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Brockton, MA: Hopes for New Westgate Mall Theater are Fading

The Boston Globe is reporting (via boston.com) that plans for a new movie theater in the Westgate Mall in Brockton, Massachusetts are not going well. The area had a movie theater until 2004, when the Hoyts Westgate Cinema closed. According to... (more)

11 New Videos for "Couples Retreat" Added

I've just added 11 new videos for the upcoming comedy Couples Retreat, which opens in theaters this Friday, October 9, 2009. The videos include a scene from the movie and interviews with the cast on set and at the premiere, where they discuss... (more)

Hollywood, CA: "Star Trek The Exhibition" at Hollywood & Highland Starting October 10

A 10,000 square foot exhibition containing authentic ships, set recreations, costumes, and props from the eleven Star Trek movies (including the most recent, Star Trek) and five TV series will open to the public on October 10, 2009 at Hollywood and... (more)

Pittsburgh, PA: Cinemark Robinson Township Opens October 9, 2009

A new 16-screen movie theater will be opening on Friday, October 9, 2009 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. The Cinemark Robinson Township is located in the Settlers Ridge Center, located off Parkway West and the Ridge Road exit. All 16... (more)

Irvine, CA: Watch "The Dark Knight" on the Lawn in Orange County Great Park

Orange County Great Park in Irvine, California will be hosting The Dark Knight on the lawn on October 10, 2009. The show starts at 8pm on the Preview Park Lawn and guests are reminded to bring blankets and warm clothes for the chilly October nights.... (more)

Marcus Theatres Adding 3D Installations

Theaters must like what 3D is doing for them, because we have yet another announcement of more 3D installations! This time, Marcus Theatres has announced that they are adding 3D Digital Cinema Projection capability to the following locations: ... (more)

"Green Hornet" Dodges Oncoming Light Cycle

Last month, I mentioned that Tron Legacy and The Green Hornet were going head to head by choosing the same December 17, 2010 release date. It appears that Sony blinked first and moved The Green Hornet to December 22, 2010 instead, so the appropriate... (more)

Top Box Office Movies for the Weekend of October 2, 2009

  1. Zombieland
  2. Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs
  3. Toy Story/Toy Story 2 in 3D Double Feature
  4. Surrogates
  5. The Invention of Lying
  6. Whip It
  7. Fame
  8. Capitalism: A Love Story
  9. The Informant!
  10. Love Happens

For more details, see our Top Box Office Movies page.

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New Releases

The following are new releases opening in theaters in the next week.

"Bronson" is based on the real life story of the infamous UK prisoner Michael Peterson (aka Charles Bronson), and charts the 34 years of prison life of Britain's most notorious, dangerous and charismatic criminal (30 of which have been spent in solitary confinement).

Bronson was initially sent to prison for a botched armed robbery in which no one was hurt, and who has since served up year after year of extended sentences that have been piled on in response to violent outbursts against fellow inmates and guards, motivated by an unceasing desire to become a celebrity super-star.

Over time, Bronson has made a name for himself as a world renowned, award winning artist and author, but still remains a "Category A" prisoner, meaning he is still in solitary confinement in Wakefield high-security prison.

Starring Tom Hardy, Matt King, Terry Stone, Amanda Burton, Hugh Ross

Genre - Action/Adventure
View trailers and video clips
Poster Artwork
Rated R
violent and disturbing content, graphic nudity, sexuality and language

Couples Retreat
Four Midwestern couples embark on a journey to a tropical island resort. While one of the couples is there to work on their marriage, the other three set out to jet ski, spa and enjoy some fun in the sun.

They soon discover that participation in the resort’s couples therapy is not optional. Suddenly, their group-rate vacation comes at a price. What follows is a hilarious look at real world problems faced by all couples.

