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Erin Brockovich
Academy Award® Winner
Three-time Academy AwardŽ nominee Julia Roberts as the twice-divorced mother of three young children who sees an injustice, takes on the bad guy, and wins.

Starring Julia Roberts, Marg Helgenberger, Aaron Eckhart...  View more >

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[--- See Now! ---]by  
Mar 18, 2000
excellent movie ! ! this is the first movie in 10-plus years i've seen in which the entire audience applauded during the movie ! ! a definite must see
[--- See Now! ---]by  
Mar 18, 2000
hi everyone! i went and saw Erin Brockovich the day it came out, yesterday, and i thought that this was the one of her best movies! the plot was great, the humor, the pain, it was all very well acted out.

i am Julia Roberts #1 fan. SHE WAS GREAT! but that isn't a byist opinion. you'll have to see for yourself! she portrays a great, real-life, character. her emotions were real, and you actually forget that she is Julia Roberts-most famous movie star, and believe that she really is Erin Brockovich, that she actually lived this through. Albert Finney, was great in this movie also. the love-hate relationship between the two was great. they couldn't have pciked a better counter-part for Julia. the kids in the movie were great (her baby's name was beth, same as mine, i was very excited). her boyfriend, george, was also a great character. he is a good actor also.

all in all, this movie is defiantly a GO SEE!! you'll be cheering and clapping all the way up to the end! JULIA ROBERTS RULES!!
[--- See Now! ---]by  
Mar 21, 2000
Excellent movie! Julia's best role and performance to date. Great supporting cast of characters/actors! The entire theatre was enjoyably vocal and very involved with the plot.

I think this next statement can sum it up... My husband has never been a big fan of Julia Roberts and often tries to avoid her movies, but even he said, "I have to admit, it was a very good movie, better than I ever expected".
[--- See Now! ---]by  
Mar 21, 2000
Let me start by saying that I'm "NOT" a Julia Roberts sycophant (rabid fan) by any means. I find her movies to be basically "fluff" - unrealistic portrayals of women. (ie: pretty woman/notting hill/runaway bride/etc.) But this movie convinces me she is a "Real" actress not just a gal in Hollywood getting by on good looks and minimal abilities.

Ironically, this film shows how the title character (ERIN) is not taken seriously simply because of her good looks and minimal education. It is refreshing to see Julia take on this role and so engage me that I actually stopped being cynical a few minutes into the film. I am glad to have a new opinion of her and her talents.

This film is so darn good and to know that it is a true story makes it that much more uplifting in the final scene. What a great movie and a wonderful tribute to all women who have the tenacity to navigate the many roadblocks life throws up!

So, thanks Julia - This movie showed me that I have been just as arrogant as the many fools in this movie for not taking you seriously simply because of your exceptional good looks and all those week scripts prior to this one.
[--- See Now! ---]by  
Mar 21, 2000
I saw the movie today with julia roberts it was so good I hope you will drop what you are doing and go and see it. She gets what she wants and dont take no for a answer. a must see movie!!!!!
[--- Wait for Rental ---]by  
Mar 21, 2000
I went to this movie with high expectations since I appreciate Julie Roberts, and had noted some good reviews. However, I practically left in the middle. If you want to see cleavage and lots of leg, especially Ms. Robert's legs, by all means go. You'll not be disappointed. And I didn't mind, myself. But that was all there was. Unless you count the attorney bashing, big company bashing, improbable situations (I mean...a good hearted, sensitive, intelligent drifter motorcylist who likes to help out??) and sassy language.

Hey. I agree that big companies are a bad thing and they do bad things, and so do attorneys, but this movie missed by a mile any real insight as to how any of that stuff really works. It just lumped all the corporations and attorneys (easy targets, all) as selfish, shallow, narrow minded people, and pretended that what we all wish was true, namely: that if someone would just get fed up and fight back in plain english, the bad guys would all crumble and we would get rich to boot.

