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From the director of Swingers comes this story of a botched drug deal, told from the perspectives of three different parties.

Starring Katie Holmes, William Fichtner, Jay Mohr...  View more >

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[--- See Now! ---]by  
Jan 25, 2000
Go is one of the funniest movies I have seen this year. It reminded me of Pulp Fiction, and the movie has a great cast. Do yourself a favor and go see it.

[--- Stay Away! ---]by  
Jan 25, 2000
I was excited after reading reviews telling me that, "missing this movie would be a mistake," and, "this movie defines a generation." The flurry of stars got my hopes high in anticipation of a movie to be equaled with "Pulp Fiction" or "Swingers". instead what I spent my evening watching was a movie trying too hard to be something it wasn't. The winding plot was loosely tied together with no real surprises, and I found nothing intrigueing about any of the characters. Some scenes and circumstances seemed forced. Others felt awkward. The only positive thing to say about "go" is that it did make me laugh, but unfortunately not enough to make it worth my time. I would desribe this movie simply as a halfway entertaining and almost unbearable.

[--- Wait for Rental ---]by  
Jan 25, 2000
I was pretty disappointed with this movie. It is from the director of Swingers, a movie that I absolutely love, so I was hoping that I would love this movie too. But I didn't. I didn't exactly hate the movie, it wasn't terrible, but it didn't live up to its expectations. Basically the story is about a drug deal that goes wrong, and it is told through the eyes of three different people. I liked the first half of the movie, including the story told from the perspective of Ronna and Simon, but after that the movie goes downhill. I got bored with the 3rd part of the movie featuring Scott Wolf and Jay Mohr. Also, the end was quite disappointing, I thought they could have brought it all together better. Overall, I wouldn't recommend going out and seeing this movie. It is definitely not in the same league as Swingers.

My rating: ** 1/2 out of *****

[--- Wait for Rental ---]by  
Jan 25, 2000
What can I say about "Go"? I had a funny feeling about this movie since it came out. The only thing that attracted me to this movie was the fact that the director of "Swingers" directed this one. I can surely say that this would be more appreciated on the small screen. It reminded me a lot of "Pulp Fiction", one of my favorite movies. basically the whole story is based on a drug deal, (one thing that reminded me of PF), is told through three different people (also a PF feature), and involves the subject of dark, humorous, gun-play, (yet another thing that reminded me of PF). However, unlike PF, this story is told through teenagers and people in their mid-twenties.If you have a choice of going to see this movie or renting Pulp Fiction, go rent Pulp Fiction. You will appreciate "Go" a lot more on the small screnn after you have seen Pulp Fiction.

My rating: *1/2 out of ****

[--- Good ---]by  
Jan 25, 2000
"Go" is not a great movie but it is entertaining to watch and it does keep your eyes glued to the screen for the whole picture. It is a movie that you wouldn't want to spend $7.50 to see but, if you can see it for $2.00 or less go ahead.

** 1/2 Stars.

[--- Good ---]by  
Jan 25, 2000
Doug Liman’s follow up to the cult hit "Swingers" has the director putting on his "Tarantino Cap" and trying his hand at a non-linear, Pulp Fictionish tale (or three) of drugs, mayhem, and life in the fast lane. Does it work? Definitely! Three black comedies are interwoven in entertaining and unpredictable ways. One minute we’re in the gutter (either literally or figuratively), the next minute we’re hearing a rant against "The Family Circus." Pulp Fiction you say? Sure, the comparisons are inevitable, but this is one example of how a talented filmmaker can take a familiar basis and produce a successful final product. Favorite lines: "Kid, open the door!" and "If you were any less black, you'd be clear."

10-point scale rating: 7

[--- See Now! ---]by  
Jan 25, 2000
"Go" never lets up. Its a thrill ride of fun right from the get-go. I know, those do sound like lame ways to describe this movie, but can you really blame me? Doug Liman's new movie, the followup to his masterpiece "Swingers" (which still has a spot on my top 10 films of all time list) is a very fast, very upbeat kind of movie, with a LOT of resemblance towards "Pulp Fiction". In fact, TOO much. However, the movie wonderfully lets us get to know an assortment of colorful characters.

Meet the protagonist of the first story, Ronna (Sarah Polley). She's an overworked supermarket cashier by day, smart and sassy drug dealer by night. Ronna is talked into filling in for Simon (Desmond Askew), therefore running into two guys (Scott Wolf and Jay Mohr) looking to score some drugs.

The first story follows Simon and his adventures into Las Vegas with his buddies, where they all get in a lot of deep deep trouble. I won't say much regarding this, just watch!

The third story doubles back on the two guys from the supermarket, Adam and Zack (who turn out to be two gay stars on a soap opera), and their adventures of trying to bust Ronna, survive a dinner with an officer (Willaim Fichtner) and go out clubbing. This is where all the stories come crashing together, in a series of very funny and very surprising twists and turns.

I loved everything about this movie. Doug Liman is always at high energy, throwing a lot of stuff at you. This is all very funny and crazy, and a heck of a lot of fun.

The acting is also excellent, by far the best performance is from Sarah Polley, who is very creative and very real. I also got a real kick out of Desmond Askew as Simon the kooky brit, Scott Wolf and Jay Mohr as the gay couple, Taye Diggs as Simon's Vegas buddy, Timothy Olyphantas the drug kingpin, William Fichtner as the questionable officer, and even Katie Holmes as Ronna's friend Claire, who charms even though she never really has before.

Rating: ***1/2 out of ****

Picture: 4 The usual good Columbia picture with eye-popping colors, fine blacks, contrast and detail. There is some too noticeable grain in brighter scenes however.

Sound: 5 The SDDS soundtrack is very sharp and powerful, with intense deep bass in the music scenes (especially when we see one character's point of view when he is high) and good surround envelopment. This sound design isn't going to win any oscars, but it is still excellent.

Photography: 4.5 Surprisingly, this movie was shot in the Super 35 format, giving a nice anamorphic presentation on screen. Although most of this movie is shot hand held, it gives you a really cool, "you are there" kinda feel.

Length: 103 minutes. Rated R for language and violence. Columbia Pictures.

By Jason Whyte -- Reviewed on May 30th, 1999 -- jason-whyte@home.com

Jun 15, 2003
A strong cast with help from director Drug Liman of \"Swingers,\" comes \"Go,\" a dark comedy about a group of young people who spend a wild night on the town. \"Go\" is proof that Liam\'s first film \"Swingers,\" is no fluke. Sarah Polly is the film\'s stand-out.

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