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Devil's Advocate

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Please Note: Reader Reviews are submitted by the readers of The BigScreen Cinema Guide and represent their own personal opinions regarding this movie, and do not represent the views of The BigScreen Cinema Guide, or any of its associated entities.

[--- See Now! ---]by  
Jan 25, 2000
Wow. This was a very captivating movie that really makes you think about a lot of things. Why people do what they do and so forth.

I have a newfound respect for Keanu Reaves after seeing his emotional performance in this chilling, humorous, and most of all - entertaining movie. Al Pacino was the perfect choice for this movie.

Great story. See it today.

[--- See Now! ---]by  
Jan 25, 2000
This movie has had me thinking since I saw it Friday night. It wasn't something I had intended to see although the trailer was intruiging. However, I did find my way to opening weekend with some friends who won the vote. Much to my pleasure, the film was completely engulfing. From the extensive religious symbolism to the terrific acting by Al Pachino, I was carried through the entire 2 hours on the edge of my seat. I generally shy away from thrillers. Horror is not my thing. But the combination of storyline (including a few, shall we say, shocking surprises)and just the right amount of special effects was just perfect for my taste. Initially I was stunned by the blatant exploitation of religious content. Yet hours after the movie ended I sensed a bit of "moral fable" to it.

On the whole I enjoyed the movie and would reccommend it. However, there is full female frontal nudity (a bit much) so I would not take my daughter (or my mother for that matter) to see it.

[--- See Now! ---]by  
Jan 25, 2000
When the previews and posters arrived for the new Taylor Hackford film, "Devils Advocate", they showed that young, handsome Keanu Reeves took the top billing over screens greatest actor, Al Pacino. "What the?" I thought to myself: that a young actor who has made a name for himself by being a dumb sounding, can't act guy take the credit cake from an actor who has been in such milestones as "The Godfather", "Heat" and "Carlito's Way?"

But when I saw "Devil's Advocate", all that arguing went away. The film belongs to Reeves, who plays Kevin Lomax, a Floridan lawyer who has never lost a case, since he knows how to pick the right jury. Summoned by a high class New York firm, Kevin and his wife Mary Ann (Charlize Theron)go. There, he meets his boss, acclaimed lawyer John Milton (Pacino), who becomes close to Kevin. Little does he know that Milton is Satan!

Later down the road, the Lomaxes begin to feel different about their new life in New York. Mary Ann sees it quicker than Kevin does, when she encounters a devilish presence in one of her neighbors. Soon, she is begging to go back to her old place and then she completely destroys herself beyond belief. This is where Kevin picks it up, and slowly he dissolves as well, into Milton's web.

"Devil's Advocate" is great fun. It's a breathtaking experience, a pure joy of moviemaking that knows what to do with its story, and doesn't dumb it down for stupid audiences. It keeps you guessing until you've grown tired of it, and then it keeps you guessing some more. 1997 is the year of this genre, which we have seen in such films as "InThe Company Of Men", "Chasing Amy", "Breakdown", "The Game", and "L.A. Confidential". By far this is director Hackford's best film, who has made such movies as "Dolores Claiborne" and "An Officer and a Gentelman". This movie explodes with raw power and beautiful spirit.

The proof? Look at these two Oscar worthy performances: the first is Pacino, who has a blast playing Satan. Dark haired, sexy, loud and quick witted, his devil is one of the most memorable characters of the past few years. The other is Charlize Theron, a novice actress, who has completely taken me aback with her startling energy, vibrance and power! Her and Stacy Edwards (from In The Company of Men) are this years most memorable women, and some of the most memorable in film history.

The only weak element in the film? It's Keanu Reeves. Sure, he is good as a lawyer. But he is missing his ability to react half the time. It is noticeable in some scenes, including one where Lomax's entire office is sobbing in tears because one of their lawyers was killed by Milton's "guys", and Lomax is there not shedding a tear. Oh well. This is a minor flaw in such a massive surprise of a movie. That Hollywood makes such memorable films like this is truly something. At least they are getting their money from us, and we are happy to give it to them. Ironic, though,they are the devils.

Grade: A

Tech Review:

Picture: 5 Once again, a great picture by Warner, using their patented Warner film stock, with fine colors, a sharp black detail, and good contrast. An occasional blur in scene to scene, but hardly noticeable to care.

