Welcome to the Showtime Cinema - 300 Southbridge Street, Mooresville, IN
Welcome to the Showtime Cinema 300 Southbridge Street
Mooresville, Indiana
Movie Hotline: 317-834-9156
Phone: 317-834-9055
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Curbside Pickup

We have missed you terribly and are getting ready to do CURBSIDE CONCESSION PICKUP this Friday and Saturday (4 to 8) and Sunday (1 to 5)! Concessions will be available by pulling up to the front door. We will take your order and your payment (credit card or debit card only), and bring it right out to your car. No need to get out. There will be no admittance into the theater. We look forward to seeing you once again! -- Joe and Sarah

Temporarily Closed

We have temporarily closed the theater with plans to remain so until it is approved for groups to gather again. Hopefully soon all will be back to normal and our doors will once again be open to our friends in the community.

We would like to take a moment to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for all your continued support of not only us here at the theater but also of all our locally owned businesses and not for profit organizations. Please continue to follow us on facebook at Showtime Cinema or on our website at itsshowtimecinema.com as we continue to update both with ways we can all work together as a community to assist our neighbors, overcome and survive.

Know that we will also be monitoring our business line and can be reached at 317-834-9055.

Again, to our friends and community, thank you so much for your support and we hope to see you AT THE MOVIES!

Please see our Announcements page for the latest news updates.

About Showtime Cinema

Showtime Cinema is an independently owned and operated, 8-screen, first run movie theatre serving the Mooresville, Indiana area.

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