.
Mar 22, 2009
I have to give this a See Now for the big screen experience. This is one of those movies that if you're going to see it once, its worth it to see it in the theater. And it is a good movie to boot. I'd never read the Graphic Novel, but I was able to follow the story well enough. It was well acted, well directed, and I was never bored. Just a word of warning for some though. There is one character in the movie who is consistently, and graphically...phallic, we'll just say. So much so, that it can get a bit uncomfortable. So, a word of warning to parents, and people who just don't like that kind of thing.
Mar 28, 2009
Mar 29, 2009
May 15, 2009
tons of violence.
Oct 13, 2012

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