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American Pie
Four high school boys make a pact to lose their virginity before graduation.

Starring Jason Biggs, Jennifer Coolidge, Shannon Elizabeth...  View more >

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[--- See Now! ---]by  
Jan 25, 2000
American Pie is one of the funniest movies to come along in a while (along with the new South Park movie). Just about all of the laughs are created through some sort of sexual activity, and they all work wonderfully. Some of the best scenes in the movie are the father/son conversations between Jim and his dad. The movie never really slows down though, there are funny scenes followed by more funny scenes, all the way through. What was most surprising to me with this movie is that it was sweet. There is a lot of character development, particularly with Oz, the jock, so that you really care about what happens with these characters at the end of the movie. Younger people should be able to relate to one or more of these characters, something that makes the movie more realistic than one might first realize. All in all, this is one of the best comedies in a while, and I would recommend it to anyone looking for a ton of laughs.

My rating: **** 1/2 out of *****

[--- Good ---]by  
Jan 25, 2000
You’d think I’d run screaming from any movie involving teenagers and a prom at this point in 1999, but darn if they haven’t all been good. This one is perhaps the best due to well written characters that I cared about, something unusual in a "teen comedy." Eugene Levy is a highlight as the protagonist’s dad. I do wish the trailers hadn’t spoiled a lot of the jokes, though there are many subtle ones that will surprise. On the down side, I’m getting desensitized to gross out humor. American Pie was submitted to the MPAA four times before it got its rating lowered from NC-17 to R. Humor needs to be creative to be funny, not just gross. I’m not saying that American Pie isn’t creative, but it does suffer the misfortune of opening right after South Park and The Spy Who Shagged Me (which beat it to the punch with the gag about - I’m not going to spoil it for you - when you see American Pie, you’ll know what I’m referring to). And do see it, it’s worth the ticket.

10-point scale rating: 7

[--- See Now! ---]by  
Jan 25, 2000
American Pie is the best coming-of-age movie that I have seen. However, I think that the guys relate to most of the situations, rather than the females, but boy, is it funny to watch! There are four guys, Finch, Oz, Jim, and Kevin, all make a pact to loose their virginity by the end of the school year. All the events lead up to prom night. If you're a high school senior, you'd probably understand some of the topics handled:long-distace relationships, and basically how do I make this realtionship work?

My favorite character in the movie was Jim, and his dad. To me, this duo provides the most laughs throughout the movie.

Overall, this is a great movie with a lot of good laughs. Go out and see it soon!

My Rating ***1/2 (3.5) out of ****(4)

[--- Stay Away! ---]by  
Jan 25, 2000
It tries upon my soul that I have seen this movie. Personally I would have rather spent the $13 dollars for the two tickets I bought on $1 a gallon wine.

The humor is trite, the acting is mediocre, and the worst part being the plot which flows about as well as muddy water through a hair clogged drain.

The only redemption I can see for this movie is the last 15 minutes. Jennifer Coolidge plays a very convincing drunk mother, who is all too easilly seduced by an 18 yr old. Alyson Hannigan is a very convincing band geek, but even her attempt at acting in this film falls short.

Unless you are planning a study on the affects of 14 yr old behavior on 18 yr old High School Seniors, or truly enjoy over horomoned children, do not see this movie.

I am sorry I did.

[--- See Now! ---]by  
Jan 25, 2000
VERY FUNNY! Definitely go see it... "MILF" you'll understand after you have a bunch of laughs!!

[--- Stay Away! ---]by  
Jan 25, 2000
I must admit that if I had a choice between throwing my money down a well or getting out of the hot sun in an air conditioned theater to take a nap, that the money I spent on this film was worth it. How many movie ripoffs are wrapped up within this film, lets see- every one. There was not one original idea brought forth in this movie. It did give me the urge to rent "Fast Times at Ridgemont High" which by the way is a better movie and the original, not a ripoff.

There were so many useless plot twists in this movie, that it ended with me saying, "thank you". I think I got nudged once because I was snoring though. It appeared that everytime the movie lagged they would throw in another girl or guy lust chase fest. No brains left in high school? Not according to this movie, only guys on the make and girls trying to be taken. Sheesh...haven't we had enough of that already.

[--- See Now! ---]by  
Jan 25, 2000
The latest raunchfest comedy of this summer doesn't by any means dissappoint. It has all the basics of a typical teen comedy and more. 4 friends make a pact to lose their virginity by graduation. Thats it for the plot. Each of the boys have their own problems that they run into but the real treat is the likableness of the cast and the extremely over the top gags. Some stuff in here is unbelievable. If you're under 17(like me) then there gonna give you hell at the theatre. But keep tryin, it took me 3 different trys on 3 different days and it was well worth it.

Rated R- for sexual activity,language.

[--- Good ---]by  
Jan 25, 2000
My husband and I saw this movie and simply laughed our pants off. We recommended this movie to many of our friends and those who saw it (different age groups 22-40) really liked it. I would give it a unconditional 10 for laughter!!

[--- Wait for Rental ---]by  
Jan 25, 2000
With all the hype going around about American Pie, I entered the theater with great expectations. Unfortunately, I was extremely disappointed to find that this movie did not live up to its hype. American Pie contained many decently funny parts, but was still less than satisfactory. I believe certain groups of people may enjoy this movie; teenagers who have absolutely no idea what sex is, 13-year old teeny-boppers that turn red hearing about mastrubation, and people at the end of their teenage years or in their near twenties that found their first sex experience comparable. It's not a bad movie, but disappointing if you are expecting it to blow your socks off. Overall, I give American Pie a rating of *** out of *****. Wait until it comes out on video...

[--- Wait for Rental ---]by  
Jan 25, 2000
This movie is so over-rating. Did it live up the hype? Nooooooooo. It was funny, but not as funny as the people made it up to be. It wasn't as funny as "There's Something About Mary", this movie is only good for to watch on a boring Saturday afternoon.

** out of **** yes, I did liked it. I would have given the movie a higher score, if it wasn't been so over-rating and people keep on saying it is funnier than There's Something About Mary. But it's not.

[--- See Now! ---]by  
Jan 25, 2000
This movie is all around greatness. You could only have more fun at band camp. If you know what I mean.

[--- See Now! ---]by  
Jan 25, 2000
Go watch it NOW ! The movie American Pie is very hard to describe. The film itself is pretty weak, and most gags not original. Having said that, I still cried with laughter. Why ?! Cos laughter is infectious and the film manages to create just such an atmosphere that everyone laughs whole-heartedly and so do you. I don't know how I'd react to American Pie were I to watch it alone, but it's definitely worth watching with your mates.

Aug 15, 2003
\"American Pie\" is a lousy idea to resurrect the Porky\'s series. I hjated the series and i hated this film. A couple of teenagers voe to remain vergins until their graduation day. Gross out and bad.
Nov 9, 2003
I thoroughly enjoyed this very funny movie.

For once the script was well written, the characters well played, the comedic timing from the actors was perfect which in turn delivered jokes and situations that were both embarrassing and hilarious.

I never thought that anyone could come close to the comedy ‘There’s Something About Mary’ but they have here and it works wonderfully.

This review is written late in the day and after the two sequels ‘American Pie 2’ and ‘American Wedding’ I’ve not seen the third one, but the second is as good, if not better than this great film.


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