Sound: 5+ A revolutionary development in sound. Massive, bombastic sound eminating from all 7.1 channels of Sony Dynamic Digital Sound, this is in equal brilliance to "Contact", which has the greatest sound mix ever made. Sound comes from everywhere, creating a nothing but realistic sound setting. Also, hearing Al Pacino scream in SDDS is worth the price of admission.

Photography: 5 Hackford frames some truly impressive shots, including sweeping shots in New York, time lapse shots between night and day, and mean close ups of Pacino. Glorious Panavision.

Length: 144 minutes. Rated R/18a: Some nudity, suggestive scenes, gory violence and very coarse language.

[--- See Now! ---]by  
Jan 25, 2000
Devil's Advocate has it all. Visually, I thought it was absolutely GENIUS! The time-lapse scenes, The "Walk with Me" scene, when Kevin and Milton take a walk outside Milton's office into what looks like a lake flowing over the side of the building and the scene when Kevin walks down the street and there is no traffic, no nothing.Pacino's speech about his contempt for God was very realistic because that is exactly what I feel the Devil must think of God. It didn't offend me, it educated me. No one else could have done the Devil justice like Pacino. BRAVO!Keanu's acting has so greatly improved. The last movie that I saw him in was "The Last Time I Committed Suicide" and this proved to me that He could do this role with Pacino and hold his own. I'm thrilled that he got the chance to show his skills and I'll be anxious to see his next movie. Charlize Theron was marvelous. She was able to slip into all the different personalities that this role called for her to do. And She made it look so easy. She's got a great future ahead of her in acting. The last 20 minutes of the movie was the Best, but it worked so well because the first 2 hours set it up so nicely. I didn't have a problem with the nudity bcause in each case it portrayed an important part of the script. It wasn't there just to be there. I definitely would recommend this to my friends and I already have. GREAT HALLOWEEN FILM!

[--- See Now! ---]by  
Jan 25, 2000
Definately one of the best of the year... Al Pacino was just incredible as the prince of darkness. This is without question his best performance ever. Good story, visuals, effects, storyline, acting, and sound. Keanu Reeves was also quite good. Plenty of surprises.

The interaction of Pacino and Reeves was great fun to watch. Aside from things you'd expect in a movie with a premise like this, there was a fair amount of humor. It is a movie that you go away from and find yourself thinking about for days.

Well worth the price...a couple of times.

[--- See Now! ---]by  
Jan 25, 2000
I am among priviliged movie viewers who have seen this wonderfully humorous and highly detailed work. The Devil's Advocate features Keanu Reeves as an espiring young snap-shot lawyer who has never lost a case. This attracts the attention of a powerful law firm owner played by Al Pacino. Reeves, who plays Kevin Lomax, is extremely trusting of his new boss, John Milton (Pacino). His wife Mary Ann (Charlize Theron) begins to notice some devilish fleatures among her neighbors as well as Kevin himself. Al Pacino has a wonderful time playing the Devil in this movie, especially with his favorite sin... sorry, you'll have to watch this great flic to find that out! It's not whatyou think!! My only advice is to go see it now, so you won't miss this devilish good time.

Jan 25, 2000
Rating: TERRIBLE at any price (but you might like it) Truly Starring: Al Pacino, Keanu Reeves, Charlize Theron, Judith Ivey But Also Starring: lots of possessed people

First of all...I truly did not like it (and this movie I saw free at a sneak preview). Where do I begin? It has been a long time since I have seen people actually get up and walk out of a movie...although this is one of the first times I have seen people walk out of a free movie. If you like films where the devil has a starring role, then you may like this one....personally I thought Al Pacino played a terrific devil (if there is such a thing as being a good devil...hhmmmm?) This film was not a horror film like "Amityville Horror" where the devil reduced property values and all, nor was it a film like "First Power", where I could still scream when I think of the flying possessed homeless woman. This film was completely all over the scale....it had your basic devil who could make holy water boil (in a church no less) and who had a career as a devil (now that was quite believable). But in all honesty, it was full of gore, sexual situations, violence, and lots of possessed people. If they would have stuck to one basic devil theme it would have been a decent film....take the film "Amityville Horror"...now imagine if this film included possessing the garage, the car, the cottage up north, and the office building in which you worked....too much right? Right! And whoever told Keanu Reeves to speak in that accent is probably no longer with the studio....if you are a Keanu fan, then rent the film just to see how bad he really was in this film. Bottom line...the film was boring, repetitive, and totally strange. I did however like one comedic scene towards the end of the movie...when Keanu and Al are having a little family re-union...so fast-forward to that scene, watch it and then return the video to the video-store before you are tempted to watch more.

