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Pushing Tin
John Cusack is an air traffic controller who pushes tin at New York’s Terminal Radar Approach Control (TRACON) center. He's good, but he meets his match when a cowboy controller played by Billy Bob...  View more >

Starring John Cusack, Billy Bob Thornton, Cate Blanchett...  View more >

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[--- Good ---]by  
Jan 25, 2000
Original concept about air traffic controllers is at its best when focusing on the competition between John Cusack and Billy Bob Thornton both at and away from work. Both leads bring a strong presence to the film and are responsible for its success. Unfortunately, Pushing Tin strays a bit at the end with an unbelievable change in tone which costs the movie half a star.

10-point scale rating: 7

Jan 25, 2000
After seeing, and disliking Grosse Pointe Blank, I wasn't sure I could stand to see another John Cusack film....but I thought the trailers looked promising enough.

The film stars John Cusack as Nick Falzone, an air traffic controller in the New York, New Jersey area. His co-workers call him "The Zone" because he is the best at what he does.

Along comes Russell Bell (Billy Bob Thornton) as a hot shot controller from the southwest. He is quiet, confident, and really pisses off Falzone.

The story really revolves around Nick and Russell, their wives, their jobs, and how they try to keep it all together under the stress.

As soon as I found out that John Cusack's character was married, I began to worry. I doubted that he could pull it off. He was always the single guy in the crowd. In my opinion, he does an ok job with it.

The premise isn't much, and the film makers don't do a whole lot with it. Overall, a somewhat dull film.

Don't bother paying full price, as I did, for this one.

Copyright 1999 - Ron Higgins
No unauthorized publication or distribution without the consent of Ron Higgins.

Jan 25, 2000
First of all....I didn't like it. This movie had so much potential, the previews looked great (although how many movie companies really show you the boring, poorly acted, and rotten scenes in their previews), but the rest of the movie was just simply boring. Now I have never been in one of those air traffic control centers and nor did I know that not all air traffic controllers sit in a tower looking for the planes. But I do know what a boring field trip could be like and this was like being on one. It was also like watching one of the boring episodes of Real World. Here you have a camera following a group of air traffic controllers (Cusack in particular) and we get an inside peek at their lives. Well if this is anyway true of what air traffic controllers are like, then I am surprised their are not more problems with our skys. The film tries to be funny, does a few attempts at seriousness, and completely fails at showing us a story about relationships. I did find a few scenes comical, but those same ones are in the previews, so you can save your money and watch those on TV. I felt the characters were lacking in audience identification; for if an audience member could identify that closely with how jerkish some of these people were, then they need to get a new circle or friends or a different job. My biggest disappointment came with Cusack, who had a character that at first seemed pretty cool, but totally self-destructed just a short time later. Bottom line....if anyone says they enjoyed this film and found that it gave them new insight, then be prepared for the next onslaught of airplane movies....lets see...we have baggage handlers, ticket takers, pilots...okay, maybe even I would go see "Stewardesses".

[--- Stay Away! ---]by  
Jan 25, 2000
Pushing Tin should have been called Shoveling Crap! From someone who sees a lot of movies, this had to be one of the worst I've seen in recent years. As another reviewer on this page stated, the movie looked interesting in the preview. Throw in three strong actors in Cusack, Thornton and Blanchette . . . how can you go wrong? I suggested that we go see this film to some friends. I must have appologized at least five times during the movie for making the suggestion. Cusack's character in this movie was despicable and had virtually no redeeming qualities. Thorton didn't say more than 25 words in the whole movie. . . . A role more suited to Arnold Swartzaneagger (how ever you spell his last name?)! Blanchette demonstrated a good NY accent but nothing else. When I left the theater, I really wanted to ask for my money back but you all know they don't do that. Therefore, I am warning all of you. . . .even if you love any of the actors in this poor excuse for a movie, don't go see it or you may harm your respect for yourself and the actor!

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