This movie was like watching an adolescent daydream. It didn't add a whit to my understanding of this world and it didn't make me feel good. On the other hand, most of the audience seemed to like it, and I couldn't help feeling I was in the definite minority. However, give me American Beauty or The Matrix or the Green Mile any day. Those movies really transported me. They challenged my core beliefs and basic assumptions. They made me see possibilities I had missed, without preaching, and entertained me to boot. This one made me feel the way I do when I listen to my preteen daughter...I'd like to think she sees something I don't, but in fact she sees much less.

I'd give this a "stay away" rating, but on reflections it would be OK for home, on one of those nights when really you just want to drink beer and not be challanged, and feel free to kibitz without fear of interfering with the flow of the movie.
[--- See Now! ---]by  
Mar 24, 2000
This is one of the best movies I have ever seen. Julia Roberts did a great job portraying Erin and it is one of her best movies.
[--- Good ---]by  
Mar 27, 2000
The movie in it's entirety left you with a sweet taste in your mouth. It was a movie that when you left the theatre you thought to yourself that one person can make a difference. It is hard to find movies like this nowadays and this was refreshing.

Julia Roberts acted excellent in this movie and did justice (from what the true Erin Brokovich states) to her life and what truly happened. To think that one woman - broke - with 2 children barely surviving on her own would work day in and day out for very little trying to just make a difference in the world is very touching and even more touching realizing this is a true story. In parts - this movie did drag and could have been condensed to still achieve the full story and impact.

You should see it - however, since there are no special effects in it - you could wait for the rental - but it was a good movie.
[--- See Now! ---]by  
Apr 1, 2000
We really enjoyed the movie. Good plot and could have used a little editing in spots, but nothing major. Did not like Albert Finney at first, but he really came on as the movie progressed. Julia Roberts does a great job. My wife being an attorney even said the legal part was for the most part true. Worth the money.
[--- See Now! ---]by  
Apr 30, 2000
great all around good script and the characters were great. would highly recomment this to anyone.
[--- See Now! ---]by  
May 5, 2000
Excellent movie! Best one I've seen this year thus far. If you can't take profanity, skip this movie, because it's full of it. Otherwise, it's a well done movie, complete with an odd, rough 70's style of production. Very edgy movie. 3 1/2 stars from me.
[--- Good ---]by  
May 7, 2000
Julia Roberts is excellent in this film.
[--- See Now! ---]by  
May 11, 2000
It was a cool movie. I liked it especially because it was based on a true story. Julia Roberts is awesome. I love her
[--- Wait for Rental ---]by  
Jun 27, 2000
This movie is like most other Lawyer movies. It is worth watching, but I think you can rent it and it won't loose anything.

Julie does a great job along with the rest of the class. Lawyer movies just never get me that excited, but if you like them this is a good choice.
Jun 27, 2000
A very, very good film.

These types of movies are not normally my cup of tea, but my wife wanted to see it and I'm glad she persuaded me to go along.

Once again Julia Roberts was great, although this is a little different from the usual type of character that she plays.

At first glance it appeared that I'd be in for a long and boring evening because the film was a] Based on a true story & b] The 'Case' was about people trying for compensation against a huge American corporation. But, despite that, the movie nips along at a fairly good pace and there's plenty happening so you don't lose interest.

All in all, a great night at the movies.

8/10 glenk@foxit.com.au
[--- See Now! ---]by  
Aug 4, 2000
Awesome movie! My fiance and I enjoyed every minutes of it!

I would love to have known that the real Erin B. was in the movie before I saw it the first time, so watch for her as the waitress in the diner where they go for dinner!

I recommend seeing it!!!
Mar 17, 2001
Julia Roberts gives a great performance as a woman who uses her brains and her body to battle whoever is resposible for poising the water supply. But the film is on the level of a made-for-television movie. I love Julia Roberts, I even love Erin herself, but overall this movie is second rate.
Jul 21, 2003
Feb 8, 2016
Erin T Brockovich is a wonderful movie, based on a true story about a heroic woman who exposes the illegal dumping of chemicals, and the affect that it has on the people living in the cities and towns affected by that, and her crusade to right the wrongs.

Julia Roberts does a bang-up job of playing the part of the tough and fiesty Erin Brockovich!

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