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Idle Hands
The devil will find work for idle hands to do… so what happens when he goes on the prowl for a partner in crime and ends up with an utterly clueless 17-year-old slacker?

Starring Devon Sawa, Seth Green, Elden Henson...  View more >

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Reviews Summary

Please Note: Reader Reviews are submitted by the readers of The BigScreen Cinema Guide and represent their own personal opinions regarding this movie, and do not represent the views of The BigScreen Cinema Guide, or any of its associated entities.

Jan 25, 2000
First of all....I hated it more than any movie I have seen in recent years. Idle Hands could have used numerous movie titles to describe this film including, Idle Brain, Idle Body, or even Idle Idiot. Why could these titles have worked? Because you would have to be a complete idiot to sit through this entire film (now the only reason I sat through it was to sacrifice myself on all of your behalf in order to complete this movie review....so the name does not apply in this case.) So when does the audience realize they the film becomes a horrendous burden upon the film goers brain?...it takes only about ten minutes into the film...when suddenly you begin saying to the people next to you (even those you don't know)..."have you ever seen a worse movie?" Now that is an accomplishment, the director was able to create a film that will allow open and honest communication between complete strangers, very few films can do that. So what is this film about? It's a story of a teenager who smokes a great deal of illegal substances and ends up being plagued by a demon that searches the world over for unmotivated, energy-deprived, idiotic, and weird music listening teenagers. The demon comes across this young man in suburban America who fits the bill and one of his idle hands gets taken over. This naughty hand begins doing things that young teens should not be doing...like killing his parents, his neighbors, local police, and school mates. Now to make this even more appealing as a movie, the director sets the time of the story to coincide with Halloween. We know that every so often movies reflect reality and reality sometimes imitates movies; but in this case, you take both, put them together, add some really bad acting and directing, and you create a nauseous, obnoxious, less than sophomoric movie that has no redeeming qualities. Now very few horror flicks have redeeming qualities; but at least some of them get you to jump or scream, this one does nothing more than make you regret ever choosing to see such a movie. Now normally for a bad film, I would recommend that you take your friends to see it and tell them how great you thought it was just to cause an argument, well if you do that in this case...it just won't be funny and even I would disown you. Bottom line...Idle Hands is by far the worst movie created in years and under no circumstances should anyone spend a dime or any time seeing it.

[--- Wait for Rental ---]by  
Jan 25, 2000
This movie was ok and actually funny at parts. But I think they should have time the release of this movie for October.

[--- Stay Away! ---]by  
Jan 25, 2000
Columbia and Tri Star Films really has the habit of making all of my worst lists in the past decade. "Spice World" made the number one spot last year and "I Still Know What You Did Last Summer" was nearby. "Mary Shelly's Frankenstein" took the top spot as worst film of 1994. At first it just seemed like a fluke, but its true. They do make a lot of crap.

Its even more evident in "Idle Hands", which you WILL be seeing on my worst list of 1999. This is a complete mess, lacking anything of common sense or anything resembling good filmmaking. The film is ridden with bad acting, editing, photography, dialogue and about every single criticism you can find. Only if you decide to take "Bad Filmmaking 101" in college will this piece of crap be of any use.

The film stars the irritating Devon Sawa (who has starred in such masterpieces as Wild America and The Boys Club, heavy sarcasm intended) as a couch potato/druggie who has a demonic possession taken to his hand. Thus, his hand does anything it wants; its a demonic force attached to an idiot.

Already there's a problem. I already hate Devon Sawa and his character in the film; the film tries to make us want the demon to die, but I was rooting for the hand to kill Devon himself and drag his pathetic corpse around.

Instead, he kills his fellow druggie losers (played by the likeable Seth Green and Elden Henson, here only for the paycheque) and his hand goes crazy. He really wants the girl down the street (Flipper's Jessica Alba, who is very distracting, but in a good way), even though he has this uncontrollable hand taking him around. He does finally talk to her, and what's irritating is that Alba was obviously told to not even notice this wacko hand was going nuts on Devon Sawa, and she only responds "kinky" when her neck is violently grabbed. Oh yeah, and she's a slut, completely willing to have sex with a man who is greasy-haired, stinky, and has blood all over him.