[--- Good ---]by  
Jan 25, 2000
The movie ranks between good and fair, but Pacino's performance is vintage. No great moral to the storybut worth seeing at matinee prices only. Don't pay the 7 dollar price.

[--- Good ---]by  
Jan 25, 2000
As if we haven't had enough "The World Hates Lawyers" films here is yet another. The rating for this film should have been "ED" for extra dumb. I'm a Southern, law student, so perhaps my opinion is a tad bias, but with the exception of this great scene near the end where Pacino reveals his identity to Reeves, the film was too long and too stupid. I rated the film good simply because the revelation scene would probably be better viewed at a movie theater than on video.

The film didn't flow well at all. Most of the first 2 hours were spliced together in a big mishmash of utter garbage and really didn't tell you much of anything. For example, many of the minor characters were demons in disguise. I kept wondering if the message was that we're all demons are that only some people are evil. If the latter is the case, Hollywood needs to come up with some new villians and stop perpetuating stereotypes. If the former, then we're all going to hell, so this pseudo morality tale is pointless. We might as well have a good time, we're going to burn anyway.

Speaking of minor characters, I don't know who suggested casting so many known comedians in this thriller, but that didn't work either. Moreover, the little girl from "Welcome to the Dollhouse" couldn't act her way out of one. With all of the billion dollar special effects Hollywood creates, you'd think someone could make a character show some tears when she's supposed to be crying.

The great scene near the end was truly bizzare. Pacino's Milton claimed that one of the lawyers was manic depressive. A significant number of attorneys suffer from the illness and I'd bet $5 that's were the inspiration for the scene developed or else somebody had a really bad nightmare. The tie in between this scene with one of Reeves' vices--vanity--was pretty good, but the climax of the scene and its resolution contradicted itself big time. Go see it anyway. I forgot to see if the all of the seven deadly sins were covered.

[--- See Now! ---]by  
Jan 25, 2000
What a great show! If you can put Keanu's acting talents aside and see this movie for what it is then you'll love it. An extremely powerful and entertaining show with special effects utilized to the limit. Pacino is an extremely convincing devil, even though he has been criticized for over acting the role. But may I ask the question: how does one overact the character of Satan?? This is not a film for the fainthearted. It is deservedly gorey and graphically violent at points. One thing I have noticed in this film which struck me as particularly odd and went unmentioned in all the reviews I've read is the name given to Pacino in the film! John Milton. Ironic that this is the very same name as the 17th century writer and poet, he of the Paradise Lost epic. Milton's poem concerns itself with the fall of Beelzebub from Heaven and how he becomes Satan. Indeed Reeves' character himself quotes from the poem towards the end of the film. Just a little bit of interesting trivia that I noticed in the film although I'm sure that biblical references and accuracies are in abundance. A definite go see for any movie lover!

[--- See Now! ---]by  
Jan 25, 2000
Al Pacino, I love the man. So yes this is very biased. The movie was none the less excellent. It started off rather dry and then slowly events started to occur that made you wonder if you really saw what you thought you saw. Devil's Advocate is one of those rare films that gets inside your head and starts messin' with it. -- For full affect I would recommend seeing this alone, at home, with all the lights turned off.

[--- See Now! ---]by  
Jan 25, 2000
A GREAT movie!! Al Pacino is unbelievable, and Keanu Reeves, along with the rest of the cast play perfect parts. This movie is a one-of-a-kind movie that has a great story line that really makes you think about the 'temptations' in life, days after you've seen the movie. I saw it twice and really would like to see it again...!

Jul 21, 2003
Al Pacino turns in an over-the-top performance as the Devil, which is worth the price of admission all by itself.

This movie is a little different, so if you don't like to be challenged by a movie, the number of turns and mini-plots will probably get you down. If you're up for a movie that's a little different than most, this one is very worth your time and money!
Jul 22, 2003
\"The Devil\'s Advocate\" is suppose to do for lawyers what \"Rosemary\'s Baby\" did to birthing, but \"The Devil\'s Advocate,\" is half as witty as the 1968 Roman Polanski film. Keanu Reeves enters a law firm to find out that his boos (Al Pacino) is the devil. Pacino gave another perfroamce, but couldn\'t save the movie. Charlize Theron spent half of the time going mad. Not much fun to watch. I suppose if the mob ran a law firm (like it did for the 1993 film \"The Firm\") than I suppose that this law firm in the movie would be run by the devil.
May 27, 2012

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