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Watch "The Answer Man" on VOD Before It Opens in Theaters

The comedy The Answer Man opens in theaters on Friday, July 24, 2009, but can watch it now, legally! Amazon.com is offering the movie for a 48-hour rental through their Video on Demand service: The Answer Man (Pre-Theatrical Rental) Amazon... (more)

"Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince" Selling Out Shows Across the Country

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince has found its audience, and its audience is having trouble finding tickets at many theaters! Stories abound across the country of sold-out shows, with some theaters running the movie for last night's midnight... (more)

Los Angeles, CA: Premiere of "Orphan" to be Held at Mann Village Theater on July 21, 2009

The Los Angeles Premiere of the Warner Bros. / Dark Castle Entertainment movie Orphan will be held at the Mann Village Theatre - Westwood on Tuesday, July 21, 2009, according to a press release issued by the companies. Celebrities attending the... (more)

Milwaukee, WI: Captain America Chopper from "Easy Rider" on Display at Harley Davidson Museum to Celebrate Movie's 40th Anniversary

The road trip movie Easy Rider, starring Peter Fonda and Dennis Hopper as two bikers who decide to travel the country, opened in New York on July 14, 1969. The movie is revered as a classic road trip movie and it was nominated for two Oscars. In... (more)

Milwaukee, WI: State Fair Park Hosts Outdoor Movies in July

The Wisconsin State Fair doesn't start until August, but there's a reason to visit the park beforehand with an outdoor movie series in July. Schedule Friday, July 10 Shrek / American Graffiti Saturday, July 11 ET / Star Trek:... (more)

Iola, WI: Old Cars from "Public Enemies" on Display at Iola Car Show

JSOnline has an article about many of the old cars from the recent Johnny Depp movie Public Enemies appearing at the Iola Old Car Show in Iola, Wisconsin. Because bank robbers like John Dillinger, whom Depp portrays in the movie, Baby Face... (more)

27 New Photos Added for "The Ugly Truth"

I just added 27 new photos for the upcoming Katherine Heigl / Gerard Butler romantic comedy The Ugly Truth which opens in theaters next Friday, July 24, 2009. Katherine Heigl and Gerard Butler star in Columbia Pictures' comedy THE UGLY TRUTH.... (more)

West Jordan, UT: Cinemark 24 Jordan Landing Debuts New Large "XD" Screen Tomorrow

Back in March 2009, Cinemark announced that it was bringing a new larger screen concept, called XD3, to one of its locations in West Plano, Texas. They said that they would be expanding to other cities, but had no specific plans at the time. That... (more)

Top Box Office Movies for the Weekend of July 10, 2009

  1. Bruno
  2. Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs
  3. Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen
  4. Public Enemies
  5. The Proposal
  6. The Hangover
  7. I Love You, Beth Cooper
  8. Up
  9. My Sister's Keeper
  10. The Taking of Pelham 1 2 3

For more details, see our Top Box Office Movies page.

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Scott Jentsch
Publisher, The BigScreen Cinema Guide

New Releases

The following are new releases opening in theaters in the next week.

Death in Love
"Death in Love" depicts the effects of a Jewish woman's love affair with the doctor in charge of human experiments in a Nazi concentration camp on the lives of her sons many years later.

Set in the 1990's, parallel stories unfold revealing their tortured emotional and sexual lives, as her sons struggle against becoming casualties of their Mother's past. Josh Lucas plays the eldest son, who battles his sense of disconnection from life while working at a scam modeling agency, where he befriends a charming young co-worker, played by Adam Brody, who begins to restore in him a sense of excitement and purpose. Lukas Haas plays the younger son, who is locked in a compulsive, co-dependent relationship with their Mother, portrayed by Jacqueline Bisset.

"Death in Love" is a piercing exploration of the effects of choices made by one generation on the next; a powerful depiction of the erotic allure of human destructiveness and emotional repression, and the desperate search for connection in a world of random cruelty and pain.

Starring Adam Brody, Josh Lucas, Lukas Haas, Jacqueline Bisset, Emma Bell

Genre - Drama
View trailers and video clips
Poster Artwork
Rated R
disturbing violent and graphic sexual content, nudity and language

500 Days of Summer
Boy meets girl. Boy falls in love. Girl doesn't.

When Tom, a hapless greeting card copywriter and hopeless romantic, is blindsided after his girlfriend Summer dumps him, he shifts back and forth through various periods of their 500 days "together" to try to figure out where things went wrong.

His reflections ultimately lead him to finally rediscover his true passions in life.

Starring Zooey Deschanel, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Clark Gregg, Minka Kelly, Matthew Gray Gubler

Genre - Drama
View trailers and video clips
Poster Artwork
Rated PG-13
sexual material and language

Mike was the star quarterback in a blue-collar small town where football is everything. After receiving a scholarship to Northwestern University, he returns home over Christmas break and everyone is surprised to see him with a new girlfriend, Elizabeth, a pretty rich girl from Chicago. No one is more shocked than Mike's homecoming queen ex-girlfriend, Shelby who desperately wants Elizabeth out of the picture.

After a freak car accident leaves an injured Elizabeth at the mercy of Shelby, all hell breaks loose as Shelby does everything it takes to get Mike back.

Starring Mischa Barton, Matt Long, Jessica Stroup, Michael Landes, Robert Haley

Genre - Drama
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Poster Artwork

Off Jackson Avenue
Set in New York, three lives intersect when a young Mexican woman is tricked into sex-slavery by an Albanian pimp and is desperate to find a way out, a Japanese hit man in town to do a job for the Chinese mob finds himself haunted by the ghost of his recently deceased mother, and a local car thief goes on a steal-a-thon in the hopes of raising enough capital to buy a tire store and go legit.

Starring Aki Ando, Aya Cash, Anthony Caso, David Chan, Grant Chang

Genre - Drama
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Poster Artwork

The Way We Get By
"The Way We Get By" is a movie about life and how to live it. Beginning as a seemingly idiosyncratic story about troop greeters -- a group of senior citizens who gather daily at a small airport to thank American soldiers departing and returning from Iraq, the movie quickly turns into a moving, unsettling and compassionate story about aging, loneliness, war and mortality.

Seeking out the telling detail rather than offering sweeping generalizations, the movie carefully builds stories of heartbreak and redemption, reminding us how our culture casts our elders, and too often our soldiers, aside. More important, regardless of your politics, "The Way We Get By" celebrates three unsung heroes who share their love with strangers who need and deserve it.

Starring Joan Gaudet, William Knight, Gerald Mundy

Genre - Documentary
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Poster Artwork

A Woman in Berlin (Anonyma - Eine Frau in Berlin)

Starring Nina Hoss, Yevgeni Sidikhin, Irm Hermann, Rüdiger Vogler

Genre - Drama
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