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Online Ticketing Support

As part of the Enhanced Theater Showtimes that we offer to our Featured Theaters, we support online electronic ticketing for the following online ticketing services:

These links help you sell more tickets by providing easy access to buying tickets through your preferred method. You have control over how tickets are sold and what options are available!

Control Your Ticketing Options

You determine which ticketing options are available! We can provide links to one or more ticketing options for your theater, based on your preference. These can be ranked in the order desired, which provides you with maximum flexibility and ultimate control over the ticketing experience. You have the choice of sending your customers to your ticketing/POS system and/or Fandango, and in what order.

Electronic ticketing appears in three locations:

  1. Large "Buy Your Tickets Online" button
  2. Showtimes links
  3. Small "Buy Tickets" buttons

Those are shown in the Theater Showtimes page screenshot below:

Showtimes Screenshot

The first ticketing service in the specified order is used for the large "Buy Your Tickets Online" button and the showtimes links, and the order in which the small "Buy Tickets" buttons appear in the showtimes tables.

For example, if you choose to prioritize your RTS system, then the large "Buy Your Tickets Online" button and the showtimes links will direct people to your RTS system, while still providing other available options for maximum convenience to your customers. You have control over which services are provided.

To see what other services are included, please see our Featured Theater Service page.

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OK, I'm Convinced! What Do I Do Now?

Contact us, and we'll be happy to work with you to deliver your information to our readers — your customers! Since we work so closely with each theater, we're sure that you'll like what we offer at a rate that provides you with the best value around!

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Looking for Other Options?

We provide an array of services to meet your every need. Visit our Services page for an overview of all our services!

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