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Featured Theater Service

Save Time & Money While Maintaining Control Over Your Information

Featured Theater Service is the foundation of everything we offer to theaters. Not only do you get increased exposure on The BigScreen Cinema Guide, but you have the ability to update your theater information 24/7 and view reports from a password-protected website. Then, if you decide that you would like to have a greater online presence, we can build on that foundation to provide more individualized websites for your theater -- we use the same information and put your branding front and center!

Provide the following information and more to your customers — our readers!

Comparison Chart

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Enhanced Theater Showtimes

Showtimes Screenshot

In the screenshot above, you will see many of the elements that are upgraded for our Featured Theaters, including:

  1. Photo Gallery
  2. Announcements
  3. Gift Card Information
  4. Theater Information
  5. Online Ticketing through Fandango, RTS, Veezi, and more (if available)
  6. Movie Posters next to movie names in listings
  7. Direct links to Official Website, Facebook page, X/Twitter feed, YouTube channel, Instagram page, TikTok, and Snapchat (if available)

Priority Placement in Listings

In all listings where our Featured Theaters are shown, they are given priority placement at the top.

Movie Showtimes List Screenshot

In this list of theaters near Indianapolis playing a movie, the Featured Theater is shown first, even though it is further away than other theaters.

Nearby Theaters List Screenshot

When someone is looking for a list of theaters near Indianapolis, the Featured Theater is shown at the top even though it is not the closest. This draws attention to the Featured Theater, no matter where it appears in the standard listing.


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OK, I'm Convinced! What Do I Do Now?

Contact us, and we'll be happy to work with you to deliver your information to our readers — your customers! Since we work so closely with each theater, we're sure that you'll like what we offer at a rate that provides you with the best value around!

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Looking for Other Options?

We provide an array of services to meet your every need. Visit our Services page for an overview of all our services!

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