The solution to all? Let's cut off his hand! (May I hold the hatchet?) Now here's something interesting: He successfully does so and only screams a little bit but recooperates quickly; he has the exact same reaction to getting scalded by an iron. I have had really bloody knife cuts at work, and I seemed to have more pain.

Things make less sense when Vivica A. Fox arrives on the scene as a Buffy The Vampire Slayer clone, travelling many miles for the demon. When she finally finds Devon at the standard teenage climax (school dance), all she does is pull out a knife and jump at him.

"Idle Hands" is another in the long line of the "Let's Make Another Teen Movie For A Minimal Budget And Throw Sexy Teenagers In It So We Can All Have Some Extra Cash For The Weekend" genre. I give no credit to this piffle, I was most interested in watching Jessica Alba's body (also visible in "Never Been Kissed" as one of the three "in" girls, I recommend you check her out there).

Please Columbia, and the rest of the film industry, quit it with all these movies! You have enough money, go out and have some drinks or buy some DVD's, stop making your mission everyday to "greenlight" another production.

Rating: Zero Stars

Tech Review:

Picture: 5 Though the movie is unwatchable, the picture quality is outstanding with full, life like colors, great blacks and fine contrast. I saw "Entrapment" the same day, and it needed this picture quality.

Sound: 2 I only saw this movie in Dolby, and it was incredibly noisy. I doubt seeing the movie in its available digital soundtracks (SDDS/DTS) will be more satisfying.

Photography: 1 The film is matted to 1.85:1 with a lot of poorly framed shots; an entire mess, just like the movie!

Length: 92 minutes. Rated R for gory violence and language. Columbia.

By Jason Whyte -- Written on May 2nd, 1999 (but posted May 30th). jason-whyte@home.com

[--- Good ---]by  
Jan 25, 2000
having read the two previous reviews, i feel how it was for you to sit through the whole movie. For myself, i was forced to see it, i had no choice, the room was clear, we were the two only people in the movie theatre, that's maybe why i enjoyed it, because it felt like killing 1h30 in my house. So what was funny? the hell, the whole thing was funny, you can't ask much about teenager movies, which means for me, sex, drugs, ridiculous and blood. It had it all, although very predictible, it was funny, there was irony in the dialog, irony is the key, it was true time movie, which means, many people are like that, well, i mean they sit in their house and smoke weed the whole days and fantasize about girls, many people are like that, thats why i say this movie is a social movie, it is intelligent in the sense that it puts back the social state in question, are teenagers just too idle? a great question perhaps. Another comment out of subject is that, the story was identical to <american werewolf in paris>, identical i say. but the difference lies in that question about social state, which makes it interesting. also, there were other things pretty interesting, like when a head gets chopped, some people say you still have sight for a while, is it true? I might as well say, it's like seeing star wars, you just sit there and enjoy the movie, this was enjoyable, then, why would it be bad? and the characters were more developped, really, he had a family, he didn't care about them, it's sad, he lives in the attic and listens to music whole day and smoke weed because his life doesn't make him happy. And idle hand had a meaning, it was something about something people do with their hands, sexual yes, but it wasn't said. about fear because it's horror movie, well, it does have the atmosphere, i was tensed when came horror scenes, you didn't know what was going to happen, yes, thats what scare us, the idea that anything could happen, that we aren't in control, a very good psychological aspect of this movie. The problem of this movie was that it's 16+, so people more than 16 really just won't go see it and people less than sixteen won't insist, so the audience falls, it is interesting how we can study what the rating make to the box office, which makes this movie interesting. my last point is that, sometimes, you go see a movie because you want to socialize with your friends, well there is your occasion, you can talk in the theatre, nobody will care, thats good, you dont have to keep your thoughts for yourself, you can open your mind, not many occasions open to that in life, so again, it will help you psychologically to develop and live less stress, isn't that good? email me your free-est comments to akaspeak@hotmail.com

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