Starring Vince Vaughn, Jason Bateman, Jon Favreau, Malin Akerman, Kristin Davis, Kristen Bell, Faizon Love, Kali Hawk, Jean Reno

Genre - Comedy
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Poster Artwork
Rated PG-13
some sexual material

An Education
The 1960s were a time of change. So is life when you are 16. That combination propels An Education, set in London in 1961, and makes it an unforgettable coming-of-age story.

Attractive, bright, 16-year-old Jenny is stifled by the tedium of adolescent routine; she can't wait for adult life to begin. One rainy day her suburban existence is upended by the arrival of a much older suitor, David. Urbane and witty, David instantly charms Jenny and introduces her to a glittering new world of classical concerts, art auctions, smoky bars, and late-night suppers with his attractive friends.

He replaces Jenny's traditional education with his own more-dangerous version. Just as the family's long-held dream of getting their brilliant daughter into Oxford has seemed within reach, Jenny is tempted by another kind of life.

Will David be the making of Jenny, or her undoing?

Starring Peter Sarsgaard, Carey Mulligan, Alfred Molina, Rosamund Pike, Dominic Cooper, Olivia Williams, Emma Thompson

Genre - Drama
View trailers and video clips
Poster Artwork
Rated PG-13
mature thematic material involving sexual content, and for smoking

Free Style
A motocross racer dreams of winning the Amateur National Championships, but must juggle his passion for the sport while supporting his family.

Starring Corbin Bleu, Penelope Ann Miller, Madison Pettis, David Reivers, Tegan Moss

Genre - Drama
View trailers and video clips
Poster Artwork
Rated PG
language, some sensuality and thematic material

From Mexico With Love
Hector Villa, a ranked fighter, flees Mexico with his friend and mentor, Billy, after being told he must throw a fight. He and Billy seek sanctuary as farm laborers on a ranch, where Hector is eventually recognized and forced to fight the owner's evil son.

Starring Angélica Aragón, Steven Bauer, Kuno Becker, Steve Bilich, Carl Ciarfalio

Genre - Action/Adventure
View trailers and video clips
Poster Artwork
Rated PG-13
sports violence, language, brief sensuality and drug references

Good Hair
When Chris Rock's daughter, Lola, came up to him crying and asked, "Daddy, how come I don't have good hair?" the bewildered comic committed himself to search the ends of the earth and the depths of black culture to find out who had put that question into his little girl's head!

Director Jeff Stilson's camera followed the funnyman, and the result is Good Hair, a wonderfully insightful and entertaining, yet remarkably serious, documentary about African American hair culture. An exposé of comic proportions that only Chris Rock could pull off, Good Hair visits hair salons and styling battles, scientific laboratories, and Indian temples to explore the way black hairstyles impact the activities, pocketbooks, sexual relationships, and self-esteem of black people.

Celebrities such as Ice-T, Kerry Washington, Nia Long, Paul Mooney, Raven Symoné, Maya Angelou, and Reverend Al Sharpton all candidly offer their stories and observations to Rock while he struggles with the task of figuring out how to respond to his daughter's question. What he discovers is that black hair is a big business that doesn't always benefit the black community and little Lola's question might well be bigger than his ability to convince her that the stuff on top of her head is nowhere near as important as what is inside.

Starring Chris Rock, Ice-T, Kerry Washington, Nia Long, Paul Mooney, Raven Symoné, Maya Angelou, Reverend Al Sharpton

Genre - Documentary
View trailers and video clips
Poster Artwork
Rated PG-13
some language including sex and drug references, and brief partial nudity

One Good Man
Aaron Young is a good man. But when he suddenly faces new challenges at work, at home, and in church, he is put to the test. Can he rise to the occasion and help the people closest to him?

A film about the choices and complications of everyday life, One Good Man is the story of an unsung hero trying to do the right thing, regardless of the consequences.

