Welcome to the West Bend Cinema - 2014 Parkway Drive, West Bend, WI
Welcome to the West Bend Cinema 2014 Parkway Drive
West Bend, WI
Movie Hotline: 262-334-0501
Phone: 262-334-0477

Welcome back to West Bend Cinema!

COVID-19 has caused a challenge for people and businesses everywhere. We are open and trying to get back to normal, but it will be at least for a while, a very revised normal.

We recognize the concerns over COVID-19 here is what we have done to protect our customers:

Even with all of these changes we do not guarantee the prevention of COVID-19 infection and customers are in our facility with that understanding. We are very happy to open and will implement all necessary protocols to prevent COVID-19 infection and ask all of our customers to respect the rules and their fellow patrons.

There is nothing quite like seeing it on the BIG screen and we appreciate you coming back to enjoy that unique experience at West Bend Cinema!!!


West Bend Cinema Management

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About West Bend Cinema

West Bend Cinema is an independently owned and operated, 10-screen, first run movie theatre serving the West Bend, Wisconsin area.

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