The BigScreen Cinema Guide

About The BigScreen Cinema Guide

The BigScreen Cinema Guide was founded by Scott Jentsch of SVJ Designs, LLC. in 1995 as The Penguin Cinema Guide. In that time, what began as a local service that provided movie showtimes and information for theaters in the Milwaukee, Wisconsin area only has expanded to cover showtimes and information for every theater in the United States. In addition to the delivery of showtime information, we provide detailed movie and theater information.

Established History and Presence

With our long history of publication, current popularity, strategic partnerships, and many features, The BigScreen Cinema Guide can reach more people, provide more information, and represent your theater better than any traditional newspaper ad or phone recording could hope to achieve.

Unlike many general sites that provide showtimes along with news search results, headlines, and the local weather, this site has always been only about movies, done by people who love movies, and we work very hard to deliver high quality information and services. We take a very personal interest in making sure that each of our Featured Theaters is well represented. Our primary goal for the site is to work with theaters to deliver information that they want to provide and that our readers are looking for. It is this mutually beneficial relationship that makes our service unique and much more valuable than other sites that treat showtimes like a commodity.

Frequent Updates of Showtimes

To make sure that we have the latest and greatest information, showtimes are updated six times each weekday to ensure that your information is up-to-date and accurate.

Our showtime information is provided by Webedia, (formerly known as CinemaSource and West World Media), which is the nation's largest distributor of movie showtimes and related movie information. Since theaters submit showtime data directly to Webedia (an automated link can be created to many POS sales systems), the accuracy of the data is the best possible.

Movie Information Provided

Along with the showtimes for movies playing at each theater, we also provide the following indications:

We also provide reviews of the movies from an acclaimed featured movie critic, as well as allowing our readers to give their opinions of the movie with our unique rating scale and commentary section titled "Reader Reviews."

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