Starring Pam Eichner, Talon G. Ackerman, Lindsay Bird, Maclain Nelson, Susan Rounkles

Genre - Family
View trailers and video clips
Poster Artwork
Rated PG
mild thematic elements and brief smoking

Passport to Love (Chuyen tinh xa xu)

Starring Kathy Uyen, Tim Otholt, Ngoc Diep, Binh Minh, Huy Khanh

Genre - Romance
View trailers and video clips
Rated PG-13

Peter and Vandy
"Peter and Vandy" is a love story told out of order. Set in Manhattan, Peter and Vandy go from strangers, to pie-eyed lovers, to a twisted and manipulative couple... just not in that order.

They leave us asking what most couples ask themselves, "How the hell did we get this way?" We see Peter and Vandy through everyday scenes in their life together. Trying to have sex; meeting for the first time; having dinner; small, seemingly disconnected moments, but moments we all recognize.

These moments are what we are comprised of. Ordering food. Picking a movie. In these moments we see who people really are. Peter and Vandy, like a lot of couples, don't always know why they stay together, or why they are the way they are. But, because we see things out of sequence, we do.

Starring Jason Ritter, Jess Weixler, Jesse L. Martin, Tracie Thoms, Noah Bean

Genre - Drama
View trailers and video clips
Poster Artwork

St. Trinian's
St. Trinian's, the infamous school for 'young ladies,' is once again facing dire financial crisis! The bank is threatening headmistress Camilla Fritton with closure. Her unorthodox doctrine of free expression and self empowerment is also under threat from new Education Minister Geoffrey Thwaits, an old flame of Camilla's who is determined to bring discipline and order to the anarchic school.

In true St Trinian style the girls are in a league of their own; smart, fearless and determined to defend the school they love to the end. They need to unite the warring girl gang cliques and come up with the cash fast to save the school.

Starring Mischa Barton, Rupert Everett, Colin Firth, Lena Headey, Caterina Murino, Stephen Fry, Jodie Whittaker

Genre - Comedy
View trailers and video clips
Poster Artwork
Rated PG-13
thematic elements, drug and alcohol content, sexual material and language

Diane Ford, a vivacious and successful independent truck driver, leads a carefree life of long-haul trucking, one night stands and all-night drinking until the evening her estranged 11-year-old son, Peter is unexpectedly dropped at her door.

Peter hasn't seen his mother since he was a baby and wants to live with Diane as little as she wants him, but they are stuck with each other -- at least for now, while his father Len is in the hospital.

Burdened with this new responsibility and seeing the life of freedom she's fought for now jeopardized, Diane steps reluctantly into her past and looks sidelong at an uncharted future that is not as simple or straightforward as she had once believed possible.

Starring Michelle Monaghan, Nathan Fillion, Benjamin Bratt, Joey Lauren Adams, Jimmy Bennett

Genre - Drama
View trailers and video clips
Poster Artwork
Rated R
some sexuality, language, brief drug use involving minors, and a sexual assault

Visual Acoustics: The Modernism of Julius Shulman
Julius Shulman was, as many experts agree, the world's greatest architectural photographer. Narrated by Dustin Hoffman, "Visual Acoustics" celebrates the life and career of this brilliant artist and highlights not only the iconic images that made the man, but the magnetic character behind those images.

Shulman captured the work of virtually every modern architect since the 1930s, including Frank Lloyd Wright, Richard Neutra, John Lautner and Frank Gehry. His work epitomized the singular beauty of Southern California's modernist movement and ushered modern architecture into the American mainstream.

This fascinating portrait is a testament both to the evolution of modern architecture and to the joyful, whip-smart gentleman who captured its indelible images.

Starring Frances Anderton, Tom Ford, Frank O. Gehry, Recardo Legorreta, Kelly Lynch

Genre - Documentary
View trailers and video clips
Poster Artwork

The Metropolitan Opera: Tosca

Genre - Program
View trailers and video clips

Willie Nelson and Wynton Marsalis Play the Music of Ray Charles

Genre - Program
View trailers and video clips

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