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Mamma Mia!
Raised on a Greek island by a formerly rebellious mom who never disclosed the identity of her father, a bride-to-be locates three men who might be her father and invites them to her wedding.

Starring Meryl Streep, Pierce Brosnan, Colin Firth...  View more >

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Reviews Summary

Please Note: Reader Reviews are submitted by the readers of The BigScreen Cinema Guide and represent their own personal opinions regarding this movie, and do not represent the views of The BigScreen Cinema Guide, or any of its associated entities.

Jul 20, 2008
Fun movie! The ABBA music was great. The actors singing was okay but Amanda Seyfried (Sophie) was fantastic! Christine Baranski & Julie Waters (more commonly known as Mrs Weasley in the Harry Potter films) were funny. Stay until the end!!! The 'bonus' is hysterical!! Can't wait until this comes out to buy so I can have my own copy.
Jul 21, 2008
I have never seen a musicial yet that I liked. I only go to them for my wife's benefit, usually with great protest. But this movie was great!!

I wanted to go back and see it again. I never knew Meryl Streap could sing, but she'll get the Acadamy Award for this one.

If you like ABBA, you'll love this movie. Towards the end of the movie, the audience was singing!!
Jul 24, 2008
I enjoyed this musical a lot, the actors singing was not so hot, the story is pretty simple, but....it was just so enjoyable to sit back and watch.
Jul 27, 2008
How much fun can you possibly have at a movie? Go see Mamma Mia and find out.

Of course it's all fluff and fantasy but whatcha want from Hollywood? All the actors did a fairly credible job of the singing part but Meryl Streep really stood out from the rest. I saw the stage version and there just cannot be any comparison between it and the movie. However, either one is a hoot and worth every cent you pay for admission.

And, oh yes, I love ABBA and if you watch closely, you can see some of them in the movie. Can't wait for the DVD so I can see if I can find Anni and Agnetha too.
Jul 30, 2008
"Mamma Mia!" is a fun little musical based on the Broadway musical. This film looks like a Bollywood musical, played to the tunes of ABBA. I didn't care much about the plot of the movie, but the songs by ABBA had kept the film going. In other words, the film's plot needs a SOS and the the tunes saved the movie. I love the performance by newcomer Amanda Seyfried as the bride who invited three men to arttend her wedding, only one of them is her real father. The real question is not who is the real father is, but whatever or not Meryl Streep can actually sing, which she did quite well, if not great. At times she can bacome a little sexual. But the person who nearly stole the movie is Christine Baranski who gave a sexy performance. here's an actress who in her 50's can still be sexy. In one scene when Streep and her close frinnds were in glitter costume, it was Baranski who can showed her sex appeal. Of all the songs that are done by ABBA, (I listern to them when I was in my teens and I love the band) my favorite song is "Voulez-Vous" plus other great song by the rock group. When those songs were played in the movie, the movie itself comes alive. I like the movie, but enough to give it a mild recommendition. If you come to the movie and not an ABBA fan, you're in for a long night.
Aug 1, 2008
Aug 30, 2008
abba music,Greek scenery, nostalgic for baby boomers
Sep 1, 2008
A feel good, upbeat, totally impossible to be true story-- but I wish it was! Dancing, excitement, music...it was all I could do not to dance in my seat. Okay, I admit, I did dance in my seat and my 15 year old daughter forgave me because she felt the same way.
Feb 16, 2009
This movie took audiences and theaters alike by surprise when it was released in the Summer of 2008, and after seeing it, I'm not at all mystified by its appeal!

Creating a musical and releasing it in theaters can be a tricky proposition in the last decade, but some movies have managed to do it right. The integration here of many popular songs by ABBA is excellent, to the point where one could mistake the songs being created for the movie to support its storyline.

Meryl Streep shows why she has the acting chops to handle any role thrown at her, as she embraces her role and even does a very good job of singing! The same cannot be said for Pierce Brosnan, however. While his acting performance (and that of the other two "fathers") was fine, his singing was difficult to sit through. I remember hearing the sample off the soundtrack last summer and wondering what in the world he was thinking by not having someone dub his songs, they are a little less painful when seen in the movie. He gets points for trying, but he shouldn't consider going on American Idol anytime soon.

This movie is a lot of fun, and you'd have to be pretty depressed not to have fun watching it. I found the highlight to be the mom and her former singing partners, followed closely by the three fathers and their interaction with the mom. Even though the daughter is integral to the story, she's merely the connecting thread for everyone else to do their stuff.

If you're having bad day, watch Mamma Mia! If it doesn't cheer you up, I suggest contacting a counselor to help you with your issues, because some of the best cinematic medicine in recent history didn't do the trick.

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